Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav saying Lord is favoring me. Suhani looks for water. Sambhav laughs and says there is no water in kitchen. Suhani asks him to give water to Dadi. Sambhav shows Yuvraaj in video and says he did not drink water since 72 hours, and if human stays without water for so long, he may not survive, if you all want Yuvraaj to be fine, then you will not drink water for 6 hours. Suhani asks him to give water to just Dadi. He says if any member drinks water, Yuvraaj will die. Dadi says no Suhani, I will bear this. He says you have just 6 hours, it will pass easily. They all cry.

Sambhav asks Sharad not to do anything, else he can never see Yuvraaj again. He goes. Suhani asks everyone to come with her. Suhani makes Yuvaan and Yuvani divert their mind. She says we can’t

lose so easily. She starts digging soil. They also do the same to stop their thirst. Krishna joins them and says I m doing this for Yuvraaj.

Dadi starts coughing. Suhani feels bad seeing her. Dadi asks for water. Bhavna says Suhani, Dadi is getting unwell. Rags gets pomegranate for Dadi. Dadi refuses. Bhavna feeds Dadi. Sambhav sees them and smiles. Suhani says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Suhani goes to Sambhav. He plays video game. She asks why are you after Dadi. He says Dadi tried to break me and my son. She asks him to take revenge from her, and not do anything with Dadi. Sambhav says no, I love you Suhani, how can I torture you, don’t cry, take this water for Dadi, wait. He spits in the water. She says I don’t want it, I will arrange water for Dadi. She goes. She sees the family members digging soil. The wind blows. They all get tired. Sharad says I will get water. Suhani says no, I will not lose so soon. It starts raining. Suhani and everyone get glad. They thank Lord and get relieved. Suhani hugs Rags. They all hold rain in the glasses and drink water. Suhani hugs everyone. Sambhav falls down. Suhani looks at him. She says what you sow is what you reap, see your place. Sambhav says you are getting proud for your small win.

Saiyyam sees Sambhav’s room door open and goes to see. He gets Sambhav and Suhani’s marriage pics. He gets shocked seeing some mask in a packet. He recalls Bhavna’s words. He checks the mask and thinks of Suhani and Sharad’s words.

Sambhav says you never had control on your son, you still wish he was with you, you still wish to raise him, but by killing me, you ruined his life too, so he hates you and believes me. Saiyyam recalls Sambhav. Sambhav says you may get husband, but you will lose son, he believes me so much that he will believe whatever I tell him, he will not believe any truth.

Suhani tells Bhavna that she will save Yuvraaj, but does not want Saiyyam to go away, else Krishna will also go. Bhavna says no, Krishna’s heart is melting for us. Suhani says Saiyyam can do anything, if he hurts Krishna, I can’t bear it if anything wrong happens with Krishna. She makes kada and asks Bhavna to give it to Dadi. She goes to talk to Saiyyam.

Krishna comes to Saiyyam. He keeps the mask in drawer. He stops Krishna from opening drawer. She says I need something from it. He says its my drawer, your belonging is not here. He twists her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Suhani comes and shouts Saiyyam.

Suhani shouts on Sambhav and asks him not to burn her bridal dress. Sambhav asks her to dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode nice saiyyam ko pata chal gaya ki sambhav jhoot bol raha hain aise hi deere deere saiyyam ke samne sambhav ka sara jhoot a jayega

  2. today episode nice saiyyam ko pata chal gaya ki sambhav jhoot bol raha hain aise hi deere deere saiyyam ko sambhav ka sara jhoot pata chal jayega

    1. Firstly I agree with you!

      secondly, no body understand saiyyam. My son, If suhani don’t want him, then I well have him.

      Saiyyam has found out the truth, so the reason that he told Krishna, to stay out of it. Is because he doesn’t want her or anyone to know, that he, yes saiyyam, is going to save dumbraj.

      Saiyyam is going to do this quietly, he not like suhani, going bin, bang, pose!

      Making the whole world to hear, that this suhani some godly, person.
      Everyone praise suhani.
      No saiyyam is not like, that he is more smarter, more wiser than suhani.
      Unlike suhani who liked to get praised, by the birla’s.
      Saiyyam doesn’t want that! Someone in that orphanage, gave saiyyam a good up bringing.
      Maybe if Krishna was dumped in a orphanage, maybe she would have understood her husband.

  3. Sayyam-.-stop being so rude with krishna.The ice between them was melting but sambhav’s entry-.-makes it again solid?Poor suhani?

