Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I felt bad when Saiyyam said about orphanage, I have seen his pain. Suhani says yes, we have to make him forget all that bad dreams. Krishna asks her to guide her in making pulao. Suhani asks do you want to make it for Saiyyam. Krishna says mumma used to praise it. Suhani says I will tell you. Dadi comes and says Amma mai, puja got over. Suhani gives her more work and asks her to see everything herself. Dadi goes.

Yuvaan asks Baby did you see how Saiyyam took Krishna’s stand in front of everyone. Baby says yes. Yuvaan says they used to hate each other, Krishna wanted to marry me, Saiyyam is showing as if they are perfect couple. She says Saiyyam insulted me. He says he was acting in front of Dadi, but he is caring for Krishna to hurt her after

some time. She asks him to focus on her than Krishna. He says I think I should inform Krishna. She says go to hell, I need to go spa, give me money. She takes his card and goes.

Dadi and Bhavna come home. Dadi says I m tired, Amma mai makes me work hard, it would be good to separate son and bahu. Bhavna gets water. Dadi asks her not to tell Amma mai. Bhavna says sure, have water. Dadi says there is someone outside. Servant comes. They go and do not see someone standing outside.

Krishna gets food for Saiyyam. Krishna thinks where did Saiyyam go, no I can’t ask him to know, it will look strange. She keeps food and writes note, your dinner. Bhavna says I will drop you to outhouse, Amma mai would have slept, don’t worry, go there and rest, when Amma mai gets up, she will know work is over. Dadi goes. She sees someone with a knife and asks who is there. She worries.

Saiyyam sees Krishna sleeping. He sees the food kept and also gets her note. He smiles. He does not eat and goes to freshen up. The power goes.

Yuvaan comes there with a knife. He sees Krishna sleeping. Dadi shouts and tells Bhavna that someone came in our house, he had knife in hand, come. Yuvaan sits near Krishna and thinks where is Saiyyam. Dadi says see the footprints, check this. Bhavna looks through the door mirror. She sees Yuvaan with a knife in Krishna’s room. Yuvaan goes to bathroom to attack on Saiyyam. Bhavna gets shocked. She says what is Yuvaan doing there with a knife. A photo frame falls.

Krishna wakes up. Bhavna knocks the door. Krishna sees Yuvaan in her room, still standing with knife in his hand. She takes dustbin and throws on Yuvaan’s head. Yuvaan looks for the knife. Krishna shouts to Saiyyam asking him not to come out. She asks Yuvaan what is he doing. Yuvaan gets the knife. Saiyyam comes out of washroom. Yuvaan attacks on him. Saiyyam fights back. Krishna stops Yuvaan and asks Saiyyam is he fine. Dadi says come, we have to inform Amma mai. She goes and knocks Suhani’s room door. Suhani wakes up and asks what happened.

Dadi says there is someone in our house, he has knife in hand. Bhavna tells Suhani that Yuvaan is in Saiyyam and Krishna’s room. They all knock door and ask Yuvaan to open the door. Yuvaan pishes Krishna and beats up Saiyyam. Saiyyam fights. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to do something. Bhavna says Yuvaan had knife in his hand, he maybe attacking Saiyyam. Yuvraaj and Sharad hit the door and break it. They switch on the lights, and see Yuvaan attacking Saiyyam while Krishna tries to stop him.

Yuvaan realizes everyone has come. Saiyyam pushes him and gets up. Saiyyam’s arm bleeds. Yuvaan holds his head and stares at Saiyyam. Suhani, Yuvraaj and everyone get shocked. Yuvaan goes to stab Saiyyam again. Yuvraaj and Sharad hold Yuvaan back. Suhani asks Yuvaan did he go mad. Yuvraaj shouts Yuvaan……

Baby asks Yuvaan to stop. Suhani slaps Yuvaan angrily. Yuvaan falls on the floor. Saiyyam cries in pain. Krishna holds Saiyyam. Yuvaan comes to senses. Suhani asks did you get mad Yuvaan. Yuvaan sees the knife and gives a blank look. He asks Suhani how am I here. They get shocked.

