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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I don‘t believe this marriage. Dadi says marriage is completed. Suhani says remove the mangalsutra and undo rituals, I don’t believe it. Sharad and Pratima say the marriage happened by her decision. Suhani says I can’t let this happen. She runs to Krishna and says I will break this mangalsutra. Sambahv stops her. Suhani says I m saving Krishna. Krishna gets upset and asks Suhani why did she do this relation, why did she make her marry Saiyyam and ruin her life. She says you have shown own child is own, I feel I m orphan. Pratima, Suhani and Bhavna cry. Krishna goes.

Pratima, Bhavna and Sambhav go to Suhani and ask her why did she do this. Dadi says I know, Suhani thinks she is smart and we are fools. She scolds Suhani. Suhani cries and says

there is no use now. Bhavna says right, we all fell in Krishna’s eyes. Suhani says I did not wish this marriage to happen. I tried to stop it. Bhavna asks really, why did you join the relation then. Dadi says Suhani does not know how Yuvaan and Yuvani are affected by this acting, Suhani never thought for anyone. Sambhav smiles. Dadi asks Suhani not to marry Yuvraaj and leave him. Sambhav asks Dadi what is she saying. Dadi says what wrong did I say Yuvraaj, I don’t want this drama to happen every day. Suhani agrees with Dadi. Sambhav says no, its limit now. He goes.

Sambhav goes to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks who are you, you tied me here. Sambhav switches on the lights. Yuvraaj gets shocked seeing his lookalike. He says you are not Yuvraaj. Sambhav asks why, fine agreed I m not Yuvraaj, how will you prove. Yuvraaj says I don’t need to prove it, my family knows it. Sambhav says wow, such confidence, I will tell you truth. He removes his mask. Yuvraaj gets shocked seeing Sambhav. He asks how did you come back. Sambhav says yes, I came back. Yuvraaj says I will kill you. Sambhav says you always wanted to kill me, you lost last time and even this time you will lose, this is my promise.

He gives electric shocks to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj screams and faints. Sambhav says Suhani will be ruined, even if this marriage does not happen. Suhani goes to the mandap and cries. She apologizes to Soumya and says I promise, I won’t let anything wrong happen with Krishna. Saiyyam comes and asks how will you make things fine, by killing me, fire and ghee are there, use this chance, you have old habit to burn people. He asks her not to do drama, I know you killed my dad like this, you did one murder, kill me and free Krishna.

Suhani asks are you calling me a murderer. Saiyyam says yes, Krishna will bear the punishment by being my wife, you love her and now I will snatch your happiness by her, I will take revenge of my dad’s murder, wait and watch. She says yes, I killed him, I will kill him again if he is here. She says you are lucky to marry a girl like Krishna. Saiyyam leaves. Sambhav hears them and recalls how he jumped in the water to save himself from burning. He says I got saved that night, but the fire you ignited in my life, I will burn your life.

Suhani goes to Saiyyam’s room and breaks decorations. Pratima and Bhavna come and ask Suhani why is she doing this. Suhani says Krishna got married to Saiyyam. Pratima asks why did you decide their marriage. Suhani says Saiyyam is Sambhav’s son, he thinks he will take revenge from me, I don’t regret to kill Sambhav, I regret that Yuvraaj is bearing all this. Pratima asks how does Saiyyam know that you killed Sambhav. Suhani says it does not matter. Bhavna says Saiyyam is Sambhav’s son, he married the girl knowing she does not love you. Sambhav heats them. Suhani says I want to tell Saiyyam why I killed Sambhav. Sambhav says you have done what you had to, now if Krishna married Saiyyam, we have to make sure Saiyyam does not trouble Krishna.

Suhani says Saiyyam can’t even touch Krishna, I will make him away. He stops her. She says how can you stop me. He says you are emotional and not able to think well. Bhavna agrees with him and says we did not understand this decision, your anger can spoil other things too. Pratima says Krishna is here, we all are here, Saiyyam can’t do anything. Bhavna asks Suhani to sleep in her room today.

