Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi forcing Yuvraaj to marry Bhavna. She asks Suresh is he not understand what she is saying. Suhani recalls doctor’s words. She shouts Chandrakala and asks do you think I m dead, I m still alive, I did not die, my laws will rule in this house, you did not ask me anything before deciding this, let them go, this marriage will not happen. Dadi says no, this marriage…. Suhani scolds her. She takes Dadi to punish her. Suhani asks Dadi to stay in outhouse and not step here till I say. Dadi apologizes. Suhani asks Krishna to drop Dadi out. Pratima asks Krishna to go.

Krishna takes Dadi. Suhani says sorry, I had no way, this was the only way to stop marriage and make Dadi fine, Pratima said Amma mai was strict, maybe Dadi gets fine by this. Yuvraaj says Suhani

is right. Suhani says from today, I will behave like Amma mai. They all agree.

Dadi tells Krishna that I always listen to Amma mai, and still I get punished. Suhani comes to meet her. She asks were you backbiting about me. Dadi says no. Suhani says doctor came to see you. Dadi says I m fine, why. Doctor says you need treatment, you are unwell. Dadi says I m fine. Suhani says no, will you go ahead of me, are you mad. She asks doctor to check Dadi.

Doctor checks Dadi and gives prescription. He says Dadi is fine and sends her. He asks Suhani to behave same well and maybe she gets frustrated and comes out of that phase, its not good for her age patient to stay in that phase for long time. Doctor goes. Yurvaaj says we all don’t know about Amma mai, if anything wrong happens. Suhani says nothing wrong will happen.

Saiyyam asks the servant to throw the woods and also clean the place. Yuvaan goes to help servant in keeping puja items in storeroom. Krishna thanks Saiyyam for messaging her to move away from mandap, else she would have got drenched, did you just message me, do I had to say everyone. He says that message was just for you. He goes. She smiles. Baby looks on and says Yuvaan was also there, why did he not message to tell me.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to practice and talk in dominanting role. She rehearses and says I m scared. He says I m a servant, and I can’t help, think its such a good chance to take revenge from Dadi. She smiles and says don’t make me laugh, let me focus. She practices. Baby gives medicines to Yuvaan. He refuses to have it. She insists. He says I m not a kid, you can’t force me. She says I worry for you, so I asked you to have medicines, I m not like you, you did not message me knowing I m near mandap, Saiyyam messaged Krishna. He says I did not have time. She asks how did Saiyyam get time. He says he was just standing there. He thinks I forgot to tell Baby, but Saiyyam remembered, when did he start caring for Krishna. She thinks he is useless and makes a face.

Its morning, Krishna sees Dadi arranging the table. She goes to help Dadi. Dadi says I will to do this alone. Suhani comes and sits. Dadi greets her. Sharad says food looks tasty today. Dadi says I made everything today. Everyone sit to dine. Dadi asks how did Suresh and Baby sat on dining table. Suhani says I want everyone to sit together and dine, do you have any problem. Dadi says no. Suhani asks her to sit.

Suhani asks Krishna to give fruits to Dadi. Baby coughs by eating the spicy food. Baby says its too spicy, I can’t have it. Dadi asks Baby to sit quiet. Baby says who eats so much chilli. Suhani asks Dadi did you make food. Dadi says no. Krishna says I made this dish, chilli got much. Baby scolds Krishna. Saiyyam shouts on Baby and asks her to stay as maid. He taunts Baby. Dadi says its fine if chilli got high, why is this maid making issue. Saiyyam says yes, Baby can move chilli and say. Baby asks Yuvaan to say something. Dadi asks them to be quiet now and have breakfast, Amma mai does not like issues. Dadi goes.

Yuvaan says what shall I say, Saiyyam is just acting in front of Dadi. Saiyyam says yes, I don’t care if food is spicy or not. Krishna asks why. Saiyyam says because we both got raised in orphanage, it was much that we got food. Everyone feel bad.

Suhani calls doctor and says Dadi did not get angry, I will send her out today, thanks. She tells Krishna that we have to send Dadi out and make her do tough things. Krishna asks what will you make her do. Suhani says I have many tasks. Krishna says tell me if you need any help. Suhani asks do you want to help Dadi. Krishna says yes, I miss her taunts, I used to feel I m part of family, sorry to spoil breakfast. Suhani says its enough you thought this for Dadi, Saiyyam defended you, I m glad, Saiyyam should understand to respect Bhabhi. Krishna says he was acting, he did not do this for me. Suhani says no, I know truth. He can’t fool me, he did not like Baby disrespecting you, Saiyyam should take care of you and manage other relations also, he has to take family ahead together.

