Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Suhani for marrying Yuvraaj when she is already married. Suhani says I m helpless. Dadi says you are eyeing Yuvraaj’s money, why don’t you say that Sambhav is not keeping you happy, I don’t want to hear your excuses, I won’t let this marriage happen, this is my final decision. Suhani says this marriage will happen, else it will be a disaster. Dadi says whatever happens, this marriage won’t happen, you won’t sit in mandap. Dadi comes to cut the chunri and says I will see how you do this marriage. Dadi locks Suhani and goes.

Yuvraaj sees the kids playing and smiles. Yuvaan waves to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj sees the watch on Yuvaan’s hand. Yuvraaj asks snoopi to play with the kids, and take care of Yuvaan. Snoopi goes. Pandit sits and chants mantras

at the marriage mandap. Pratima tells Lata that Dadi is angry with this marriage, I wish Suhani convinces Dadi. Lata says I trust Lord, everything will be fine. Pankaj says Suhani will convince Dadi, trust her. Sambhav comes and greets pandit. He asks for groom and bride. He asks Yuvraaj to come, pandit is calling. He says I will fix just married board on Yuvraaj and Suhani’s car, and goes. The bomb remote falls down. Sambhav realizes the remote fell and looks for it. Pankaj asks what happened, are you finding something. Sambhav says yes, and looks around. Sambhav sees Yuvraaj coming. Dadi gives the remote to Sambhav and asks were you looking for this. He says yes and takes it. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to come and have icecream. Yuvani says I want to come along and insists. Sambhav makes her faint by chloroform and kidnaps Yuvaan. Yuvaan shouts.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj why is he marrying Suhani, she wants comforts. Yuvraaj says she always saves us from problem, sometimes we have to think for others. Dadi says she is trapping you, you are believing her blindly. They hear sound. Lata goes to see. Lata opens Suhani’s room door and sees the room ruined. Lata gets shocked. Suhani sits crying. Suhani goes to Dadi and begs Dadi. She tells Dadi that Sambhav took Yuvaan along. Yuvraaj asks what. His sherwani catches fire. Soumya and everyone see that and get shocked. Yuvraaj runs outside. Suhani shouts and runs with a water pot. Suhani stops him and pours water on his sherwani. They see Yuvani unconscious. They get shocked. Suhani sprinkles water on her. Yuvani hugs Yuvraaj and says Yuvaan…. Sambhav uncle took him. Yuvraaj shouts Sambhav.

Sambhav puts Yuvaan in his car. Snoopi comes running and barks at Sambhav. He attacks Sambhav. Sambhav shouts on Snoopi. He sees the stick to beat Snoopi. Suhani says we will get Yuvaan, his life is in danger. Dadi says don’t act, we know its your plan. Rags comes holding his head and says this time Suhani is saying right, Sambhav is really going to kill Yuvaan, I have seen it. Dadi asks what.

Yuvraaj and Suhani are on the way. He stops the car seeing Snoopi wounded. Yuvraaj and Suhani cry seeing Snoopi dead and hug him. Sambhav calls Suhani and says I told you I will kill someone. Yuvraaj asks him to come infront of him and talk. Sambhav threatens Yuvraaj and makes him talk to Yuvaan. Yuvaan shouts for help. Yuvraaj shouts Yuvaan. Sambhav laughs and ends call.

Suhani, Yuvraaj and everyone mourn for Snoopi and do his cremation. They all keep flowers. Suhani and Yuvraaj cry. He asks her not to worry, Snoopi’s sacrifice will not go waste. Everyone come back home. Rags says I asked Bhavna how did they meet Sambhav, she said Sambhav was fashion photographer in their company. Pratima says I can’t believe this, we never doubted on him. Pankaj says he acted to be so good. Lata says yes, we could not know his truth. Pratima says he is very clever, he cheated us cleanly. Dadi blames Suhani for always trusting anyone and putting them in danger, Soumya call police. Yuvraaj says no, if Sambhav knows this, he will hurt Yuvaan. Dadi asks what will he do, he needs money.

