Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam asking Krishna why is she supporting Suhani. Krishna reminds Suhani raised her, after Sambhav killed Soumya. Saiyyam asks her to shut up. Bhavna does aid to Suhani’s burnt feet. Saiyyam asks Suhani why is she doing all this. Bhavna asks what did Suhani do. Saiyyam asks Bhavna not to talk between him and his mum. Bhavna says its good you remember Suhani is your mum, I thought you got blind after Sambhav came back, Sambhav did this. Saiyyam asks really….

He goes and gets Sambhav. He shows them Sambhav’s burnt hands and asks what’s this, tell me. Bhavna says stop acting Sambhav. Saiyyam says even Suhani can act, she burnt my dad’s hands. Sambhav says I m fine, leave it. I want to talk to Suhani. Bhavna says no. Suhani asks Bhavna to go and rest,

take Krishna along. Saiyyam hugs Sambhav. They go. Sambhav asks Suhani how will you prove that I m so mean, your Yuvraaj will not come back, what’s the point. She says don’t touch me. He says you can bear this pain for lover and have problem to make husabnd apply ointment, amazing, fine keep wound be open, it will heal till morning, you have to do new task in morning, this is list of 20 items, it should be made in morning, I will explain rules in kitchen, good night and take care, don’t keep feet on ground, it will hurt. He goes.

Its morning, Suhani and Bhavna go to kitchen. Sambhav says you have the list. She says you said you will tell us about Yuvraaj. He says fine, you have to make 20 dishes in 20 mins, hurry up. The ladies start cooking.

Yuvaan goes to argue with Saiyyam. Saiyyam argues with Sharad and Yuvaan. Sharad says Sambhav is fooling you, think if he loves you, why did he not find you. Saiyyam says he did not know about me, and about revenge, Suhani tried to kill him. Yuvaan says no need to talk, both father and son are same, your dad wants to kill my dad. They fight. Sharad stops them. The ladies are preparing the dishes. Sharad says we don’t have time to fight, Yuvraaj’s life is in risk, show father’s love in right way, and Saiyyam you see the truth, open your eyes, truth is something else. He asks Yuvaan to come.

Baby goes to Rags and pushes her. Rags scolds Baby. Baby says sorry, I did not do this intentionally. Dadi says we have just 19 dishes now. Krishna says calm down, we can win. Suhani says we can make salt less, boil some potatoes to lessen salt. Krishna says I had boiled extra potatoes. They continue cooking. Sambhav comes and says time up. Dadi asks him to see the 20 dishes, its ready, now tell where is Yuvraaj. Sambhav says what’s the hurry, serve food first.

They all serve food to Sambhav. He eats food. Suhani says you promised to tell about Yuvraaj, fulfill your promise now. Sambhav adds chilli and salt in all dishes. They all look on. Sambhav serves food in a plate. They all get puzzled. Suhani says you asked us to make food. Sambhav says I changed my mind, this is my game, you all have to do what I say, you have to do this, if you want to know about Yuvraaj, start eating this food now, else forget Yuvraaj. Suhani and everyone eat the food. Sambhav says all your bahus made the food with love Dadi, have it. Suhani says don’t make Dadi eat this, she has Bp problem. Dadi says Suhani, no need to argue, I will have it. Dadi also eats the food. Baby sees the spoon and drops it. She puts her food in Yuvaan’s bowl. Dadi coughs.

Everyone worry for her. Sambhav does not give her water. He drops the jug. He sees Saiyyam coming and starts acting. He asks Suhani why do you hate me so much, you can’t drink water by my hands, and what’s this food, so much chilli, how will I eat this, you all are not eating this. Krishna goes to Saiyyam and says explain your dad. Saiyyam asks what do you mean, my dad is torturing you with food. Krishna asks can’t you see Dadi and our state. Saiyyam says I can see why Dadi is coughing seeing me. Sambhav smiles. Saiyyam says its better I leave. He goes. Sambhav gets to his real avatar again. Suhani worries seeing Dadi.

