Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam coming home after jogging. Baby reminds him their childhood and how they came here to take revenge. He says I know, so I got something for you. She says this chocolate is such which I used to steal from orphanage kitchen. He says yes, but none should know. He goes. Krishna gets juice for him. He refuses and says I will just have juice made by Baby, you used to make juice for Yuvaan. Since he is not here, you got it for me, your love for him did not end. He takes juice glass from Baby. Suhani says leave it Krishna, this guy is not suitable for you. Baby smiles.

Saiyyam goes. Baby catches him and gets him to room. He asks what are you doing. She shows the divorce papers of her and Yuvraaj. She says I m taking divorce from Yuvraaj, when we both are ruining this

family, I don’t need to act of this false marriage. She gives papers to Yuvraaj and says I m freeing you. Yuvraaj asks why. She says you should be happy and sign the papers. He says you threatened me and married me, why are you doing this. She asks him to sign. He says no…

Saiyyam asks are you happy to give me divorce. Krishna says no, I know papers are fake, we are going one step close to success. Suhani worries. Krishna says its fake papers, nothing will happen. Saiyyam says Baby wants to marry me tonight. Suhani says refuse to her. He says she is ready to give divorce to Yuvraaj. Suhani says you won’t marry her. Krishna asks her to hear Saiyyam once.

Baby asks what. Yuvraaj says yes, once I sign papers, you will give proof against Suhani to police and send her to jail, so I won’t sign. She says fine, I will give you proof. He says get it to me and then I will sign. She says no way, first sign and then I will give you proof. Suhani cries and says Yuvaan. She turns and sees Yuvani. Yuvani says you miss him a lot right, I also miss you. They hug. Baby thinks keep crying, this is your fate now.

Dadi says nothing will happen by changing a bulb. Baby says its fine, even then I will do this to end your anger, afterall I did such thing, I will fix this bulb and win your heart, I was much scared, I thought Suhani will snatch Yuvraaj from me. Dadi says become better than her and show, I did not give you right to shout on him. Baby says sorry, give me one chance. Dadi says you have last chance now, then I won’t listen to you. She goes. Baby says tonight is your last night, when you on the bulbs, they will burst by heat, they will fall on you, once you die, none can stop me and Saiyyam from ruling in this house, I won’t need the will, I will turn rich on own.
Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. He asks is this punishment if you come back to me. She says no, I m worried for children. He says we have to take risk. She says its about krishna and Saiyyam, they just started knowing each other. He says its okay, their relation will get strong by difficulties, like ours. Krishna cries. Baby asks what happened. Krishna says please don’t snatch my husband from me, I did not say anything when you snatched Yuvaan. Baby says you could not keep your husband, that’s not my problem. Krishna holds her feet. Saiyyam looks on and smiles. Suhani asks him what’s happening. He says we are giving a feel to our drama, everything will be fine. He goes to Krishna and says sorry, nothing will happen if you fall in Baby’s feet, Yuvaan made us away, you and Yuvaan were always made for each other, Baby and I were made for each other since forever. Baby says yes and smiles. He shows his divorce papers. She shows her papers. He says nice. Suhani hides and looks on. Saiyyam signs Krishna. Krishna and Suhani smile.

Saiyyam waits for Baby at the temple. Suhani stands away. Baby comes. Dadi talks to someone about charity show and ends call. She sees the bulbs lighting over her bed. Saiyyam asks where were you. Baby says I was checking if Suhani is following me. He says Suhani went to meet Sharad at hospital. She says oh I see, I got my divorce papers, finally Yuvraaj signed on it, now I m officially free. He says he had to sign, why would he refuse. She says he wanted the proof on which basis I could send Suhani to jail, I told him I will give him later, but you know, I won’t give him the proof. He asks really. She says yes. Suhani hides.

Baby turns to see and says I heard some sound, I m sure there is someone. He says there is no one, its just trees, trust me, I don’t want anyone to know about our plan. She says I will go and see. He asks why are you wasting time, we will do our work and leave. Suhani hides. Baby does not see her.

Dadi prays to Lord for Yuvraaj’s life, and make him away from Suhani’s black shadow. She rests to sleep. Saiyyam says I told you there is no one, come, we will marry. Baby goes. She turns to him. She asks why did you stop. He says I was coming. She says we are going to win war, I will not give proof to Yuvraaj, it means Suhani won’t come in our way, I made superb plan to kill Dadi tonight. He asks what. Suhani asks how will Baby kill Dadi. He asks why are you killing Dadi. Baby says she is changing will, we have to do this to get property, she does not like anyone, I will get everything by killing her. He asks is anyone doubts on you. She says no chance, her death will be accident. He asks how. She says I have fixed heating bulbs in her room, which will blast over her. Suhani and Saiyyam worry. Babys says that old woman’s chapter will end, come we will marry soon. Suhani thinks to alert Dadi.

