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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags asking Soumya why is she making her do her makeup. Suhani says as she knows you will not lose by doing bad makeup. Rags says yes, but I will take revenge for my insult, and get satisfaction. Soumya asks what will you do. Rags asks her to just see. Menka and Rakhi act on stage and everyone laugh. Menka tells about her expectations from someone who will take that brinjal from her house. Dadi understands she is saying about Rohan and Suhani and asks her to stop that nonsense.

Suhani waits for Yuvraaj. He comes and says he is here. He says he got something in his green room. She asks did he get it, she is sorry as she could not give it to him personally, and has send Ramesh. He asks how can she do this. She says she wanted to give it. They hear Dadi scolding Menka

and Rakhi, and disqualifying them. The judges agree with Dadi. Menka scolds Rakhi and they both argue. Krishna tells Lalita that they disqualified Rakhi because of Menka. Rags and Soumya are called, and Suhani rushes to get ready.

Yuvraaj says what was Suhani saying, and why did she send this by Ramesh. He says maybe there is something else in green room, I will go and see. Dadi asks him to come. She does not let Yuvraaj go there. Dadi asks someone to change the song, as the song should be of judge’s choice. She sends the chit to Suhani. Yuvraaj sees Rohan and gets thinking. Rags brings Soumya on the stage and shows her make up. Everuone clap for her. Suhani’s name is announced on the stage. The girl gives Suhani the different song chosen by the judge, and Suhani asks how can this happen suddenly. The girl says this is their decision.

Suhani dances on the song Tere lakhan ne bada dukh………..The judges like the dance on such a song and clap for her. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed and looks at her. Dadi says everyone performed well, I felt Suhani has experienced this pain, her feelings from heart has reached them. Yuvraaj recalls Suhani’s words. Dadi says three girls are final, Suhani, Rags and Soumya. Rags hears the men discussing about Suhani deserving to be winner, and Rags is just lagging by 5 points. Rags scolds Menka for acting like Dadi and disqualifying. Menka asks can’t judges see, are they blind, how can Suhani win.

Rags says she has to think something big this time to make Suhani lose. Menka cries saying Dadi is very bad. Suhani thinks to meet Yuvraaj first and then get ready. She keeps her dress and leaves. Rags smiles. Rohan compliments Suhani. He says he wants to talk about those divorce papers. She says she has to talk to Yuvraaj. He sees Yuvraaj and acts, stopping her and asking can’t anything happen now. She says loveless relation is of no use, I have signed too, I won’t think now. Yuvraaj hears her and cries. Suhani asks Rohan to forget all this and let things happen. Rohan smiles.

Suhani calls Yuvraaj. He recalls her words and ends the call. Soumya asks Suhani to get ready. Suhani says she has to meet Yuvraaj, he looked worried. Soumya says talk later, he will be with judges, if you go now, they will feel odd as you are Yuvraaj’s wife. Menka and Rakhi argue. Soumya sends them out, as they have to get ready. Rags asks Suhani to see the video of Miss Allahabad contest last year, where Yuvraaj was the judge. Suhani sees Yuvraaj insulting the lady who was not beautiful and did not announce the winner.

Rags says Yuvraaj also feels face should be good than nature, like Dadi. Suhani says I don’t believe so. Rags says I know, I want you to know brand value of Birla products. Suhani says I know it very well, if they remove me because of my face, it won’t affect me, I will leave happily.

The man says our judges will ask contestants. Suhani gets Dadis name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode bt very painfull
    tomorrowit will be more painfull…..

  2. Suhani will win!!! Yaaaay!

  3. suhani is the most beautiful person in this show ,inside and outside,mrs birla looks like a living dead

  4. yuv raaz potrays himself like a moron

  5. snoopy the dog has more brain than yuvraaz

  6. What a boring track. It is really annoying. Hate that Rohan’s character.

    1. I just love Rohan. Thanks to him, Yuvraaj woke up! Now let’s see if Yuvraaj remains awake and sharp.

  7. suhani look very beautiful in sari

  8. oh my god suhani ko aya dadi pe gussa watch sbb super in coming episode

  9. oh those stretching writers ab juldi koi toh romantic scenes dikhaoo b/w yuvani

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