Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Dadi that Suhani hired a man to defuse Yuvaan’s watch bomb, and Sambhav killed him, Sambhav tortured Suhani and pierced her nose with a needle, he burnt her hand, Suhani did not tell us as Sambhav will hurt us. Dadi says enough of Suhani’s greatness, I want Yuvaan back. Suhani says even I want Yuvaan, we have to take every step carefully. Lata cries and hugs Suhani, asking why did you not tell us. Rags says why did you not tell us when you told Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says Suhani did not tell me, I have kept an eye on Sambhav after visarjan day, Suhani acted of fighting with me, so that she wins Sambhav’s trust, I asked to come here at night, I knew Suhani is fighting with Sambhav alone, I used to track Suhani to help her, if Yuvaan is safe, its because

of Suhani.

Pratima says Yuvaan is in danger today and we have to save him in any way, Suhani you did mother’s duty well and has bear much pain, we have to think well hot to save Yuvaan. Pankaj agrees and says we have to talk to Sambhav, and ask him what does he want. Pratima asks Suhani not to worry, Sambhav will be punished for his doings.

Yuvraaj goes to the room and thinks Sambhav will leave some clue, he can’t manage the dangerous work alone. Suhani sees shadow and thinks its Yuvaan. Soumya looks on. Suhani sees Soumya and sits back. Soumya cries and says you did not take my help, I know you are in this problem because of you, I m also a mum, whatever I did was for my daughter, but trust me, this is such fight, in which we can’t afford to lose, if we lose, our children will lose, you are also a mum you are very courageous, how did you lose, Sambhav is a devil and will win, we can’t let this happen. Suhani cries.

Soumya says you have to stand back Suhani, and show Sambhav that he did big mistake by doing bad with yoy, you have bear his tortures, but he did wrong by taking Yuvaan, he has to pay big price for this, I m with you, we both will teach I m a lesson that he will think thousand times before touching everyone. Suhani hugs her.

Yuvraaj does not get anything in room and kicks the cupboard. He thinks Sambhav is very smart, he did not leave any clue behind, I can’t wait, else danger will increase. Rags gets a parcel and checks it. She screams seeing the cut hand. Everyone come and get shocked seeing it. Yuvraaj says this hand is fake. Rags says someone left the parcel at the door, it has a paper too. Yuvraaj checks the note. Pratima asks what does Sambhav want.

Yuvraaj says he wrote its death game, he wrote this hand is fake but it could have been Yuvaan’s hand if he wanted, he wants to play a game with us, he is sure he will win, fake Dadi told him that Suhani is very adamant and he likes to fail such people, we have one way to save Yuvaan, if we save Yuvaan, he is ours else…. Suhani reads the note and says there is a clue in it. She reads the riddle. She says this ink is disappearing. Soumya says this ink disappears by air contact. She repeats the riddle. Rags says its connected to Shiv ji. Suhani says Chain kuli ki main kuli ki chain….. They all repeat the lines. Suhani says it means Shiv mandir.

Yuvani asks Krishna do you think Yuvaan will come back, even my friend’s brother was lost and she did not get him. Pratima says this won’t happen with you, you will get him, Suhani and Yuvraaj went to find him, just think food. Krishna says yes, we will pray for him, Lord hears the kids’ prayers. Soumya says we can’t let Sambhav win else we can’t forgive ourselves. Suhani and Yuvraaj divide and look for Yuvaan. Everyone at home pray. At Shiv temple, Suhani looks for Yuvaan. Soumya sees some boy and thinks he is Yuvaan. She says I m sorry.

Yuvani tells Dadi that they are praying to get Yuvaan. Suhani asks Lord why is he doing this with Yuvaan, tell me where is Yuvaan. Suhani sees the plates and says why is diya glowing in just one plate. She shows it to Yuvraaj and gets a note. Yuvraaj and Suhani read Sambhav’s letter. Sambhav asks them to come to godown behind jungle. She says we should hurry, jungle is very far. She calls Pankaj. Pankaj says its good news, you take care. He tells Dadi that Suhani got the other clue, they are going towards the godown, I wish they find Yuvaan. Everyone cry and pray.

Sambhav ties Yuvaan. Yuvaan says please leave me. Sambhav says your parents love you, they found you. Yuvaan says why are you doing this, you are my Papa. Sambhav says I was never your Papa, I will unite you and your parents, and kill you all together. He opens the gas cylinders. Yuvaan says please don’t do this. Sambhav says now I just have to kill you and your parents. He smiles.

Suhani and Yuvraaj enter the down. Sambhav looks on. The lantern is connected to the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really… I feeling sad 4 Krishna..

  2. Really… I’m feeling and 4 Krishna

  3. NAPSHa J

    Read the latest post on tc.. Suhani will get molested by sambhav and she will take her revenge by killing him!!

    1. It’s nonsense… It mean soumya ko maarkar … Police uss sambhav ko arrest karenge n again it will escape from police to molest suhani … What nonsense… Writer r showing 2 us

  4. Guys it’s True? Shail mehta quit this show….

  5. Today soumya herself admitted that she is responsible for it.
    Its true she only called sambhav to birla house in yuvraj birthday party and told him to marry suhani.
    So now soumya herself is going to die in sambhav hands.
    She always did wrong to suhani she is unforgivable so that’s why it is better that her character will end.

  6. Thenalso blame will come on suhani.

  7. I think yuvraj willa lsp die

  8. Pls I hope nothing will happen to suhani and yuvraj.

  9. Sowmya will die and Yuvraj suhani will have 3 kids..

  10. I hope now yuvraj don’t blame suhani for soumya death

  11. Guys, I have read that soumya has died……..sambhav ke knife se soumya mar jayegi tabhi police aakar sambhav ko arrest kar legi……..but sambhav ka track bahot bhayanak tha its too horrible daily soap wo bhi 6:30 p.m. …nahi dikhana chahiye……….pata nahi how did they show…..

  12. I feel very bad for Snoopy

  13. I think soumya will get there before them n I hope yuvraj don’t push the door

  14. Yeh its sad about snoopy but cannot understand how Sambhav managed to kill Snoopy..i mean dogs attack back!?!.Yes Soumya should regret her actions so far and everyone is ready to punish other bad doers but no one punishes Dadi and Rags who have done more damage to the family and have constantly insulted Suhani and her long will THIS BE TOLERATED??So what if she is a Dadi and the other one is eldest useless bahu..they are both disgusting and should be punished…as they have manipulated every situation to come between Yuvraj and Suhani.Infact they have bribed police nurses doctors etc etc…so tell me should they walk free?!?..Think Again writers…

  15. Once again a plea is made to the dumb writers.. END THIS SHOW ON A GOOD NOTE,, forget the leap.. Soumya dies, Sambhav dies, Dadi and her dumb n dumber bahus should be punished,, Suhani and Yuvraj live with the 3 kids happily ever after… Show ends… No need for leap and rubbish that you are dishing out now to viewers… Fed up of commenting also cos its falling on deaf ears – the writers are NOT giving the viewers what they want and thats Yuvraj and suhani’s reunion!!! BUllshit only story…

  16. Heyy guys..
    I just saw in zoom telly top up .. ki saumya ke marne ke baad sambhav suhani ka rape karega.. aur yuvraj suhani ki halat dekhkar toot jayega… aur phir sambhav aur yuvraj me fight hogi…


    I dont know ye log fans ki emotions ke saath kyu khel rahe he..

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