He sits holding his head, pulling hair in pain and faints. They all worry and check him, asking him to get up. Krishna and Saiyyam look on shocked.

Doctor checks Yuvaan. He asks don’t you remember anything, what you did and why you did that. Yuvaan says no. Doctor asks him to show his medicines. He asks Baby to show medicines. Baby worries and drops one medicine. She hides that and gets other. Suhani asks Baby to show that strip also. Baby says this is my vitamin tablets, not Yuvaan’s medicines.

Doctor says medicines are fine, I feel the incident happened has some internal injury, this is side effect, we will do his tests and scans, and know the situation. Yuvraaj says sure. Doctor asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to come with him to talk. They all go. Doctor tells them that Yuvaan has major mental problem, I have to talk to some good neurologist, till then keep him in calm matter. He goes. Suhani worries. Saiyyam comes there holding his wounded arm. Suhani says sorry Yuvaan, I got scared seeing you and Saiyyam fighting. Yuvaan says I should be sorry. Saiyyam ties the bandage to his wound. Suhani sees him. She asks Yuvaan to rest. She goes and helps Saiyyam in tying the bandage cloth.

Yuvraaj says doctor said Yuvaan’s report will come tomorrow, where is Suhani. Sharad says Dadi is not in outhouse. Suhani says Dadi’s life is in danger, we have to find her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshi123

    I missed the episode again, just reading the updates
    lovely that Krishna fights for her hubby, but this joy vanishes thinking about the upcoming misunderstandings ???

    Anyways, Hello frndz….I wanna ask something
    Vitharv fan calls themselves as VITHARVIAN

    Why don’t we get a term like that for us ???
    It can be like KRIYAMIAN , or anything else like that.
    Plz give any idea or do u all like KRIYAMIAN ???

    1. kriyam rocks

      KRIYAMITES also works…but good idea!!!

      1. Arshi123

        Thanx for the idea 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Esther

      Both are goood….

  2. Hello everyone…i m new to this site…i want it help…i m damm confused after watching 2-3 episode…
    1. Y was Yuvaan in tiger costume..
    2. Y he stabbed saiyamm..
    3. Y he fainted…
    Plzz guys do help..

    1. Baby is giving some kind of medicine (drug) to Yuvaan so he does everything she says.. he dressed up as tiger and then attacked Yuvaan because of the medicine.

    2. Arshi123

      WELCOME 🙂 🙂
      And ur questions, we still don’t know actual reason.But, Yuvaan is doing all these bcoz he is suffering from split personality problem due to drug effect, Not that sure ……

    3. kriyam rocks

      Yuvaan is taking drugs for the injuries he got from fighting with the (real) tiger to save the kid…baby is feeding him sleeping pills along with those drugs…cause she found some info saying that if you take both medicines…then you will follow any instructions and will not remember what you did…which is why he dresses up in the tiger costume and attacks people and probably why he attacks Sayyam (Baby instructed him to do so)…he fainted due to mental stress as he was confused and cause he hit his quite a few times…first krishna hit him then he fell on something(LOL)

      1. Elena, arshi123 nd kriyam rocks…
        Thanks for clearing my doubts…much appreciated…..thanks once again?

    4. Esther

      Hey Saku …………. 😀

  3. Swetha7

    in yuvaan and sayyam fighting scene my eyes are glued only to krishna and sayyam. Krishna didn’t leave sayyam even for a second.i love krishna’s rapid growing love towards sayyam.i really hope there will be no evil eye on kriyam……today i could see that krishna has no any feeling left for yuvaan.she didn’t even worry abt yuvaan.she just wanted to know if sayyam is ok…..i wonder after both krishna and sayyam confess their love how long will it take to throw that couch krishna sleeps away from the house.when the couch comes in between a married couple we have to carry it on our head.can you guys remember YHM.anyway tomorrow’s episode will woven around that disastrous dadi.may be no kriyam scene or tiny tiny one will be shown .