Sharad says I will get water for Dadi. Sambhav says then you can’t see Yuvraaj again. Suhani and others dig up soil. Sambhav smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what are the directors trying to prove in this serial that you torture
    your family like this i would say end the show with uniting yuvraj

  2. What shit ..??? Nowadays I’m only reading updates… Can’t saiyaam see his father real Avatar… Can’t tolerate this shit ….. Writers lost their brain. .. height of Stupidity

    1. Ya, I also read update, bas. Who will see this nonsense thing will evil winning.

      1. Ya really… Such nonsense…. I wish… The trp must fall to 0 then too writers will not get brain… Stupidity

  3. Syamala Ranganathan

    The director must be cruel minded .He must be like sambav in real life.That is why he is glorigying such devilish characters. It is an unrealistic serial.It is hightime this nonsense is stopped

    1. You r rite. Jabse director change hua, serial has gone down with all dis bkwas.

  4. Sach yaar, bahot hogaya. Suhani ko bhi maar do aur mukt karo.

    1. 3 days before… I also commented same… Just kill YuvAni….. N focus on devil sambhav

  5. I think saiyyam saw everything and pretending to behave normal…dont know i might b wrong….now dont tell me that they r digging hole to bring water for dadi…ROFL?..whats all this nonsense..atleast now dadi,rags,yuvani should understand suhani & krishna. ..especially wanna see yuvani,sayyam reaction after knowing d truth..ab shaayad sahil pongal bhi manane ke baad wapas ayega

    1. ya nw they r showng sayyam as dumb. everybody are sayng against sambhav bt he wont believe it. i think we have to wait for some more epis abt what he s upto…

    2. Mystery

      Hahaha…..saiyyam will get a big shock after knowing his dad’s truth…..but I know then he will support suhani..

      Yuvaani don’t want Krishna to bcz her bhabi…now tolerate this baby….yuvaani n all birlas deserves it…..

  6. maan gaye sambhav ko saiyam ko apni side kitni easily kar liya ab to saiyam ko sambhav har matter m sahi lagta h aap bhavana ne sahi kaha ki tumhe yaad h suhani tumahri maa h jab saiyam negative tha to uska itna dimaag chalta tha positive hote hi stupid ban gaya h cvs ko negative log bhut pasand h isliye to negative always win hote h

  7. Bhargavi, sahil hota bhi to kya karta. Usse kuch dhang ka role bacha hai kya. Par aapki digging water for dadi baat ne bahot hasaya.

    1. Ur right!!..but i only watch for them…and that water idea…lol…im turning crazy watching this crime comedy show…till my 10th i never watched any tv show…i started watching this in my 11th standard even during exams without missing a single episode…this is d only show i watch and its not my mother tongue i totally regret for wasting my tym…at d end yuvani wont b reunited and kriyam continues

      1. Literally I too regret for watching this only show YuvAni…I’m watching just this show… But I think I’m wasting my tym..
        In this site….. Ff r far better then this nonsense

  8. @bhargavi,@abi n @sselfan…. Now I’ll stop to watch 2-3 days… As per tellychakkar, sambhav will torture more… Like not giving water n forcefully dancing…. So there is lot of tym to rescue yuvraj n now it better I stop watching……. Really writers r devil…
    Instead of focusing on YuvAni kids…love childhood yuvan n yuvani…. Atleast they got more screen space then the grown up… Feel pity on yuvan n yuvani … Just focusing on sambhav…..

    1. Infamous_Jenny

      I totally agree with u. We should stop to seeing atlist 4-5 episodes…

    2. Agree with u @somi…grown up kids have no screen space…yuvi himself has nothing to do as per cvs…..whats more left to torture….masterchefindia yesterday someone were saying,dance india dance,crime patrol,savdhaan india ,man vs wild by bringing that snake..sab kuch tho try karliya..aur kya bachaa hai

