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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Yuvraaj to solve the riddle. Sambhav says I m just waiting to see you in bridal dress and I will apply sindoor to you once again. She rushes. He sees the note and thinks did I give any clue to her. Krishna waits for Suhani. Saiyyam sits in mandap. He asks them to get Krishna. Pratima and Sharad refuse to get Krishna, and say Suhani will get her. Pandit says mahurat is passing, get the bride soon. Saiyyam goes to get Krishna. Suhani thinks Saiyyam dislikes Yuvraaj, he is saying about the Shringhaar. She checks the things. Saiyyam goes to Krishna and drags her to mandap.

Sambhav asks Suhani what happened. Krishna refuses to marry Saiyyam and cries. Krishna asks Yuvaan to save her, you know Saiyyam is not a nice man. Baby asks Krishna not to be desperate,

how dare you touch Yuvaan. Saiyyam holds Krishna. Pratima says I agree with Krishna, this is wrong. Saiyyam says this will happen, I gave the reason to Suhani. Sharad says maybe Saiyyam has threatened Suhani. Saiyyam asks what do you mean. Sharad says you have such blood to blackmail people and get things done.

Dadi supports Saiyyam and asks Krishna not to worry, as they all are with her, Krishna will stay in this house. Saiyyam thanks Dadi. Dadi says I trust Suhani, not you, if Suhani promised she will manage things, she will do it. Suhani says Yuvraaj, the sindoor box is not there. Sambhav hides itt and asks why did you had sindoor box, why do you apply sindoor, Sambhav is… She says not for Sambhav, I kept it while waiting for you. He says now I m back, I will apply sindoor to you again, forget that box. She says no, I want that box only. He asks her to check in cupboard. She checks and says its not there, I think he has hidden it. He asks who. She says nothing, you please me, I want that box. He says fine. He thinks to waste time, so that Saiyyam and Krishna’s marriage happens, I have to stop Suhani, like I made Suhani do everything by keeping Yuvaan in risk, I have to do it with Krishna now.

Krishna says Suhani said she will stop the marriage. Dadi asks when, she announced this marriage will happen. Krishna says no, she promised me that this marriage will not happen, she asked me not to tell anyone, so I was quiet. Pratima asks Bhavna why did Suhani tell this to us then. Baby asks why are we losing mahurat for this nonsense. Krishna says its about my life, its not nonsense. Saiyyam says your life won’t be ruined by marrying me. Krishna says marrying you is like death for me. Saiyyam thinks Krishna is not so coward and foolish as she looks. Baby says why should we suffer. Dadi says yes, Baby is right. She asks pandit to start Baby and Yuvaan’s marriage. Dadi asks Saiyyam to come. Saiyyam drags Krishna. Dadi does ghatbandhan for both couples. Dadi asks Pratima to give a chance to Saiyyam, he will take care of Krishna.

Baby and Yuvaan take the wedding rounds. Saiyyam takes wedding rounds with Krishna and thinks Suhani had killed my dad, I will trouble Krishna and then Suhani will get hurt. Sambhav comes and tells something to Bhavna. Bhavna rushes to Suhani and asks whats this. Suhani asks Bhavna to find the sindoor box, he has hidden it. Bhavna asks who, why will anyone do this, what happened to you, did you tell Krishna that you will stop her and Saiyyam’s marriage. Suhani says yes, that’s why I want the sindoor box. Bhavna thinks what happened to Suhani.

Krishna cries and is upset. Pandit says wedding rounds are completed. Sambhav comes and thinks amazing Suhani, I was dying to see you like this. Bhavna says stop it, the wedding rounds started outside. Suhani asks what, I have to stop the rounds. Sambhav gives the sindoor box. Suhani says I was finding this, and gets the antidote bottle. She asks Yuvraaj to drink it fast. Bhavna asks whats this.

Yuvaan ties mangalsutra to Baby. Saiyyam makes Krishna wear the mangalsutra. Krishna cries. Suhani makes Sambhav drink it. Bhavna asks whats happening. Suhani says I will tell later, I have to stop marriage now. Pandit asks grooms to fill sindoor in the brides’ maang. Yuvaan fills sindoor in Baby’s maang. They smile.

