Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with puja going on in Birla house. Radhe comes and sees Gauri managing Golu. He jokes on her and calls her a kid. Gauri says I m not a kid, I m married. Radhe calls her a liar and says its called child marriage, I know you study in school. He jokes and laughs on her. Gauri scolds him. Aditya pushes Radhe on the floor. Gauri smiles. Aditya scolds Radhe and calls him monkey. Aditya and Radhe argue. Aditya pushes him again and again. Gauri laughs.

Radhe says I will not leave you, I will beat you. Aditya twists his hand and laughs. He takes a selfie with him. Rakhi sees them and shows Krishna. Krishna runs and saves Radhe. He scolds Aditya. Aditya asks him to manage Radhe, he was misbehaving with my wife. Radhe says I just called her a kid. Aditya pushes Radhe. Krishna

says I m warning you. Aditya argues and gets into a fight with Krishna. Everyone see the fight, while sitting in the puja.

Everyone rush to stop the fight. Dadi asks whats happening, who called Krishna. Suhani says I called them in jagran. Dadi asks why did you call these illiterates here. Krishna fumes. Dadi says jagran was just for family, don’t interfere in family matters Suhani. Aditya and Krishna argue.

Soumya calms down Krishna. Radhe says its not Krishna’s mistake, its because of that girl. Dadi scolds Radhe. Soumya asks Krishna to come, and they go away. Yuvraaj says we will start puja again, come. They all sit for puja. Pankaj asks Gauri is she fine, and asks her to calm down. She goes. They all do aarti. Gauri’s clothes spoil as oil falls on it by Pankaj’s hands. He says sorry, I did not see. Dadi sends Gauri to change clothes. Pankaj goes to make a call. Everyone do aarti one by one.

Gauri comes shouting. She asks Vyu to help and runs downstairs. Everyone get shocked seeing her. They all ask her what happened. Aditya asks her is she fine, who has done this with her. They see her torn sleeve and get shocked. They all ask how did this happen, they will not leave that man. Gauri cries and points to Pankaj.

They all get shocked seeing Pankaj. Suhani cries and asks Gauri what is she saying. Gauri turns her face seeing Pankaj. Rags asks Gauri what does she want to say, did Pankaj uncle….. Gauri nods. Pankaj asks Gauri what is she saying. He tells Dadi that he did not do anything, I was upstairs, I was on terrace. Suhani asks Gauri to recall well, it can’t be my dad.

Pankaj says trust me, I did not do anything. He asks Saurabh and Yuvraaj to trust him. Yuvraaj asks Gauri to recall well, they have to know the truth. Pankaj says you are like my daughter Gauri, you are mistaken. Dadi slaps Pankaj. Suhani holds Pankaj and shouts Dadi….. Pankaj cries by humiliation. Suhani asks Dadi what is she saying, he is her dad and can’t do such thing, how can Dadi slap him.

Lata says Pankaj did not do anything, and cries. Bhavna says my dad can’t do this. Dadi says Gauri is saying this for sure. Suhani asks Gauri to recall again. Gauri runs crying.

Lata tells Aditya to say Dadi as he knows Pankaj well. Aditya says no, I think Gauri is saying right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the he’ll is wrong with this serial………its totally shit I hate this god damn serial

  2. cheeee…that was a cheap twist…stupid Dadi and Adithya…both needs a slap

  3. Pls dear writers sara sharm dho kar pi gye kya

  4. idiotic serial,Gauri is not fit for a marriage ,bakwas serial

  5. Just for the trp ratings why do u hv to butcher the good characters? Just close Guari’s track. ……S indeed it’s a very cheap twist.
    Anyways, if guari is speaking the truth then the culprit should be punished but if she is not, she should be taught a lesson for life. ..

  6. May be Adhithya did this and framed Pankaj to stay back at Birla house,,,if it is so expose him soon and end this track,,coz hw cn the writer do lyk dis to Pankaj’s chrctr who considers Gauri as his daughter,,,Its the cheapest twist ever in dis shw

  7. Suhani’s should leave this house then the truth should come out and all idiot birla should beg infront of suhani’s family and I think so radhe have done this to gauri

  8. Heights of negetivity….slapping pankaj is heights of negitivity…nonsense….what values do the directors want to portray???? Dadi should be forgiven despite keeping gauri away from home…thats not wrong…and without evwn Pankajs guilt coming out…how can she slap pankaj…heigts …why disdt the directors show someone slapping daadi for keeping gauri away from house…just that she is elder lady…it doesnt mean she loses her ethics and moral values and can do anything that she likes.. And still ppl need to reapect her…for all th things that dadi has many slaps ahould she get then???? She eveb tried to kill pratima..trid to stop suhani in making the birla cmpany well..provoked soumya agaisnt tricks of making soumya close to yuvraj..n soumya being a married woman..beeaking krishna and soumyas relation.. Then breaking yuvraj and suhanis relation with rohans help…she does all crap.. And directors still show how Yuvi needs to forgive his dadi and respect this what the dirctors want the viewers to learn…nonsense is jus nonsense…if dadi can slap Pankaj even without knowing truth…then dadi should actually be hardly beaten red and white and black with hunter for all the bad things ahe does…

  9. Komal mittal

    Nice keep going cvs just loved ur mentality

  10. Suhani ki acting bohta ache hai.i serialyil suhani matharmana enika ishatapada character

    1. enikum suhaiyeanne ishtam

  11. This serial was good once but now very boring

  12. What a flop serial… No words..
    Bore of it…bye guys.

  13. i thing this is plan aditay & gouri .he emotional gouri & say after marriage u cant see your family mom,dadi,brothers,& babhis & he tell that if u want to stay here we will do one plan. they did that plan
    after gouri blame on suhani father.dadi will not send her to sasuraal & she will tell aditya u aslo stay .this only aditya want .he want money & big house to stay
    aditya know that Pankaj should not allowed to stay in suhani sasural as gharjamai .that why he did like that

    guys one thing u observed that yuvraj went to terrace then gouri went & then pankaj get call that why he went i thing aditya call him & pankaj cant hear that why he go to terrace
    i think someone wear like pankaj dress , & that my aslo same height small hair like pankaj uncle. that why this misunderstanding between gouri& pankaj uncle

    guys this is only my mind thinking i dont no what is trust i wanted to share my doubt that i say
    this is only my mind thinking i think so

  14. guys i think gouri is not involved in this b’coz her mind like child what do u think about this

  15. I think aditya did it n blamw pankraj n he gonna make trouble for them now because suhani n her father knows wat he did

  16. How low can one sink in these shows. Really, after all this when the truth comes out, everyone forgives and forgets like they did with Dadi so that she can once again continue with her evil doings. Now they have Gauri and stupid Aditya involved in such cheap act.

  17. Komal mittal

    Really cheap n intrg track going on

  18. I as a viewer expect punishment to dafi after the revelation of truth ,will it happen in these serial,never .

  19. disgusting

  20. no i think it is radhe becuz he wanted to take revange on adithya ◘○♦♣

  21. Disgusting episode. Gauri is half mad but started playing mind games now! Definitely she wants to stay back in Birla house so she played this game. But how can she think of such a big game plan with such a brain. May be Aditya asked her to say this. And Dadi will never change or face trouble however low she stoops. Full of negativity in all star plus serials and always the bad wins.

    1. You are right ?……

  22. Gauri is not doing good. Suhani Will find out the truth.yuvraj did beleive pankaj.

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