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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Sharad why is he crying. Bhavna says Sharad lied that he is going in meeting, I know where he went. Suhani says Pratima called back, I answered the call. Sharad apologizes for not telling her. She says its fine, don’t apologize, that’s your house and family, you have full right to go there, did you meet them. He says no. Bhavna says I m annoyed with Sharad, he did not trust me and not tell me. He says I did not say as I did not meet anyone there.

Yuvaan gets angry and throws things. He says bad is happening with me, kids were laughing on me in school. He shows the bag with note on it, who is your dad. Yuvaan says I don’t know who is my father, and the kids joked on me. Suhani looks on. Yuvaan asks her to say who is her father, whats his name. Sharad

says bad people joke like this. Bhavna says did we make you realize you don’t have father. Yuvaan says she is my mumma and can’t become father, I have no one, I m alone, why don’t I go there, tell me. Suhani says I can’t say, don’t be adamant, go and sleep. He insists. She scolds her. Sharad takes Yuvaan and goes. Suhani cries and hugs Bhavna. She says I can’t tell him. Bhavna consoles her.

Krishna and Yuvani argue over sleeping with Soumya. Soumya asks them to decide whose turn is it. Dadi comes to decide and favors Yuvani. She asks Krishna to sleep with Soumya and she will tell good stories to Yuvani. She takes Yuvani and leaves. Suhani is sad and talks to Sharad. She says I can’t see Yuvaan like this, but can’t tell him anything. She cries.

Later, Bhavna cries and asks Sharad why did he not sleep till now. Sharad says Yuvraaj moved on in life, Yuvraaj and Yuvaan have right to know about each other, I know Suhani’s pain, it does not mean Yuvaan does not get father’s love. I will tell Yuvaan. Bhavna says Suhani won’t agree. Sharad says I will not tell anything to her.

Yuvani laughs hearing stories from Dadi. Soumya thinks Dadi loves Krishna too and tells her that I will pray that Dadi loves you a lot. Krishna smiles. Its morning, Suhani is worried to take Yuvaan with her to Allahabad as she is going for some work. Sharad says till you finish your work, I will show city to Yuvaan, we will enjoy. Suhani says Yuvaan should answer his friends alone. Bhavna says his school has still time to start. Yuvaan is glad to go to Allahabad, and hugs Suhani. They all smile.

Soumya gets Sharad’s call. He says I m talking from summer camp, your son’s pant is left out here. Soumya says I don’t have any son. He says sorry, I mean your daughter. She says my daughter does not wear pant. Pratima comes to Soumya and says we have to go temple today to give chadava on Yuvani and Krishna’s name. Sharad and Bhavna hear this. Soumya tells Sharad that its wrong number, I have a daughter, not son. He ends call.

Sharad and Suhani come to temple, and tells her that Bhavna asked me to take you here to do puja for Yuvaan. She says fine, I will postpone meeting. He says no need, you end work, and till then I will do puja with Yuvaan. She agrees. Sharad tells Yuvaan that Suhani will join them in some time. Suhani leaves. Sharad calls Bhavna and says I reached temple, Suhani left for meeting. She asks did you see anything. He says no, I m sure Soumya will come here with Yuvraaj for the puja. She asks him to hurry up and do this before Suhani’s return. He sees Yuvaan gone and looks for him.

Soumya sings bhajan in the temple. Pratima coughs by the diya smoke and goes out. Yuvaan buys balloon and man returns 500rs note. He asks for 5rs. Yuvaan says I don’t have change, the note which is useless for me, what shall I do, how to get change. The man asks him to take change from any lady. Sharad looks for Yuvaan.

Yuvaan goes to the ladies and sees Pratima. He sees Pratima unwell and shouts mumma….. Suhani sees coconuts and says Sharad forgot it. She asks driver to take her to temple. Yuvaan goes to get water for Pratima. Suhani reaches temple and calls Sharad. He does not answer. A lady tells Soumya that Pratima got unwell. Soumya thanks lady for informing and goes to see. Suhani goes inside temple and prays. Soumya worries seeing Pratima and takes her. Pratima asks Soumya not to leave puja incomplete, and sits in car. Soumya says I can’t leave you alone. Pratima says go for puja, I will leave for home. Soumya asks her to take care.

Yuvaan gets water. Sharad gets him and asks where were you. Yuvaan says to buy balloon. Soumya comes back in temple and prays. She turns to take prasad and sees Suhani who holds Prasad with her. Suhani cries seeing her.