Saiyyam takes sindoor. Suhani comes and shouts no, this marriage can’t happen. Suhani takes Saiyyam with her. She asks him to get lost. Dadi asks Suhani what are you doing, he is Krishna’s husband. Suhani says he is not, I don’t believe this marriage. Dadi says they took wedding rounds.

Krishna asks Suhani why did she make her marry Saiyyam. She gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Silentreader

    If she z not gonna open up everything…they will think that she z mad….poor Krishna…bt glad that she didn’t stay silent ….Krishna was crying lyk hell and strange that none tried to stop the mrg

  2. I feel bad 4 Krishna ?????she pleads 2 every1 but none listens her??
    Cvs if u again make suhani & Sambav marriage I will kill u???u r really dumb. u make a 14 yearsold boy marry w8 21/22 years old girl?u don’t have any sense of age differences. A 5 standard school boy can do a age difference math but u can’t.?

  3. Yuvaan bastard his has what he wanted now no use of his friendship , hope baby will destroy him
    I don’t even feel bad for krishna, she is an adult no one can force her to marry, when saiyaam was forcing her couldn’t she give a slap and run away and all birla family was looking Krishna being forced but not doing anything. If in front of me even a unknown person is forced i will go to help her and patima, sharad, bhavna are just standing there.

    1. Hello, like they care!
      They don’t even care for suhani, let alone Krishna.

      Suhani wouldn’t have been in this messed. If that family of her, stood by her, when she needed them to.
      When that sister of her bhavna lost her first husband. It was suhani that help her out. Fixed her life!
      Don’t get me started on that Yuvraj!
      Suhani helped him and that stupid family, enough times!
      When it came to suhani, no one supported her.
      That is why suhani birth to saiyyam!
      That is why suhani abandoned saiyyam!

      That patima didn’t support suhani all she said was this, oh suhani look at your son he looks just like you!
      Then patima said okay suhani you can dump the baby there. Let move on with life.

      Then saiyyam come back into suhani life. They all say, oh he bad, he is just like his father.

      None of them said, look the boy doesn’t know. Let try and help him, BECAUSE this what he needed!

      Suhani is BAD mother, she sacrifice Krishna to save Yuvraj.

      We all well see, saiyyam and Krishna love, well happen slowly.
      Saiyyam is nothing like sambhav.
      Saiyyam well in front of suhani, that he is horrible to Krishna.
      But behind close doors, he well be kind to Krishna.

      If Krishna parents were a live, this would have not have happened to Krishna.
      Forget Krishna marrying saiyyam, they would have told Suhani to get lost, when it came to Yuvaan!

      Because I remember Krishna father hated the Birla Family.
      Baby is what the Birla and suhani deserves!

      1. @Poppy, I agree with you love!
        It is true if Krishna parents were a live. They would have not considered Yuvaan, let alone Saiyyam.

        I also agree with you, about the lack of support that suhani had, during pregnancy and saiyyam came back into her life.
        But Suhani was a damage woman, when she married Yuvraj. Before All this Sambhav business.

        Yuvraj mental abuse suhani first, not sambhav.
        The reason that cvs brought the character sambhav in is because to make yuvraj look good.

        Some people are upset, because their eyes has been opened. That all! Also they don’t want to admit.
        Which is fine by me.

        you are right also right about suhani. She is a bad mother!
        Just to save yuvraj life, she sacrifice Krishna.
        Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that Krishna married saiyyam, but the way suhani did it. Ouch!
        I am also glad Yuvaan married baby.:-)

        I also agree with you that saiyyam is going to show, that he is mistreating Krishna, just to hurt suhani.
        But behind close doors, saiyyam well try to say sorry, but Krishna is not going to see that first. She well in the end.

        If Krishna play’s her cards right, her age is at advantage.
        Krishna is six years older than saiyyam.
        I don’t care about that 15 years leaps.
        For me it is 20 years leap.

        I am 8 years older than my husband.
        My father in law told me once, that some men, needs an older woman to guide them.
        If the writers get this right, we all are going to love this couple.

