Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone worrying about Suhani. Yuvraaj and Barbie come home. Yuvraaj says I did not get her. Pratima cries and tells Yuvraaj to find Suhani. He asks her not to worry, and hugs her. Soumya scolds Lalita and says I will not bear anything now, you did not think about this house. Lalita asks her not to do drama, you had food, now get to work, we have kept jagran tonight, Krishna has duty at night. Rakhi warns Soumya.

Krishna comes and asks Soumya where is your phone. She asks what happened. He says Yuvraaj is calling a lot, Suhani got missing. He asks do you know about her. She says no, but we have to go there. Lalita and Rakhi look on.

Barbie tells Dadi that she does not need to call her goons now. Suhani gets conscious and sees the goons. The goons say we

have to kill this girl, but we did not get money to kill her. Suhani thinks who are they and where is she now. The goon says we will get money, this is good place to kill her. Dadi asks Barbie is she mad, how can she decide this alone. Barbie says I asked you before kidnapping Suhani, she knew everything, if she told Yuvraaj then.. Barbie says everything will calm down and then we will think what to do. Dadi asks Barbie to be careful, don’t do anything without my permission. Barbie says I have always taken your permission, we made her hypnotized and made her do wrong things, I wanted her to leave from this house, but the family believed Suhani can never do anything wrong. Dadi asks whats her next plan. Barbie says nothing, I will leave things on time now. She smiles.

The goons throw Suhani down the jungle and leave in the car. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in the tree branch and she rolls down. She gets hit on her head and faints. The goons inform Barbie the same. Barbie asks what, did she fall in jungle. The goon says she will never come back. Barbie says fine. Pratima looks at Barbie.

Saurabh and Yuvraaj have a talk. Yuvraaj says its some other problem, I m not being negative, we should find her in right place. Yuvraaj says Suhaniw as coming to meet me at temple and did not reach home, there is something fishy. Rags says when she went, she was very angry. Bhavna says there is something, Yuvraaj is right. Pratima shouts on Barbie and asks her to say who fell. Barbie thinks did Pratima hear me. Pratima asks Barbie what was she saying, don’t lie, I know where is Suhani. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Pratima says Yuvraaj, Barbie knows where is Suhani, she was talking on phone, someone fell in jungle. Saurabh asks Pratima to calm down. Pratima says I m saying truth, I heard her saying. Pratima says don’t lie Barbie, tell me.

Yuvraaj asks Barbie to tell them if she knows about Suhani. Pratima says if you lie, I will not leave you. Dadi comes and says maybe Suhani fell, I did not wish to tell you all, Barbie knows some people, I made them find out, a girl was seen falling in the jungle, but we don’t know its Suhani or not. They all rush. Barbie asks Dadi what did you do. Dadi says Pratima had doubt, and scolds her. Barbie says Suhani jumped. Dadi asks what did your men do, that jungle is dangerous, if anything happens to Suhani then? Barbie fumes.

Someone is made Devi by Lalita and everyone assume she is Soumya. Lalita asks Radhe not to lift her ghunghat. A superstar Rama comes there and Lalita welcomes him. Rama asks for blessings for his movie success. He asks why are Devi’s hands like this. Rakhi comes and says because Devi does not go parlor. Lalita says Mata spends simple life. Rakhi covers up Radhe.

Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that they will take police help. Police comes there. Yuvraaj sees Suhani’s dupatta and gets shocked. The inspector says we got accident report in morning, about a girl falling in jungle cliff. We got this dupatta there, you have filed missing report of Suhani, so I came to ask is this dupatta belonging to her. They all get shocked. Yuvraaj holds the dupatta and recalls Suhani. FB shows Yuvraaj disliking the suit and calls Suhani’s taste bad. She says I bought this, I chose you too. He says I m the only exception. He says I will identify you in these clothes easily. She says good, I will never be lost then. He smiles. FB ends. Yuvraaj says this is Suhani’s dupatta. Pankaj, Lata, Bhavna, Dadi, Pratima and others are shocked. Saurabh asks are you sure Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says yes. Lata starts screaming. Inspector says we got a dead body there. Dadi asks how can you say dead body, it does not mean something happened to Suhani. Saurabh says we will come with you and asks Yuvraaj to come, nothing will happen to Suhani. He takes Yuvraaj. Everyone cry at home. Pratima gets in shock, while everyone console Lata. Rags and Menka get worried and feel bad too.

