Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya playing the video recording from the spy pen. It shows Ankit buying pregnancy kit and giving it to Momita. Everyone is shocked knowing his truth. Everyone look at Ankit Ankit tells about a new business step up of fooling Soumya. Ankit bows down. He gets up and Yuvraaj stops him holding his hand. He asks where do you think you are going.

He says our scores is still pending, and pushes him on the sofa. Soumya asks Madhuri will she still ask her to marry Ankit. Suhani asks Ankit how can he fall so low, he has cheated Soumya. Suhani says why are you saying him, even you cheated me. She says you were right, we both got everything changed between us, I m not the reason, you the reason. She says you don’t care for me, just want to get rid of me, so you wanted

me to marry such guy. Suhani says no, I came to know about him today and wanted to tell you. Soumya says stop it, its enough of your acting.

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Suhani asks Yuvraaj to say something. Yuvraaj says you almost ruined her life, you wanted her to marry this creep, why do you hurry in everything. Soumya smiles seeing him support her. He says it will be good if we don’t talk about this. Soumya says stop interfering in my life, you saw the result. Suhani says but….Yuvraaj says stop it Suhani. He asks Ankit to say why did he do this. Even Suhani asks the same. Ankit says whats the big deal, Soumya is not so pure, she married Krishna and left her, she is staying here in the house where other guys stay.

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Yuvraaj gets angry and slaps him, shocking everyone. Ankit smiles and says see its her new bodyguard. Sharad scolds Ankit ad says anyone wuld dot this in any girl’s place instead Soumya, go from here, else I will beat you a lot. Yuvrraa says gets lost and don’t see this house from next time. Ankit leaves. Menka says you are great Rags Ankit is out and Soumya is in. Madhuri cries and says shats this happening, don’t know nothing is happening good. Pratima says that guy was bad. Madhuri says he was not like this before. Rags says its Suhani’s mistake for interfering. Pratima says then Soumya would have not got roof, she would be bearing Krishna’s torture till now. Yuvraaj scolds Suhani for not finding about Ankit.

Suhani says let it be, I don’t want to argue. Yuvraaj says you don’t have anything to say, I m really sick of it. he leaves. Soumya goes her room and smiles thinking about Yuvraaj’s words. Suhani comes to her and sees her smiling. Soumya says she does not want to hear anything. Suhani gives an explanation. She says I came to know all this today. Soumya says let it be, I don’t want to talk. She asks what did she do, why she is annoyed and sings the friendship song. She cries seeing her very annoyed.

Soumya says that was our childhood, grow up and open your eyes. Rags and Menka see this. Rags asks Suhani did she come again to trouble Soumya, whats her problem. Menka says now Suhani is also showing you eyes. Rags says shut up Menka. She says Soumya I will just come after ending work. Menka says yes, we are outside. Rags takes Menka and leaves. Suhani says you are angry now, I know you won’t talk to me, so I wrote everything in this letter, read it.

Suhani keeps the letter and leaves. Soumya comes to Yuvraaj and smiles. She thanks him and says I knew you will support me and save me from all problems, so I m not worried about anything being with you. He asks is she done. She asks what happens to you, why do you act strange, you slapped Ankit and supported me. He says I would have done this for any girl, you are our guest, if I did not do this, it would bring bad name for our house. She asks what does he want. He says some mental peace, excuse me now. He leaves. Sharad comes to Soumya and smiles. Yuvraaj comes to the room. Suhani was changing bulb and he switches on. She shouts and falls by the shock. He holds her and they have a talk about Soumya, why does she feel she has solution for all problems of world.

He says if you don’t stop putting your hands in everything, I will tie your hands. She asks why do you think you are Sholay’s Gabbar and I m Thakur. She says I was doing it as I can do it. He says fine, sit, where did the current hit. She says no, I was just afraid and shouted. He explains her to stop changing Soumya’s life. Sharad says the vegs got rotten and asks Ramesh to throw it out, else all vegs will be rotten. Ramesh says yes, it happened before. Sharad taunts Soumya that even Ramesh knows this, why don’t Suhani understand this. She gets angry.

Yuvraaj tells Soumya that its Suhani’s house, not hers, leave this house before I take any step, go very far that the family forgets your name. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hai frnds am new comment anyone here

  2. starpluslover

    Sowmya jaisi bhaasaaru chees aaj thak tv mein nahi aayi… B****h…

  3. Stupid Soumya question ur self once who cheating whom dont u have shame to blame Suhani 4 the reason changes between both of u……………… And by the way in ur place if birla’s servent(female)isthere sure Yuvraj will do the same with Ankit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey guys! I saw spoiler tat birla family go out for picnic,yuvraj n suhani undr d romance effet.entire family njoy it ,yuvraj n suhani bcome lost in each others company,soumya irks.he makes suhani happy,they both wre dance he is vry happy by his heart soumya says she did nt lose hope and decide to win yuvraj.guys whats ur opinion pls coment me

  5. Hai preethi its vry nice to see new comment

  6. Oh really preethi waiting for tat cute moment love u yuvani

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    Nice precap…

  8. Wow nice week spoilers I love it and soumya u are gone I think how it will be if yuvraj slaps soumya it will be nice naa I wish it will happen and yuvani romance is nice

  9. nice

  10. I want to see the ful episode but in the u2b der is only 3 minutes episode….plz someone suggest me the link ….

  11. look tellynagari…….all episodes of all programs of all hindi serial channels can be seen in it………….to ashu

  12. Nice going yuvraaj

  13. Iss soumya ko sharam naam ki koi chees hai ya nahi????? Itne baar yuvraaj ke beizzat karne ke baad bhi abhi tak wahi padi hai birla house mein….Agar uske paas itni hi himmat hai toh sab ke saamne bolke dikhae ki use yuvraaj ke life mein wapas aana hai aur suhani ko bahar nikalna hai…..

  14. Aur yuvraaj ki mom uss ghar ki sabse badi bahu hai koi naukrani nahi toh kyun itna darna uss old witch dadi se….aisi bhi kya galati ki hai unhone jo wo dadi se itna darti hai aur unke bahuo (Ragini aur menaka) pe kyun koi control nahi hai unka????? Agar dadi uske baahu pratima ji ko itna pareshan kar sakti hai toh kyun pratima ji same nahi karti ragini aur menaka ke saath??????

  15. I just want to see all those 4 witches(dadi,soumya,ragini and menaka) suffer like hell…….I want husbands of ragini and menaka teach them gud lessons by ignoring them……and i want ankit to create problems for soumya so that she gets kicked out from birla house…

  16. ragini devil

  17. soumya ki jada dhekne vale uski house hai brila house… Selfish lady

  18. yes pk soumya aisaan faramosh hai

  19. agar usko suhani ne help nahi ki hoti toh abhi tak sad rahi hoti us krishna ke ghar

  20. pata nahi jab bhi main uss soumya ko ya ragini ko ya uss dadi ko dekhta hoon mera blood pressure badh jaata hai aur itna ghussa aata ki main kya bolu…

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