Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani talking to kids. Bhavna gets sweets for them. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to pack bags neatly. Suhani asks him not to spoil Yuvaan. He says Yuvaan is like you and has habits like me. They all smile. Sambhav comes and asks Suhani to come. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to take care. He says I will, else Pratima will complain to you. Suhani hugs Bhavna and asks her to take care.

Menka and Rags have a talk. Rags says its good Suhani fooled fake Dadi, but one thing is good that Soumya lost keys. Menka says I will ask Dadi what is Soumya dong in this house, I will ask Dadi. Soumya plays dogs’ sound. Menka gets scared and falls on Rags. Rags’ makeup spoils. Menka says sorry, I think fake Dadi got dogs. Soumya laughs and says you could not handle a ringtone, what will you

manage house. She clicks their pic and asks them to remember the joker face before troubling her next time. She goes. Menka calls Rags a joker and laughs. Rags throws powder on Menka’s face.

Lata does aarti and welcomes Suhani. She blesses Suhani. Yuvaan asks Lata what did she cook today, Lata says your fav food. Yuvaan says I will rest and come. Sambhav blows off the diya. Lata gets worried and leaves.

Pratima gets food for Yuvraaj. He asks why did you come, Suhani went and you came to me with secondhand love. She says no, I have loved you first as you are very good, wrong happened with you always, I did mistake to make you marry Suhani when you loved Soumya. He says no, after staying with Soumya, I realized she is not my type, she is like Rags and Menka, if she was your bahu, we would have solved the fights. She asks do you miss Suhani. He says I miss her, but I can’t help it, maybe our fate had to just become friends. She says Suhani married Sambhav, you can’t leave alone.

He asks her not to think of his marriage. She says you loved Soumya. He says I don’t love her now, go and rest. She asks him to have food. Rags sees Krishna and Yuvani playing and talks to them. She says she will play with them tomorrow and sends them to Dadi. Yuvani and Krishna tell Dadi that they missed her a lot, and they will sleep here tonight. Dadi asks Krishna to go to her room, I want to spend time with Yuvani, there is place for just one girl here. Krishna gets sad and goes. Dadi hugs Yuvani. Krishna cries and hugs Soumya. She says Dadi does not love me. Soumya asks what happened. Rags says Dadi has made Krishna leave from her room, she will never love Krishna.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj on phone. She asks him to remarry. He says you will be happy with it, I mean.. She says no sorry and thanks in friendship, I m happy seeing you happy. He says yes, the whole bed will be mine, I m joking. She asks him to sleep and ends call. She lies down to sleep.

Suhani wakes up in morning and sees Sambhav beside her. She gets up and asks Sambhav what are you doing here. He asks what happened. She asks why did you sleep on bed, we decided we will sleep separately, you know why Yuvraaj left marriage, how can you do this. He says I know what we decided, you will sleep on bed and I will sleep on sofa, but the sofa break yesterday night. He shows the broken sofa and says it broke at night and I had to sleep on bed. She says you should have woke me up. He says you were in deep sleep, whats the big deal if I slept on bed, I m your husband, I will sleep on ground from now on. She says its fine, sleep on bed. She leaves. Sambhav smiles. He says what else will you make me do to get your love.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she wants to purify this room. He says come on, your sister is gone, she is in jail and can’t do anything. She says I m happy if you are happy. He says I m happy, I have sent school kit as surprise gift for Yuvaan, I hope Sambhav and Suhani do not feel bad. She says no, you are Yuvaan’s father and have right on him. He says still I will inform Suhani.

Krishna wakes up and realizes Yuvani slept in Dadi’s room. Soumya gets her fav chocolate milkshake. Krishna says Yuvani is not here. Soumya says she will come, you keep smiling. Yuvani smiles and asks Soumya did you make chocoshake, Krishna did not ask me and drinking alone. Krishna gives her chocolate milkshake. Soumya asks Yuvani why did you not tell Dadi to let Krishna sleep. Yuvani says there was no place to sleep, I will get my doll house and then we will play.

Sambhav keeps a little phone device with a doll. He calls on that phone and doll falls down. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will sambhav get exposed? Please end this track soon.

    1. Innit


    1. Ruksy

      yes totally

    2. Ya i also agree with u…

    3. I agree with you

    4. Now Sambhav is another villain in this serial so I think the viewers will continued to be tortured until the writers run out of their ideas.

  3. Aqsxxh

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yuvraaj says he misses Suhani…. Now writers, get them together ASAP!

  4. Jasroop your right but they are not hearing the viewers at all… they are showing all crap n hurting the viewers nothing else … everyone who loves this show please wrote to star plus n request them to change the present track at the request please guys write them how we are feeling please

    1. I did write to Start Plus but they don’t care. In fact they did not bother to acknowledge my email. That’s how arrogant they are.

  5. Yes jasroop I think every yuvani lover will be agree with you ……every one fedup with this nonsense track… soon as sambhavhave to punished and kick out from suhani’s life…….

  6. Yes jasroop i agree with u dont drag too much end sambhav track asap please dont bring that devil sowmya in yuvani life unite suhani yuvraj please

  7. Really writers r fooling viewers… they r showing meaningless firstly suhani is still unaware abt sam… 2ndly soumya again creating problems n 3rdly the worst part about the somraj marriage… 4thly when they will reunite…??? We r wasting tym by watching n they didn’t show ray of reunion till now… till now 1st promo has not excute…

  8. Is dadi going to unite yuv n suh i read it in telly updates

  9. Please we want to see yuvani kill that devil Sam n soumya

  10. Saumya and krishna ka kya hoga. Everyone hate them .

  11. Ritu ,I think soumya ki jodi sambhav ke sath bana deni chahiye because wo sambhav ki best friend hai,and dono selfish and aasteen ke saap hai………..sabse badi baat writers pata nahi kaha ki kaha likhte hai .jis dadi ne itne bade bafe kaand kiye hai,jiski wajah se pratima ,suhani yuvraj koi sukhi nahi raha.unki wajah se hi soumya, sambhav ko itni himmat mili kaand karne ki fake daadi ki bhi entry hui .fir bhi koi saza nahi hi dadi ko apne kiye par koi guilty feel hui, na unhone ek baar bhi maafi mangi.sab barbaaf karke bhi shaan se akdi hai… sab dekh kar story likne walo par gussa aata hai .kya bakwas likh rahe hai….thodi bahut yuvraj suhani ki nok jhok start ho gai hai jo achchha laga……..but story ko situation ko dhyan mein rakh kar likhni chahiye…..

  12. Please expose sambhav and show soumya her place. Instead of showing sambhav continuing with his tricks and soumya.

  13. I agree with jasroop, this sambhav matter is getting too far, and suhani is not suppose to leave Birla house without sambhav being exposed.

  14. For heavensake plc stop this stupid track. Expose sambhav and bring suhani and yuvraaj together or just shut the serial.
    You are showing Wat viewers are not liking. Wats the use of it all then

  15. Plzzz guys relax……….. it’s suspense ……. although i am fed up too but still…….. its our patience time

  16. Ayesha Munia

    They are dragging so much.Yuvani ko ek saath mil ker sam ko sacchai sabko pata lagana chahiye.Writters giving us hard time.But still hope yuvani re-union.At last yuvani nehi yuvan ek battamize ladka hai jo suhani sambhav milker jo chahti vo milti.So he became stubborn

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