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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani seeing the burnt book. She thinks if this book is here, which book did Radhe gave for testing. Rags tells Menka that we have to get property and do something, Dadi is not signing the papers, come back soon. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and thinks to tell him everything. He says the driver with whom we were coming tomorrow, he met with an accident, oil was leaking from the car, relax, he is fine. He hugs her. She worries and says someone wants to kill my babies. He asks what. She says car accident was by planning. He says it’s a car, a machine, don’t overreact. She says no, you know what happened, the book Rags got for me, someone burnt it, come with me and see. He says wait, you are blaming Rags for murder without any proof, we are family, you can’t directly blame

someone like this. She recalls the knife incident and comes out of imagination. He says driver will get compensation, everything will be fine, you take rest, I will meet that driver. He leaves. Suhani thinks I can’t blame Rags, she won’t do this.

Suhani tries to evaluate and writes down that Rags got that book, sweets….but no, maybe I m thinking a lot. She erases partly what she wrote and goes. Sajan comes there and puts water on it to erase the words.

Dadi and Rags have a talk. Dadi tells Rags that she will give a dress to Suhani’s babies. Rags asks you always give everything to Suhani, are Menka and I are just to hear taunts. Dadi says you both do such things, you get the papers, you wanted my sign, I will sign. Rags gets glad. Suhani looks for some clue and gets the knife bill in Rags’ room. Rags comes there and Suhani hides. Rags says once Dadi signs on the papers, everything will get sorted. Suhani hears her and thinks on what papers Rags wants Dadi’s signs. She sees a car tool box in Rags’ room and says it means Rags is getting all this done.

Rags says we will make same frock for both babies, they will look cute. Dadi says yes and signs on papers. Suhani stops Dadi and asks her to read papers once. Rags says its NGO papers, Dadi read it. Dadi says I read the first page. Suhani asks her to read all papers. Rags asks whats the need. Suhani says anyone can keep wrong paper in between, such things happen. Dadi says stop arguing, I will read papers. Rags gets tensed and throws tea on the papers. Dadi’s hand also gets burnt. Rags says I m very sorry. Suhani asks what are these papers. Rags says I said its NGO papers. She scolds Sajan and asks him to get medicines. She takes Dadi to her room.

Bhavna says this is right Mausi ji, even I thought the same. Pratima says you are like Suhani, you understand me. Yuvraaj asks them why are they planning. Pratima asks him to go. Yuvraaj and Sharad ask Pratima to spend time with them, as Pratima is always busy with Suhani and Bhavna. Bhavna smiles. Sharad says Golu loves me more and runs teasing Bhavna. They laugh.

Suhani recalls Rags’ words. She thinks Rags wants to kill my babies. Yuvraaj asks her why is she serious, you had samosas right, I think Bhavna loves Pratima’s company more. She asks what do you mean. He says Bhavna wants to snatch your Maa from you. She laughs and says it was bad joke, it was very loud. He says I have to do this to match my wife’s madness. She asks him not to become Suhani. She asks him to send Bhavna. He asks her to wait, everyone is busy. She says fine, don’t go, I will just come. You do my hair massage and gives him oil. Yuvraaj says no way, I won’t. Sajan says I will go massage. Suhani says no, I will make Yuvraaj do massage. He refuses. She asks him to do. Sajan sees the phone and goes. Suhani tells babies about Yuvraaj not doing anything to care for them. He says enough, you are so childish. She says you don’t care how I m, and emotionally blackmails him. He goes and gets gloves. He says this is first and last time that I m doing this. She smiles and says okay.

Later, they all have food. Suhani likes the dish made by Bhavna. Bhavna asks her to eat more, afterall she made it for Suhani. She tells Yuvraaj that nothing will happen by this. Sajan brings pot water and says this is much healthy than fridge water. Rags jokes on him. Suhani defends Sajan. Sajan says I did not feel bad. Rags asks Ramesh to get water from fridge. Pratima says we were thinking to send Suhani and Yuvraaj out before babies come. Bhavna says this is called babymoon, it will be last time they go out together, after babies come, they will not be alone. Pratima says yes, why don’t we send them to farmhouse. Yuvraaj says so this planning was going on. Suhani says we all will go, we will celebrate navratri. Yuvraaj likes the idea. Dadi says we will leave today evening. Yuvraaj asks Sajan to take leave, Ramesh will come with us. Sajan says fine. Suhani signs Yuvraaj to allow Sajan. Sajan thinks I will come to farmhouse, Yuvraaj will take me along anyway.

Suhani hears a phone ringing. Sajan calls on the phone and wants to drop pot on her head from the terrace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the heck!!! Bakwaas how does Barbie and sajan know each other!! Why is she after suhani, yuvraj, and the babies!! Bakwaas

  2. yuvraj,atleast believe suhani for once before the end of tgis series…stupid Yuvraj….

  3. What the f**k – just load of bullocks
    You guys are making the drama hit rock bottom with this track

    Clearly you have no other ideas to continue with the drama

    You should of quit while you were ahead

    After Suhani was pregnant – should of closed the drama – the end

    Instead of coming up with another idiotic episode ???

    1. Pali anyways it’s just a serial and u have no rights to use such words in public..I do agree with u but please try and control your emotions!

      1. Agree with u neethu we should not use such type of words in public

  4. Ithu just oru entertainment kkaga paakrom avlo thaan ithukku poi ivlo kovama seriala 2-3 years kku illukkurathu romba kasttam so itha ivlo serious ah yeduthukkaatheenga yepdiyum suhanikku onnum aagaathu athu namakke theriyum irunthaalum episode thrilling ah irukkanumla athaan ipdi ok so cool advice pandratha ninacha sorry

  5. So that mean sajan is the culprit n want to frame rags

  6. This serial is getting worst day by day why they r unnessarily dragging this drama why can’t they end this serial on happy note …… people whom suhani helped they always betrayed her and destroyed her life first gauri then barbie now sajjan…..i m scared if they drag this serial by taking leap and same story will be continued with suhani’s children…!

  7. this is so stupid don’t understand if you can’t think of anything else to talk about in the drama, end it then

  8. Bad acting by Sajin needed someone else playing his role

  9. Dont try to find logic in Stra PLus serials. You will get headache unnecessarily.

  10. please end this serial too much boring no sense .

  11. I love this serial I don’t get y everyone doesn’t like it but I hope it carrys on with new twists because this is the only serial that isn’t so shocking or hating love suhani se ek ladki I think Barbie has kept Sajan for all of this and I hope everyone starts accepting suhani like rags and menka

  12. Where is 5th April written updates ??? Not able to find it

  13. this soap needs to end. Suhani is boring depressing character, dadis character isnt going anywhere ( she does whatever and never gets caught) ragini and menaka are cartton characters with repititous lines. yuvraj doesnt act like a man he acts like a small child and is blind to all the happenings. the rest of the characters aren’t genuine portrayals of how humans would react to situations. In short these people can’t act, there is no proper story, dadi is pretentious character. Needs some change

  14. Please someone post today’s episode update.

  15. You can quit watching after all this is entertainment – I am enjoying it anyway.

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