Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan telling Pankaj that mumma says there is nothing more than love. Suhani says yes, my Papa taught this to me. Pankaj says maybe your mumma remembers everything, but she did not obey it. Pankaj gifts Yuvaan. Yuvaan thanks and hugs him. Rags tells Yuvani and Krishna that its good idea to make your Papa and mumma dance. Pankaj ignores Suhani. He asks Bhavna to come home and take away Suhani’s belongings, we don’t have any place for her memories. Suhani asks don’t you want to keep my memories. He goes. She cries.

Yuvani and Krishna tell everyone about the dance round. They ask Yuvraaj to dance. He refuses. They ask Soumya to come. Soumya asks the kids to dance. Dadi says you all dance, mumma and Papa will come later. The kids dance with Sharad, Pratima, Bhavna

and Saurabh. Yuvani asks Krishna to push her, so that mumma and Papa come to pick me, and then we will make them dance. Pankaj talks to Soumya. Krishna pushes Yuvani. Yuvani shouts mumma. Suhani and Yuvraaj get worried.

Yuvraaj and Suhani go to Yuvani and ask are you fine. Dadi asks Krishna what did you do. Suhani says maybe Krishna’s hand touched Yuvani, she did not do this intentionally. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj to dance. Yuvaan asks Suhani to dance. Suhani refuses. Suhani sees Krishna upset and agrees. Soumya gets angry. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani. Everyone get down the stage. Yuvraaj and Suhani dance on Uljhi si baatein…….plays………. everyone look on. Suhani and Yuvraaj imagine dancing happily and romantically. They have an eyelock and smile. They get away and turn to their children. Everyone clap.

Dadi asks Soumya why did Krishna push Yuvani, go and talk to her. Soumya checks her phone and says yes, I will talk. She gets some call and says please come soon. She says I will win the last game. Pratima thanks Pankaj for coming today. Pankaj says Yuvraaj is celebrating birthday after 6 years. Pratima says Suhani is also here. He says your heart is big, you have forgiven her, but I can’t forgive her. She says Suhani was depressed, understand her state once, Suhani became mother and she had no one with her, she did this mistake. He says she would have come back in all these years, she did not trust me, I always supported her. Suhani comes and says I did not leave you by my wish, I left you because of Yuvraaj, I thought Yuvraaj will be alone without a child, I wanted you all to be with him. He starts leaving. Rags says you can leave after cake cutting ceremony. He goes outside to Yuvraaj.

Dadi asks Rags and Soumya to come. Soumya stands with Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Krishna to come. Dadi stops Krishna and says this time Yuvaan and Yuvani will cut the cake. Yuvraaj cuts the cake with Yuvaan, Soumya and Yuvani. Everyone clap. Suhani looks on from far and gets dizzy. She falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Yuvraaj runs to her and worries. He sprinkles water on Suhani. Yuvraaj gets cake piece and asks Suhani to take a bite, her sugar will get normal. He feeds cake to Suhani. He lifts Suhani and takes her to outhouse. Menka says wow, what a scene, I will take a pic. Saurabh asks Menka to shut up. Soumya gets angry. Yuvraaj brings Suhani to outhouse and makes her rest on bed. He looks at her. She opens her eyes and sees him. He gets away. He asks her not to worry. She thanks him. He sees the cassettes box there and checks. He sees the cassettes she kept on each of his birthday. He thinks Suhani has kept these cassettes all these years. Sharad comes there and signs yes.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani and smiles getting teary eyed. He then keeps the box and leaves. Sharad follows him and stops him. He says Suhani did not move on in her life, she stayed away but did not forget you, she asked us not to talk about you, but she always thought of you, she loves you a lot, forget what happened 6 years ago, there is still hope in your relation, I have seen love in your eyes too. Yuvraaj says its past. Sharad says it can be future too, think again please.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj does Suhani want to remarry. Pratima says even Yuvraaj did second marriage, whats wrong. Yuvraaj asks which second marriage, I did not …………… Bhavna looks on puzzled. Yuvraaj stops saying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want them back together like past come on yuvaraj and suhani think about children and get back together

  2. what an episode! does this show off air this month ?

