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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam saying he is Suhani Birla’s illegitimate child. Yuvaan and Yuvani get shocked. Saiyyam asks Suhani will she not hug him. Suhani cries. Yuvaan asks Suhani not to take tension, Saiyyam made our life hell, he burnt our shack, did food poisoning to kids, now he is saying he is your son, he got mad. Saiyyam says I m not mad, ask your mum why is she silent, ask her. Yuvani says why will she say anything, you think we will believe anything, you will say my Papa is your Papa then…. our Papa is not in this world, he can’t even deny this now.

Saiyyam says I will keep quiet if Suhani denies. Suhani says you ruined the shack, it was my life, no son can harm his mum, you are a bad person, you are just like your father. She cries and goes. Saiyyam says there

was reason behind it, you will understand if you listen. Yuvani slaps Saiyyam.

She scolds him. Pratima stops Yuvani. Yuvani says this guy has failed our car brakes. Sharad says I will get Suhani. He takes Yuvraaj along. Yuvaan says I will not leave him. Pratima says no Yuvaan, Saiyyam is Suhani’s son. Yuvani says no, its not possible, I did not had any younger brother, mumma said she just loved my Papa, how did he come, no you are lying, he can’t be my brother. Yuvani and Krishna leave. Yuvaan says he is nothing to us, he is a thief, he came to snatch our everything, why shall we believe him. Pratima says I know truth, I can’t tell you, your mum will tell you, you have to be calm, its tough time for you all.

Sharad, Yuvraaj and Bhavna come to talk to Suhani. Bhavna says I can’t believe Saiyyam is Suhani’s son. Yuvraaj says he has come to ruin Suhani, he has bitterness in heart, we will tell truth to children. Bhavna asks what truth, about Saiyyam’s father and how he died. Yuvraaj says what can we say if they ask. Sharad says how did he know about this house and Suhani being his mum. Yuvraaj says there is much to handle, we have to find Suhani and talk to her.

Suhani cries and ruins her room. She shouts and says Saiyyam is also a devil like Sambhav, why. The curtain catches fire. Yuvraaj, Sharad and Bhavna come there and knock the door. Bhavna sees the fire from the window and gets shocked. She shouts to Suhani. Suhani sees the fire and gets shocked. Yuvraaj tries to open the window. Suhani says you can’t come back in my life, I killed a Raavan like you and will kill again, you have no right to live, I will not let you win. Yuvraaj breaks door and stops Suhani from going towards fire. Sharad blows off the fire. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Sambhav died. Suhani says no, Saiyyam is Sambhav’s son, he has Sambhav’s soul, he burnt my shack and broke my courage, you know how Sambhav broke my courage, Saiyyam gave poison to shack people. Bhavna says no, Saiyyam is a kid. Suhani recalls Sambhav. Pratima comes and hugs Suhani.

Krishna pacifies Yuvani. Yuvani asks who is this guy, mumma said she always loved Papa, how did this guy come then. Krishna says I don’t remember anyone. Yuvani says after Papa left us, mumma used to run shack and defence class, she used to be happy. Krishna says maybe Saiyyam is lying, Suhani will bring his lie out and tell us truth, I will go and see Yuvaan, he is also worried. She goes.

Yuvani says mumma never lies and does not tolerate lies, how did she keep silent today when Saiyyam blames such big thing, and why did Dadi say that, what is the truth. Saiyyam comes home and says you are really very bad Suhani, you have no right to be called a mum, you did not hug your son once. Yuvaan angrily gets a fire torch. Saiyyam asks are you mad. Yuvaan says you burnt our shack, I will not leave you today. Saiyyam defends. Krishna tries to stop Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I will not leave Saiyyam today. They fight. Suhani says we should talk to children, they will have many questions.

Yuvani comes and says you got angry when you know about my drinking, what happened now, the shack burnt and all problems are because of you. Suhani says sit, I will explain you. Yuvani asks when did you know you have a son. Suhani says some time back. Yuvani says you are lying, you have hidden such big thing from us. Suhani cries. Yuvani says one who is wrong and lies bow down, it means Suhani is wrong, she lied, it means she had extra marital affair because of which….. Yuvraaj shouts Yuvani, shut up. Yuvani asks who are you to ask me to shut up.