Suhani and Soumya hug and cry. Flowers fall over them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. what no???

    2. today was awsome episodeee 😉

  1. Well is still bullshit, I want Suhani to move on with d new guy, Yuvraaj need to beg to get her back, he has to suffer to get his son and wife back. RUBBISH……

  2. yuvaan baby always u cute yarrr… to suhani wearing the dress was… on that night she wears…. am a crct

    1. Yuvani Lover

      Ryt.. N I too luv DAT dress.. 🙂

  3. What the heck now soumya will guilt suhani to not come back :@

  4. Wow yuvan is chota packet bada dhamaka, he is soo adorable. ….&These writers didn’t spare the kids too, poisoning the innocence in them.
    Where is the new entrant!!!! ?? Why is he not shown atall r they scared suhani &Sambhav may hv great chemistry &yuvraj will go down the history lane?

  5. Gits u r right. ……..I am an yuvani fan but sorry to say now I don’t feel yuvani in the show don’t know whether it’s writers prb, directors, ph, or the 1 who is playing the yuvraj character …With 0 expressions after the leap, this leap is fr the audience but it’s just the next day of the shoot fr the actors then why so much of change in him? He seems more comfortable with soumya then let it be. ……this time I want suhani to be mahaan let suhani not go to bh, yuvraj should repent fr whatever he has done. ..what an excuse he didn’t want to orphan the 5 day old soumya’s child, what if ramesh had a pregnant wife &all these things were done by him &he is dead will yuvraj take the same step? Will he marry rameshs wife fr suhani’s mistake?

  6. I hope yuvraal could see them together

  7. It’s true that there is no emotional scene where Yuvraj missses Suhani, in fact even after all this year i think that he is still angry.
    Even when there was Rohan, i didn’t wanted Suhani to get back with Yuvraj because their love story is hopeless as Dadi will never like Suhani and Yuvraj will always support Dadi and not Suhani. So i don’t think that Yuvraj and Suhani should go back together as it will be the same story again. There will still be some problem between Suhani and Dadi as they don’t educate children the same way, and if there is problem between Dadi and Suhani that’s mean that they will be problem between Suhani and Yuvraj.
    After spoilling Yuvraj’s character, the writters are spoilling Suhani’s character by making her weak, since the begginning Suhani is described as someone very strong but she is not anymore, i don’t understand why the writters are always making her running after Yuvraj.
    She should be angry with him as he didn’t even try once to find Yuvaan.
    Anyway, maybe Sharad will tell Yuvaan the truth and Yuvaan will try to find out about Yuvraj and will tell him the truth, but i am sure that dadi will plot something and yuvraj will not trust Yuvaan, the story is always the same, it’s a vicious circle

  8. no bec the precap

  9. Yeh..what crap..after all these years..Suhani is still emotional..why..she should be portrayed strong especially after what Yuvraj accused her of.How she gojng to prove to Birls that colour and looks is not everything.Soumya is selfish still allowing Birlas to treat her dtr crap.What mothers do this??.Soumya is young but unable to go and work ..why ?.Pratima if you are true mother than how come you have forgotten Suhani??Yuvraj is blind and self low can you get by hsving your wife’s best friend live in your bedroom..if Suhani did that..would you accept it???? NO Darling you just don’t stoop low regardless of any circumstances..You are rich could have hired a maid..Plz let Yuvraj repent and make him worked hard to get Suhani back.

  10. this is one of my best serial……i can never missed his every episode…..thanks sharing this serial video

  11. Wow….what an episode??? Cutie Yuvan!!! Soumya maybe starting to realize she is responsible for Krishna’s plight! Sharad trying to make Yuvan and Yuvraj meet…..Soumya finally seeing Suhani! What do we expect from tomorrow’s episode!

    But miss Yuvraj and Sambhav both….want them both fight it out for Suhani…wonder whom she will chose…wonder what Soumya will lie to Suhani this time!!! But it is better if Soumya says all that she had imagined herself saying to Suhani in the hospital. Atleast that way Suhani’s heart breaks and she will decide to move on in her life with/without another life partner… Sambhav??? part of me says she should not go back to Yuvraj…but she only looks so good with him…..cannot see her with anyone else…she always loved him…. at least till the directors will showcase a much stronger chemistry between Suhani and Sambhav.