    1. nope aarthi

  3. wow..he still loves her lol….liked the scene todays episode is worth watching for yuvani fans

  4. feeling sorry for yuvraj,hope that he will hear the call of his heart for suhani rather than soumya

  5. Awsmmmmm epi!!!!
    Precap was also good..
    But when will sambhav come back??

  6. Super………….episode ippavaavathu Suhaniya Yuvraj purinjuruppanganu ninaikren

  7. what a romantic dance yarrr…… .
    iyoooo sola varthaigale ila enku…
    am really mesmerising when they both dancing together…..

    but suhani papa also suffering her… ..
    yeah she didnt tell anything to u leaving the birla house.
    now she get dizzy and fall down na..on that time u stand like a stone rock

  8. I think Sambhav Came then…

    1. Yea…in precap they missed writing that dadi will ask how can a person who is nt their family member can come n does suhani wants to do second marriage…so ithink sambhav came to BH……

      1. Yea,,,u r rite Sambav came

  9. Loved todayz episode…. :-*
    I just want suhani n Yuviz reunion soon. M waiting for dat.

  10. I’m confused seeing the precap….maybe Soumya created some misunderstanding …whatever she z planning it will backfire on her.,….so plan more Somu :p

    1. May be Sambhavs entry. …….

  11. Pankaj’s anger is justified …bt y he is nt angry towards Bhavna…

    1. Maybe Bhavna didn’t leave straight away… Bcos she didn’t know either that suhani left.. She don’t tell anyone

    2. To some extent pankaj’s anger is justified but the fault lies in him too 1st he listened to what yuvraj said &was angry at suhani, why did he come to the conclusion without knowing suhani’s reason to get out of the house? He knew suhani in &out then how did he believe suhani would take such a drastic step without any valid reason? Why didn’t he make the efforts to find the reason ? People sit &crib the whole life but don’t feel the necessity to find a solution .

    3. I didn’t see yesterday’s epi,,,,Did yuvi said anythng to Pankaj……and that’s true that he too didn’t search for his daughter…….if it’s lyk Suhani left first and Sharad/Bhavna joined her later then Pankaj is at fault too…coz if Bhavna can why can’t he???

      I didn’t understand one thng that Suhani said to Pankaj lyk ” I thought Yuvraj would be alone widout kid so I left u”

      1. In the previous epi suhani said yuvraj had already informed pankaj about her leaving the house so when suhani went to pankaj, he was angry at her &may be he didn’t accept her. But again the Q arises if suhani went to him he must hv seen the baby.(yuvan) …….then how did he believe yuvraj saying she has left the child (yuvani )behind &yuvraj would not hv informed him the way he pounced at suhani &that was the reason she left the house.
        The reason why suhani said that was, she took away yuvan with her but didn’t know the other child was alive & was with yuvraj, she thought yuvraj will feel alone without the child so she left pankaj fr his support.

      2. Yea the story is little bit illogical after the leap….So many confusions,,,,I mean Pankaj always supported Suhani and this time he didn’t even tried to hear her part and trusted Yuvraaj!!!!!!!!!!!…and U rite if Suhani went to see him ,he might hv seen yuvan wid her bt he didn’t ….another strange thing ,Neither Srivastavas nor Birlas tried to find Suhani,,,,even Saurabh too didn’t search for them and now he wants yuvANI to unite…..y he was quite wen Yuvraj married Soumya….and hw can Yuvraj marry her when he is not divorced…….So many confusions

      3. Exactly. …….

  12. Beedyalakshmi

    can’t wait for tomorws episd

  13. Wow…so nice…
    Now it will be interesting. Iam very happy to see yuvani’s bonding .I want there should come sambhav and yuvraj feel jealous…kash krishna jinda ho and jail mein ho,and Gauri ko dadi ne chhipa ke rakhha ho….dadi ki pol khule…..

    1. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

      Nice angle to the story….perhaps krishna is a Don by now!

  14. that Sambhav is taking a lot of time to come…

  15. This is boring, I want samani, they looks good together, any Yuvraj is not a man, he is so weak. He even didn’t tell the whole truth to pankaj. He made it out again it Suhani. Suhani is better with out all of them.

    1. Who is samani ???……
      I liked the episode but as u said yuvraj is weak &will always be the same. There is no doubt that he luvs suhani but I sometimes feel what’s the use of luving her when he can’t stand by her through the difficulties instead blame her fr everything without knowing the actual facts. He himself has messed up his life how could he even think of getting married to suhani’s best friend? He is equally at fault as soumya. ….. There’s no value fr marriage, best friend ,a trustworthy husband &fmly.

