Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima telling Yuvraaj about the bowl with everyone’s opinion. He asks about Suhani’s answer. Suhani comes there and says here is my answer Maa. She puts the chit and goes with Pratima. Yuvraaj picks it to check Suhani’s answer and keeps it back. He thinks what Suhani wrote. Krishna comes crying to Yuvraaj and hugs him, asking him not to leave her. He says I won’t leave you, and hugs her. Yuvaan asks Suhani will we go from here. Suhani asks them to listen carefully, mumma always thinks good for children.

Yuvraaj takes care of Krishna. Suhani talks to Yuvaan and pacifies him. Soumya goes to her room and sees Krishna with Yuvraaj. She sits by Krishna’s side and makes her sleep well. Its morning, Menka tells Rags that she wants to count the votes. Pratima

gets the bowl. Dadi comes there. Rags says why did you come out Dadi, we would have come to your room. Dadi says its fine. Sambhav asks for Yuvraaj. Menka says don’t know, even Soumya did not come, I will see. Menka shouts and everyone reach in Yuvraaj’s room. They all get shocked seeing Yuvraaj and Soumya sleeping on the bed.

Yuvraaj looks on and asks where did Krishna go. Rags says I think Soumya and Yuvraaj decided what to do, why should we wait. Sambhav says yes right, we should not waste time, Suhani you would have got your answer. Yuvraaj says Krishna slept here as she was crying, and Soumya…. Soumya says I sat here with Krishna and don’t know when did I fall asleep. Pratima says we thought to take decision together, but you guys are not married and …. Yuvraaj says Maa you think I can do this, nothing happened. Soumya also says the same. Rags and Menka ask Yuvraaj about the lipstick mark on his shirt. Yuvraaj says nothing happened here. Dadi says its limit of shame and they all leave. Rags says well played Soumya, go and make Yuvraaj feel guilty and your work is done. Soumya says I did not anything. Rags and Menka get puzzled.

Dadi goes to her room and sees Yuvraaj and Soumya’s pics with the children. She recalls how she has gone with the maid and sent Krishna out of the room. Dadi planned all that to get Yuvraaj and Soumya together. Dadi sees the lipstick she used to make the mark and says I had to do this for the result I want. Dadi talks to Saurabh about Yuvraaj’s answer.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to do mistake of misunderstanding him. She says if children saw all that then, and if you have seen me and Sambhav that way….. Yuvraaj shouts Suhani. She says I got my answer.

Daid talks to Sharad and says you want children to be together, I did not respect you, but I m proud of your friendship with Yuvraaj, I m scared seeing what happened today, Yuvraaj was never like this. Sharad says I will talk to him. She says even I want to talk to him. Sharad and Saurabh leave.

Rags looks for Menka and her son. Soumya tells Rags that she did not do all this, I don’t know how did this happen. Rags says don’t cry, no one cares for your tears, Yuvraaj just sees Suhani’s tears, I have an idea. Suhani cries and talks to Lata. She says why is this happening with me, Papa said right, its my mistake, I should have not left everything. Pankaj hears them. Lata says you are strong and right, so Lord is testing you, Yuvraaj and you will win.

Leela tells servant that Yuvraaj and Soumya are not married, they were in same room at night. Soumya scolds Leela for speaking bad for her. Leela says why will I get shame to say if you did not get shame in doing so. Yuvraaj hears them. Rags scolds Leela and makes her apologize to Soumya. She asks Yuvraaj to see what people are talking. Yuvraaj goes and does not care. Rags tells Soumya that they will work on plan B.

Sharad asks Yuvraaj what are you doing. Yuvraaj asks him not to irritate him. Sharad asks why, you lied about marriage and stayed with Soumya, you need someone to give you knowledge, you are a father now, be responsible. Yuvraaj says I m a good father. Sharad says I know how well you took care of your children. Yuvraaj says I know how to look after them. Sharad asks why did you do all this. Yuvraaj asks him to go back with Suhani. Saurabh asks why are they arguing, stop it. Sharad says I won’t leave house, Suhani has right on Yuvani and this house, she will stay here, Yuvraaj can do anything. Yuvraaj goes. Dadi looks on. Saurabh asks Dadi to see whats happening. Dadi says its called ego, which spoils all relations, Yuvraaj has to bend to get high.

Yuvraaj says nothing happened between us, Soumya knows this, I wrote no for marriage on chit, now I m saying yes, are you ready to marry me Soumya. Suhani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruksy

    why is yuvraj doing this why does he have such a huge ego.