Suhani leaves and calls Yuvraaj. He does not answer. Suhani is on the way and prays for Dadi. The bulbs starts flickering. Dadi is sleeping. The bulbs get heated. Window opens by wing. Daid wakes up and goes to shut window. Suhani reaches home. Yuvraaj answers her call. He says sorry, my phone was on silent, is everything fine. She tells him everything. He asks what. Suhani goes to Dadi and sees the bulbs. She calls out Dadi and moves her away. The bulbs burst. Dadi gets shocked.

Dadi asks Baby’s child, what nonsense, I did not make such will, just Yuvraaj’s name is there. Suhani says she knew this, so she married him. Yuvraaj says she left you here to die and is marrying Saiyyam in temple. Baby says we will rule on Birla house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This episode was awesome. Karan’s acting skills are just superb.
    Krishna-sayyam and yuvraj-suhani are going to shake baby by the roots. This is the thing which was missing from the show. A truly naughty and loving side of sayyam with an equally supportive krishna by his side. The baby drama might end soon. That would be a great relief to all ssel viewers…

  2. Swetha7

    i really hope kriyam hugging is not a dream sequence or fake one.i will get a heart attack if it is not a real one.

  3. shivani or kriyyamite

    I think the taunts and scoldings along with the curses showered upon the cvs had a good effect on their brains. The viewers should really take a stand and give the writers a piece of their mind. It really helps to improve tgeir creative skills…
    The increase in kriyam scenes was just what the doctor advised in order to get cured from the hyposecretion of the kriyam hormone. The best part is that this does not have any side effects
    Eventhough the increased kriyam therapy has affected the viewers in a good way it has had some after effects too. Some classes of people have been suffering due to an overdose of kriyam injection. The affected patients demand for sayyam confession but they need to be advised that this will hamper their mental balance. A sudden and early confession is strictly against the doctor’s prescriptions.
    Therefore the patients are asked to take note of the fact that a delayed and spontaneous confession is more helpful for them. In this way the deep rooted emotions and feelings of the male protagonist here will be illustrated in a better way and the hero will get enough time to slowly realise his feelings and this will eventually lead to an awesomely kriyyamastic confession which will be a well deserved reward for the long wait by the die-hard kriyyamites here….

    1. kriyam rocks

      Yaaaasss! preach girl…

  4. The talents of the new actors are being put to use now… Like finally.
    Could anyone please tell me where was yuvaani all this while?
    She did not come for her brother’s funeral. A twin brother’s death is not enough to draw her home?
    And how could miss her father’s supposed marriage?
    This girl has seriously lost her brain. Gone missing from the two life-changing events in her life and coming back when her life is going to come back on track…
    Like seriously?
    Cvs please bring yuvaani back. We need more of her.

  5. Laavanya

    Divorce for the void marriage. ??
    At last, Yuvani is back.

  6. kriyam rocks

    Gee whiz, would you look at that! Yuvani FINALLY had such a long scene!!! 30 seconds!!! Wow…just wow…

    Also guys, I’m about to say something that many of you may not agree with…so if you are offended by my opinion, just read it like a joke and move on, cause I really don’t mean to get anyone angry (Disclaimer alert):

    I can see the sparks between Sayyam and Baby whenever they interact with one another…maybe it’s just because Karan and Poloumi are such good offscreen buddies, but they DO have chemistry.

    Did anyone notice, when Sayyam gave her the chocolate…it was just CHOCOLATE, but it’s obvious that it meant a lot to her…I don’t think she was faking her happiness…that chocolate held sentiental value for her. When Sayyam was walking away after giving her the chocolate, the way she smiled made it clear that she wasn’t acting.

    On a similar note, Baby has always had two weaknesses: Money and Sayyam…Sayyam is both a strength and a weakness for Baby; for the first time in so many episodes, Baby ACTUALLY looked happy (happier than she normally is when she receives money and kills people). Probably because she has Sayyam’s support now and also because she believes he still loves her.

    When Baby had married Yuvaan, the romance between them was so fake…it was obvious Baby was acting- but with Sayyam, Baby acts completely different- she has a soft spot for him. She thinks she could conquer the world at his side – and she probably COULD- but too bad he’s not on her side… 😉

    1. Absolutely agree
      Your comments made my day shreya.
      Rock your exams on the 7th and 17th.
      All the best…

      1. Thnx, so sweet of you…?

  7. kriyam rocks

    Back to Kriyam, (Kriyam all the way!!!)

