Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying Anshika is unwell, call doctor. Saiyyam says Bhavna is getting something. Bhavna gets tulsi water and checks baby’s fever. She asks Saiyyam to call doctor. Saiyyam calls doctor. He says he will come after 2 hours, he will get late. Bhavna asks Krishna not to worry. Pandit chants mantras. Suhani makes the baby taste honey and asks her not to get spoiled. They see Anshika not tasting honey. Krishna says she is unwell since morning.

Suhani tries to calm Anshika. Rekha asks shall I help. Dadi says no, we will manage. Pratima says let her pacify Anshika. Suhani asks Rekha to see. Rekha takes baby and pacifies. Suhani says I will take her inside. Rekha says we can do rasam later. Pratima says don’t feel bad, I m needed there. She goes. Dadi stops Rekha

and says wait. She makes baby taste food and wishes baby gets Yuvraaj’s qualities. Doctor comes home.

He says Saiyyam called me for baby’s checkup. Doctor checks Anshika and says she is premature. Suhani says no, just 10 days before. He says no, she is born in 7th month. Suhani asks what are you saying, I gave birth to her, talk to my doctor. Dadi says yes, check her. Krishna asks what happened to her. Doctor says I have to shift her to ICU, she is serious. Saiyyam takes her. Dadi says I just chose her seeing her color, I did not know she is unwell, she was so pretty and bright, she has to get fine.

Suhani says doctor said baby is healthy, he did not say anything. Saiyyam says I won’t leave him. Bhavna asks him to focus on Anshika. Nurse says baby’s blood group is AB negative. Suhani says my and Yuvraaj’s blood group does not match. Pratima says I m her Dadi, check my blood. Saiyyam says I can donate blood. Suhani says he has blood relation with her. Nurse takes Saiyyam along. Suhani asks how can this happen, parents’ blood group is not matching. Doctor says yes, we will talk later. Nurse takes Saiyyam’s blood. Pratima says she is our family girl, our blood should match with her. Krishna says you snatched our child from me, don’t snatch other one. She prays. She talks to Suhani. Suhani says everything will be fine.

Dadi calls Suhani and asks what’s happening. Suhani says Anshika needs blood, her blood group is different. Dadi sees Rekha and says fine, I will come there. Suhani says no need, you can’t give blood to her, being aged. Yuvani comes to hospital. Doctor says none’s blood is matching with the girl. Yuvani says I came on knowing this. Suhani says she is baby’s sister, check her blood group. Doctor says sure.

Rags says Dadi, I will get my blood test done, maybe it matches. Dadi thinks I have to send Rekha and her husband there, their blood will match. Yuvani gives her blood sample. Nurse says sorry, her blood is also not matching, are you sure this baby is from your family. They all get shocked.

Dadi goes to Rekha and says there is big problem in our family, you did not ask me. Rekha says I thought you won’t like my interference, tell me what can I do. Dadi says Anshika needs blood, you and your husband go and get blood test done. Rekha agrees and gives her baby. She goes. Dadi smiles seeing baby.

Nurse says Rags’ blood did not match, baby is serious. Krishna cries. She says why is this happening with me, it was not Suhani’s mistake, its my bad fate. Suhani says Rekha and her husband’s blood test is happening, it will match. Doctor says Rekha’s husband’s blood matched with baby. Saiyyam says thank God. They all get relieved. Suhani says I don’t understand why her blood did not match with us, and matched with Rekha’s husband. Dadi says its fine, it happens sometimes, her blood is rare. Doctor comes and says Anshika is fine now, you can meet her.

They all go. He asks won’t you go. Suhani says no, I need to talk something imp. He says me too. She asks doctor how can this happen, she is our family girl. He says it happens in rare case, she is premature baby, this can’t be coincidence, this baby is not yours. Suhani asks what. He says yes, she is not your child, you can get Dna test done, who did your delivery. She tells doctor’s name and delivery date. He calls Suhani’s doctor. He says your doctor went for some emergency case, you can meet your doctor, maybe baby got swapped. She asks how. He says if you ask about premature delivery happening that day, you will understand everything. She says I don’t know about m child, how can they do this, I did not know her illness, I have to find out, thanks.

Krishna and Saiyyam are with baby. Suhani asks how can this happen, I felt why I have no bond with this child, where is my daughter, who are her parents. Saiyyam asks Krishna not to worry, I won’t let anything happen to her. Suhani thinks I can’t tell them till I get sure, I can’t break their heart.

Pratima says I can’t bear this more, Yuvaan, Yuvraaj and then baby, Bhavna I want this to get solved. Suhani hears them. Bhavna says nothing such will happen this time.

Suhani says I was finding doctor who did my delivery. Dadi says I won’t let Suhani win. Rags says I was thinking to sell my shares. Dadi scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat nonsense always dadi she will get Wat coming to her

  2. I feel like slapping Krishna…she behaves as it her kidd ….she firstly does not have right on that kidd

  3. Nd yehh this show is complete nonsense….in the end they don’t know Wht to do

  4. suhani must give a tight slap to dadi aftr finding her daughter… really fed up of tis dadi, even aftr these many days she is only aftr suhani.. if baby has given birth to a child n is like her, will tis dadi throw that child? infact suhani s more more better n pretty than baby..

  5. Dadi ? shes so dumb srsly fk ?

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