    1. Arshi123

      Hi, Swetha.Yes,Krishna is standing for Sayyam.
      But,I just saw a short olv ,where Krishna n Yuvaani was talking with Yuvaan,he was lying on the bed just like today’s episode.May be that’s of tomorrow’s episode.
      Nothing more in the olv 🙁 🙁
      I’m hating it,Krishna shouldn’t have gone to check Yuvaan.

      1. Swetha7

        hi Arshi i think krishna goes to yuvaan not to see whether he is ok.he goes to him to ask why he attacked sayyam.but i am not sure abt it.if she goes to him to see whether he is ok i will be very much disappointed.lets see tomorrow

    2. kriyam rocks

      I know right!!! tomorrow we’ll see that dumb suicide act of dadi’s cause she saw “Suresh” and “amma mai” in the same room…god…

  4. Aarti32

    Hi Arshi, Esther, Lavanya, Kriyyam fan, Swetha, Halima, Syedul n all my SSEL FC frnds..
    So late update yaar!! Wat is dis Amena..
    Jst d attack took d entire episode..But there was no Kriyyam romance..
    N Yuvaan was angry bcz Saiyyam cared for Krishna?? n Baby!! Her husband doesn’t care for her n instead cares for Krishna..N she wants to go to spa!! Hieghts??
    It wud hv been better if instead of Suhani, Krishna wud hv done Saiyyam’s aid..
    My msg to Suhani- u keep pampering your dear Yuvaan..So dat Kriyyam will not get disturbed..Their romance can go on??
    I hope Dadi regains her memory soon..Coz her Amma Mai drama is now getting boring..

    1. Swetha7

      hi Aarti, when sayyam was shown up after the fight he was already aided.but it was not shown who has done that.suhani just helped him to tie up his loosen bandage.i completely agree with no kriyam moment was shown.cvs would have added a scene of krishna is aiding sayyam.instead of that the took too much time for fighting scene,yuvaan and one is interested in dadi or yuvaan……….oh god these cvs…..seriously guys

      1. Arshi123

        Yup… JNDSD gets 200+ almost everyday, though they r also showing triangle n arguments keeps going between vitharv and Ravish fans.

        And, give ur opinions about the name term 🙂

        Indeed,everyone select it, plz……………. guyz

    2. Arshi123

      Hi,dear.Update was tooooo late today.
      They don’t do it in case of JNDSD as it gets 200+ comments each day.

      N.. select a name term for us,kriyam fans 🙂 🙂

      1. Swetha7

        200+???? that is a big number.but SSEL doesn’t even reach to 100.effect of no satisfied kriyam scenes.still cvs hanging with this stupid dadi,amma mai ,yuvaan track and tiny tiny kriyam scene.they never learn.

      2. Aarti32

        Kriyyamites is nice..It’s different.. but kriyyamian is also nice..Let’s hv a poll..Wats say..

      3. Swetha7

        i think kriyyamian will work.but lets see what others say

      4. I like kriyamites…it’s cute; sounds good too…what do you guys say?

    3. kriyam rocks

      I agree, I’m not feeling the intensity of the Suhani and Sayyam bond…it’d just be better if they gave us more Kriyam…

  5. Shaani

    Superb episode… I love sayyam’s smile… Hmm… He is soo good..

    1. Swetha7

      shaani i wished you were the cv of SSEL.then we would get wow type and blushing blushing kriyam scenes.TRP will be increased.

      1. Shaani

        Hahah… All love to see kriyam moments y aren’t they understand it yaar.. ?

  6. good episode loved suhani concern for both her sons. baby shud get punished…

  7. Brilliant! Love It! Love It! Love It!.
    The ones, that have not able to watch this show.
    Watch repeat, or online. Today’s is a must watch!

