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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Eoisode starts with Ramesh talking to Sharad. Suhani wishes to get Dada ji’s formula and talks to Saurabh and Yuvraaj. She says she will not lose till she makes the cream well. Sharad asks Menka what was she hearing, he will tell Rags. Menka says she will fire you and not believe anything. Sharad says then you need to do my work and asks her to learn the work. Menka says this won’t happen. Sharad smiles and gets the old books. Menka identifies Dada ji’s diary. Suhani asks Rags about the cream, why irritation happens. Rags says by bleach. Suhani says we don’t add bleach in our cream.

Rags says then I don’t know, and asks them to use her creams formula. Yuvraaj says no, the company can sue us. Rags says as you wish and leaves. Yuvraaj thinks we can consult any specialist. Suhani

says maybe it is hidden in Dada ji’s secret formula. Radhe comes home and says he is tired. He asks for food. Krishna asks him to freshen up. Radhe says I m very hungry. Lalita says fine. Radhe starts eating. Menka says she got the diary and takes it. Sharad says its junk. Menka runs and says she will show this to Dadi, it has Dada ji’s cream formula. Rags hears it and asks for the diary. Menka falls and scolds Sharad. Everyone come there.

Rags and Menka try to take the diary. Rags says she will keep the diary as this has the formula. Menka says she will not give it and argues. Rags scolds her and they argue. Suhani takes the diary. Menka snatches it. Suhani says leave it. Rags asks for the diary. Dadi comes and asks about it. Suhani reads the diary. Menka tells Dadi about the formula. Dadi asks for the diary. Yuvraaj says this is imp for us. Dadi says it will be with me, its my husband’s. Suhani says it does not have formula, but a clue that formula is hidden in the house. She reads the clue. Rags says why did Dada ji not write formula. Yuvraaj says it was unique and anyone would have used it. Suhani says it means we can find the formula. Radhe feels hungry and thinks to check in kitchen. Soumya sees some shadow and wakes up Krishna. She says she has seen someone going in kitchen, it maybe thief. Suhani reads the clue again and Yuvraaj says is he saying about Dadi.

Sharad says Dada ji used to love Dadi a lot. Suhani says but Dadi does not have formula. They all try to understand the words. Saurabh says maybe its hidden in Dadi’s room. Dadi says maybe. They all go there to see. Suhani reads the next clue. Suhani sees the family pic of the wall and tells Yuvraaj that she feels Dada ji pointed to that pic. Yuvraaj removes the pic and it has a chit on its back. He says is this the formula. Krishna and Soumya beat up Radhe in darkness and call everyone. They all beat him covering him in blanket.

Rakhi says Radhe is nowhere, where is he. Lalita says beat the thief first. Soumya says wait, is this Radhe. Krishna sees its Radhe and they all are shocked. Radhe cries and says he was hungry, so he has come. Krishna says sorry. Suhani shows the letter for Dadi and Yuvraaj smiles reading it. he says he wrote novel on Dadi’s beauty, and there is something written for mum too. He reads Pratima is a nice girl, his son is lucky that he got Pratima as his wife, she is lucky and I want her to be well. Dadi says don’t care about his joke. Suhani reads the next clue in it. Menka taunts Suhani. Anuj taunts Menka. Rags says she is business head and she will decide how to get the formula, we have to decode the clue.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani upset and teases her. They smile. Dadi looks on. Everyone try finding the formula. Krishna and Soumya come and join them. Krishna says sorry for coming late. Saurabh asks him to try to decode the formula. Krishna says he is new here, how would he know. Rags asks him to do. Menka says Soumya knows every corner of this house, as she has stayed for many days here.

Dadi shows Dada ji’s study room and tells Suhani that she will get formula here. Suhani thanks her. Rahs look on. Dadi smiles and leaves, as Suhani gets locked there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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