Yuvraaj asks do you think he did this for money, he tried to kill me, he is a cold blooded murderer, nothing else. They all worry.

Rags asks whats in this, and checks the parcel. She sees a cut hand and screams. Everyone see that and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. BBB

    They could’ve killed anyone but Snoopi!!!!!!! I’m so mad at them for killing Snoopi!!!! This sucks!! Don’t want to watch this sick show anymore 🙁 🙁

  2. Nagarathna bhanvani

    Please stop it make a new story with saraj

  3. Nagarathna bhanvani

    Saraj has good chemistry we cant loose them any one tell this to director

  4. OMG poor snoopi is dead,and what the hell is wrong with that old hag she never like suhani and suhani is the one who is always saving her family from disaster ,she even save her life from her evil twin that old hag is ungrateful i only hope yuvaan is fine and things get back to normal and there is no damn leap suhani and yuvraj should unite and dadi must apologize to suhani for all the things she has been accused for

  5. How can you they kill snoopi?..he was the one who acted well, I hate the part when they have to kill pets for a stupid story..think what will we do ina situation like this? Tell the family and let all the members gang up on sambhav type guy and beat him,phir dekhte hain kaise remote ka button press kartha hai…Never mess with a mother is what I feel..stupid storyline with zero semblance to real life situations..Aisa kahin hota hai kya??

  6. This is what makes you run to star world for quality TV time

  7. anila Rahman

    Oh god when will this drama end!!! Booooooring episode UFF!!!!!!!????????

  8. Disappointed

    No wonder this show wins no awards!

  9. Recent spoiler says soumya will die saving yuvraj and Suhani as sambhav will kidnap Krishna and yuvani as well. Whether it’s true or not, let’s see. It’s on their page on fb.

  10. Am I the only one who saw Snoopy breathing ? Why didn’t they take him to doctor… poor camera and poor directors!!!

    1. I agree???

  11. Leap is confirmed.. and now i m sure ki ye sambhav ka drama bhi jaldi khatam ho jayega…

    Birla house ko leap ke hisab se paint kar rahe honge Isiliye to sab shrivastav house me shoot kar rahe hai..

    27 characters the ssel me abhi sirf 10 logon ke sath shooting chal rahi he..

    Ssel ko leap ki nahi acche writer aur director ki jaroorat he…

  12. Omg he kill snoopy that bastard sambhav I hope yuvraj n suhani kill him together

  13. lagtha hai snoopi ke malik bhi use vaapas paya hai

  14. this drama is so bakwas

  15. BBB

    Guys it’s confirmed that Soumya will die and there will be a leap

    1. Yaa.. i read on fb page..
      Have u guys realizd ki sambhav ki sachhai sabke samane aa chuki he and YuvAni almost reunite ho chuke he.. lekin sab itna dragg karke rakha he ki YuvAni reunite hone ki khushi bhi mehsus nahi ho rahi…
      Sab kuchh bahot complex ho chuka he..

  16. How can they us pets on such a worst serial…and more over showing it as Snoopy is can a directory or stupid people behind this stupid seral can do it…..tho it’s a serial but towards animal I think if a human with good heart wll never accept it ..

  17. And also 1st we have to inform animal husbandry board to make the owner of snoopy to put him behind bars..for using his pet for such stupid seral. And also showen it as dead…bldy fellow

  18. it has been reveal that there will be a leap of 15 years and the leap will start in Goa,and Sharmin Kazi of Million Dollar Girl fame will play the grown up Yuvaani,and Mradul Kabir will play grown up Yuvaan and Somya will die lets wait and watch,why dont the directors end the show on a good note with Yuvraaj and Suhaani uniting steewwww other stars will always be roped in some of the names are Karan Jotwani, Aryeman of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan,i want Sambhav to die anyways and it must be a nasty death for the bastard

  19. Not going to watch any show that shows cruelty,killing of animals. Disgusting. If writers ran out of story lines then end show.

  20. everyone busy commenting on animal cruelty. what about the cruelty on the kids as well? yuvaan has a bomb tied on him for ages and cruely and abused on Suhanie. OMG. this serial is trash now.

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