Baby comes to Yuvaan’s room and smiles. Yuvani stops Yuvaan and teases him to give money. She takes his wallet. Baby stops Yuvani. Yuvani says I m taking my nek. Yuvaan says its fine. Baby says no way, its all mine now, return the wallet. Yuvani asks why is she getting angry. Yuvaan says she is just defending me, my wife will not leave you if you say anything. Yuvani says fine, I won’t say anything and returns wallet. Yuvaan says we are joking. Yuvani says fine, I will keep wallet. Baby asks Yuvaan how did you give your wallet. Yuvaan asks her to leave it, and gifts her a necklace. She hugs him and thanks.

Krishna acts rude to Suhani and asks her not to come close. She says I loved you more than my mum, you proved you don’t deserve it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not feeling anymore for suhani or anyone else…..tired of bashing writers..they wont stop showing the shit…i really dont care for new generation….instead of this reading ffs brings a smile…

    1. Agree with u…. Stupid writers…. Yuvrajcumsambhav worst storyline… Sambhav donkey back… Loved the suhani n Krishna relationship but stupid writers that too ruined

      1. They like to ruin every character…whats d point of bringing saiyyam when they wanted to keep lustybhav alive…..shittiest show with shitty leads one meant for putting d life of ppl around her in utmost danger and d other meant for getting kidnapped….hope rajshri n sahil get another show….

    2. I commented early I don’t know why. But I have say something.

      Dear All
      Yesterday was very painful for me, because it brought back painful memories.
      I commented enough time about bad writers.
      But yesterday, I have to congratulate them. Even though it was very painful for me to watch.
      I want you all to understand. Love can not be forced!
      You can’t hope for that love either!
      The writers got it wrong, when it came to suhani and yuvraj!

      But they got it right with Yuvaan and Krishna.

      Krishna has to know and understand, that her love for Yuvaan is not real love.
      She can’t waste her time with him. Life is to short.
      Like Krishna, found out the most cruel way.
      So did I!
      For I asked myself, how did they know, that I was calling him for help like that.
      Just like yuvaan didn’t help Krishna.
      My ex didn’t help me.
      But I am okay now, I have moved on.
      I hope that the writers get this right with Krishna.

      1. This show doesnt contain any logic …u r ri8 love cant b forced they proved it both true and false… part of yesterday’s episode was yuvaan baby marriage ..that backstabber deserves a greedy woman baby who gonna loot his wealth…disgusting show with 100% crime and zero morals

      2. I agree with (r).
        Krishna has to understand, that yuvaan doesn’t love her.
        Look at yuvaan, he looks very happy! I am glad for him.
        I have to say this, sahil mehta , is doing a good job. I never thought that he was a good actor.

        This just the being for Krishna and saiyyam.
        You are also right to say saiyyam is the only family for Krishna.
        I don’t believe, that saiyyam is going to do anything bad to Krishna. He just playing with suhani.
        I also hope that the writers get Krishna and saiyyam right.

        I don’t feel anything for suhani, as for that family of her. What can I say.
        Baby is what suhani deserves!

  2. joke of the day “they will not let saiyaam even touch krishna and I They are all here for Krishna”. Where were all these words when in front of all she was crying to death, why then no one step in to help her .
    I am really enjoying baby’s behaviour with yuvani and soon yuvaan will get irritate by baby’s hunger for money.
    Precap : good for suhani she took great advantage of an orphan

  3. sambav the great

    Haha Yuvraaj,,,,,,Surprise,,,,,,,Ur wife killed me bt I’m not deaad,,,,U went to jail for noo reason,,,,meine thumhe ullooo bana diya,,,,,,,,I will die again and will return again,,,,the fireman Sambav


  4. SilentReader

    Suhaanii,,,,will u plzz open ur mouth and say the truth to others,,,,,What’s the use of crying now,,,,Poor Krsihna,,she will be feeling very lonely,,,,why these Prathima and Bhavna are crying now,,they could hv stopped the mrg bt they didn’t…all are waste,,,,sirf rona dona,,,,,
    Bt I’m eagerly waiting to see Baby as Birla house bahu,,,,,I hope she will show her true colors soon and teach them all a lesson,,,,that will be fun,,,,,bt this Sambav is totally irritating,,,,,,there was no need to bring him back,,,,,,

  5. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    wait- isn’t saiyaam suppoesedto be 15? then how csn he marry krishna?!
    Chuck ya Amara pls save me! i’m goign to make it my cause to invent a time machine and make sure this show was never aired!