    And no matter what….i agree Yuvraj is at fault…how could he trust Dadi’s words, how could he not attempt to find Suhani even once…how could he get Soumya into his life and house instead of Suhani…..just how? He should repent in a big way….and so should Dadi… for all her deeds…. but Suhani will break seeing Yuvraj in pain…..will Yuvraj too???

    1. No.he will not ..he loves somya….but can’t admit it…..if even suhani came to his life….den also he choose somu…..yuvani were vanished….it’s same history repeats..

    2. Urs lead is suhani not somurani…
      Yuvi character is already butchered
      N who is sambhav..I.don’t know ..hmmm.oh part of ssel
      No love n respect…and I’ll.writimg

      My assumption- everybody has sympathy towards the somu ie how she take care of bh.n slowy slowly me too…it’s look like yuvi also like fallen for her…for me it’s kk if…it’s hppn in strting of the show…I think whn suhani came …oh suhani I forget u..k it’s misunderstanding but wht somu do..I strt loving her…isliye tum chali jao tum mera past thi somu mera aaj…clear– I m.hppy for it will hppn if yuvi choose somu over suhani…if suhani character is bad…like he forgets suhani…n hppn strting of de show…but after 2 years of ssel..somu.don’t deserve dis..
      Poor writing…I hope u don’t end yuvi character like dis
      Hope it will not hppn like ie…den really I wants to kill all of u…

      Comming to.suhani…everyone wants justice for’s upto suhani whetever sambhav or yuvi show like ie..where yuvi n sambhav is opp to.each other..
      it’s extremely looking like u giving imp to.somu n ignorimg ie suhani is lead
      But yuvi has to.reliase wht he done he should be in pain..
      If yuvani hppn dis Time he should fight hard…n if sambhav hppn -.his words are like I know I m bad. Very bad not deserves I know sambhav always make u hppy..if u hppy den me too..

      But as u showing how children is attached to somu looks she is very gud girl…like she is de lead of de show..n somu is side character…take some tips to yhm which undigestable as somu character is changing…acc to.Condition…

      Whts is running ur mind…if somu Dont turn neg den everyone feels let somu n yuvi together…n suhani shoold move on why she disturbing dere beautiful life…n. Den whts de meaning of seperation ..yuvan. dadi..undigestable birla family.

      Sambhav is like dng guest appearance…
      Hope…soon..somu reliase ie…bh not for me or turns neg…n. Concentrate on yuvi.character..and sambhav…
      Let’s show ie how he love her but still in.a anger…let’s sambhav and yuvi hppn but really wht is hppn with somu character

      Den only seperation is worthful…m u do justice with
      But I know…it’s not hppn…u repeats urs history…everyone choose somu..over suhani says to.suhani u.should.also move on…n den sambhav come ..I.became urs life partner…

      Lets utilize sambhav propertly …suhani is lead not somu rani…u give much imp to.somu…
      Oh subhav love story…no love track..n like suhani to koi 4 th lead he..plse yaar concerntrate on suhani…use urs new guy properly…yaar…

  12. very good acting my young Yuvaan

  13. I like today’s episode. Suhani & Yuvraj r the lead couple. But the way soumya is taking care of the family is amazing. Soumya is not guilty for suhani’s this condition. It’s hard to ignore soumya unless she plays a negative role. Will not like her in negative. But will love to see Suhani & Yuvraaj together.

    1. Ie why I.m.saying ki….yuvani.were not.unite….because even yuvi also have soft corner for somu…he strt liking her..but ignoring.the..fact

      1. I agree with you Ankita, if Yuvraj felt in love with Suhani when he thought he was in love with Saumya, why couldn’t he fall in love with Saumya after this 5 years together?
        I remember when Saumya turned negatives before, yuvraj wanted to show to dadi that saumya doesn’t deserve to be Birla house bahu’ but now the writters are showing all the contrary as everybody seems to be very happy of Saumya as yuvraj’s wife even yuvraj
        What i just don’t understand is why acting as if they were married? They are living together, and have two daughters so what the use of acting? They should have married! There is no other solution to their situation they should get married and suhani should move on! The writters have made the situation very confusing! And it’s true that we are forgetting who is the reals leading actress?
        And i still want to know how Sharad and Bhavna are with suhani!!!

