Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pratima to divide responsibilities between everyone. Saurabh and Anuj ask Dadi to manage everything, and say they will share their office progress with her. Dadi says fine, I don’t have any problem. She asks Pratima to call everyone to give salaries. Pratima says I have told Suhani for giving salaries. Dadi says let Suhani rest, she did a lot. Pratima says fine, I will give money to you. Rags and Menka smile and talk that they convinced Dadi to take things back from Suhani’s hand. Rags says Gauri will not be Suhani’s team member soon.

Soumya asks Krishna shall we start boutique work. He says no, it needs lots of investment. Rakhi comes in new look. She says she will become heroine. Krishna says no, I won’t permit this. Soumya asks Rakhi how

did she do this. Rakhi says I studied 10th and then learnt beauty parlor tricks. Soumya gets idea to open a beauty parlor. Rakhi agrees to help. Krishna says fine, we can open it.

Gauri says she wants to eat icecream. Yuvraaj stops the car. Sharad says I will get it. Gauri says I will eat. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to let Gauri try. They all tell their choices. Gauri says I won’t forget, let me get it. Gauri tells them Badam pista is not there. Yuvraaj says it wasn’t. Suhani asks her to ask for Kesar pista. Gauri gets it. Yuvraaj smiles as Suhani did not let Gauri feel she took wrong name. Gauri gives them icecreams. Yuvraaj thanks Suhani for making Gauri happy. They leave.

Everyone smile seeing the beauty parlor. Radhe laughs and dances on the floor. He says my pic is so lovely, I like it. Lalita blesses them. Radhe and Rakhi’s pic with their name board makes them happy. Krishna asks Soumya will this work. Soumya says if they stay busy, they will not do anything wrong. Krishna says I m going for interview. Soumya wishes him all the best. Lalita gives them Prasad. Soumya asks Rakhi does she know all the things, I just know hair styles and makeup, everything should be fine, else there will be problem. A crow does potty on Radhe’s pic. He gets angry. Lalita says its good shagun. Radhe says fine.

Dadi is giving salaries and checks accounts. Bhavna keeps the remaining money in envelope. She asks Dadi to rest. The laundry man and gives clothes to Gauri. He asks for money. Gauri says I don’t know. She checks the envelops and sees envelop without any name. She thinks its much money in it and maybe its for many clothes. She gives it to laundry man.

Rakhi starts working. She asks everyone to go. Lalita asks her to work. Rakhi asks Radhe to go. Radhe asks her to smile. Rakhi cuts the eyebrow of the lady. Soumya worries and does not let lady see the fault. Solumya makes the fake eyebrow by kajal and says its done. The lady likes it and says you did very good eyebrows. The lady asks them to take money. Soumya says no, you are our first customer. Lalita stops lady to correct her bindi. Soumya stops her. Lalita makes her bindi right. The lady asks how did you get black color on hand and checks her eyebrows. Rakhi says nothing. The lady screams. They all worry.

Suhani wears the dress Lata gifted her. She recalls Yuvraaj and smiles. Gauri comes to her and says she did imp work today, she have money to laundry man. She compliments Suhani’s dress. Suhani says no one likes my dressing here. Gauri says I love everything about you. Yuvraaj says I also have same list, Suhani comes after my car. Suhani beats him. Gauri says we like you. He says yes, else… Suhani says I don’t want your favors, I won’t talk. Gauri says Yuvraaj made Suhani annoyed, I will tell Pratima and make her beat Yuvraaj. Gauri leaves. Suhani says Gauri understands me and you are useless. He asks really, am I useless. She says yes. He holds her close. Saware………..plays………. He asks really, are you sure I m useless. They get close to kiss. Gauri comes and closes her eyes saying sorry. She runs. Suhani smiles. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani. Suhani tells him that she is still angry and did not forgive him, that old car is your fav than me. He says its vintage car. They hear Dadi shouting and go out.

Dadi asks where did the money go. Gauri says I gave it to laundry man. Dadi asks Gauri does she not have sense to give 10000rs to laundry man.

Dadi tells everyone that Aditya will teach Gauri. Suhani says I know Aditya’s habit with girls, so I don’t want Aditya to teach Gauri. Aditya shouts asking her to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmm…….The episode was as interesting as the other days…..And the romantic scene of Suhani and Yuvraaj…..It was just …Just a nice scene…I like them both….

  2. Nice episode. But suhani yuvraj rockzzz………….

  3. Zahra ismail

    Iz aditya a bad guy???

  4. Will adi’s character be portrayed as positive or negative. ………it’s too confusing to predict seeing the precap.
    Don’t ruin the character of Adi just like what u did of Ankkit.

  5. Is the show about to be finished ?????

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