Krishna comes and tells Suhani that Yuvaan attacked Saiyyam with a fire torch. They all rush to see. Yuvaan says how dare you blame my mum of such bad thing, I will kill you. Saiyyam kicks Yuvaan and says I will kill you today, I will show how to take revenge. He puts firetorch towards Yuvaan. Suhani comes and stops Saiyyam. Everyone come. Suhani asks Yuvaan to get up. Saiyyam asks her to explain Yuvaan, he came to kill me. Suhani asks them to stop it, better kill me.

Yuvaan says no Maa, nothing can happen till I m here. Saiyyam says and till I m here, I will not let you stay in peace, you killed my Papa, see what I do. Yuvraaj asks why will you kill your mum, what do you know about your father, do you know he was a big devil, go and find your father’s truth first. Yuvaan asks Yuvraaj how do you know Saiyyam’s father. Saiyyam looks on.

Yuvraaj says I m thinking to leave from this house. Saiyyam asks a man to find out all details about music teacher Kumar/Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode… At least they know he is 7 yrs younger to them … N Yuvani called him chota… At least something logical …. Just wish no triangle….

  2. Oh c’mon, Suhani can just tell the truth and solve everything in one go. Why keep quiet now?

  3. Very shameful and heartless women and mother is suhani whatever today saiyyam is facing suhani is responsible if yuvani is wrong its all rags fault but if saiyyam is wrong it’s all his fault wow what a justice i want saiyyam to punish suhani in all ways

    1. I’m not saying u r wrong…. but suhani sees saiyyam she always recalls Sambhar it is natural…. she is not wrong but situation made her…. anyway it is show…. don’t take serious…. this writers always do wrong with lead n afterwards makes the maahan…. same routine in soaps…. leads has 2 suffer…

      1. Well she didn’t need to leave Sayyam , he was just a baby . Did her motherly feeling die at that time? … If he grew up in orphanage , why the woman in the orphanage told that he was already adopted when she returned..

  4. Really boring… yesterday was superb… but today boring…. yuvani n yuvan ko sach ka pata kab lagega…??? Y they r dragging…. suhani overacting queen…. N what they r showing gud in Diwali…. nonsense….. yuvraj ka dressing style n uska choti is funny? n suhani ko kyu dark makeup de rahe….. looking so odd…. her hand is fair than the face…. cvs r stupid

  5. Yuvraj and Suhani better tell the kids everything before saiyyam does.

  6. Pls end this shit. It’s so stupid. Cmon how can Yuvaan yuvani and Krishna forget their childhood? Can’t yuvaan remember sambhav? There can be chances that they forgot the faces but how can they completely forget everything. Did all the 3 have a memory loss? Cmon I can remember most of the things that happened in my childhood. This is so dumb. And suhani what kind of mother is she? She calls Saiyyam a devil? She made him so. No matter how devilish a husband, no mother can hate her child. Disgusting show. It’s shit. Such a disgrace to relationship and family. How many people will see this and don’t the creative head have social responsibility?
    Why did suhani say to her kids that the father died. She could have told that he went abroad or something and when Yuvraaj came back she would have said the truth. These stupidity doesn’t happen in real life.

  7. And wasn’t yuvaan and Krishna were siblings in their childhood? And now yuvaan likes krishna?
    I read in one of the spoilers that Krishna will like saiyyam? If it’s true are they blo*dy kidding me? Saiyyam will still be a teenager and ain’t he like a younger brother to Krishna? I hate all the kids after leap except for Saiyyam. I feel so sorry for him. None feels his pain.

    1. Siniha

      Really well said. Aftr leap Saiyyam character is worth to watch in the serial. And i think Karan Jotwani is carved for rhis character. He ia doing a great job.

    2. So do I!

  8. Surprising how yuvaan doesn’t remember sambhav. Ok they don’t know what happened with Suhani but surely yuvaan must remember living with sambhav and him kidnapping him, tying him up etc, and the watch. Surely he hasn’t forgotten all that.