  6. hmmm… am happy in the way tat suhani didnt marry again, for tat i thank dadi the most. i know krishna will also turn against suhani n there was no doubt abt it as cvs are so fond of torturing suhani. hereaftr krishna wont even believe suhani. Baby will start her own ways of torturing suhani. i would like to say suhani can leave the birla house no one deserves her, even her children. she is having troubles around her in the form of humans. now the addition will be krishna. i definitely dont care abt young generation, they can show anythng abt them bt again it revolves around suhani. everyday my head is paining watchng it. no peace at all… yeah, its better reading ffs than watchng.

    1. Dear abi,
      Take this as life lesson. I am first to understand Krishna pain. The man you thought that love you, is very much, actual he doesn’t care for you at all.
      So what should Krishna do, behaved like suhani. NO!
      Krishna has to wise up now, she well thanks saiyyam one day!
      Krishna has to understand, that you can’t force someone to love you. Love is not one way, it is both way.
      Krishna has to get over yuvaan. Wether she like it or not, saiyyam is her family now!
      So it is up to her, Krishna, has to decide, on how the relationship should be.
      Never ever listen to suhani ever again!
      This is suhani doing, She gave Krishna false hope!

      Krishna should thanks her lucky star. I married a man, that didn’t care for me, like to use, but didn’t care.
      I thanks divorce every day, if I didn’t have that. I still would have been in this unhappy marriage.

      Like Krishna, I love him first, I tried to fit in.
      I have been there, for him and his family.
      If it wasn’t for my dad, he was the one that opened my eyes.
      Then I realised, my ex, didn’t love me at all.
      Just like Krishna, the way she was calling for yuvaan help. I was calling him. I had to save myself.
      The different between me and Krishna is, I have family support.
      Krishna has only got saiyyam.
      I believe she shouldn’t be stupid like suhani.

  7. Everyone who leaves a message
    I want to bring to your attention

    Yesterday I left a message and it did not get published

    The reason for that is I slated the producers and writer and gave them some home truths

    The truth huts hence why it was not published

    Thanks for that – just reassured me you are a bunch of idiots

    Have no common sense with the story lines

    And women are not week – especially not me

  8. Bhargavi i agree with u.showing all nonsense on ssel from 5months.we r wanting yuvani reunioun n this mad cvs play with our emotions always by sambhav track.its give relief of reading ffs and watching old ssel episodes.yuvani love romance r superb in old episodes.plssss cvs atleast now bring yuvi suhani together.not intrested on new cast.but karan rocks as saiyyam.

    1. Thank u….even im watching old episodes especially rohan track….

  9. Stop this serial plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Yess this serial damn boring and no destined point … Once it was my favourite serial’s … But its getting more hectic and relationships in it are getting more complicated … Why do writers crook the story just to lengthen it with no consideration of viewers nterest in it…Just feeling hatred

    The way we wanted to see Suhani and Yubraj …I feel going apart from n so is relations ….being full of more dramatic people.

  11. If sambhav alive why did yuv suffered in jail? I hate Yuvan I thought Yuvan and Krishna besties he does anything for Krishna but he doesn’t even see how she was.i hate You yuvan…

  12. why did yuv suffered in jail if sambhav is alive? I hate Yuvan I thought Yuvan and Krishna besties he does anything for Krishna but he doesn’t even see how she was.i hate You yuvan…

  13. I really cant understand what are the writers doing look if Sambav is acting like Yuvraaj how can he talk just like him ah oh please think about these things and pls dont loose the hope of people to watch this drama. I am watching other dramas also but this is the only drama which has the same story and always we are worried after watching this please change the style