    I loved the way Krishna, showed concern for saiyyam.
    Their is love, in both of their eyes. The show is getting better and better. I have to say this. It is because of the new character and actor’s.
    Kriyyam Rock’s!

  8. farina hossain

    Guys plz watch suhani si ek ladki 5pm to increase trp . previous comment someone said fuzion production kriyam jodi were in the 7th position then it came 1st position,we won. so nothing is impossible. All suhani si ek ladki fan keep supporting this show for increasing trp.

    1. I am so Sorry, I just said this, because some people can’t watch the show. Because of the time slot.
      Because I also find it difficult to watch this show. Because I have to work.
      I finish my work, around about 5pm.
      When I come home, I have to wait.

      But I am happy that kriyam came first.
      I think also, that we should complain about the time slot.
      What do you think ?

      1. Mystery

        But where we would complain….?

    2. Mystery

      I can’t watch it because of my classes…..but imy mom watch it ….y this SP is so partial….YHM…YRKKH….ISHQBAAZ….MERE ANGNE ME…CN….all have repeated telecast…then y now SSEL…..??

  9. What rubbish!!! I read spoilers and it says krishna will accidentally confess her love to yuvaan even though it was meant for saiyyam and yuvaan here will think Krishna still loves him and so on Valentine’s Day he will send her a note but the note with reach saiyyam. What the hell!!!!??? IF saiyyam finds out that Krishna and yuvaan were writing notes to each other even though it happened with a misunderstanding then it’ll be a bigger misunderstanding when saiyyam thinks that maybe Krishna still likes yuvaan and instead of coming closer to her he will drift himself away from Krishna thinking he ruined her lif and her happiness by forcefully marrying her. Krishna will think saiyyam still hates her and won’t say anything but our yuvaan here is going to have a buffer misunderstanding thinking Krishna likes him!!!??? So basically in all this kriyyam will be away from each other and have misunderstanding about one another. Such a stupid track!!! I understand many kriyyam fans are happy with the love triangle but you all do realize that it won’t do anything. They will keep misunderstanding each other and drift apart. This love triangle track is a total bakwaas like why can’t they just simply show kriyyam scenes!!? What’s the need to re show the same scene thT happened during suhani,yuvraj,and soumya’s time!!!! This triangle love track is the most illogical and bakwaas scene.

    1. Hi Lily.
      I think that we should be patient.
      Love well prevail.
      You well see, that are doing this, because they want this show, to keep going. I can’t wait, and don’t worry.

  10. kriyam rocks

    Yuvaan is totally jealous…but I dont know if he attacked Sayyam on Baby’s instructions or just under the influence of the drugs and his messed up thinking that Sayyam is playing with Krishna’s emotions…

    If he tries to tell Krishna that Sayyam is trying to get closer to her just so he can hurt her, I hope Krishna won’t believe him…

    Krishna wanted to cook for him…I saw someone leave a comment yesterday saying that Krishna will cook Sayyam tasty food cause he didnt have a good life before…it actually happened!!! She left a note for him also…shows she cares…

    loved how she was protectively holding him even after yuvaan fainted…yay!!! Kriyam!!!

    1. I agree with you, but I am sure that baby, wanted Krishna hurt as well.

      Because yuvaan has feelings for Krishna now. This is the reason why he didn’t attack Krishna.

      You are right Yuvaan is totally jealous!
      He is one of those men, that now realised that the old toy that they had once before. Was the best one.
      I don’t know what suhani, well do. Once she finds out ?
      If it was me, I would be very disappointed with yuvaan.

      1. Yuvaan did push Krishna…but yeah..I think he didn’t want to hurt her

  11. I just hate suhani…. From the core of my heart. It would have been better if she remained sterile like rags rather than bearing sons….. Because when yuvan fainted she was so concerned but what about injured sayyam who was BLEEDING… She was not even looking at him. Only Krishna was there. If sayyam would have done this she would have thrashed him black and blue.. And of cousre in police custody with an FIR for attempt to murder…… But yuvan is more than God to her….. It was better for sayyam to be an orphan rather than suhani as a mother… SHAME ON MOTHERHOOD OF SUHANI… I hope writers make at least sense in their story….. ?????????