      2. True no one is never there to protect suhani and the same is happening with krishna.
        Saiyaam and krishna looks good together but as a girl i was disgusted to see krishna crying, shouting, begging but no one helping her. And this stipid pandit was saying mantras even though it is a sin to forcefully marriage someone no morality at all

      3. SilentReader

        Yup,,,I too agree that if Krishna’s parents were alive this would nt hv happened wid her……N it’s also true that no one tried to manage things understanding Suhani’s state,,,,,Prathima/Lata/Bhavan,,,so many ppl were there bt still was of no use,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bt In this case,Suhani didn’t hv any other option than agreeing to Sayyam,,,,,,It was abt Yuvraj’s lyf,,,,he could hv died,…. Suhani tried her best to stop the mrg and save Yuvraj…..can’t say she did wrong by agreeing to mrg for Yuvraj

      4. I too agree wid everything that u ppl commented,,,,Suhani lacked support and guidance at times of need and yes glad that Sayyam married Krishna,,,bt it was sad to see Krishna’s state,,…all family members were around bt still she was alone and no one took a stand for her,,,,,,,Birla family deserves Baby,,,,,

        ,bt u can’t say that ‘Just to save Yuvraj’s ‘ lyf,,,,…Should she stand still and watch him dying…saving someone’s lyf is a big thing,,,,Krishna will get a chance to marry again bt Yuvraj won’t be able to take a rebirth

      5. I didn’t like Krishna screaming, but you have to understand, Krishna has no one to support her.
        As a mother, I would never sacrifice my children, for my husband.
        We don’t know how yuvraj would feel about this.
        A true parents, would have understood.
        My children means the world to me.
        I won’t able to show it, even write this down.
        Because Krishna was alone, no one else cares for her. That is why they were able to force marriage.
        If this was the western world, then Krishna would have help. Because India don’t have an support systems in placed.
        That is why no one was able to help.
        The reason why Krishna gives in. Is because she realised that yuvaan didn’t care for her.
        Every thing suhani said that yuvaan loved her, was a lie!
        It was a cruel way to find out. As well a shock!
        But Krishna needed to know!

        At the end of a day. You all have to admit. This is suhani fault!
        If suhani didn’t tried to force marriage yuvaan and Krishna.
        Then none of this would have happened.
        Suhani took her in, and made her into her daughter.
        You don’t sacrifice your children. But then again, this woman did abandoned her child.
        We all should have seen this coming.

    2. Agree, wats d use of rona chillana, kuch karo, police bulao ki itz zabardadti ki shaadi. Writer n director kitna aur fans ki disrespect kar sakte hai ki de don care ki kuch to dhang ka drama ho. sb pagal hai kya. Pratima, bhavna, suhani, sharad, sb bekaar, pr Krishna sbse bekaar. I don understand ki kissiki bhi shaadi kyu, kya zarurat hai? Bas, baby ko rakhna hai, kyuki ssel mein villians ki jai. Kafi nhi thhe ki sambhv wapas aaya. Wah, jal gaya, pr bal nhi gya. 15 saal baad kyun, ab tak kya kr rha tha? Bichare Rajshri aur Sahil. Yeh manhus show chchor dena chahiye.

  4. Amalina

    Poor Krishna! Soumya risked her life for someone who doesn’t deserve to it.

    1. So True!

  5. I don’t want this marriage to happen poor kisna! shyyam is only 13 not the age of marring any one! how much suhani will suffer like this! cvs makes yuvani 2nd Rags !nothing good in her character!!

    1. Agree with u…. I regret y I watched the show for yuvraj n suhani…. Just they r stupid lead with out each other…. I hate this sambhav…cum.. yuvraj

  6. krishna ?Sayyam

    I’m so happy Krishna and sayyam got married . Yes finally this show got good

    1. Exactly!
      I know most of you guy’s are saying poor Krishna, being forced marriage, ect, ect!
      What would you guy’s would have said if it was Yuvaan being forced marriage to Krishna.

      No one CARE ABOUT Krishna. Not even Yuvaan! That is why the marriage happened.

      Krishna would have been a push over, if she married Yuvaan.
      I was thinking no one care about you love. They just want you out of their house!
      Being married to saiyyam, is going to be funny. I hope this well open Krishna eyes, that the entire Birla Family don’t care about her.