    I’m glad to see that there’s such a high level of understanding between them. It’s pretty obvious Sayyam gave her the divorce papers without telling her that they were fake…but she trusted him enough to laugh it off and say (without a doubt) that the papers were fake. That’s true love…

    When Krishna was falling at Baby’s feet, Sayyam was probably laughing because he loved hearing Krishna say that she didn’t want to be separated from him and that she wouldn’t be able to take it if he left her too cause “he’s all she has”…too cute 😉

    I especially love how Krishna’s not getting jealous because she knows that Sayyam would never do anything to hurt her or break their trust…the scene between them today when Sayyam turned away from Baby for a couple seconds was too much for me…Karan’s expressions are just amazing…and kriyam were just too awesome for life…

    I loved the tiny moments between Sayyam and Suhani…even though Sayyam is still initiating them…after the Kriyam track, I want a track for Saisu…there is so much depth to explore in their relationship which the cv’s are just ignoring…

    P.S. I’m gonna say it again…Sayyam is a badass villan, he controls his emotions so well (especially when Baby told him that she would kill Dadi) He’s the perfect villan…sigh….

    1. Well said kriyam rocks…
      You have a really good hand at words and an awesome analytical mind. You can really interpret unsaid emotions and hidden feelings in a fantastic way. The way you express yourself is truly awesome. Looking forward to reading more such masterpieces in words composed by you….

      And I meant to ask…
      How was your biology exam today?
      Hope it was super awesome. And all the best for computer/economics applications….

      1. Gosh, thanx Shivani?

        Are you in tenth too? If so, then all the best for your boards?

        You really made my day today?

    2. I think ‘awesome’ has become my word of the day…
      I have used it a humongously huge number of times today….

  8. kriyam rocks

    On a lighter note, here are the list of crimes Baby can be tried and punished for 😉 (from most recent to older ones)

    1. Attempting to murder someone (Dadi)
    2. Actual murder (Yuvaan)
    3. Breaking and Entering
    4. Stealing money
    5. Helping another murderer (Sambhav)
    6. Torturing people
    7. Attempting to break someone out of prison
    8. Attempting to bomb a house
    9. Blackmailing

    10. But the MOST recent one is: Getting married to a man who has not divorced his previous wife, divorcing that man, and getting married to ANOTHER man who has not ALSO divorced his wife…LOL

    hehe…10 is my personal favorite…

    So until next time guys, love you 😉
    Wish me luck for my boards!

    – Shreya

    1. Good analysis! I was thinking, with what you have said, so I ended up agreeing with you.

      I have nothing to add to your comment.
      All I can say is Good luck! Also wish you well, to your success.

      1. Thnx 😀


      Hey Shreya! My name is Shreya too! I love your analytical comments! They are so interesting and funny and sweet and clever and refreshing! I love them so much! I will be here everyday to check for your comments! And i will reply too, no doubt. Thank you for making me laugh! And And much luck with your exams too dear xx

      1. Hey Shreya! (That’s gonna tale some tome to get used to…we both have the same name?)

        Glad I made someone laugh??
        Thnx for the compliment?

  9. The marriage between yuvraj n baby is not legal. Because suhani is still married to yuvraj. Then how can tey sign divorce papers

  10. Yuvani

    Nice to see yuvani again, and hope to see more of her, loved the yuvani scene today……..just hope dadi will come to her senses at least now

  11. Aarti32

    But Saiyyam aur Baby ki shaadi rukegi kaise?? I’m very curious to know it..

  12. Fidato

    Hmm…Nice analysis.. shreya.. totally agree with you.. good luck for your board..exams..
    I couldn’t hear any dialogue today coz of interior work in my near by flat..But i understood everything coz of Sayyam’s expressions…
    Karan is an Expression King.. awesome acting…

  13. I’m happy but I’m sad at the same time cause I wanted a whole kriyam track

  14. Hello guys I think yuvan ya to sambhav back BC instance per 21hours pehle polomi dad ne ek photo post kiya hai usmai vo choklet khatm rahi hai aur uske pas ek script bhi hai usmai kuch Padua Maine I think up coming kisi epi ka hoga sayyam baby ki shadi rokne ke liye ya phir kuch aur usmai likhata ki suhani bhavna se bol rahi this ki di ab Hume es barbadi se ek ensan bacha sakta hai Etna pasha us line mai nam nahi padhe saki next line mai suhani bol rahi this ki USSR call kar diya hai vo vaha pohoch gaya hoga Etna hi pasha instance cheq karo all iam thinking ki yuvan ya sambhav comeback sambhav baby ko takkar de sakta hai yuvan suhani ko bacha sakta hai plz comments

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