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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking Ramesh to pack tiffins soon. Ramesh asks Sajan to get ghee from storeroom. Rags tears the papers and throws them. She hears some footsteps and thinks who can it be. Suhani likes the things. Ramesh thinks to go and see Sajan. Bhavna scares Suhani and laughs. Sajan makes ghee fall on Rags. She scolds him.

Suhani asks Pratima for her phone. Pratima says it will be around. Ramesh asks Sajan where was he till now, work fast. He takes ghee box. Suhani looks for her phone. Sajan has thrown the mobile on the ground and rings on it, to make her stand at the point where the pot fall on her from terrace. Rags goes there and touches the pot. It falls down and Rags too gets shocked. Sajan pushes Suhani as per his plan and saves Suhani. Everyone ask Suhani is she

fine. Rags says I did not do that purposely, I hope Suhani is okay. Sajan says this was my duty and smiles.

Yuvraaj is angry knowing this. He asks Rags how did this happen. Rags says I did not know the pot had ghee on it. Sharad asks how. Rags says Sajan will say. Sajan tells Rags that there was no ghee on the pot, it was clean, you can ask Ramesh, your hands had ghee, you collided with me when I was getting ghee box. Rags scolds him and asks him just to do Suhani’s work. Pratima asks her not to argue now. Sajan apologizes to her. Suhani says its fine, you saved my life, we will take Sajan along, Ramesh will get help. Pratima agrees.

Suhani thinks Rags’ mind has something going on. Sajan thinks they are taking their death along, its their last journey. Bhavna goes to Suhani and asks what are you thinking, don’t think much. Suhani says Rags did big mistake, she did not say sorry. Bhavna says you know Rags never says sorry. Rags says Suhani, I really did not know ghee was on my hands or pot, I cleaned my hands, I m sorry. Bhavna smiles. Rags goes.

Sharad and Saurabh joke on Rags to ask for farmhouse keys from Suhani. Saurabh laughs. Rags gets angry and scolds them. Pratima asks them not to spoil Rags’ mood. Dadi also taunts Rags. Rags says I won’t talk to anyone and goes. Pratima asks Saurabh to go and get Rags. Suhani stops Saurabh and comes to them. She says Yuvraaj will come, first you come with me Maa, close your eyes. They surprise everyone by showing Gauri. Everyone smile. Gauri hugs them. Yuvraaj takes selfie with them. Sajan thinks I will not leave you all alive.

Gauri gets glad seeing the twin babies news. Dadi gifts Suhani from Gauri’s side. She says I got these two dresses made by my banarasi saree. Rags says if both babies are boys then… Dadi says both should be girls Suhani. Suhani says yes, I will make them leave this frock. Sajan makes cylinder fall on Rags and hurts her. She scolds him. Sajan says sorry. She gets angry on him.

Suhani asks Rags not to insult Sajan always. Rags asks will you argue with me for a servant. Suhani defends Sajan, and says he did not see you like you did not see me when the pot fell by your hands. Saurabh says stop fighting, we came here to enjoy. Sharad asks Gauri to come and help him.

Yuvraaj unpacks the clothes. Suhani says I know you do this work as you feel I will spoil the clothes. He says let me do this when I m so organized. She says yes, you can do this work, as you can’t do anything else. He says I handle you, take care of you, its toughest work. She says you mean I m so bad. He says yes. She asks him not to talk to her. He says great. She gets annoyed. He smiles and says he just joked, why is she upset. She tells about Rags and I could have blamed Rags that she intentionally made pot fall. Yuvraaj jokes about Sajan. She says you are my fav, no one can take your place in my life. He says that’s why, I feel luckiest person of this world.

He kisses her hand and says don’t know when did you become part of my life, very soon our children will come. He kisses her. Music plays……….. she says you look very sweet when you talk emotional. He says you too, your idea to get Gauri was fantastic, well done. She asks him to agree to her more ideas. He says I won’t allow you to have samosas, tell me. She says when our kids come in this world, will you be with me in delivery. He says I promise, it won’t be like last time, I will always be with you. He goes. She smiles seeing the two little frocks.

Dadi and family pray for the grandchildrens. Sajan thinks this day is last day for Birla family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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