  2. Nithu

    Guys i love ssel bt today tho i hate it

  3. Rubbish episode

  4. Worst precap ever…..hate that yuvraj. Why is Suhani bearing all this? it’s better if she leaves birla house and continue with her work of fashion designer . I also think that the twin dadi is also evil like her sister. Hate her…………

    1. It’s not a twin bits Dadi. Evil Dadi

  5. Precap was good

  6. Shameless soumya ?

  7. Yuvraj wants evrythng to happen as per his wish,,,”I can be wrong bt no one should question me”…the most egoistic hero of Starplus

  8. I think it’s heights of foolishness by Soumya never mind suhani will get to know truth and win yuvraj!!! After all it’s a serial guys take it easy……

  9. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its giving me depression…
    If at all yuvi agrees to marry that sowmya.. Ill die of depression..

    1. I totally agree. When will suhani realise her friend and Dadi r traitors. Very depressing serial.

  10. I like this.Precap was awesome.Yuvraj aisa hi karna chahiye suhani ke saath.Thabi suhani kuch manogi ki pyar aur dosthi dono mein apna zindagi waste na karna chahiye.Anth mein suhani sab maaf karegi.Yehi honawala hai.I hate her because of that.Because i love suhani.she is not doing right.Agar yuvaan ko pappa chahiye apne had mein reho.Not de ithna importants to that dumb ugly kya bolum us yuvi ko.Hindian Tele serial sabse wrost character,husband,actor wo playing such role yuvraj birla.I am not saying about sahil.Bt only his character.He may be good.I dont know that and also not hate him.Bt love rajhshri than ma life

  11. Its a gud decision yuvi…..bcz u nevr deserve our suhani… fool only desrve that crap ugly soumya

  12. Aqsxxh

    -.- not this rubbish again.

  13. Hi guys today episode really bad I hate u yuvarj and soumya I also pity on suhani iam she is losing mental balance because always trusting on soumya she is not seeing around what is going .now a days iam hateing suhani also .where is active bubbly positive thinking suhani.stupid writers

    1. agree with u.yeh suhani bhi na doosron ki zindagi sudharne ke liye poori dimag istmaal karti hai.lekin khudki zindagi mein dimaag ko istmaal karne ka try bhi nahi karti

    2. Suhani has the worst character. She is gets kicked by her very own and she goes licking them and forgiving them. Suhani how hard do u want soumya to kick u before u realise she is using u. And Dadi. And like the anda kaboom yuvraj is blind folded.

  14. Dadi is also like her sis

  15. this yuvraj is too egoistic kind of person…sometime I feel like had he ever loved suhani bcz he always hurts her by his dids/words.I don’t know when he’s going to realise that he is doing wrong with suhani and he can’t be right always.

  16. I love suhani why nowadays iam not seeing any love or affection on suhani really writers doesn’t know what they are writing. I want kill yuvarj birla

  17. till today i’ve doubt but now i completely understand that yuvraj is not egoistic he is just brainless idiot and dont know why suhani blame herself shouldn’t be that good to blame themselves without their mistake.and this stupid sowmya should go to hell.aawwhhhhhhh i just want to kill everyone esp writers.

  18. Star pariva award for most hated hero – Yuvraj Birla!
    What a load of crap!

    1. Nithu

      Most egoistic n brain less award also goes to yuvi nli…

  19. I just hate this drama making Suhani always look weak

  20. yuvraj is always an a*sh*le i hate his character!

  21. Bakwas episode….I thought now misunderstanding will clear between yuvraj and suhani.but this should be come more complicated…..I am feeling very bad.Dadi has starting do her drama now .i think she is not twin sis of dadi …she is chandrakala birla…….now Rags and gangs are blaming yuvraj’s character let we see how he confessed. Ab use safai deni padegi. Suhani par kitni aasani se blame karta hai…….

  22. The all wrong things are happening because of suhani only
    Because she never fight for her right and knowing all about soumya even she is maintaining so called friendship
    And even a good guy like sambhav came to her life she even not trying to make a good relation finally she only suffer right

  23. This is becoming exactly like yhm like when Raman said no to get married to shagun and later agreed same way yuvraaj said no and now is saying yes hate soumya she deserved a man worse than Krishna how can she do all that I’m confused is that dadi or dadis twin ???