      Both of them is going to hate each other, but love well come slowly.

      At least this is not one way love, this is both way HATE!

      I am happy for Yuvaan, he got the girl, that he wanted.

      Suhani deserve Baby!

      1. I think soon after marriage yuvaan will realise krishna’s importance after comparing her with baby and go after krishna , but then slowly saiyaam will feel for krishna and krishna will have to choose between love and duty.

      2. The first person to realize Krishna’s value would be Yuvani,,,,,,maybe she’ll help her brthr to get Krishna back,,,,bt till then it will be very late

      3. Why should Krishna, leave saiyyam for yuvaan.
        Yuvaan didn’t help Krishna, from marrying saiyyam!
        He didn’t even look at her, yuvaan was thinking. I am not helping you in case Krishna get the wrong idea. But who can blame him. Krishna was to much. I can understand, If I was helping someone, that I only care for as a friend. Then that someone tried to force marrying me. I would ignore them.
        No Krishna should try and sorts out saiyyam. I agree with mo!
        Age is at her advantage, Krishna should use it.
        Since that good for nothing of a mother, won’t sort saiyyam out.
        Love and understanding, well come slowly for them. But first Krishna has to step up, as a wife.
        Just because you are a wife, it doesn’t mean you have to give in to your husband.
        If he is wrong, then you have to show him the right path and guide him.
        Dadi is doing right, by Krishna. Even if she doesn’t know it.

  7. uffff so dabba serial ssel . Day by day its getting worst.. how can swaiyam didn’t die.. now a days fr small burning people will die .. just end the damn serial..

  8. I don’t understand if saiyyam thinks sambhav is dead due to suhani how can the writers bring him back? Writers don’t you consider age groups when writing marriage scripts? I think baby will do same as barbie as she’s only married yuvaan for monetary things. Hope dadi regrets this decision. No sign of yuvraj today or anyone noticing anything wrong. Best to end this serial if all writers are going to do is repeat tracks and show characters being forced to do things.

  9. If yuvraj was there this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t know what writers are planning.

  10. I feel saiyyam is a better pair for Krishna den Yuvan… At least saiyyam is portraying wat he is… Not like yuvan something inside n a different person outside…. Yuvan failed as a friend and as a human….

  11. Rather end this serial…. The leap is more worst… I stopped watching the serial since the leap… Here after would read the updates also… Dey r jus feeding wrong things…

  12. Guys really good to say ffs are really good than the original serial

  13. Not fare. Devil dadi she can get married to the girl from the orphan, but cannot want Krishna to get married. These ladies dadi, radz, yuvani and baby are devils.
    How come a person can be alive since all these years after getting fire attack. If hez alive why don’t he take care of sayyiam. Where did yivaraj go???
    Suhani every time she will do all dum acts before lately she will realise and sits crying.
    How come yu do marraige with Krishna and sayyiam???
    Don’t yu people consider age, are yu became blind. That yu cannot see the age difference.
    Serial is going senseless.

    1. Even if Saiyyam is 8 years younger is fine. But if they show Krishna in her early 20s how can Saiyyam be an adult. Simply Saiyyam is a teenager? Have the CVs really lost it? How can a kid marry? First and foremost for Hod sake tell the age of all Krishna Yuvaan yuvani and Saiyyam. It’s like child narriage. If Saiyyam is 20 and Krishna 28 then I don’t mind. One thing I need to say CVs please use your brain. These are small things to take into consideration. You guys lost common sense

  14. Yeh pakka huva yuvaan is yuvraj son.apni khushi ke liye doosaro ki feeling ki khadar na karthi.But yuvraaj was better at least he realize what is wrong and right.Am sure sambhav and suhani marriage will happen.nobody cant stop that.

  15. What is happening with this serial? Such a dumb story and protagonists… The writers have gone mad. I dont think there is any use of any hope for this serial….

  16. I am happy for saiyyam and krishna’s marriage.Saiyyam will be changed by krishna and yuvan gonna regret his marriage with baby.How did he act like this when krishna cried for help.waiting for krisaiyam moment….