    1. Not poor suhani, it is poor saiyyam.
      Not everyone here understand saiyyam or what he is up to.

      Don’t worry saiyyam is going to save dumbraj. Aka yuvraj.

      1. Agree with you, my friend.
        It as been a long time, that I heard dumbraj.

      2. Ha ha ha!
        I know, you know that it wasn’t me who give the name dumbraj.
        So you think the 26/January/2017
        Is still going to happen?
        Anyway take care.

  4. Finally they made saiyyam to start searching for sambhavs truth.Sambhav you are too much worse. Suhani atleast accept ur son you only want him bcoz of krishna. Krishyyam you rock guys

  5. hey friends some days sahil mehta [ yuvraj] busy of film he returned back serial he not quit the serial

  6. yes i agree zani saleem saiyyam so rude with krishna but is takrar main hi to pyaar chupa hain

  7. Finally they made saiyyam to search for his fathers truth.Sambhav you are too much worse.Suhani accept your son not bcoz for krishna but for yourself.Krishyyam you guys rock

  8. Krishna why do u forget that u r much much elder to saiyyam, when ur mom soumya was killed, saiyyam was not even born. So u r elder than him, give that dog a tight slap Krishna

    1. Mystery

      Krishna always behave like a chui mui…uff she can’t say anything…anyone can do her insult…sometime…dadi…baby…or saiyyam…

  9. kriyam fans aapko kaise pata ki sahil film m busy h pz tell

  10. Good..birlas deserve more n more torture from Sambhav. They deserve it for treating Sayyam badly.

    The most selfish mother ever seen Suhani
    She did not even stop while sayyam was shooting himself

    She deserves more n more torture. All that she knows is to taunt Sayyam

    I am jus loving these episodes
    Everyday eagerly waiting for Sambhavs creative sadistic ideas

    1. I agree with you!

  11. m us din ka wait kar rhi hu jab saiyam ko sambhav ka sach pata chalega or wo wrong deeds ke liye suhani se sorry kahega wo epi sach m dekhne layak hoga suhani ka behave dheere dheere change hoga saiyam ko lekar to dekhne m accha lagega bcs saiyam suhani ka relations hi aisa h jaha suhani ke liye accept karna aasan nhi h

  12. anyone tell mě here ki india fórum ko kaise use karte h pz pz pz

  13. Anupama pande

    Saiyam should leave birla house and should divorce Krishna and go somewhere else to live happily because no one loves him and they treat him like a street dog especially yuvaan and suhani sharad and bhavana they will not love him because of him being sambhav’s son in which there is no fault of saiyam.He should leave birla house and then come back after a few years being more rich then birla. And then Krishna and saiyam love story should start. By the way plz kill yuvaan because he is more bad than saiyam

    1. I agree with you!

  14. The birla’s are so stupid. The only reason saiyyam is for sambhav instead of them is because while they always taunted him and horrible to him (including Suhani), Sambhav actually forgot the whole kunjuma act to go save him when he was pretending to shoot himself; but what did Suhani doo, she just stood there with dumb fake tears. But if it was yuvraaj she would have probably gotten herself shot trying to save his pathetic self. She makes me sick,, she said she want him only for krishna. Why else would he believe you, you denied him that one thing he wanted….LOVE….which sambhav gave in a heartbeat.Are they that stupid they can’t realize that. Even if his father’s love is real or not, he still knew that is what saiyyam craved more than anything feeling like he is loved and wanted. Even dadi said i dont care if u live or die, I just want my yuvraaj, how can you b concerned for a witch like that, who openly tells u that your life doesn’t matter.

    1. I also agree with you!
      But the thing with Dadi, she is being honest with saiyyam. Dadi tells Krishna that she doesn’t care about her.
      As for suhani, Dadi being telling her for years. That she doesn’t care about her.

      Dadi only care for her blood, that is yuvraj, yuvraj two brother’s, yuvaan and yuvani.
      Dadi doesn’t care for Rag either, that is why Rags stay on the good side of people that Dadi loves.

      Dadi, unlike suhani, I well come to her in bit.
      Dadi, well never throw, any of the people that she loves under the bus. She well try and get their happiness for them. Like Dadi did for yuvaan. Yuvaan wanted Baby, not Krishna. So Dadi got Baby for yuvaan.

      Suhani is a bad mother, her love for her twin and Krishna is not real!
      Firstly suhani try to force yuvaan into marrying Krishna.
      Then in order to save yuvraj, she threw Krishna under the bus. Got Krishna into marrying saiyyam.
      Saiyyam wasn’t really going to kill yuvraj. He just wanted suhani to dance.
      Because saiyyam knows that suhani only love yuvraj.

