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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Soumya meeting in the temple and crying. They hug. Yuvaan gets water for Pratima and says I went to get water for you, you had to take medicines. She asks are you alone. He says no, my Mamu was with me. She says you come with me to home, we will call your Mamu from there. Sharad looks on and wishes Yuvaan goes with Pratima. Yuvaan refuses and says mumma always says never go with stranger. Pratima says but you helped me, come with me, we will talk at my home. He asks for samosas. She agrees to make for him. He gets glad and leaves with Pratima. Sharad thanks Lord as Yuvaan went to his father’s house today.

Soumya goes to Suhani. Suhani asks how is everyone at home. Soumya thinks Birla house is my home, how to tell Suhani. Suhani asks do they behave well

with you, I m sorry, you can tell me if there is any problem. Soumya says you can share things. Soumya cries and says Krishna’s mum has made me and my daughter leave from home after Krishna’s death. Suhani asks what, you j just said they behave well with you. Soumya says my daughter’s name is Krishna. Suhani says you kept her name on her father, tell me what happened after I left.

Soumya says they did not wish to see my face, they did not come to meet Krishna till now, Birla family helped me at that time, they kept me at their home, I did not wish to go there, but they said Krishna will get a house, so…. Suhani says there is nothing to feel bad, its fine, you are my friend, I would have done the same for you. Soumya says I m staying in Birla house since then. Suhani says I m happy for Krishna, it was not her mistake, it was my mistake. Soumya says no, it was Krishna’s mistake, he worked with wrong people. Suhani says I could not realize Sajan’s truth, its good to forget everything. Soumya thinks to tell Suhani that Yuvraaj is Krishna’s father now.

Suhani says I moved on in my life, I have small family, Sharad, Bhavna, Golu and my…… Soumya hugs her and cries. She says we met after so many years, there will be some reason behind this. She ties a thread to her hand and says reason is that Lord wants our relation to become more strong, so many things occurred, and our friendship was not affected. Suhani says it will never be affected. Soumya says I want you to have such relation with my daughter, will you meet her. Suhani says no, I can’t go there, but we will stay in touch, I have moved on and forgot everything. Soumya thinks Suhani has become stone hearted and does not care for her daughter too.

Pratima takes Yuvaan with her to Birla house. Yuvaan likes the house. Suhani is sad and looks for Yuvaan. Saurabh asks Pratima who is he. Pratima says he is Yuvaan. He asks where did you get him. Pratima says in temple, he helped me when I got unwell, he is looking for his Mama. Saurabh asks where is Soumya. Pratima says she will end puja and come. Suhani cries and stops herself.

Yuvaan and Yuvani meet and she introduces him to Dadi. Yuvaan gets scared and greets her. Yuvani says he is my friend, his mumma saved me. She tells about her dad Yuvraaj Birla. Pratima asks Yuvaan about his father.

Sharad asks what happened. Suhani tells him that she met Soumya in the temple, and she stays in Birla house. He asks who told you. She says Soumya told me, how do you know. He says it means Suhani got to know Yuvraaj and Soumya got married. Yuvaan says I don’t have a father, my mumma says she is my mother and father.

He says he dislikes unhygienic things. He applies sanitizer and says my mumma dislikes a lot, she says when lotus can grow in dirty mud, then this does not matter. Pratima gives him samosas. He gets glad. Yuvani says I don’t like oily food, it spoils skin. Yuvaan asks her to try samosa and see. Pratima says you talk so sweetly. He says thanks, my mumma also says so, I will give something on Yuvani’s birthday. She tells her birthday. He says that’s my birthday too. Dadi gets thinking. She asks who stays in your house. Yuvaan says mumma, Mausi and Mami, she is two in one. Dadi asks about Mausi’s kids. Yuvaan says yes, my elder brother name is…. Dadi stops him from saying.

Sharad asks Suhani did Soumya say she stays in Birla house. She asks where is Yuvaan. He says I have sent him to meet my best friend, you go, I will bring him to hotel. Dadi asks Yuvaan where does he stay. He says Lucknow. Saurabh and Pratima go. Dadi asks Yuvaan whats his mumma’s name. he says Suhani. She gets shocked.