  14. Hey did any1 notice they didn’t show saiyyam putting sindoor on krishna’s maang.The marriage didn’t complete!!

  15. such a sick serial. who made this. please someone just stop this serial or complain against it.

    what rubbish they have been showing since 6months. disgusting it is.
    the worst serial in star plus

  16. Hey did any1 notice…they didn’t show saiyyam filling sindoor on krishnas maang!!

  17. Suhani you deserves this hatred.and cvs get some positive thinking.

  18. It will be interesting to watch saiyam and krishna’s story as a couple….

  19. krishna ?Sayyam

    Yeah but they did the other rituals including the 7 going around thing and mangalsutra. So they r married . I hold Krishna and Sayyam have suhag rath

    1. They well!
      I don’t think it is going to happen that quickly!
      Hopefully, as time goes by. Krishna well see the good in saiyyam.
      it is just sad, that Krishna married the way she did.
      At least, hopefully Krishna eyes has opened. We did say yuvaan never love Krishna. It was more as a sister.
      It cruel way to find out, but it has to be done. For Krishna own good!
      I just can’t wait for the romantic scenes, between saiyyam and Krishna.
      They are the only reason that I am watching this show.

  20. I said this before to take this serial off the air cuz it is based on stupidity, I don’t know how any of the family members never observe that Yuvraj got taller not even Pratima his mom, I would have noticed, Sambhav is taller than Yuvi. I do not know why Suhani can’t get that marriage of Krishna annulled. Isn’t it possible?

    1. To get marriage annulled, Krishna and saiyyam have to give permission.
      Unless Krishna can prove that saiyyam has done something bad to her, like rape!
      She can’t get annulment. It has to be DIVORCE!
      So no suhani can’t get annulment, unless with out permission, from both, husband and wife.
      As for the birla they are dumb, haven’t you notice.
      Where should Krishna go, if she decides to leave saiyyam.
      What stay at that birla house, and then what?
      Wait for suhani to sacrifice Krishna again.
      No no no !
      suhani is a bad mother, there one thing that came out from this marriage. Saiyyam won’t let anyone to sacrifice Krishna again!
      Especially suhani!
      Krishna has no one else! It is time for her to wise up!
      She should use this marriage to her advantage. If Krishna play’s her cards right, she can make this marriage work, her way. She can change saiyyam!
      At this moment Krishna is not love blinded.
      If Krishna listen to suhani and leave saiyyam.
      Krishna well get used by that family, over and over again. Like they used suhani!
      It won’t stop! Until Krishna dies!
      There is a pattern here.
      Patima was the weak in the birla family. Then patima found suhani. Patima use suhani and made her weakest in the birla family.
      Now suhani has found Krishna.
      So Suhani is going to make sure Krishna becomes the weakest in the family.

    2. Aliya if krishna wants she can easily get a divorce and even file a case on saiyaam and all birla family to forcefully marry her. But she is too many much broken to think properly and anyway she has no one in this world so it doesn’t make much a difference.

  21. I completely agree with Bhargavi and ridz.yeh show bandh hona chahiye 6months sey horrible kartey jaa rahey suhani si ek ladki. Producers aur writers are showing stupidy and complete madness. Koi bi viewers aagey yeh bakwas third class disgusting prgrm dekhna continue karega.simply doesn’t make any sense watching horrible stupidity show ssel. Writers kuch toh sensible dikhao show mein. Sambhav puri tarah aag mein jal gaya tha. Uska zinda hona impossible hai. Writers ko aadat hai marey huye logoun ko achanak zinda karkey show ko stupidity sey drag karna. I hate you yuvan.yuvan key andar suhani ki ek bi quality nahi hai. Commitment,sacheedosti principles,loyalty achey insaan aur uskey emotions ki koi kadar nahi hai.itna selfish bankey apney itney puraney dost ko jab jarurat thee us time pey dumb bankey tamasha dekh raha tha. You are horrible deserve b*t*h baby and yuvani and b*t*h Dadi deserves b*t*h baby.kick this blo*dy devil sambhav out of the show. Writers are completely lowing down their TRP by showing such disgusting senseless shows