    1. Suhani is a shame on least Krishna is much better than her.
      I wish Dadi throws suhani out of birla house.
      I hope baby troubles her more.

      1. In Love with Kriyam.

        Same here, I hope that baby trouble suhani.

        I was thinking, of what X has said.
        What well suhani do, once she finds out that Yuvaan, wants Krishna now.
        Well she slap yuvaan or listen to yuvraj.
        Yuvaan should get, what he wants because he is a Birla.

    2. I think suhani should understand that saiyyam needs and loves her much more than yuvaan.

      1. Kriyam Forever!

        I agree with all of you.
        Suhani is a shame on motherhood.
        Soumya, Krishna mother, was a better mother.
        But I glad that Krishna, as a wife, stood by saiyyam.
        If this was saiyyam. Slap! Slap! Slap! By suhani!
        Suhani would have not believe, saiyyam. Like suhani did with yuvaan.
        Soumya, was equal to both yuvani and Krishna. Yes she had to handle them differently, because yuvani is a Birla.
        But soumya has succeeded, where suhani has failed.
        Now big brother is going after little Brother wife. If you think about it. It is in all religion story and texts. It is nothing new.

    3. Mystery

      Agree with u…. Yuvaan is her dearest son…huh …y she don’t care about saiyyam

    4. A.Tejaswi

      @Aureliana U can’t just blame suhani for all these things.Think about what effect the past things had on her life.If she is a shame to the motherhood she wouldn’t have raised Krishna even if saumya died for her sake.And think if she had not married Krishna to saiyyam,today they is no kriyyam.

  12. What is this yuvani and kriyam nonsense.Watch JNDSD and support RAVIDHA pair.That is the pair and not like this chuha pair.

    1. Mystery

      Pair …hahaha….that vividha is so selfish…first she ruined atharv n now raveesh…I really like raveesh …but vividha always use him……

    2. Esther

      why u posting this everyday……!!!

    3. Aarti32

      U go n watch JNDSD..It’ll be a relief if u b busy watching your show n don’t comment any nonsense abt our show.. Yesterday also u said d same thing, but we controlled ourselves..But we won’t tolerate dis everyday..

    4. Arshi123

      R u mad ??? I also like JNDSD but u don’t dare to humiliate other couples
      If u r much interested in it, come to JNDSD site ,not here
      So many peoples r ready @ JNDSD updates,including me

  13. Good eve friends

  14. I’m not going to watch upcoming episode coz I can’t tolerate yuvan eyeing Krishna

    1. Arshi123

      Same here, I also can’t bear all these 🙁 🙁

      1. Love well prevail!

    2. Mystery

      No no dear…plzz don’t leave watching else the trp would not incrrse …..

  15. Aww Krishuuu you are sooo falling for him. i actually think saiyyam has feelings for her too but he’s just afraid to emote so he’s pushing her away. Either that or he feels she loves yuvaan and he’s just the villain in her life. But in recent episodes krishna has been really caring for him so he should realise she doesnt feel that way about yuvaan.
    Anyway im fairly new here and i thought of writing an ff for kriyam. What do you guys think?? should I? there are already so many good ones…

  16. Hey guys iam New 2 this site. But i want 2 know Who is the autour of ???kriyyam-u r my strength ????????.iam à bug fan of u

    1. Arshi123

      The name of the writer is Shaani ,she is such a good writer 🙂
      We all like her ff ???

  17. My all time favourite character is suhani love you suhani so much keep rocking.

    1. same here, YuvAni for life.

