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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani apologizing to Yuvraaj. He says your wrong ways trouble everyone, even I want to help Mili, but I was stupid to support you, that girl brought problems in this house. He argues and goes to sleep. Suhani cries. Menka tells Rags that she is having fun. Saurabh says about Dadi and Suahni, the good news for you both is Dadi will not see Suhani for one day. Saurabh says since Mili came, everyone has problem. He leaves. Rags smiles and says it means Mili should stay here, so that Dadi and Suhani get apart.

Its morning, Suhani looks for Yuvraaj. She says he is gone, Sadu Ram. Yuvraaj works out and tells Sharad that he scolded Suhani at night, Suhani will not do anything without valid reason, don’t know why. Sharad asks him to talk and solve the matter. Gauri

goes to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj thinks its Suhani and says he was coming to her. Gauri gives him apple. He sees her burn mark on her face and asks her to go. She says she has cut fruits, he likes fruits, have it. She insists and he pushes her away. She gets hurt and cries. He shuts his ears and asks her not to shout.

He recalls a girl crying and recalls his childhood moment. Suhani and Sharad come there and ask what happened. Gauri says Yuvraaj is bad. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to calm down and say what happened. Dadi says I will say. Gauri gets scared seeing Dadi. Dadi scolds Gauri and asks her to be in her room, no one can trouble her Yuvraaj. Dadi asks him to come with her.

Pratima comes and looks on. Gauri says I did not do anything. Suhani asks her to calm down. Sharad says Mili came to give fruits, don’t know why Yuvraaj reacted like that. Dadi says Yuvraaj that Mili did this to trouble him, they should send her. He asks how can we send her. Dadi says she is not stable, she is creating problems and we should send her. Pratima comes in room and cries. She says Yuvraaj used to react this way in childhood, this can’t happen again. Pratima sees Lord’s idol.

Suhani tries to calm Gauri. Gauri says he is very bad, I will not talk to him. Pratima plays a cassette. Jaane tu ya jaane na………..plays…….. Yuvraaj smiles hearing the song. Gauri stops crying and smiles. Gauri comes to Pratima and says song… She smiles. The song stops. Pratima looks at her. Gauri asks why did the song stop. Suhani comes after her and looks on. Gauri sings the tune. Suhani tells Pratima that Mili liked this song a lot, but how did know this, it worked magic on her, she calmed down, shall I keep this music system in Mili’s room. Pratima says fine, take it.

Pratima gets teary eyed. Suhani says I m thinking to give Mili ayurvedic tablets, shall I meet some Ved. Pratima says fine, take music system to her room first. Suhani leaves. Gauri smiles hearing the song. Suhani explains her that they should not shout on others. Gauri says sorry. Suhani says you liked this song, you can hear it always. She says she will cook food, but Gauri has to promise she will not get angry. Gauri promises. Suhani leaves.

Rags and Menka see Gauri. Rags turns her face seeing the burn mark. Menka says come, I will talk to her. They go to talk to Mili. Rags says you troubled Dadi and now Yuvraaj, Dadi does not keep anyone at home who trouble Yuvraaj, maybe Dadi will send her to mental asylum or ashram. Gauri says sorry. Menka asks her to tell sorry to Dadi. Menka says we will leave now, else Dadi will kick us out. They leave. Dadi looks on and thinks Gauri did not scream or react when Rags threatened her, how can this happen. She sees Gauri listening the song.

Gauri says sorry to Dadi, she won’t do this again. Dadi says fine, tell me who gave you this song. Gauri says Suhani Didi. Dadi thinks Gauri can’t become fine, I have to bring those things of past infront of her, which will never make her fine. Dadi leaves. Suhani thinks to talk to Yuvraaj. Dadi sees Gauri sleeping and inserts CD in music player. She plays it and leaves from the room.

Yuvraaj asks Gauri to play and not open eyes. Gauri sees him cheating and says you are a cheater Bhai. Yuvraaj and Suhani get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please get rid of menka and rags.they are boring us. Absolutely no sense in their rubbish. I think they are there to prolong the serial. Gauri is Yuvraj sister. How is it pratima does not know also why doesn’t Suhani use concealer makeup on Gauri,s scar. Simple solution! Why make a song and dance about it

  2. Nice episode
    Rags &menka r too irritating. Don’t make suhani look awful with that different shades of makeup &hairstyle please. …
    Good to see yuvraj &sharad hving screen space.

  3. I agree with salina have more story line than the same in each epiusode rags and menka are the worse character created and dadi when will we see the true colours of dadi on the screen

  4. repitition of the same issue , don”t haveing any interesting twist or somthing

  5. This show is getting boring. I quit watching this show.

  6. Wen is dadi going to let them about mili

  7. someone should do me a favour and pour acid on rags and mehka face. their roles are exaggerated

  8. Very stupid twists on every serial. Yeh hein m… Bs. And other stupid gopi shit… My god make some sense please….

  9. Change the current track very boring now…

  10. Yes u r absolutely right ? guys very boring and make suhani slighty white the brown shades does not suit her plz…..

  11. Please return the English sub titles we dont understand Hindu but watch star plus

  12. I agree with you Lovely. Menka and rags are ugly to start with acid will complete the look!

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