Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi fainting. Everyone worry. Yuvraaj argues with Suhani and asks her why did she tell Dadi everything. Sambhav asks Yuvraaj how can he hate Suhani so much, give her chance to speak. Yuvraaj says Suhani gave papers to Dadi. Suhani says I did not give papers to Dadi, I was hiding it, Menka came there and told everything. Rags says Suhani, its good to do mistake and blame poor Menka. Yuvraaj says look Suhani, if anything happens to Dadi then…..

Dadi gets up and was acting. Dadi goes to the mirror and removes the fake bandage. Suhani goes to outhouse and is upset. Pratima, Sharad and Bhavna come there. Suhani gets angry. Pratima says I know you did not do anything, if Yuvraaj is angry, can I expect you to be calm. Suhani says problems will increase if we stay here.

Bhavna asks her not to go, let Dadi get fine. Sambhav says I think Suhani is saying right, even I should not stay here.

Yuvraaj comes to Dadi’s room. She hides. Sambhav asks Suhani to come. Sharad says leave her hand, she won’t go anywhere. Sambhav says she is my would be wife. Sharad says she is my sister, no one will go anywhere. Dadi comes from washroom and says I m here. Yuvraaj helps her and takes her to the bed. He says doctor asked you to have complete bed rest, Dadi I m sorry for hiding about my and Soumya’s marriage, but Suhani…. Dadi says Suhani did not tell me, I have seen papers, before I could read, Menka told everything.

its morning, Menka stops Suhani from going to Dadi. Yuvraaj asks Menka to let Suhani go, Dadi wants her to come. Suhani says you know it was your fault yesterday, so you are asking me to go to Dadi. Radhe and Rakhi come there. Radhe jumps and hugs Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Soumya to attend them and goes. Dadi asks Suhani so you did not marry that guy, and Yuvraaj did not marry Soumya. Suhani says that guy is Sambhav.

Radhe and Rakhi tell Soumya that they opened a crèche and hope to get their lost child. Soumya says don’t worry, you will get your child. Radhe says ask Menka to send her child. Soumya says I will cry. Rags gets Menka’s baby there. Rags asks Rakhi not to touch the baby and wash hands first. The baby cries seeing Rakhi. Rakhi tells Radhe that Menka’s son looks like their child. Radhe says you feel every baby is your son, come now.

Suhani tells Soumya and Rags that Dadi is calling everyone. Everyone go to Dadi. Dadi says I m still the head of the house, I got to know about Yuvraaj and Soumya, it was wrong. Yuvraaj says it was my decision. Dadi says that decision is not in your and Suhani’s hands now, Pratima I m giving this responsibility to you now. Menka asks are we playing any game. Dadi says I m talking about marriage, and its not a game, Yuvraaj and Soumya’s marriage, Suhani and Sambhav’s marriage, will that happen or not, entire family will decide, everyone write yes or no on chits and leave in Pratima’s room, we will read it in morning, then we will decide. Menka gets annoyed.

Sambhav asks Suhani to write yes, I want to marry you, and become part of your and Yuvaan’s life, marry me, I promise I will keep you happy, I will love and care more than Yuvraaj. Suhani thinks why did Dadi decide this, Dadi is not like this.

Yuvraaj thinks to sign on marriage certificate and Soumya stops him. She says you and Suhani should give another chance to your relation, Krishna and I will manage, don;’t spoil your life. Yuvraaj says no. Pratima comes and asks why no Yuvraaj. Suhani says there is nothing like before between us. Bhavna says things can be made fine, if children hate you, you can’t do anything, they will get away from both of you. She cries and asks Suhani to write no on the chit. Suhani cries. Bhavna says I always regarded you my friend and never said anything, I m not a fool, I m worried for your children, you have to marry Yuvraaj, not anyone else.

Pratima asks Soumya not to leave with Krishna, and stay here. She asks Yuvraaj to not leave this chance and give Suhani another chance. Sambhav writes yes and says I hope Suhani, your answer is same. Saurabh and Sharad tell Yuvraaj that their answer is no and ask his answer. Rags says we are with Soumya. She asks Soumya to make Yuvraaj write yes. Suhani says I have written no. Sambhav asks how could you do this. Suhani says Yuvaan wants to stay here with Yuvani, I will stay in outhouse or with my parents, I m marrying for Yuvaan’s sake, if he asks me why he does not stay with Yuvani, what will I answer, it was not easy for me to decide this, but I m helpless, forgive me, I respect you, but nothing is imp to me than my son, I can’t leave my daughter.

Yuvraaj says no, I can’t bear her, she always hurts me, but I don’t want to separate my children, Suhani can marry anyone, but I won’t marry Soumya, I hope Sharad convinces Suhani not to separate Yuvaan and Yuvani, my answer is no. Soumya looks on, and goes to Krishna. She cries and says we have to leave this house soon, Yuvraaj is not your dad. Krishna cries and says no, Suhani said where there is true love, relations are not false. She shouts no and runs. Soumya cries and says sorry, I have to do this for your future.

Yuvraaj tells Pratima that you know I can’t do this, I did not know Soumya is here. Soumya says there is nothing like that. Rags asks Yuvraaj whats this lipstick mark doing on your shirt. Suhani cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. y yuvraj still hates suhani….. he stil now undercoverd by sowmya …

    poor sambhav when suhani says no fr her anwser .. he get hurted much and much…

    i thinl she dadi twins means then y she did confusion to all birla families…
    she dadi or dadi’s twin sister

  2. Nice epi…..hope the twin dadi unites yuvani. Didn’t like the precap at all. Hate that Somya chudhail?

  3. how dare soumya ?? hw can she do such cheap thing..sirf krishna ki future ke leiye or her future ke leiye?? so irritating…

    1. Sach mein this somya would never change. Hate her to the core . I never feel bad for her , i think Krishna mustbe lucky that he got free fom this chudhail (witch).

