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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone reaching Suhani’s home. Gauri asks for guava tree. Suhani says its there. Yuvraaj shows Aditya and they all laugh seeing her. Gauri sees Aditya taking cow’s pic and pushes him down. She takes his pic and teases him. She runs. She goes to everyone and shows the pics. Aditya comes and they all laugh. Sharad asks him did cow kick him. Suhani teases him. Aditya says he will take selfie with them. Yuvraaj jumps away. Aditya asks Sharad to hug him. Sharad asks him to control his love.

Yuvraaj asks him to stay away, or atleast shake hands. Suhani says till you don’t bath, Yuvraaj will not even look at you. Aditya goes. Lata asks them to manage their gifts. Sharad asks what gifts. Lata says I wished to buy gifts for everyone and got it. She gifts watch

to Sharad and blesses him. They all like the gifts. Suhani asks for me? Lata says money got over, so I could not get anything for you. Yuvraaj says its okay, no need of formality. Suhani is not interested in gifts, she is Tyaag devi. Suhani asks Lata how did she not get money for her, and gets annoyed. She goes to her room. Bhavna says Suhani’s gift is in her room right. Lata nods and smiles.

Lata tells Bhavna that they will meet neighbor. Yuvraaj says he will come with Suhani. Gauri says I will also come with them. Lata and Bhavna leave. Yuvraaj hears Suhani calling out Lata and asks Gauri to wait here. Gauri thinks to go and get some guavas. Suhani wears the dress and likes Lata’s surprise. She thinks its very tight, and it gets torn. She calls out Lata. Yuvraaj comes there. Suhani asks Lata why did she make such tight kurta, I m stuck in it. Yuvraaj smiles and goes to her. Suhani turns and sees him. She asks him to go. He says small elephant, you eat a lot and blaming Lata now. She says I m not fat, this kurta is short. They fall on the bed and music plays……………

Gauri goes to get guavas and her hand does not reach. She gets a stool and thinks to surprise everyone. She plucks guavas. Aditya takes bath and comes. He sees everyone missing and goes to see. Suhani and Yuvraaj have a romantic moment and are close. They have an eyelock. Saware………….plays…………. She says door is open, anyone will come, let me go. He says no one will come, they went to neighbor. He stops her and asks her not to go. They get close to kiss.

Gauri falls down and screams for help. Yuvraaj and Suhani hear her. Yuvraaj runs out. Gauri opens eyes and sees Aditya. Aditya held her when she fell. She screams asking him to call Yuvraaj. He asks why are you shouting, I m here, nothing will happen. He holds her. Gauri says leave me. Yuvraaj slaps Aditya and asks how dare you touch my sister. Suhani comes and asks whats happening. Aditya asks what did I do, did I beat her, do you know I was teasing her. Yuvraaj says obviously, that’s why…. You don’t have decency. Suhani asks them to say what happened. Aditya tells Suhani that Gauri fell and I saved her, else her bones would have broken. Yuvraaj sees the broken stool and realizes his mistake. Gauri says she wanted to surprise everyone.

Yuvraaj says I stopped Gauri from going out alone. Aditya asks Suhani how did she change. Suhani says I know your innocence, how are you for girls, you also knew truth, you would know why Yuvraaj slapped you. Aditya says I was seriously helping her. Yuvraaj thanks Aditya for saving Gauri and apologizes for the slap. Aditya says fine, I accept thanks and both, next time don’t hurry to slap. Suhani says its good everything got fine.

Dadi looks for Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka tell her about Yuvraaj and Gauri went with everyone to Suhani’s house. Dadi says she had to discuss about press conference. Gauri talks to Lata about cooking food. Lata says she will teach Gauri next time. Gauri says she will cut salad. Yuvraaj and Suhani ask Gauri not to hold knife. Aditya teaches Gauri. Yuvraaj says Suhani, no need to teach Gauri at this time. Suhani asks Gauri to learn to decorate salad. Aditya says we will take selfie. They all smile. Rags says I noticed one thing Dadi. She says Suhani has become the head of the house, Dadi lost her value. Menka smiles and thinks Dadi is getting angry.

Dadi scolds Gauri for giving 10000rs to laundry man. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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