Dadi tells Sharad that Suhani promised that she will never come back, you take Yuvaan and never come back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. For a moment I thought that Dadi will be happy to knw that Yuvan is her grandson…Uffff she didn’t change at all…It’s nt Birla house…it’s splitsvilla and Dadi is the queen who separates ppl whome she dnt lyk…n Soumya shud hv gone to her mom’s place

  2. Have stop watching dis serial, Yuvraaj doesn’t deserve Suhani at all, I pray for them to be separated, I don’t pray for their union. She need to move on.

    Yuvraaj is such a jerk, even in real life his behavior towards Suhani is even bad, if not for her that easy the Suhani character well, it would have been a failure like his Bollywood film, his such an ingrate fellow. LOVE U SUHANI.

  3. Nice episode. …..
    Till what extent soumya can get shameless oh God no one on the earth should hv such a friend. ….&dadi. …..sick of bashing her. …….
    In the new Olv suhani confronts dadi may be it’s a dream sequence but if it’s not then why is that the truth revealed in yuvrajs absence? May be soumya &dadi will start playing the dirty game again &dadi’evil deeds not revealed once again .they r literally killing yuvani. ….

  4. hello guys…I’m new on this site…may I join yr grup..dadi loves her grand daughter too much but for her grand son……? soon suhani get married with sambhav… : ( ohh no…plz unite suhani n yuvraaj…

  5. wht a hell with this devil dadi.. she.knws her great grand son was yuvaan he hates him.
    …donkey dad

  6. I hate u dadi.

  7. S Tahi v try to ignore the off screen issues &concentrate only on screen characters but the person playing yuvrajs character each time crosses the limit. There is groupism within the coactors which unfortunately is not good fr the show. .inspite of rajshri being the lead she is illtreated / ignored but I really like the way she handles the things with dignity .

    1. Sushma don’t u feel ie offscreen Matter effect the story…in its already。。affected….sry ssel doesnt deserved us love…

      1. #UniteYuvani

        But Suhani does…. how so ever Yuvraj is on screen and off screen… we will need to love and Suhani…. and it all shows on their FB fan page….Suhani has some 14k+fans and Yuvraj has some 9K fans! But even if we look at it professionally…Suhani’s is much better an actress than Yuvraj! Yuvraj is managing to survive only because he has Suhani as the co-actor and perhaps due to his contacts …. We can clearly see off screen groupism – same as it is shown on screen…i just wish they get along better both on screen and off screen! What a lovely couple they make… SSEL needs Yuvani united! At least for the fans and TRP sake! But for some reason looks like the writers are hell bent on closing this show with so many unnecessary issues! i know they are killing time while waiting for Sahil to return from his leave but if this drama continues beyond that then the audience will surely loose their patience!

    2. Ohh there are offscreen prblms too… 🙁

  8. Dadi actually loves her grandson but she dont want suhani to come back to yuvraj…if she comes back then all lies she told to yuvraj will come in front of him……

  9. Lol! Dadi just saw yuvaan and his habits and she knows that he is suhani ´s son but others doesn ´t understand it! Is she too clever or the other are idiots?
    She will never change, and now that she knows that yuvaan is suhani ´s son then yuvraj will never know the truth!
    This is really bullshit, now there will be more and moremisunderstanding

    1. Bcoz,Others dnt knw that Suhan’s son is alive…and also Dadi is the superwoman of the show u knw :p :p

  10. What the problem with dadi all problem start with her only please god gives Dadi some humanity

  11. The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki will incorporate major drama as Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) will reach Birla house to confront Dadi over Yuvaan and Yuvaani.

    It is known that Suhani had delivered twins and the twins were separated by Dadi immediately post birth.

    Being unaware of this, the son Yuvaan stays with Suhani and the daughter Yuvaani is raised by Yuvraj.

    However, Suhani will come to know special bond shared by Yuvaan and his school friend Yuvaani.

