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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lata asking Yuvraaj to sign on papers. She says its Suhani and Rohan’s engagement after the function, and this can’t happen till Yuvraaj is here. Yuvraaj says I m sorry aunty. Suhani says give me papers, his signs alone are not important, I will sign on it. Yuvraaj and Soumya get stunned hearing this. Suhani takes the papers. Rohan gives her the pen. Yuvraaj says Suhani’s sign… and recalls the papers having Suhani’s sign already. Suhani gets sad and sits to sign on the papers. Yuvraaj looks at Rohan angrily and snatches the papers from Suhani as she begins to sign. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what is she doing, on how many divorce papers will she sign.

Suhani and Pankaj get shocked. Yuvraaj asks does Suhani hate him so much that she will sign two divorce papers.

She asks what is he saying. He says she has signed on papers which Rohan made. Rohan denies signing Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to stop this issue, this relation has to end. Lata asks her to return the mangalsutra to Yuvraaj and end this relation. Yuvraaj is stunned and recalls Rohan’s words. Suhani cries and removes the mangalsutra. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed. Suhani says you wanted me to help you, so I m helping you by returning this mangalsutra and signing on papers, I m freeing you, you live your life and let me live my life.

Yuvraaj says I know Suhani, you helped me a lot by signing the papers, thanks. He tears the divorce papers infront of them. Lata asks what is he doing. Yuvraaj says we don’t need this papers, papers are signed. He looks at Rohan. Rohan says why are you blaming me. Yuvraaj says Rohan made Suhani sign. Suhani says I did not sign on any papers. Yuvraaj says yes, this truth came out. Rohan says great, he is framing me, his game is over. Yuvraaj says everyone will know truth, and asks Suhani to come home with her, he will show papers to her.

The lady comes and asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to come, function is starting. Lata says Suhani won’t go anywhere and takes her along. They all leave. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that those papers are big proof against Rohan. Soumya says I told you Suhani can’t sign on those papers. He says I just hope I m not late in understanding this. Krishna and his family come in function and Rakhi misses Radhe. Rohan thinks what to do, if Yuvraaj shows papers to everyone, all this will end. The man asks Rohan to go, they have to prepare for matki. Rohan hears about dance program starting. He thinks will he be able to get papers from Birla house in so less time. He rushes to his car and Lata stops him. He asks where is he going. Rohan says I don’t want to be near Yuvraaj.

Lata says we trust you, don’t care about him. Rohan says I don’t like Yuvraaj coming close to Suhani. She says don’t worry, and shows jacket she got for his dance. He likes it.

Pankaj comes to Yuvraj and asks him not to create any issue. Yuvraaj says I have to get divorce papers which Suhani signed, I will try that no scene is created. He thinks what to do, he will get that paper from home first. Soumya meets Mrs. Shukla and says last year Suhani and Yuvraaj creates amazing moment here. Mrs. Shukla says yes, even this time everyone will enjoy Suhani and Yuvraaj’s dance. Suhani says but I can’t dance this time. Mrs. Shukla asks Yuvraaj the reason. He leaves and hears the dance program announcement. He says dance will start after puja, I need to be here, I will ask Sharad to get papers. Yuvraaj messages Sharad to get divorce papers from his cupboard. Rohan leaves in the car and Yuvraaj does not see him.

Sharad gets Yuvraaj’s message and misses to see it as Dadi comes and talks to him and Pratima. They leave for the Janmashtami Puja. Yuvraaj attends the puja. The man announces Soumya and Krishna will start the dance, followed by Suhani and….. Soumya stops the mic connection and tells Krishna that Suhani’s name can’t be taken with Rohan. Krishna says he could have supported Suhani, but Yuvraaj…. She says its fine, this time we will express our love infront of everyone. Sharad waits for Anuj. Pratima calls Sharad and asks him to get his medicines. Rohan comes there. Sharad goes to Pratima’s room. Krishna and Soumya dance on the Aaja natkat bansi wale……………. Dadi and Pratima attend it. Lalita says Krishna is looking handsome and dancing well, the producer took right decision. Dadi, Rags and Menka talk about next dance. Everyone clap for Soumya and Krishna. Rohan checks Yuvraaj’s cupboard. Sharad hears some sound and tells Anuj. Sharad goes to check in Yuvraaj’s room and gets shocked.

Soumya tells Lata that Rohan is not right for Suhani. Lata asks Suhani to promise she will do this engagement today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate lata how can she do like dis without knowing anything abt Rohan ….yuvaraj don’t lose ur hope

  2. what happened to this lata??????????? ugly woman…… just hate her

  3. One and only prove will snatch by evil Rohan….. What u gonna do poor Yuvraj to prove ur sincerity to ur so called wife…. Sharad will be surprise because Divorce paper is no more in cupboard!!!!!! So irritating yar… I incidently felt evil are always win the tag of war so unfair world

  4. Wtng for tmrw..
    is really yuvraj confess??

  5. I don’t think so.. He will confess

  6. Hello Rohan…. Go to hell

  7. Why yuvraj take late for confessing love to suhani???
    is he doesn’t???
    hate blo*dy rohan

  8. This is one of ma fav show but taking too dragging

  9. What the hell!!! I can’t imagine how evil the rohan is!!! Please unite yuvraaj and suhani and kick out rohan from their life.

  10. Obsolutely the b*t*h Rohan should kick of from Yuvraj n Suhani’s life

  11. Oh devil dadi is coming …
    laita how dare u taking to yuvraj
    how do u knw suhani loves rohan no if one time she asked to suhani she loves or not suhani still loves yuvrajj.
    pity yuvraj

  12. Love u suhani???????

  13. sandra s thannickal

    plz unite yuvini.I hate lata

  14. Lata r u a mom ?
    u should asked suhani she loves rohan or not?
    y take sudden decision??
    suhani never accept lata words or any twist
    yuvraj confession wtng for tmrw

  15. Make yuvani unite plzzzzz

  16. Wat the hell is wrong with Lata t is she forcing Suhani to marry that bastard Rohan I think sharad n soumya will proved that Rohan is bad to the bone just like the evil dadi

  17. Writers why will Rohan go and take the divorce papers

  18. writers how many days you want to drag……………….. ha

  19. Evil Lata —go have kitty group with dadi and add rohan after —-

  20. Its not rohan’s mistk, its all problem r created by dadi. I hate her.

  21. Bhagvan kare ki divorce paper sharad pehle hi le chuka ho ya phir vaha ho hi nahi because it is the last and big proof for caughting rohan

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