      1. Ya… Now literally I don’t pity on donkey sahil….. Coz of him …. Dragging so much…. He’s just posting pics…. Anshul narang kung shadi…. Maan toh kar raha hai ek tapad laguhu… From so many days he’s on leave…. Ya but yuvan n yuvani must b given screen space… Just after the leap they got space for 2 days…. But now sambhav…. He’s is irritating n saiyaaam itna anda hogaya baap ke pyar mai… stupid… Really funny sab show ka try kar liya ssel ne

      2. Somi..if we look up frm sahil side…who will b interested to do this show yaar…hero character has become useless..he could not save his wife from villian ….for god sake she has a baby with another person too…such a useless character it had become…the funniest thing is hero went to jail without any reason…this shows how illogical ssel is…but d thing is we fans arent able to give up yuvaani and ssel..moreover they r earning money too

  9. everyday showng shit nly. i couldnt even get any other words to scold them.. i think yuvani will be shown united nly at the end of the show…

  10. yuvaani fans

    sahil rajshri ssel ko quit kar de to m v ssel ko quit kar dungi nowadays to m only written update read kar rhi hu m us din ka wait kar rhi hu jab sahil ssel ko quit kar denge ya ssel off air ho jayega m jaanti off air ke baad yuvaani dekhne ko nhi milenge par avi konsa mil rahe h yuvaani is torture se to accha hoga off air hona kam kam mind disturb to nhi hoga mujhe pata h jab tak sahil rajshri rahenge m ssel ko quit nhi kar paungi

    1. Ya really… If they will quit I’ll also quit… Watching for Sahil n Rajshri

  11. Its a long time now..director should change the title of the show to (the villan sambhav)
    Overall story runs around sambhav nonsense…!! Sahil should quit acting if he can’t carry on with it…its tolerable for 3 to 4 days but its more than a week..due sahils holidays ssel shows nonsense ,cheap things in the show…sayyium crack minded he things suhani is mental that burns her own feet.. ?? CVS thinks that viewers are dumb…. they don’t understand this nonsense..

    1. Really agree with u… Sahil is a nut… Stupid…. how many days he will take leave….

    2. Exactly! But I wonder how many views well be upset yuvraj died or they can change the actor, well always the support of sahil well be upset.

      I have a degree on media management. The trouble come, when your star, behaving badly. Also at the end of the day. You are trying to keep your job.
      So Sahil, is the problem, not the writers. Yes sometimes writers, do bad story line. But it is all parts of the jobs.

      Please try and understand the pressure, that they are going thorough.
      At the end of the day, you guy’s are still watching.
      It is not just that director, or the producer. Actor’s. It is also the makeup artist, the set designers. That well lose their job, all because of one actor.
      So think about it…..

  12. I think in the end of this track saiyyam will save yuvraj and then suhani might start loving him
    The worst twist if suhani love saiyyam only coz he saved yuvraj

    1. That is what I was thinking. Why should anyone has to get their mother love, to please their boyfriend.

      I am so angry at some people here and their comments. Oh suhani was raped!
      You might disagree with me, but I have been keeping quite. But enough is enough.

      At the end of the day, saiyyam came from Suhani Husband! Not some stranger. Suhani married sambhav, it was because of yuvaan.

      Suhani like to perche, she talks about how good and wise you should be.

      So where was her wisdom, when it came to saiyyam.

      I don’t believe in abortion or divorce.
      I had my way, I would have told suhani to give up her twin, to yuvraj. Also I would have told her to stay at her parents place, for the rest of her life.

      As for abortion, God give life, God can only take life. That child is God gift to you. It doesn’t matter how that child came about, even if you where raped.
      That child is giving to you, as a reason.

      It all depend on you, how you bring the child up.

      No suhani abandoned saiyyam. Where is her preaching.

      Suhani is MA! MA TO SAIYYAM.
      As a MA you don’t behave like that!.

      Yuvraj I would have got him marrying to Soumya.
      Suhani is Bad luck!
      Suhani don’t know the meaning of motherhood.

      1. I agree with Mas.
        I some point I agree with you, but abortion and divorce, well I can’t agree with you.
        I agree with you, on suhani like to perches a lot, suhani like to be this goddesses. Which she is not.