  14. Nooo.. can’t digest soumya &yuvraj atall. It’s true suhani was wrong to some extent but soumya knew about krishna’s illegal things &she supported him just fr the sake of the child isn’t it ridiculous ,the bomb was brought in by krishna &sajan took advantage of it so where was suhani wrong? Krishna could hv denied the job but just that 1 crore was deposited in his acc he took a last chance. Suhani was blamed fr that &soumya was given a marriage offer. .bullshit. ..she should hv searched fr suhani or convince yuvraj that suhani is not a runaway girl .suhani was not dead &the misunderstandings will be cleared someday then why did she come in btw yuvani. .no point of watching the show if yuvraj accepts soumya , means dadi has won once again ,which proves that if u hv a darker skin ur life is not that easy u hv to compromise &no matter what life is a cup of cake fr fair people. ……

  15. Dadi kisna ko bi pyar karti to bhaut accha hoga par essa nahi muje kisna ko dekar pitty lag rahi hai

  16. Ankita I don’t mind whether soumya is shown as a positive or negative character. ….fr me she is wrong &wrong &wrong only it’s disgusting to fake a marriage with her best friends husband, in future she may harm yuvani too to give justice to her own daughter.

    1. But CVS do wht actually we think….suhani has only one fault her forgiveness.and trust….I wants to yuvi suffer a lot n whole birla family too

    2. But yuvi.accepted somu already…n ya now even suhani came back to his life missunderstanding clear he gives imp to somu because they were parents of Krishna n yuvani…ie why yuvi attached to somu.also ..

  17. Hi everyone.actually I am an silent readers.actually I want to ask why no one is writing fanfiction on ssel.I had told tiz becoz many readers are getting idea to write ff,so for a change they can try with ssel with the same characters without introducing any new characters in the beginning,if u want later u can introduce.I had requested because I am weak in writing stories.everyone is writing ff on swaragini,etc,….so pls anyone can try ssel.

    1. Sry I had commited next in the name lakshana actually its mine.I had forgot nd typed wrong name.

  18. Hi everyone I am a silent reader.I want to ask why no one is writing ff on ssek.can anyone try it.becoz many are writing on the same like swaragini,etc….

  19. I had commited becoz many readers are getting idea to write for a change they can try with ssel.if anyone is going to write then its my request tat write the story with the same artists (suhani,yuvaraj,pratima,etc….) as in the serial,but dont introduce new characters in the beginning itself.but later you can introduce.

  20. Hi. Friends I am always,read the serial but never comment on it but now I have come to here

  21. yuvani and ishra fan

    hey i write an ff -the taste of our love on ssel search it

  22. S Ankita yuvraj has accepted her as he feels soumya lost her husband &the child got orphaned bcoz of suhani’s mistake. He doesn’t know yuvan is his son ,dadi is the main culprit &suhani was told the other child was dead so let’s wait &see his reaction. ..but must say writers hv messed it up .I think this is the only show v r confused, the leads should be united or not.

    1. I think dey were not united because may yuvi strted liking somu…..n how dey united until.somu.n Krishna is dere…..

  23. Yuck ? it hate the current track…whatever happened was dadis fault but partially yuvrajs ?✖ they should unite yuvaani or seperate them as soon as possible ? because the viewers are very confused?aren’t u..n laskhana my friend Ananya sachedev writes an ff called the taste of our love ❤ as yuvani n ishra fan so u can read that

    1. Now torturing us

  24. Please GOD Yuvraj aur Suhani ko jaldi milao
    I’m waiting for that moment
    Please …….

    1. Now everyone know the truth suhani goes to bh..n confront to Dadi…truth reveals…infront of everyone. Except yuvi..
      So suhani fights for her daughter….kkk..
      Because she doesn’t wants ie..yuvani became like Dadi…so also suhani agrees to marry sambhav….so court DRAMa..yuvi n suhani is opp to.each others…..

      Bullshit……no yuvani reunion….

      1. What’s the source of your information????

  25. Joy but its not acceptable..n not justice with suhani ..CVS if u gng to this…den it’s show how foolish urs..n Dadi won de game…

    Plse unite yuvani…..n I think whn somu came to know ie suhani is unmarried she doesn’t tell to suhani ie I n yuvi are not married..n somu type of character doesnt deserved to be hhpy…it’s suhani….I dam sure.somu turns selfish she say me n yuvi are hppy..why don’t u married…to sambhav….hope so somraj…no

    1. I agree with you, dadi should be punished, i just wanted to say that if they unite Yuvani, they should find some others story, and not again dadi plotting against suhani
      The writters are just doing the same thing as before but in a different way whereas they were so much intresting story they could have develops!

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