  17. People are watching dramas for the entertainment but dont know what has happened to this drama most of the time we get headache after watching thus because alwaya the same srory Sambav will win n others loose

  18. Poor krishna felt pity on her now all blame on suhani and she desrves it.Yuvaan is a worst friend though he didnt wanna marry krishna bt atleast he should have supported her in nt marrying saiyyam.hope for best in ssel.

  19. have some sense can saiyyam marry krishna.. saiyyam was born after rape attempt to suhani ..his age is 15 years as per but krishna was already born and was 10 years old by that time.. can a 25 years girl marry 15 years od cheapest show..

  20. I’m so glad that krishna and saiyam got married…yaay!? So excited about the story ahead….i agreed writers messed up with the age but ignoring that…i feel saiyam and krishna is just superbly mindblowing… favourite favourite two….?

  21. I don’t like this program any more is full of rubbish

  22. Saiyyam should not be sambhav son different track CVS should bring, sambhav should not get success to marry suhani, best part would be yuvraj said rags and yuvani should suffer for their decision for some time yuvraj suhani sharad bhavna and pratima should not help them, this time sharad and bhavna should help to identify yuvraj

  23. dont hav any words to say. am upset n always suhani n yuvaraj shud suffer. how r they gong to end tis track? confused! sahil acting in negative role is jus awesome! bt when it comes to story its gong to be sambhav marryng suhani. cvs makng fool of us. again they r gong to show them marryng. n same story where yuvaraj vowed to trouble suhani when they married 1st time, same happnd with saiyyam. i do no who is lead hero yuvi r sambhav n hero children yuvaan, yuvani r saiyyam? for almost 6 months it is abt sambhav n saiyam track. the worst ever track in ssel is sambhav disgusting track. it has made me to think y i hav started watchng tis serial?

  24. Uff ??i will stop watching this anymore

  25. Why on earth every time suhani and Yuvraaj gets married there will be a scene. Right from their first marriage and then now in the future their remarriage there is going to be hurdles and dramas. Why on earth can’t you simply unite suhani and Yuvraaj without much drama?

  26. You guys are so narrow minded
    You obviously cannot think of anything new

    No one survives being burnt — what f**king rubbish
    He’s not wearing a mask on his hands arms and neck ???

    Yet he has burnt

    Hope your burn producers and writers

    1. The characters are just right.. But the script Is actually narrow minded.. I mean just to raise the trp, they show rubbish… Sobi stopped watching this show.. When sayyam’s character was introduced I started watching again.. But they portrayed his character so bad.. That I agin stopped watching.. To be honest getting worst.. I just came to read d episode ..coz I came to know dat Sayyam n krishna getting married..

  27. SilentReader

    Felt bad seeing the way Krishna was forced to marry Sayyam…All were standing still and no one supported her,,,,can’t say that Sayyam is great,bt still ,,,,he is not fake lyk Yuvan,,,,Yuvan shud suffer and shud regret for losing Krishna,,,,The same Yuvan who used to fight wid the world for her best frnd,,,,,now left her for a random girl,,,

  28. Oh my my! Sooo excited about ssel ,now that saiyam got married to krishna made it even more interesting …i can’t wait to see krishna and saiyam’s moments….

  29. Now don’t turn Krishna in negative role..plsss.. I hope she will not take revenge to suhani because of all this… And baby n Yuvan marriage.. Why??
    I hope upcomming twist will be like Sayyam will know the truth of Sambhav.. And save Suhani from Sambhav..n Than Sayyam will play a positive hole…

  30. I can’t wait for baby to teach dadi, yuvaani and yuvaan a good damn lesson. Serve them right for what they did to Krishna.

  31. My god, this show is a circus with clowns performing. I hope by god, that the Indian community isn’t really like this in Indian. I know it’s just a show but I thought there is some culture maintained in these shows. If so, I pity the backwardness of the Indian people. Forcing people to get married, kidnapping, coming back from the dead…not sure how Sambhav survived. I thought Yuvraaj went to jail because he was charged for murder. Are they trying to portray the legal/medical field are a bunch of nincompoop. they don’t know the difference from an injured person to a dead person….so many stupidity in this show, it’s definitely a bunch of idiots writing the script.

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