  9. Wondering how can’t they remember Yuvraj’s face?….. Feeling sympathetic towards Sayyam… Atleast Yuvani is calculating the right time of his birth I.e just before leap & Sharad said he is just a baccha ….. Just they shouldn’t show a love triangle between Sayyam Krishna Yuvaan or else writer ko chili bhar pani ma dub kar mar Jana cahiya , the should just show krisvan ….

  10. I wish suhani suffer a lot instead of showering love she is abandoning him

    1. I knew that this well happen. Suhani don’t have that motherly connection for saiyyam. As for yuvraj who is he to say saiyyam is bad. Suhani and yuvraj need to take a good hard look at the two that they have together.
      I know there is an age gap between saiyyam and Krishna. I hope that they get together. Saiyyam is far more better then yuvaan. Some say he is like sambhav. But I say he is like his great grand mother (dadi). It was the stupid writers fault, they made the mistake.

      1. Not just that, suddenly Yuvraj is Mr perfect. I like yesterday when he said, what is wrong with Yuvani. It like hello, yuvraj it was you who made Yuvani into a spoilt brat. Now your son is one two. I think Suhani would have kept saiyyam. I wrote a bit early why suhani didn’t have the abortion?
        Now thinking about it now, I bet it something to do with Yuvraj and Dadi. Both were unhappy when they found out about Saiyyam. If it is suhani is an idiot.

  11. Just wish they they show Sayyam as a 15yr old teen? … At least a character like him close to my age… & it will alsoake the show a little more logical…

  12. Now why yuvraj wants to go suhani badly need his support

  13. I support suhani…even though shez wrong in abandoning sayyam …coz she went through a lot which no one can imagine…bass mental hospital bejhna hi baaki hai..the way shez imagining sambhav made her mentally weak….she shouldnt have given birth …but she doesnt want to kill a baby or grp of celks or watever….out suhani is not completely mahaan lyk other show leads..shez just a common woman with lil bit mahaan qualities?

    1. U r right…. I’m with suhani….

      1. Yuvraj love is true love for suhani…. that y he always supported her….. though many problems came…. but yuvraj support made suhani strong….now she is mentally weak…[email protected] bhargavi u r write…. sambhav n uska diya nishaani se usko bahut bada shock laga….

      2. Agree @somi….yuvraj n suhani love is pure…no one can separate them…everyone r bashing suhani…but try to understand she is in trauma..she left saiyyam but again she went in search of him..of course she is his mother..n no mother can hate her child…all i want to say is situation is worse but not suhani or saiyyam

    2. U r right

      1. I know many r bashing suhani n yuvraj….N they can’t understand it is show…. the actors r just acting which director want 2 do n nothing beyond

  14. Siniha

    Suhani deserves this. Saiyyam may behave rude bit kind hearted from heart. But Suhani raised up a worthless son yuvaan and manner less daughter yuvani. But saiyyam is filled up with untruthful memories by some1. But as a mother suhani made him orphan.
    Guys aftr this Saiyyam should leave suhani and go. Let her realize the true love of Saiyyam and fake love of children she got through her lovable husband Yuvraj.

    1. I agree with you, but suhani had the right to abortion. I don’t think if I was raped I would able to give birth to the baby. But why did suhani. I don’tknow why she didn’t have the abortion. Knowing the Birla family the won’t have cared. They don’t like having to rised someone else kid. It would have been more kind, then let it live. Especially if the child is not going to be loved.
      It hard for a child that is abandoned, but the best thing for saiyyam is to leave. He is not going to get suhani love. Because she didn’t give that right to him. It best if saiyyam move on with his life. Saiyyam is better person, without having suhani in his life.