      So which woman is worst, I say it is suhani.
      When Dadi try to help suhani, for example when suhani was pregnant with saiyyam. Dadi told suhani to have the abortion.

      Suhani went all high and mighty. Why suhani hate Dadi, because yuvraj love’s Dadi the most. Suhani can’t do anything.
      So the only way for suhani, is to show that she is better then Dadi.
      When saiyyam was born, suhani realised that she can’t love saiyyam. So suhani does, what suhani does best. That is doing drama.

      I know saiyyam is going to save yuvraj, but he not going to tell, anyone. Because saiyyam, does things because it is right. Saiyyam doesn’t want praise from the birla family.
      Saiyyam knows how they work. They well use you then dump you.

      I am so glad that there are people like you who are out there. That actually understand what is really going on.

      You well get criticise by others, but stand by your view. Because you are right.

      1. Exactly r..i totally feel the same…i usually read your comments and feel like ” wow she speaking exactly my mind”. Sometime you even open up my mind by saying things I haven’t even thought of. I totally agree with one of your earlier post about being in a marriage where you aren’t respected. It better to be single all your life than lead a failed marriage. I agree with the dadi thing, she is brutully honest while Suhani continues to lie to herself and refuse to see the truth. My heart really went out for saiyyam when he acting like he drunk and questioning her..even though it know he was speaking his emotions out.. the dialogue of not wanting him but still giving birth to him. Instead of feeling like she always hurt and going through bs..she should realize the way others feel because of her.

      2. Thank You! I am glad that I inspire you.

        The reason that this show, has effect me so much, is because I once suhani. Imagine me as suhani from the beginning. That was me.

        But unlike the character suhani, I broke free!

        Sometimes I look at this show, and I believe, that everything that went badly for suhani.
        Would have definitely happened to me, if I stay with him.

        One way, he has damage me for the short term. Bad men are some like sambhav. Worst men are some like yuvraj. They know how to play you. Especially your emotions. The worst abuse is not physical, it is mental abuse. But in the long term, I well take this as life experience. My mission well be, to tell my life, as I am doing now.
        So someone like you, when you face what I went thorough. You well act more quickly then me.

        I do get upset, when some people that just don’t understand, because I know when they face, what I went thorough. They well cry..

  15. sarita sharma

    swapna aapko suhani ko bad mother kahna h to kaho aapke kahne se suhani bad mother nhi ban jayegi aapne ye kahkar ki aap in epi ko enjoy kar rhi h ye baat sabit kar di ki aap ek girl nhi ho hoti to sambhav ke torture ko sahi nhi kahti aap sirf saiyam ki fan ho bus or aap wo fan ho jiska favorité galat kare to v sahi h or sahi karne pár to wo sahi hoga hi birlas ne saiyam ko bad tab treat kiya jab saiyam ne start kiya jab galat saiyam ne kiya sambhav ne kiya or kar rha h saiyam ko sukra manana chahiye ke birlas use apne ghar m rhne de rhe even saiyam ne to yuvi ko maar diya tha fir v suhani use apne saath rakh rhi h reason kuch v ho saiyam ka hak suhani par h birlas par koi hak nhi h saiyam ko pata tha ki yuvi ne sambhav ko nhi maara h fir usne use antdode nhi diya or suhani ko blackmail or kiya suhani maar kar degi saiyam ko par m kabhi na karoo m jaanti hu aap par meri baat ka frak nhi padega bcs aap saiyam ki fan ho suhani accha karegi wo aapko nhi dikhega lekin suhani ne kuch galat kar diya use aap pakad ke baith jaate ho suhani ki wajah se use birlas ne rakha h nhi suhani hi he wo jisne use apne papa ke ghar rakha h saiyam se pahle suhani kitni acchi life ji rhi thi saiyam ne aate hi uski life ko hell bana ke rakh diya h saiyam aata nhi to accha tha

  16. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    Sayyams starting to realize about Sambhav? Nice ?but I want to see romantic scenes between Krishna and Sayyam. And I hope Sayyam shaves his beard bc he looks rlly awesome without it . IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF IN TMW’S EPISODE SAYYAM AND KRISHNA GET INTIMATE AND THEN KRISHNA GETS PREGNANT WITH SAYYAMS CHILD . That is gonna bring twist to the show