        Hassan, don’t you think if suhani, didn’t try to be godly, and honest with herself. Then saiyyam would have not have been abandoned.

        The reason that suhani went thorough, with the pregnancy, with saiyyam is. Because Dadi told her to have the abortion.

        Suhani wanted to show Dadi that she is better then her.
        By doing this, when she realised that she can’t love saiyyam, she abandoned him.
        Now saiyyam is hurt and angry, which he had the right to.

        Abortion, is far more better, and kinder, then abandonment.
        You won’t bring in a child, that you never going to love. I believe only a woman can make that choice, not men.

        Rape is wrong, even for a husband. No men should have that right to do anything to his wife.

        Divorce can save yourself life, being with a husband, that doesn’t give you any respect. Is far more worsted. You say Suhani is bad luck, well I say Yuvraj is bad luck. He made suhani life hell. yuvraj was the one who cut all ties with suhani.
        Yuvraj did this to suhani not saiyyam.
        Why should any women, be with a man that abuse her. Would a man like that.

        Maybe you are right to say suhani should have given up her twin to yuvraj.

        It would be better for suhani to live with her parents.
        Marriage is optional.

        Yes, since suhani made that choice, to have saiyyam. She should have raised him.
        Then suhani would have not been in this mess.

  13. According to spoiler, there’s more torture from sambhav but saiyyam will start doubting his father and dig up his reality. Hopefully he’ll know the truth and help suhani.

  14. What terrific episode…I’m going to stop watch this non sense serial…

  15. somi maine to band kar diya h jis din sahil gaya tha usi din se nhi dekha bas wu read karti hu itni negativity to saathiya m v nhi dikhate h jitni ssel m dikha rhe h jitni

    1. Same here… So much negativity…. Full of nonsense… Hope they r making kriyam as kaira like yrkkh…. I’ll stop watching… Let kriyam fans watch n can’t bear so much torture of sambhav from 9 months… It is too much… I’ll just read updates if no improvement then surely I’ll stop

      1. Mystery

        Saiyyam is much better than yuvraj….yuvraj never support suhani…he always became dadi’s boy…..n I know saiyyam n Krishna…are much better then yuvaani

      2. I agree with Mystery !

  16. hopfully they will kick out baby as well. She and Sambhav are so horrible people, one who likes to torture others and the other one who will do anything to get pretty valuables. Really disgusting. Watching the show is a waste of 20 min, I’m better off reading the recap in 1 min.

  17. Plz do end this torture crap

  18. poor directors they are helpless..until Sahil returns from his leave they have no option othwr than continuing this track.

    Just lul Sahils Fb posts. He is jus enjoying his leaves

    So jus chill guys..its jus a serial..don take itto heart. Actors performing in it are njoying…directors and channel is gettinf g good they ate least bothered about viewrs interest or entertainment

    For me I am just njoying this Smabhavs track..what a sadistic timing. I just laughed the moment he starting sprinkling salt and red chilli

    1. Aqsxxh

      True, his sadistic side is quite humorous shows what revenge can do to you

  19. Aqsxxh

    everyone is wanting the family to all unite *no doubt I do too, like to make up for the family time that was lost* but, I am still waiting for YuvAni to reunite, and still haven’t got that. smh, the director couldn’t even let the viewers of this show from the beginning enjoy the moral of this show enough, no doubt it had one of the best morals about the skin colour in society, but now look, torture, torture, torture. Some viewers (I included) are still praying for YuvAni, since 2014.
    And Saiyyam is an amazing character the show was tolerable bcos of him and his mystery, but now, Sambhav had brought his face back in this show- god. -.-
    Now, as I can see from the comments it is mostly the young generation, forgetting about the main 2nd generation in the show- only bcos the director has fuuked this show up so much

    Remember at the start of the leap how Suhani was a fighter and she beat up the goon? Where is that now? All she does is bare the torment and bawl her eyes out, I miss the old Suhani the strong independent Suhani, yes- after her rape she was broken, but the woman post-leap was strong, i could see the Jungi Suhani in her…