  4. Den also suhani will believe yuvraj had not did any mistake coz she is not like yuvraj

  5. Sahasranjali

    If dadi has a twin sister, then I am amused to know that nobody knows about her. Why are all the shakki bahus of birla house not suspecting dadi’s strange behaviour.?
    And as far as soumya is concerned, she first of all did wrong in the past regardinh her husband and did not keep a check on his deeds. Now she wants to be in birla house for her daughter’s future. When we talk so much about women empowerment what sort of social message is this serial giving.? Can’t a woman be self-dependent to support herself and her daughter instead of snatching her bff’s rights.? I know this society won’t let her live peacefully if she becomes self-dependent but won’t a woman stand for her rights against the society.? Why does she need to use all the disgusting tactics to woo the family members and stick to that family even after the truth is out that she is not married to yuvraj.?
    Suhani.. what happened to her.,? Earlier her character was portrayed as one of the strongest. Where is her self respect now when yuvraj taunts her and misbehaves with her every single day.?
    There is surely some problem with the writers here.!!

  6. this stupid dadi again doing drama…

  7. The present track is boring no fun so boring and serial has surely lost it importance now it’s whole problem, the serial was there to represent no colour or look s are to be insulted so boring

  8. Boring! So degrading to women in our society! With best friends like Soumya who needs enemies! Need new writers!

  9. I love Suhani and yuvraj as couples but now a days they r not looking good become of strange behaviours and I hate soumya, Rex n menaka like hell. Shameless creatures.

  10. Guys this is dadi’s twin sister she has taken dadi’s getup.
    She wants to take the whole property..

  11. Yes tara you you are right i have read about this on fb.

  12. Soomuya is such a cheap woman who can stoop so low to get what she wants.

  13. The show is boring, why does yuvraj keep blaming Suhani without thinking first? Always bringing what happened six years ago up. The track needs forwarding, it’s stuck on the same thing. At least bring rags and menka’s meddling and creating problems to the front.

    1. I know, even after dadi tells Yuvraj that it was menka that told her, he still blames Suhani. Im going to stop watching. I hope menka baby is Rakhi real baby n they get Rags n menka arrest. But PLEASE let those two get in trouble, no more forgiving them. Serious trouble -jail time. Work for a living. Something!! Lol.

  14. Aqsxxh

    I was thinking bcos Yuv and Suhani wrote no, Dadi would put them together and bcos Somu and Sam wrote yes Dadi would put them togetehr… I was like that is an amazing idea, untile I saw what somu done in the Precap.. I was gonna add suin like that in my OS but I guess I can’t now.

  15. After the children knew about their real parents the show started to become interesting but now with this twin dadi don’t know what s going to happen otherwise it will same dragging insulting serial

  16. can gauri come back please we miss her

    1. I too wish guari to come back not bcoz I miss her but to shut yuvraj’s mouth forever for blaming suhani .Where is Aditya ? He was not even shown mourning for his wife. ……

  17. kaushinka bhalla balakumar

    somya is evil

  18. soumya what r u doing? ??? pleasestay away from yuvani…do u get that? ?? I couldn’t expect this from u…Please sudhar jao…suhani tumnhe apni best friend manti he or tum…!!! huuu

  19. Hi guys this is my first time commenting on this show but i think soumya should get a JOB to support herself & her daughter & stop depending on a man (someone else husband)!!!!!!

    1. Hai Monae,,,,U r rite,,,,also there is no need for her to do any job,,,,coz she is frm a rich family and don’t have any siblings,,,,she can raise her daughter with all comforts,,,,still she z after yuvi

    2. S Soumya should be self independent but she will never be instead she will ruin others life just to fulfill her selfish goals.

  20. They are giving false hope to Sambav,,,,,Y Yuvraj is always shouting at Suhani,,,,

    1. Nithu

      Poor sam n yuvi is mad…i think his nuts went loose suhani shd tight them…by scolding him in return..n one more thing evry1 came to no dat somu n yuvi r nt married soo y simu shd sleep in yuvi room..and nw yuvi n suhani are a couple frst dey need to apply divorce n do marriage with their respective partners rit

    2. So true, feels bad for Sambhav. ……….
      Yuvraj. …….don’t understand what’s wrong with him, even after knowing the truth he reacts so weird.

    3. Haa guys,,,,,Yuvi totally disappointed me

  21. Too much disoppointed by yuvrajs behaviour, he is still the same. ……never misses a chance to insult suhani or blame her. He fails to analyse the situations around him &has his own predictions. …why pratima wants suhani to hv patience &not react even though her self respect is hurt? Why is Bhavana pressuring Suhani to write No on the paper? She was the 1 concerned for soumya why this sudden change? &as of soumya it’s so confusing does she want yuvraj to father her child or does she want a man in her life. ..she said she was thrown out of her in laws place then how’s it possible her talking to Rakhi &Radhe so normal ?

  22. Nachiya kader

    Yuraj is useless knows of his families hates suhani still he don’t know how and what their family are doing behind raags and maneka are useless daughter in laws what is beauty only her husband needs to know now she wants to be beauty show best rates husband can find a mistress and teach her lesson disturbing other family that means God never give you problem pls writer find a girl for him stories are public to learn if ever one got their own problems they will not disturb other people and raags is a worst

  23. I love to see that now Rags and gangs are blaming yuvraj.i mean is bar yuvraj ko nishana banaya hai ….dekhte hai yuvraj kaise khud ko bachata hai….suhani ne hamesha saha hai …..ab yuvraj ki baari….ha.ha ha …

  24. So where is the real Dadi if this is a twin sister? did she die?

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