Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani coming out. Soumya says she wants to talk to her. Suhani refuses to talk to her. Sharad asks Suhani to come. Soumya says I just need 2 mins. Suhani says she will not talk and leaves. Dadi says she got a good lawyer Rohan, he is her far relative and he calls her Guru as she has bear his education cost, he did not lose any case till now, he has won impossible cases too, I m sure he will save our Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka smile. Suhani gets food for Yuvraaj and asks him to have by spoon. He says no, thanks but I will eat late. She says fine, eat it when you are hungry.

He sees her hiding her tears. She says I remember something, I will just come. She goes out. Yuvraaj tells Sharad to go to her, she is crying and does not want to show she is weak infront of me.

Sharad says don’t worry, take care and leaves. Sharad comes to Suhani. She says I should have not come. Sharad says I know you don’t get weak, our hope is by your strength. Soumya calls Suhani by changing her voice and asks her to go somewhere to get Radhe alive. Suhani gets shocked and asks whats this joke. Soumya ends the call.

Sharad asks what happened. Suhani calls back on the number and asks who is talking. The man says this is PCO, I don’t know who called. Sharad asks whats the matter, tell me, who called. Soumya leaves from the PCO. Suhani says don’t know who called, the person said Radhe is alive. Sharad is shocked.

Suhani and Sharad are on the way. He says who called you, is Krishna planning this to trap us. She says how can Krishna make anyone’s death drama to take revenge. Soumya thinks to call Suhani and see did she go or not. She sees Lalita and Menka arguing over food and goes to calm them. Soumya asks Menka to give food to Lalita and go. Suhani and Sharad come to that place and look for the hut. They go there and don’t find anyone. He says someone is fooling us. Soumya waits for Suhani.

Lalita says I don’t find Soumya’s behavior right. Krishna says she is worried for Radhe and asks her did she find anything good in Soumya, she is with her, did she favor Suhani, she supported you infront of Menka. Lalita says so what, its her right, I m her mum in law. He says fine, I feel I should tell her the truth seeing her love and support. Lalita says no, she will spoil our game. Dadi comes to meet Yuvraaj and brings his fav salad. He says I had food. She asks what, did he eat bad food of jail. He says no, Suhani got from home. He says I know you and Suhani have differences, I know you both will free me. She says I don’t need anyone, I m enough for freeing you.

Soumya says Suhani did not come, it means she went to see Radhe. Suhani says catching Radhe is not easy, we can’t prove he is alive. Sharad says yes, we will take rest and then think what to do next. Rakhi opens the door. Suhani says she is glad to see her fine. Rakhi says now she will make them cry. Suhani says yes, you will not cry for your husband. Lalita scolds Suhani. Soumya sees Krishna and argues with Suhani.
She says Menka will get food for them, and asks her to do her work. She shows black color and asks her to write on Suhani’s hand that her husband is a murderer. Menka says what. Soumya says she will not get food and water. Sharad asks Menka to stop. Soumya sends Menka. Menka writes, and Dadi comes. She slaps Menka. Soumya says truth won’t change. Dadi says don’t test my patience Soumya and scolds them.

Suhani comes to Soumya and asks how can she fall so low, she is insulting her at her home, she wanted to blacken her face. Soumya says she did mistake and have to pay. Suhani says she regrets meeting her. Krishna looks on. Yuvraaj gets to know this by Anuj and gets angry. Anuj says I don’t know how Soumya can do this drama, how can Suhani keep friendship with her. Soumya cries and hugs Krishna. He consoles her. She says they have ruined Rakhi’s life, I want Suhani and Yuvraaj to get punished. He hugs her and thinks to tell her about plan, but if she changes then… She asks can’t they take revenge from Suhani. He says he has managed everything and will not let them go easily. She asks what will he do. He says when Radhe fell down……

Suhani tells Soumya and Sharad that they will follow someone and see when they give food to Radhe. Soumya informs Suhani that Lalita gave food to some beggar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like how those three are working together now
    I hope krishna doesnt know about soumya being against him though

  2. execlent serial.i like u so much suhani

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