  24. Yuvraaj! You will remain miserable all your life go ahead and marry that shameless cheat Soumya. Rags & Dadi…are the most wicked characters. Prathima is a weak mother! Suhani why dont you just leave Birla House and move on with her life. Marry the man who loves you and will make you happy. Sharad is a hero! Saurabh is spineless.

  25. This show is a circle of annoyance.

  26. The show has just become bull crap, what happened to Suhani’s self respect? Why doesn’t she just leave and file for custody of her daughter.

  27. What a great episode I thought that dadi was helping suhani

  28. I heard that somu is going to leave the house and suhani will bring her back……

  29. I agree with some of the comments in that it can make one depressed.
    Suhani is bullied by almost everyone and yet she is the sweetest person in this serial.
    Patience will be Suhani’s virtue
    The good will always override the bad

  30. Such an irritating episode and precap..only ssel writers could irritate the viewers like this even though knowing about their views…idiotic drama with no logics..Suhani is showing very weak women..No one will be exposed for their deeds..that birch sowmiya, hunted little child yuvan..manipulated yuvanI,.sambhav..made hated between father and son..sambhav got the goons in the house but they dint think who was behind it… Even today’s episode lipstick mark is there.. Yuvi didn’t even want to know who is behind it if he is innocent.. But Suhani should believe him..Suhani was smart before now showing very very weak…worst serial what ever seen…writers will drag this track for years… Am keeping a Big full stop to. this ssel..watching this idiotic serial is mere waste of time..just irritating…

    1. Iam agree why suhani ignoring these things before how much cleaverly thinking now she is thinking dumb and duff .yuvraj first he did mistakes and now blaming suhani dadi rag menaka soumya these 4 vampires always doing wrong nobody teaching good things just simply watch there stupid things .

  31. daadi is deliberately hurting Yuvraj’s ego to make him realize there are no different rules for different people. this is daadi’s twin, so she is in a way helping Suhyuv. Suhani told yuvraj that if he sees things a certain way she would also do the same. Now Yuv got slap in his face when he was stuck in a similar situation. I think this is going to be great. Shaadi wont happen with Sowmya, that we kno guys, chill 🙂

  32. as i said before Somya is shameless all her sense of decency has flown through the window the nasty sl*t how can Suhani ever befriend someone like her it never cease to amaze me the torture the wives on most of the serials has to go through and dadi she should remain a hunchback through out this serial and Suhani should be the one to assist her and somya rags etc should ill treat her so that she can come to her senses and realise Suhani is the only one who has her best interest at heart and dumbraj i wish if Somya takes his offer of marriage seriously so that he can suffer for his dumbness by asking her to marry him

  33. yuvraj r u mad. you can do all but u shouts on suhani . We dont like ur behaviour Pl control ur high ego. please think suhani and about your childrens. Dont take any stuppid decision

  34. Bakwas I don’t think it’s dadi’s twin as she behaved exactly as she is. So nonsense serial. I thought some was nice but now again same dragging as kumkum bhagya. Rubbish should end this serial

  35. Exactly I agree with you .it’s chandrakala dadi .we all think now ssel will return it’s own track but…..again stupid ….
    Socha tha 6 year ke cassettes se nok jhok se kuchh good ,interesting,lovely dekhne ko milega dono love birds kareeb aayenge but bakwas dikha rahe hai isse achha band kar de serial ko…..

  36. I think that when suhani gets married to sambhav yuraj will also get married to somuya but the groom will change…. So yuraj might get married to suhani and sambhav might get married to somuya….. They will see the brides when they put the sindoor on…. Who knows when the marriage will take place…??? Can’t wait……?????

  37. Most serial have one hero n heroine….but in ssel we have one spineless character.i dnt understand y writers hv made yuvraj character sooo bad…he is caring so much for dadi who is responsible for all dis,had he ever cared for suhani.y writers trying to show man dominating Indian sided love where women is treated as cow once married…n people like sounds….wen dere husband dies…snatches others husband..wat if yuvi also dies.will she again search for a man…soumya character shows dependency of women on men..fear of society..
    I think either we must boycott dis raise our voice so dat it reaches writers to plz stop defaming Indian culture for dere dese serial are watched abroad as well..
    Once I met Pakistani family.dey literally askd me dat whatever is shown in serials…is dat tru…as dey used to watch Indian TV

  38. Come on guys, its just a serial, no need for all zos crap talks.. Suhani is lik zat or yuvraj lik zis, .. Bullshit on all u guys.. If it was so y dnt u tk up a post of a serial maker… All og ur comments are nonsense.. blo*dy idiots

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