    Ugh, I just miss old SSEL, negl, this track was going well to some extent, like there is the occasional good episode, but, after the good episode there is a turmoil of hell for weeks ;-;

    Just wishing the directors realise that what they are doing is completely illogical and unrealistic, go back to real life problems, for example, Baby could’ve been an amazing character *if she wasn’t a gold digger*
    they could’ve made a bond between her and Suhani bcos of their ‘darker’ skin colour– they could’ve made her somewhat successful…
    And Baby in real life is a model anyway, so they could’ve shown the path to her modelling success, idk, this is my thoughts instead of watching this torture, that would’ve been more loved by the fans instead of this Sambhav (devil reincarnation) track.

    Oh, I also thank Amena for posting updates, you save us all from going through 20 minutes of torture, it generally means a lot!

    final note, does anyone know where I can watch the old SSEL episodes with english subtitles?

    Thank you

    1. Aqsxxh

      Not trying to hate, I just had to rant, the website stopped episode analysis so you all don’t need to get angry, I love most of the characters in the show, it is that the director disfigured them all.

    2. Cool…. I too miss old suhani who was independent n well wishers n always help other…. That was the theme … Soorat ya seerat….

      Now writers spoiled the sweet suhani in something else…. Suhani character was the one attracted everyone which is result of 2 years ssel complete n 3 yr ongoing with new characters…

      Coming to new characters….
      Yuvan n yuvani must b given screen space like saiyaam… I.e.YuvAni children….

      Saiyaam character no doubt good but dat doesn’t mean will forget suhani.. We loved suhani but now many bash suhani….

      Krishna need to improve acting her acting is very dull… Means saiyaam is very active like old suhani… But small krishna acting was better…
      Anyway ur post was good… N really thnx to amena for written updates

      1. Baby is good in acting like rags n menka…. Missing menka.. She must at least some funny things… To laugh.. Where is pratima….. Beta ghum gaya isliya pagal hogayi kya…
        Old saurab was good n now where is new saurab…. Day by day decreasing the members of ssel…

      2. Aqsxxh

        Yes, all the old characters are realising the director’s bs, like I really miss Menka and is it only me who misses Ramesh?
        Like Krishna’s acting is ok at the moment, yes I agree she doesn’t compete to the emotion of Saiyam or Suhani but she will get there, but she will definitely not get there in the way this track is going.
        And yes the YuvAni children, are they just home children, don’t they have any job, studies?
        They need to bring the realism into the show, the Birla’s being rich must’ve some type of future that they want for the kids, not just staying at home looking at the bs that is happening….

        and yes I guess most of us fans are missing it, but, bashing the serial forgetting all the beautiful tracks; Soorat ya seerat, the arranged marriage, the love triangle, Rohan and Guari…
        Those keeping the serial alive and going for how it has…

        I also used to watch this serial, a short one year hindi serial, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, Idk if u have heard of it, but I loved it!
        Short and sweet, had themes of a Tomboy, so I could relate, and this serial I could relate too!

        I just want to watch the old SSEL right now, but I can’t find any with the english Subs

  20. I think Sahil’s lack of commitment to the serial has stumped the producers. Watching him in the episodes that he appears there is a lack of emotional attachment to his character and the continued track of sayaim and Sambhav shows that the production team lack creativity and the ability to take tough decisions with regards to the chemistry between the two leads. There is none between yuvraj and suhani hence the more screen time given to others. With regards to the current track, its senseless and lacks rational coherence. Time wasting and a huge display of insensitivity and disregard for human and societal issues- rape, illegitimacy, marriage, domestic violence, parenting and family values. Almost all problems encountered in this serial have had little or no input from law enforcement, do they live in a parallel universe? I get that it is fiction but as a show that shows a lot of social evils, is it helping in anyway to correct them? No.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly, tbh, if Sahil was going to be like this, then he should’ve quit.
      and such huge topics, real occuring topics, yet they are making it a travesty, unbelievable.
      Imagine how effective the serial would’ve been in they went into detail about the rape; not the actual deed, but the aftermath, how she dealt with it, her pregnancy alone, and her decisions when she gave birth!
      I know the director wants to lengthen the serial, so I don’t understand why not do it in this way a way that would teach…
      Like instead of putting Saiyya in the orphanage, they could’ve shown him being brought up in the family as an ‘outcast’, and they could’ve shown the struggles, idk, SSEL could’ve been a way different serial if they thoughtfully considered themes instead of rushing to increase TRP
      Your comment is really thoughtful I love it

      1. Thanks. It’s so annoying to see such a show with promising story lines being destroyed by lack of creativity. I personally can’t stand watching it. I feel embarrassed on behalf of the actors.