      1. I think its Sambav+Suhani =Samani…we call them as Subav,,,,, 🙂

    2. I thnk Sambav will come today,,,bcoz there were pics in Suhani’s fb page

      1. subav. ……..that’s nice 🙂 🙂

      2. yea , some fans created the name 😀

  16. why is pankaj angry

    1. He’s angry because suhani left everything behind.

  17. I think sambhav came there…. so bhavna got puzzled

  18. Sambhav nale varumo??? Onnu varu plzz

    1. Yp. Sambhav varanam. Njnum atanu aagrahikunnat

    2. yep….varum….Suhani de fb pagil ind pics wid Sambav,,,athum same dressil

  19. These precaps I tell you. They leave us in curiosity? yuvraaj and suhaani are way too stubborn ?

  20. Guys I think the show is going off air at the end of this monh.. Try to get the TRP high, so it doesn’t get off air… I really love this show.. It calms me with stress and everything… And I found some amazing people with this show (all you amazing fanfic writers!) 😀

    1. Not soon yar…its also completed one more year too..
      because ssel is the first serial hit the core of trp above 2.5 in that 6.30pm time slot…they still being top 10..dnt down falled..its also a slot leader too wen its launch so..nope sp soon axe the show

    2. No yaar…in yesterday’s cmnt section they all said that it’s Silsila pyaar ki and tamanna….not SSEL…..and don’t trust google…

  21. Good episode today, love watching Suhani and Yuvraaj dancing

    Oh no, hope this program is not ending soon. I just love watching Suhani and Yuvaan

    1. I fo too ;-; I dont understand how shows like saathiya lasted for 6 years! Its unbelievable! At least one more year SSEL CREW!

  22. I guess, the person somu called is sambhav…

    1. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

      I too think so!

  23. If you google you will see final episode for this show as June 2016.

    1. Yes I saw that too… I was really upset.. But then again it said the same thing for SNS some time ago… there isnt big news on it either soooo don’t know yet and considering it is star plus and the story drags a little… i dont think it wuld fining in 4 weeks.. well i am hoping it wont..

  24. suhani and yuvrag come back together with yuvani and yuvan

  25. Superb episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Selfish is becoming more interesting after yuvan meeting yuvraj. I wish suhani and yuvraj marry each other again. As usual Pratima Aunti Ji, Saurav and Sharad are so superb my favourite actors in suhani si ek ladki. Bcoz they ate very sweet, humble and always support the right ones. I hate Dadi, saumya and rags. Menka is better than these 3 cruel ladies. Keep this spirit Sweet Pratima Auntiji, Sharad and Saurav. Love you for your superb role. I LOVE your Krishna, yuvan, yuvraj, suhani, bhavna, yuvani.

  26. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    what an episode again…. Both Yuuvraj and Suhani know they have been loving each other since past 6yrs… hope they get more closer….i think Soumya has called Sambhav…. she saw him in the hospital .. remember and Suhani might have left with him for Lucknow with Yuvan that is why Dadi was saying how she could go with anyone other than family members in the precap….so finally Sambhav is here!!!!!!

    Wonder how Yuvraj and Suhani will meet if they are in different cities…. lets see how the story unfolds…. Agree with Trupti….both Krishna and Gauri should be alive…. and should make a comeback…. everything else will fall back in place….

  27. I think when suhani will regain consciousness, she will call out yuvi’s name, but will be surprised to see sambhav sitting beside her…..

  28. Tell me guys isn’t dumraj still selfish…since Yuvan has come Dumraj has sidelined Krishna..and i cannot understand why Dadi is calling the shots..she has played eith people lives since day one..and she bought in Soumya ,Barbi,Rohan etc and created situation and why dumraj blames Suhani of the death of sister…the very sister who was hidden from family for many years and is was Suhani who bought her home?why is the whole family overlooking this.Dumraj cannot forgive Suhani but willing to bring home and into his bedroom the wife of the person who bought in the tell me what sort of dumash family is this…letting Dadi,Rags and Shameless Soumya get away with their dirty deeds. Good overrides evil..but i don’t see that happening..these people should be taught a lesson other wise what is this teaching the society..Come on The so called men of the house are you that reliant on your Dadi money that you are willing to overlook her evil doings if so why you guys going out to run the business.Pratima speak up.Saurabh also speak up..cos dumraj is dadi’s puppet.Pankaj wake of all people should have understood your dtr.Soumya..shameless woman you are not doing this for your dtr future..doing this for yourself always want what Suhani has.Blind wonan can you not see how your dtr is mother would stand by but you do why bcos you only want what Suhani has.You are not a go find your own path .Rags is useless lazy ugli..saurabh get rid of her too.Not in the least surprised if tge serial is ending…what have we learnt from it..Evil doers are forgiven..WHY? BCOS FAMILY ARE BRAINLESS.

    1. I agree with ur thoughts. …….Yuvraj is selfish looking at the present situation he doesn’t want to let go soumya &krishna at the same time he wants suhani &yuvan back. ……v disgusting. ……….

      1. Its not selfish…he is bounded by dere duties

    2. Yea U r rite…even today, when Dadi stopped Krishna, Yuvraj didn’t respond….I thought he will say smthng back and cut cake wid the three kids…bt he just obeyed her

  29. Plz yuvraj tell the family the truth that u didn’t marry and get suhani back in ur life.

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