Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ramesh saying Suhani won’t come for dinner as she is not hungry. Menka says its joke of the day and laughs. Pratima scolds her. Soumya asks Rags about Yuvraaj. Rags shows the chair and signs her. Sharad jokes. Yuvraaj gets food for Suhani in her room. Suhani asks does he really feel she will get Soumya marry anyone like this without any checking. Yuvraaj says it does not matter, I know whats the truth, which you wrote for Soumya, Maa got it at corridor. FB shows Pratima giving letter to Yuvraaj, and says Suhani wrote she found about Ankit and wanted to tell Soumya, Suhani always cares for Soumya, so she was silent infront of everyone, but maybe you can’t see her goodness, and maybe you ignore it after seeing.

He says Maa is doubting me because of you, that

I can’t believe you without any proof, she also wanted Soumya to marry Ankit, I want to say I completely trust you, I know you can’t do wrong or anyone, and can’t think wrong. He asks her not to do anything now. She says fine. I want to talk to you something, you and Maa trust me in short time, but Soumya is with me since childhood, and she knows me very well, she treats me like strangers, as if I m snatching her happiness, I don’t know what mistake I did. She says whats going on in her mind.

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Yuvraaj stands in the balcony. Soumya comes to him, and asks where was he, she was missing him for dinner. He says just get lost, this is Suhani’s house, not yours, before I kick you out, you leave from here, I want you to go so far that we forget your name. She is shocked and cries. Its morning, Suhani gives tea to Pratima. She says she will get ready to go temple and also meet her parents. Ramesh says Soumya is not in her room. Suhani asks Sharad and Yiuvraaj is Soumya outside, as she is not in her room. She asks Ramesh to see around, and calls Soumya. Her phone is off. Suhani says she will look for her. Yuvraaj thinks did Soumya really go.

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Suhani calls Madhuri and asks for Soumya. She then calls Krishna and asks about Soumya. Krishna says Soumya does not remember me now. Ramesh tells Suhani that Soumya’s belongings are not there. Suhani worries. He tells Yuvraaj that Soumya is not at home, don’t know where she went. Sharad thinks why is Yuvraaj so worried for her. Sharad jokes with Menka. Rags asks Suhani about Soumya. Suhani says maybe she went out.

Suhani says she has some work in market and goes. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come, as Rags and Menka will want space to plan something against Suhani. Menka says if Dadi was here, Suhani would have gone instead Soumya.

Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he told Soumya to leave the house. Sharad says its good, she should not come back. Suhani tries finding Soumya. Yuvraaj says Soumya is troubling a lot. Sharad says Soumya loves herself and does not let anything hurt her. Suhani sees Soumya’s looks like girl and thinks where did she do.Yuvraaj says what will I reply Suhani if she knows I made Soumya leave. Krishna calls Rags and says she wants to talk to Soumya. Rags says don’t call here, what do you want to talk. Krishna says I can’t talk to her till Rags is there, why is Suhani not taking my call.

Rags tells Menka that Krishna called and wants to talk to Soumya. Suhani comes home and Rags tells her about Krishna. Krishna says I did not know he wants to talk to Soumya and gets Madhuri’s call. She asks Rags and Menka to leave from her room. Madhuri tells her to make her talk to Soumya. Sharad comes and hears Suhani saying Soumya went for shopping, I will make her talk when she comes. Sharad says how long will you lie to Soumya, she has gone without saying anything.

Suhani says I know something happened with her. Suhani gets a call and says I m coming to take Soumya. She tells Sharad and Yuvraaj that she got Soumya, and asks Yuvraaj to come along to bring Soumya. Yuvraaj says we both won’t go, she will come back if she wants, no need to go. Suhani is shocked.

Suhani meets Soumya. Soumya says she won’t stay there as she feels Yuvraaj has a problem with her stay there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls yuvraaj don’t allow soumya to stay back

  2. God that somu jaap seems like a good start to the episode bt really that b*t*hani is annoying

  3. Pls change the title image yr

  4. Suhani why dont u listen to Yuvraj words atleast once pls dont bring that scrap again into the house………….

  5. Very true,Sowmya shld never ever enter Birla house again and yuvraj shld make it very clear to Sowmya dat he is not interested in her.its high time Sahani listens to yuvraaj nd sharad.

  6. when will this girl get it into her thick skull that the person she now proclaims her love for is not interested in her anymore?! Yuvraaj is a married man! why are you hell bent on breaking a marriage?! a third wheel is a negative in a relationship, and usually is the one to get hurt the most!
    I hope she gets eaten by something.

  7. super super epi devil leave it

  8. Soumya the piece of shit should stay on roads

  9. Its high time she leaves @soumya

  10. I dont understand Suhani at all, is she deaf and blind? Soumya has told her over and over that she is not interested in their friendship. As Sharad said even an Illiterate person can see what is good and bad, why cant an educated girl like Suhani not see anything from all thats has happened. I will be realy realy disapointed with Suhani if she brings back Soumya in her house. She should take a leaf from Ishita Balla heheheheee!

  11. Suhani if you allow sowmya. to say with you . then you have to loose your life

  12. happy Yuvraj has realised… also ask that so called dadi to go out of Birla’s house

  13. Wow finally soumya gharse nikli…:)
    But i know woh jald hi wapas aane wali hai…:(
    But koi nahi… ab toh bas valentine day ka intejaar hai..dekhte hai usme kya twist aata hai….
    <3 u yuvani…. 🙂

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