    Suhani will be shocked to see similarities in Yuvaani and will reach Birla house to question Dadi.

    During the argument Dadi will reveal that she had separated the babies and took away the girl child from Suhani.

    Suhani will be shocked to the core, however, Yuvraj will remain unaware of this for not being present.

    Let’s see if Suhani gets back her daughter from Dadi.

  12. ohhhh…wow…nice…

  13. I hate you dadi pls punish her I can’t tolerate her at all and make yuvi’s character more powerful so that this show becomes some logical at the same time more popular

  14. Suhani yuvaan pathi solla vanthatha somu kekkala. Somu yuvaani paththi solla vanthatha suhani kekkala yenna koduma dheivame

  15. How cold is that old bag dadi yuvaan just got there n she ready to throw him out

  16. Wow! Somehow they’ve worked the track to ensure more manipulation by Dadi! Not surprising, Infact much expected. The protagonists are doomed to a life of pain and mystery while the antagonists live stable and stress free life! How nice for star plus serials, this seem to be their modus operandi. I only read the updates once in a while and it doesn’t seem to get any better.

  17. I hate dadi. I hope the spoilers are true and suhani will take yuvaani away from there. Yuvraaj don’t deserve suhani. And somu why is she staying in birla house?? I mean can’t she go to her mother. Do you guys remember that dadi was saying she always thinks about the other twin?? Then why is she ready to throw yuvaan out of that house?? This time Suhani should tell dadis truth.

  18. Is it not possible to kill dadi’s character coz she’s so mean and heartless….

  19. Ankita I don’t think the off screen issues affect the story infact it shouldn’t but yes sometimes I feel the difference in sahil’s acting .

  20. #UniteYuvani

    Seriously….more and more misunderstandings!!! I have literally started losing track of things…lol! That Dadi….. she is already hatching a plan to throw Yuvan out….. and that Soumya is ready to do anything to be in Birla house!!!

    I just hope….Suhani finds out that both her children are alive and Yuvani is her daughter….she should file a case against the Birla’s and should take away Yuvani from them even before that silly Yuvraj comes….. and then should go away somewhere far or get married(if at all she gets/wants to get married) to Sambhav or someone better who would love her and her children…. Sometimes going away gives more peace than being there and fighting every breath!

    As for Soumya, with Yuvani gone Dadi should kick her out of Birla house leaving Yuvraj alone to live a life of misery! Or i think Soumya will be diagonized with some disease she will then try to unite Yuvraj and Suhani….and die… and Krishna will be adopted by Sourabh and Rags since they cannot/do not have babies… and that would be the end of SSEL …. i think this is what is going to happen!

    Or the best option is Yuvraj gets to know the game Dadi has played and the betrayal that Soumya is doing and finally after all these years gets some sense into his big fat head and leaves the Birla house with Yuvani and unites with Suhani and Yuvan

    What do you all think what will happen???? Or which is the best ending???

    1. I loved the 2nd one…wen soumya is there Yuvani won’t accept Suhani as her mother…better she die or leave the house…or else Sambav can marry her as we knw Suhani-Sambav mrg will never happen

    2. Frankly…uniteyuvani……is no.chance of yuvani reunion…as dey showing somu she is de lead….n offscreen Matter affect de story already….
      M I m.sure yuvi already fallen for.somu…n he never accept suhani…now story line is sucks….somraj….dis is bullshit…
      De ssel has to end know ….we have some fan’s power….now…if we gives love to u..than also hate u stops watching de Serial….

      N I m.sure yuvi already forget suhani..n leaves hppy with his snaky offcsreen matter affect the story already…..

    3. Hppy ending….
      All bh n yuvi reliase ie wht dey loss..
      Yuvi should be in pain regret for his decision..if he wanted ie suhani came his life but it’s difficult because of Krishna n somu…he tell.suhani I still lov u..suhani why should I believe u do.u believe me…how I believe ie past.6.yrs u both not have any husband n wife relations….
      If yuvani hppn he should fight hard….but if suhani move on ….his words are like I m bad n very bad na….