Yuvraaj, Saurabh, Barbie, Bhavna and police try to find Suhani in the jungle. Inspector shows the mangalsutrra and asks Yuvraaj does this belong to Suhani. He looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very very superb episode I loved it today’s episode was awesome but what happened to suhani.

  2. Wow! Super fast update amena……I think Suhani will lose her memory or mit act like she lost….atleast the kidnapping drama dint drag like SNS….hope the truth of Barbie and Evil Dadi come out soon. Overall good episode except for Yuvraj stupidity of not beliving in his mother and questioning Barbie sternly.

  3. Omg what will happen to suhani???

  4. V v emotional & Awesome episode. …..Yuvraj nailed it today. S really wish for suhani’s memory loss which will bring freshness for the show along with the trp increase .

  5. Even rags and menka felt sad for Suhani even I think so Suhani will lose her memory

  6. wow what a fantastic episode…..dadi’s evil intentions will never come out…..and now she make yuvraj believe that suhani is dead and make him marry barbie…..thatz alll and mr. yuvraj birla dislikingly will accept to marry barbie……..this is what we all have been waiting for 2 years..CVS you got our point now thank god, soo many times of separation and soo many times of marriage brilliant direction … you alone can do that which no one can doo….keep up the good work…….

  7. That “Dupatta scene ” sahil just nailed it. ??

  8. Dadi go 2 hell

  9. I hope yuvraj doubts Barbie and Suhani is found even with memory loss, or acting of memory loss. I hope that it’s not the SHE’S DEAD drama starting.

  10. They can never kill of Suhani – otherwise Show will end
    I respect of her maybe having a memory loss — yes if she is acting it out but not for real — as that would just be a dragged out story line

    They need to make out she is dead
    Dadi needs to announce Yuvraaj and Barbie to get married

    Day of Wedding Suhani needs to come in all glamours and stop the wedding

    And Yuvraaj expresses his die love and Suhnai exposes Barbie and Dadi

  11. I think suhani will find her way out

  12. Please can someone tell this director to stop this nonsense. So many times dadi does her evil things and gets away with it. If this track cant be change than please please stop this nonsense show and replace with something good for god sake .

  13. The way this show is progressing, it makes me believe that the producers, and writers believe that this show is for the children only and not for adults.. So stop wondering where the show will go from here, just enjoy the evil deeds of Dadi and Barbie. I am sure the intentions of the show’s writers are that the dishonesty and cheating are the best policy and honest people like Pankaj, Lata, Bhavna and Suhani, have no place in the society. They are born to suffer. That’s what they are showing to us as we live in Kalyug. To expect anything different will be just plain stupidity. It is like doing the same thing onver and over and expect a different result will be insanity.

  14. I have to say that this episode was SUPERB and I loved it. But I wonder what really happened to Suhani. Any suggestions????

  15. Wish suhani loss her memory and want to see yuvraj struggling to get back her love.
    In mean time would be happy if pratima and saurabh start ignoring rags and she should be blamed for suhani’s condition.Atleast now let yuvraj find truth about poison gas .

  16. In most of the serials memory lost is shown as a villain saying the actress that u r my wife and the actor struggles to get the actress back like shown in Jamaii Raja
    Thia way they drag the serial i hope it doesn’t happen

    1. Ya.. I too agree..But who is der here to claim suhani as his wife oder than yuvraj!!! An plz I request d directors not to drag d serial nd why d hell is barbie behind yuvraj n suhani… n dont say me dat barbie lusts for yuvraj… gosh dis is sersly so miserable and that soumya and mata track is too disgusting….

  17. SSEL:

    Suhani has been thrown in the jungle by Barbie’s goons. While Yuvraaj and family go to find Suhani in that jungle along with police, Yuvraaj fails to find Suhani there. Suhani regrets that Dadi has rejected her only on the basis of her looks and simplicity. Dadi has won once again and fooled Yuvraaj. The upcoming track will show Suhani’s makeover, and her rocking entry in Birla house.

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