  15. Ssel has become a senseless show.cvs made it worst show by subhav marriage they began this crap n still it continues.why they show leads as dumb.suhani became such a heartless.she gave birth to saiyam even if she dont like to see his face n now she blame saiyyam for his disrespect n evilness.why she act dumb when yuvani raise hand on her.she should slap her n teach manners.yuvraj why always go away n leave suhani when she needs him.i love saraj so much n old ssel episodes where the love n romance of krishna,yuvaan or krishna saiyyam cant take that one have magic like saraj.cvs atleast now unite yuvraj suhani n create a mature love story.n make them handle their kids in good many of u agree with me reply plss.lots of love to saraj a cute couple

    1. Because the character Yuvraj don’t really love suhani.

  16. I love saiyyam acting and yuvaan is always the one picking fight all the time….I hope the true come out…

  17. Sambhav had raped Suhani. But Suhani didn’t went for abortion or emergency contraception. But when saiyam was born she abandoned him OK that’s alright u can’t estimate wat a girl goes through in such situation. She went to get him back from orphanage but didn’t get him. Its also OK. Saiyam being brainwashed is also OK. He thinks that his mother betrayed his father and left him in orphanage. All this is understandable except she not given a choice abort or contraception

    After leap nothing is acceptable.
    Trying to create chemistry between Krishna and siyam who is very young to them. Creating chemistry between yuvan and Krishna as they took each other as brother sister in childhood. Yuvani being like soumya and Krishna being like Suhani. Guys common genes also plays some role. And how could Suhani leave yuvani with dadi and rags?? Yuvani totally brain washed against her own mother, doesn’t she have brain?? And even after yuvraj entry his identity is kept secret!! Don’t the kids feel that he has similar face to their dad?? Why did they remove all yuvraj pics?? Sambhav pics are removed is understood but why yuvraj?? And all r still hiding everything from kids. Are they 10 yr old that they won’t understand wat is rape and what their mother and father underwent!! Wat’s their to hide!! Instead saying the truth would increase their respect in their children’s eye!! And if they don’t want their 3 kids to know than they could atleast tell sambhav’s truth and suhani’s rape and soumya’s murder to saiyam and let him decide then

    1. You are right, about the abortion suhani had a choice. No one there would have made her to have the baby.
      You say suhani went looking for saiyyam, but I still think she won’t able to give that motherly connection.
      Even now she keep seeing sambhav. The best thing for saiyyam, is to leave.

    2. No, it is not okay to abandon a baby.
      Then why give birth, who was there to force suhani to give birth.
      I know she was mentally unstable, but she had a choice.
      I am sorry if it upset you, suhani made that choice. No one else did that for her. If this was 50 years ago, then I would have agree with you. Abortion has been around for the past 30 years.
      She has no right to punish Saiyyam like that. I was a suhani supporter, but not now. No matter what any you might say. Yes sambhav rape her, but the mental abuse was done by yuvraj and Dadi. Every one seem to forget what had happened. I don’t blame any actors they are doing their job.

  18. How to turn ssel to positive for director.
    Saiyam brings yuvraj’s truth out. Yuvan and yuvani hate Suhani for lying. They hug yuvraj and reconcile. Krishna stays with Suhani. Saiyam gets happy. Suhani gets a panic attack and Krishna sees Ur and asks pratima and comes to know about truth. She tries to tell to yuvan and yuvani but both doesnt want to talk about Suhani.
    Saiyam hurts yuvraj and in heat Krishna reveals truth to him. On finding truth saiyam is disheartened. And also finds that Suhani came to take him back but somebody plotted against him. The person was dadi who made the warden say that the child got adopted.
    Dadi, rags and yuvani keep plotting against Suhani and yuvan and yuvraj doesn’t take any stand. Dadi makes Suhani have panic attack so that she could send Suhani to mental asylum. Saiyam sees his mom in panic state and goes to save her. He and Krishna stand by Suhani and try to get place for Suhani in birla house. Saiyam and Krishna together try to defend Suhani from everyone. Suhani though doesn’t like saiyam. But still cares for him and even saiyam gets to know this. In a heart talk they both reconcile and he promises to bring her other 2 kids to her soon. Meanwhile due to modeling and all yuvani lands in trouble some one tries to molest her. She then understands suhani’s conditions and have change of heart Suhani supports her and finally yuvan also come along. The serial ends with the children getting yuvraj and Suhani married on their 25 th marriage ani

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