      1. A.Tejaswi

        S agree with both of u.Suhani is best and yuvani r the best pair

  18. Syedul

    I just luv kriyam . Krishna was more concerned about sayyam than herself

  19. Saiyyam is very much hurt with yuvaan’s action…

  20. jitna socha tha utna acha episode nahi tha some days start triangle start i hate love triagle

  21. hi Aarti and Aarshi

  22. well today episode some nice but patti bale seen main mene krishna ko miss kiya

  23. Zai

    Today’s episode was nice… but even i can’t understand something if it was Baby who told Yuvaan to do that?? Beccause he went to Krishna first, near her bed????

    Krishna tried to protect Saiyam and supported him. She cares for him a lot, first made food for him then tried to protect him.

    Even i wonder what will the Birlas do when Yuvaan would want Krishna???

    1. That in itself, well be a very interesting story.
      What well they do ?

      How far, well especially suhani, well support yuvaan. Well yuvraj, take suhani side. If suhani disagrees with what yuvaan is doing ?
      Well this cause arguments between yuvraj and suhani. If suhani say that, Krishna is saiyyam wife ?
      Interesting, but with a lot of ???????????

      1. Mystery

        Suhani ka ladla beta to yuvaan he…but I think she will take saiyyam’s side

    2. Mystery

      I want to see rags n dadi’s face….who always says that yuvaan leave Krishna…hahaha…I wanna see dadi requesting Krishna to accept yuvaan..hahahaha……

  24. You guys ever notice how whenever Krishna makes something to eat, Saiyyam always close to eating it but never ends up eating it. I don’t think he ever ate anyhing she made. Btw what happened to Yuvaani,I thought she would be the one to catch Yuvaan tiger drama and lol Dadi when she saw Suresh “Yuvraaj” come out of Suhani room.

    1. Mystery

      Yuvaani pata nhi achaanak se prakat ho jati he….

    2. Yeah…lol
      first the kheer spilt (and had poison)
      suhani was attacked so he couldn’t eat the roti
      and then this epi…

  25. koi laut ke aaya hain serial started 25 february saturday and sunday raat 9 pm o god ssel save

    1. Arshi123

      Yes, I said its gonna be a weekend show. Thank god !!
      N plz say, which term do u like ??

  26. Esther

    lol,,,,,,Yuvan looks concerned for Krishna……maybe he forgot what he did to her……I’m not interested in this upcoming love triangle track

    1. Esther

      just bcoz the triangle is b/w brothers…..they shud make Yuvan’s character lyk Saurabh/Anuj’s…..they also have stupid wives ,,,,still they supported their brthr Yuvraj

  27. Boring epsiode bt i like whn krishna supprt to siayamm mke pulavo fr him

  28. Esther

    @Aureliana …I don’t think that Suhani would do that ( thrashing Sayyam and putting him in jail) if Sayyam was in Yuvan’s place…..she did a mistake to abandon sayyam and now she is trying to make everything fine,,,,,,,and why will she do that….she used to slap Sayyam before,bt situation was diff that tym and now everything changed…..Yuvan was acting weird…so obviously she was shocked and went near him,,,that doesn’t mean she hate Sayyam,,,,,Suhani slapped Yuvan to stop him and the next moment he fainted and then was acting like a mad person…….well it’s true that cvs not giving enough Suhani-Sayyam scenes….

  29. Esther

    Hallo all…….
    Arshi,Arti,Kriyam fan,Aqsaah,Nithu,Mystery,Halima,Lavanya,Swetha,Saku,Somi,SSEL fan,Saku,Shaani,OMG,x and all other Kriyyam/Yuvani/SSEl fans,,,,,,,,,,,

    the list is getting longer day by day,,,,,,,Kriyyam effect <3 …….
    Happy Sunday to alll 😀 😀 😀

    1. Arshi123

      Hellooooo ???
      Help me dear in selecting, plz say which one suits us most and sounds cute ???

  30. Nice epi. Caring krishna and hate-worthy yuvaan. I really dont want krishna to confess her love so soon.

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