      2. The problem with some some fans of sahil.
        Remember what they did when sahil said he quite. There was an up roar.
        Because these people are sacred to lose their job, yes they well lose their job. Remember they might have family to look after.

        Look at saath nibhana saathiy. The producer replaced the old Gopi. The show is still running.
        Maybe they can do that with yuvraj.

        Sahil has been a pain, after 9 month of the show. When they wanted to replace him, it was the fans that saved him.

        The character Sambhav was supposed to be the new love interest for suhani. The production thought the actor is good looking. the two actor’s had a good chemistry. The thoughts A New love story for Suhani.
        The fans didn’t want that.

        Sometimes the fans of this show should understand.
        If you guy’s have a business to run. You had some like sahil. Would you then keep him. Remember if you do your business well suffer.
        You also have other staff to consider.
        Always think, you might like the actor. But the show suffers in the end.
        You won’t be complaining about, why is this dragging.

  21. This is rubbish children can nt watch this

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly they can’t, it is too psychopathic and insensitive.

  22. this is a pitiful show. People are just watching now to make fun of it, not for actual entertainment as there is none, just plain stupidity. Making adult people acting like total moron is just pathetic. Feel so sorry for the actors. I know they are stuck in doing this s**t show as they have no choice. Everyone needs a job to pay bills, guess that’s the only motivation for them. Can’t see them enjoying being shown as dumb people.

  23. krishna ?Sayyam

    Really ? This is f*****g boring man . Like can ya put sweet kriyam scenes . Like u should start moving the live story to the new generation

  24. ha ha ha come on people stop the blame game it is just a damn shitty serial sahil has nothing to do with him not being on the show probably the directors are not ready for him as yet or they want to change him and bring on someone else to act in his place and it can possibly be that because the two main lead do not get along in real life all in all the blo*dy directors are giving more importance to sambhav character than anyone else and like he is immortal because i cannot see someone get burnt like that and escape with just a minor scratch we all saw how he got burnt there are so many of them against one a*sh*le and yet they cannot do him anything i would have put a good licking in his ass burst his mouth up break his legs and arm there is something call torture stewww they got one person tormenting them all the frikkin while and they cannot do one damn thing about it how stupid do these directors think we are smhh

  25. Y can’t all of them kill sambhav n done n throw saiyyam out with baby

    1. Aqsxxh

      Bcos then they wont find their beloved ‘Yuvraaj’

  26. kab sambhav ka torcher bad hoga itni negativity suhani ko kitna torcher kar raha such a stopid sambhav kab khatam hoga sambhav ka stopied track please stoped.suhani ko baks do itna torcher mat karo i do,nt see some days

  27. hey kriyam fans a good news i am hearing saiyyam find yuvraj secretly saiyyam dekh kar bhi anjaana ban raha hain kyoki wo yuvraj ka pata laga raha hain kuch dino tak hame sambhav ki tortore sheni padegi

  28. Sambhav… Why are u doing like this….
    Hlo gies….

  29. which sítě kriyam fans

  30. Ho sakta hai ki Sahil gum ho ya chod de to sambhav yuvraj ko jalane ki koshish kare and bcos of plastic surgery new actor comes.

  31. i am hearing first of saiyyam will start doubting his father sambhav and decide to dig up his reality fhir saiyyam yuvraj or suhani ko bachayega sambhav se some days hame sambhav ka tortur jelna hain

  32. ssel fans site is www latest gossip wu com ssel

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