    4. Tell me one thing……wht to all wants ie yuvi has to.suffer na..I want.that all bh beg for suhani n regret to dere decision its upto suhani. Whethever she moves on or came back to bh….

      N diff between suhani.and somu ….even somu don’t tell to.suhani ..she never came between yuvi n somu n Krishna..
      why CVS showing.sympathy towards the somu
      Why dey forcing suhani marriage with sambhav…let yuvi m.sambhav hppn n it’s suhani decided to.choose whom…why.suhani.sacrifice…if suhani.sacrifice.Dadi won..

      M still.confused with

  21. Dadi is pure EVIL! I hope Krishna & Gauri are still alive, then soumya & krishna can unite, and dadi’s lies can be exposed.

  22. Wow I did not know that yuvraj in real life treated suhani badly. Why is this? And dadi needs a big slap on her face

  23. Yuvraj is a character who does not express himself, he is not an independent decision maker, many times he is shown as dumb ,he blabbers anything when he is angry, inspite of all these things I still feel he luvs suhani let’s see track wise after confession he was so concerned when suhani’s hands were wounded due mehandi he even tattooed her name on his arm, after marriage his support towards srivastav fmly, how can we forget the suhagi incident, he was so scared of losing her, the guari track. …..where he realised what sort of pain suhani would hv gone through fr rejecting her on basis of looks, going against the fmly &supporting suhani in the rape case, supporting her to get back to the bh, again giving her emotional support when she couldn’t conceive ….The pain he showed at suhani’s death, he was so incomplete without suhani, bas after barbies entry everything changed, the fault was with everyone top of the list was dadi, yuvraj was shown so dumb as if he had lost the thinking capacity, suhani too acting mahaan keeping mum, not exposing dadi, not learning anything frm the past &still believing others, not taking yuvrajs advice without consulting taking her own decisions. There is always a third person in their life creating problems .inspite of all the odds I feel they should unite but the biggest hurdle is dadi, Soumya &krishna.
    What if suhani decides to move on with Sambhav where he is too good match fr her but he too has a dada, dadi, nana, nani, bhabhi of the same evil mentality .just hope yuvraj stops marrying n number of times giving lame excuses &give suhani a dignified life.

    1. But big question is still.yuvi loves suhani or moves on …..if he moves on den.for me Yuvi has no repect …n hope somu will die…because I.want yuvani to be plse…..
      But I have fear ie yuvi now not wants ie suhani came m disturb his life ..he already accepted somya. But don’t reliase yet….

  24. Exactly sushma…

  25. I agree with TAHI that Sahil Mehta’s acting is putrid. Yuvraaj cannot act well.. His career in the serial is given much credit due to Suhani.

    If he was not married to Suhani, his popularity would dropped.

    Yuvaan acts better than Yuvraaj and I honestly think that Sambhav is a better actor than Yuvraaj

    Sad to see how evil Dadi is manipulating people, children and family.

  26. Dadi is very bad
    She is still trying a game
    I just hate her

  27. but naku oka doubt….
    suhani ki twins ani chepinapudu idaru okate age lo undali kadha, but y yuvani looks older to yuvaan???????????????
    and also if u guys observe, telly reviews lo april 25th tarvata okka spoiler b release cheyledhu.
    does any one know y bolke….?????????

  28. Ssel is becoming a bit backwaas now…..

  29. Really it’s first show where I.saw dis type of groupism

  30. how yuvraj can trust his dadi and distrust his wife every time

  31. I feels pity for Krishna n somu too..n yuvan too….agree with ankita even de truth came out yuvi never accept suhani for him now his family is somu n his two daughters….
    Unless somu character die reunion is impossible…..n dam sure even yuvi has fear if suhani come back then she disturb his life….CVS whatever u showing like yuvi forget. Suhani..hppy with his fake wife…hope here offscreen matter not involved…
    Sry ssel.should be end now….

  32. evarana reply ivandi
    yuvani and yuvan ki enduku age difference show chesthunaru when they r twins ani cheppi

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