  17. Mo aapne kha ki orphanage m saiyam ko kisi ne acchi upbringing di h ye h uski upbringing apne father ki age waale insaan par haath uthao apne bado se badtameezi karo saiyam always says that he never disrespect women baby krishna suhani ko dekhkar ye nhi lagta he always disrespect his mother rhi smartness ki to aage ka pata nhi this time he behave like dumb pahle yuvraj suhani v clever the lekin cvs ne unhe dumb bana diya cvs ruined every character dekhte h saiyam ko kab tak smart banake rakhte yadi saiyam sach jaanane ke baad v yuvraj ko save na kare to uske liye doobke marne waali baat hogi aap avi ye kahogi ki saiyam ke pass galat karne ka reason tha to suhani ke pass to bhut badi wajah thi saiyam ko orphanage m chodne ki suhani saiyam ko nhi chhod sakti h bcs saiyam suhani ki responsibility h jise wo pura karna chahati h isliye wo use lene gai thi saiyam ko accept karne me time lagega suhani ko bcs saiyam is rape products not love products poor to h suhani poor saiyam v h bcs isme saiyam ki v koi galti nhi h saiyam ko koi pyar nhi karta to saiyam v kisi se pyar nhi karta h suhani saiyam se pyaar isliye nhi karti ki wo sambhav ka beta h isliye karti h kyunki uski harkate sambhav ke jaisi h suhani ne use galat karte hue dekha sach v usne galat kiya v h jab saiyam sahi karega to suhani use v support karegi saiyam maa maa kahta h lekin maa ki baat ek v nhi maanta chalo maana wo sach se aware nhi h lekin itna to dekh sakta he ki suhani apne foot khud kyu burn karengi lekin isme v use suhani galat lagti h chalo aage dekhte h kya hota h mo aap ssel kab se dekh rhi ho

  18. Suhani stood there and did nothing because it was their plan to expose sambav . Suhani doesn’t hate sayyam people like sayyam need what psychology terms tough love in order for hi to change. Reverse psychology works if you want someone to change. If you baby someone with bad behaviour it means you are encouraging the bad behaviour but if you ignore or show tough love it means you are not rewarding bad manners. Suhani is the best mother who knows you don’t reward bad manners.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I agree with you Mercy, but watched how you will get bashed now, Suhani does love her Saiyyam; she just has too much of an ego to show it…
      I forgot what episode, but it was when Sambhav was wearing Yuv’s mask and she said something bad about Saiyyam to Sambhav’s face bcos she knew his truth and in her head she was like *i am sorry Saiyaam*

      Tbh, Suhani, is a tough woman, well, now all she does is cry and break down; all her charm has disappeared…
      But I do agree with the reverse psychology, she is distancing herself from Saiyyam as she doesn’t want to hurt him, or hurt herself with the rape incident… Both having really bad mental effects on both the people- imagine the emotional distress Saiyaam will face when he finds out he was conceived from rape…
      That would be a heart-breaking episode…

    2. Tough love!

      All I saw was let slap saiyyam. There is this thing called, treating your children equally.

      I don’t think suhani well ever love saiyyam. I believe that suhani can’t. I didn’t see once, when saiyyam stood up for suhani, that she thanked him. In a way for a mother point of view, awarded the child.

      People don’t understand rape victims. They have only two choices, when they find out that they are pregnant. One abortion, the other to have the child. That only happen, when the mother fell in love with their baby.
      Most mother that abandoned their children, are poor! They don’t have the money to abortion.

      Suhani had the luxury, she had the choice to abortion. If suhani fell in love with saiyyam, while she was pregnant. Suhani had the money to rise him.
      So please think about it.