    1. This is absolutely third class show!!!….itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi sambhav ko suhani chahiye…no one is able to defeat him….hez always d winner and will b for sure…..suhani & yuvraj r ultimate loosers

  22. This track is bullshit , can’t be watching this shit anymore….. Much better episodes out there to watch. You just lost a viewer

  23. Big bakwas third class show. I will give 000000000000000000000000000 so many zeroes to this show. Pratima aunty and bhavna bi dumb ki tarah shadi hotey dekh rahey they. Kuch bi stupidity.koi kisee key saath jabardasti shadi nahi kar sakta tha itna toh writers ko common sense hona chahiye. Koi aag mein buri tarah jalkey zinda impossible hai and other stupidity yuvan ka aawaz sabhav kaisey nikal sakta hai.khuley aam ghar sey yuvraj ko kidnap karkey ley jaana aur kisee ko pata nahi chaley shak na hona great.hats off to writers and producers for showing height of stupidity.koi bi viewers aisey gatiya senseless show dekhkey apna time waste nahi karengey. Yuvraj and suhani should quit such show. Unko achey entertaining serials mein kaam karna chahiye

  24. H can sambhav jump in the water and save himself? Then how did yuvraaj get jailed, when there was no dead sambhav? How the he’ll do you expect anyone to watch this show. Its n realistic by any angle!
    And marrying someone by force like this. Krishna is so dumb! Couldn’t she have run away.
    Looks like the writer is on major hallucinating drugs, and so is the producer, for allowing such s*#t to be aired!!!

  25. Sayyam didn’t apply sindoor.?

    1. I think the day, that Krishna accepts saiyyam as her husband. This well be the day, Krishna, well ask saiyyam to apply sindoor.
      I think the writers would want this to be a romantic scene.
      I think it would be beautiful, if this happens.
      Their marriage, didn’t start off in a good note.
      Baby and yuvaan marriage did.
      It would be nice, if Krishna and saiyyam, confessing their love for one to the other.
      It would be beautiful sense, if then Krishna get the sindoor pot and ask saiyyam to apply sindoor on her forehead.
      Make me all giggle inside, now thinking about it. 🙂

  26. r my heart goes out to you i am sorry i was rude in one of my comment towards you being a doctor i should have realized you were in pain,i do not get the time to come on regularly so i just read comments in a haste and get off back as quickly as possible if you think i have been wrong in any of my comments then i stand corrected ‘always remember in every dark cloud there is a silver lining’ today may not be your day but there is always a tomorrow and my saying is always this’forget the past it has already gone dont think about tomorrow it is yet to come think about TODAY and live it to its fullest’ take care hun bye i know what krishna is going through right now she feels lonely scared and abandon there is no one she can call her own they have all betrayed her and i know that she may feel suicidal thoughts but suicide is not an option she should give saiyam a chance i am not married and has no intention in the near future cause when i listen to my patients heart rending reality i sometimes wonder if those men are motherless and if those mothers in law do not have daughters that they are so brutal to their daughters in law sorry for rambling on and on i know this is not pertaining to this series but then again if you stop and give it a thought it actually do look at krishna’s plight no one knows what her husband has in store for her this is my opinion sorry if i have offended anyone

    1. Who are apologizing to. My dear everyone has a right to their opining.

      I am not upset by anyone, people shouldn’t be upset by my opining.

      You can and allowed to change your mind.
      Don’t feel bad!
      After all, it is only a tv program.
      It is what you can learn from it, that what counts.
      I am glad, that so many of us, can come to this website, and debate about this show.
      Weather we love and hate this show.
      It has bought us together.

  27. correct me if i am wrong but most of the time if not all of the time telly update do not publish my comment i wonder what enmity they have with me most of these writers write trash and you publish them and mine you dont thanks for nothing dont publish this too cause this has become a norm for me i have better things to do with my time like going back to work thanks for nothing TU

  28. when i am wrong i stand corrected and in this case i do sorry TU for misunderstanding you guys i did not see my comments and went on to rebuke you so i humbly apologize

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