  19. Aqsxxh

    SSEL has just brought hate now, it is kind of sad…

  20. I agree r jab saiyam ka born hua tha to suhani use like nhi karti thi tab situation se kuch or thi ab kuch or h aage kuch or hogi i glad ki cvs ne ye nhi dikhaya ki suhani saiyam se itni jaldi pyaar karne lagi jis mental state se suhani gajari h uske baad uska wahi karna jo usne kiya or kar rhi h suhani daadi ko pasand nhi karti bcs yuvraj daadi se jyada pyaar karta h silly thing suhani daadi ki soch nhi milti bs yhi reason h or kuch nhi r aapne kha ki saiyam ne yuvraj ko maarne ki kosis nhi wo bs suhani ko pretend kar rha tha ye baat sunkar hi m samajh gai ki aap saiyam ko kitna like karti h ki saiyam ke galat kaam m v aapne uski acchai ko dekh liya suhani ne yuvaan ko krisna se shadi ke liye force kiya kya galat kiya suhani ne baby yuvaan ke liye sahi nhi thi usne ek acchi maa ki tarah yuvaan ke liye socha rhi yuvraj ki jaan bachane ke liye krisna saiyam ki shadi kara di be practical krisna ka saiyam se divorce ho sakta tha lekin yuvraj ki jaan chali jaati to wo bapas nhi aati isme suhani ki nhi saiyam ki galti h wo suhani or apni nafrat m krisna ko beech m laya khud ko suhani ki place par rakhkar dekho to aapko suhani galat nhi lagegi iska matlab ye nhi h ki saiyam galat h dono apni jagah sahi h situation ne dono ko galat bana diya h fark itna h ki aap saiyam ki fan ho to aapko saiyam har matter m sahi lagta h wo galat karta h tab v aapko wo sahi lagta bcs aap kahti ho ki saiyam ke pass galat karne ki wajah h to suhani ke pass to bhut badi wajah h saiyam ko is tarah treat karne ki saiyam rota h to aapko bura lagta h lekin suhani roti h to aapko drama lagta h someone says here ki suhani sambhavjaise repist ko desrve karti h jo log ye kahte h unke saath m aisa ho tab pata chalega yaha baithkar speech dena aasan h kisi ko bad kahna aasan h jo situation ko face karta h use pata chalta h

  21. ssel fans listen to me sahil mehta work with salman khan film tubelight realise on june 25 2017

  22. i agree with you diksha

  23. I agree with you ssel fans

  24. r yuvraaj worst nahi best h yuvraaj ne suhani korun mental abuse nahi kia wo suhani ko like nahi karta tha fir v use bura na lage kabhi realise nahi hone diya yuvu kabhi daadi ke against nahi bola lekin suhani ke liye usne wo v kiya somya ke matter m v wo suhani ke saath tha gauri ke matter m v suhani ke saath tha yuvraaj ki wajah se suhani birla house m survive kar paai suhani ke galat logo pár trust ki wajah se yuvraaj ki life hell ho gai h rhi 6 year leap ki baat to dono ne ek doosre ko paresan kiya dono ne hi ek doosre pár trust nahi kiya bacche alag ho gaye us time yuvraaj ne daadi ko support kiya suhani ko nahi bcs suhani ki wajah se wo yuvraan se door rha daadi ki wajah se kam se yuvaani to uske pass thi suhani to baccho ko apne saath le jaati sambhav par trust kiya yuvraaj par believe nahi kiya lekin usne tab v suhani ko support kiya sambhav ne almost suhani ko tod diya tha tab yuvraaj ne suhani ke confidence ko badaya infact suhani ke liye apni life ke přecious 20 years sacrifice kar diye luxry m rhne wala yuvraaj suhani ke liye jail m rha suhani ke pass bacche the saiyam ko adopt kar liya tha to uske pass v family thi lekin yuvraaj ke pass koi nahi tha agar itni time suhani ko support karne wala yuvraaj suhani ke against kabhi ho gaya to kya ho gaya lekin jaroorat ke time yuvraaj ne suhani ko support kiya h or sambhav ne suhani ko physically hi nhi mentally v torture kiya h or kar rha h wo suhani ko todna chahata h yuvraaj wo he jiski wajah se suhani ne acchi life nikali birla house m suhani yuvraaj ki wajah se rah rhi h yuvraaj hota to suhani birla house m hoti goa m nhi hoti yuvraaj hota to saiyam v suhani ke saath hota suhani ko us time support ki jaroorat thi lekin uska support system jail m tha

  25. never seen such a pathetic serial. the producer director writter all should be thrashed.
    how can they ruin the storyline to this extent. since 8months it has become the worst serial. terrible it is.

  26. i came on just to see if there are any changes but lo and behold it is the same frikkin nonsense puhleaseeee pull this crap off this serial is all about dadi and sambhav the two most horrible people oh and most of you are blaming suhani AS USUAL the directors should give some of you the chance to do the directing and let us see how well you can direct then most of you will shut the crap up because the same way you are finding faults the same way others will find faults in you so please take a chill pill and remember i did not mention anybody’s name so!!!!

  27. Awaiting for next episode please

  28. please awaiting next written episode

  29. not written episode

  30. waiting next written episode

  31. Updater aaj available nhi hai to 5th ka wu nhi hai. Kisiko daalna ho to likh daalo.

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