Dadi asks who is there. She sees someone with a knife in hand. The man goes to Baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Guys did you see the spoilers?
    Krishna is going to profess her love to saiyyam but mistakenly tells that to yuvan.
    yuvan throws baby out of the house after knowing her truth.
    it’s going to be fun week ahead!

    1. Rockstr

      Wat??man,i cant believe it..plss send the link

      1. Swetha7

        yes i have read’s on SSEL TOI spoler.Krishna epresses her love for sayyam.but she mistakenly tells it to yuvaan believing it’s sayyam.guys here comes the love triangle.

    2. Could you post the spoiler link?

    3. Shaani

      Plz share the link…

    4. Aarti32

      Wat!! By y Krishna first?? I wanted Saiyyam to confess first??

      1. Swetha7

        it’s ok Aarti.even i want sayyam to confess first.but it’s so nice see that the hatred towards sayyam in her mind has completely vanished started to love him.

      2. kriyam rocks

        Krishna realized first…but Sayyam has started caring for her and liking her for a long time now…

    5. Where u rd it…..plz snd d link

    6. Baby deserves to b out… She is not honest to any1 … Not even Yuvaan.. wat kind f gal is she…. Atleast Dadi used to care fa few ppl….

    7. Esther

      Oh no……I dnt want a love triangle,,,,,that too b/w Krih-Sayy-Yuvan……

    8. Mystery

      What????oh god Krishna are u mad..

  2. Shaani

    Just for u…??❤ and baby…hahaha…

    1. Shaani

      Sayyam was superb as always…

  3. Aarti32

    Hi Arshi, Esther, Lavanya, Swetha, Kriyyam fan, syedul, Halima, shaani n all my frnds..
    Suhani sent Krishna wid Dadi!! First of all Krishna is so scared n then danger Dadi..She’ll eat up Krishna on d way n no one will know??
    I luvdddddddd it when Krishna asked Saiyyam if he messaged only her..N I double luvd it when Saiyyam said it was only for u????
    D best part was when Saiyyam lashed dat Baby for shouting on his dear wife..Me n my sister r jst shouting ‘chup’ at d count of 3 n then we ROFL ???? “naukar ho naukar ki tarah raho” vry well said by Saiyyam ?? n on top of it, dat blunder’s so called husband Yuvaan was giggling??
    But Saiyyam’s orphanage thing was bit emotional..But don’t worry Saiyyam, your wife will make u delicious n mouthwatering food..Then enjoy it??
    N YuvAni scene was also funny n cute..Yuvraj is correct..Suhani shud take good revenge from disaster Dadi..Go for it??
    No yuvaani today??
    Waiting g for tomorrow’s episode..Yuvaan’s attack on Saiyyam n Krishna will save him?? I think dat blunder will instigate Yuvaan..Bcz he didn’t msg her but Saiyyam messaged Krishna..N moreover he insulted her by calling her naukar??

    1. Esther

      Hallo Aarti,,,,,,,,,,,I didn’t watch this epi,,,bt glad that Sayyam supported Krishna,,,,,,,Baby don’t deserve Yuvan’s support,,,,,glad that he is nt supporting her anymore
      and yea….that orphanage thing was emotional,,,,I always feels bad when he talks abt his orphanage

    2. Shaani

      Hi..hi..hi… Aaru… Yeah…suhani should take her revenge from dadi… (devil dadi)… I can smash her..err…i hate her soooooo much…

    3. Arshi123

      Hi ….. I agree, Baby deserved it.
      But,now Yuvaan will fall for Krishna,means in episodes he will be staring at her,will try to impress her blah blah blah…..
      I won’t be able to tolerate :-(:-(

      1. He will be sending a valentine card to krishna which will reach sayya. Omg yuvaan is mad y does he want to interfere kriyams life

  4. Arshi123

    What spoilers??? Link please

    And if spoilers r true, oh god!!!
    Plz NOOOOO…. I don’t want Yuvaan to fall for Krishna, triangle love story would be fun but not among BROTHERS, it feels awkward.

    N…Sayyam will also misunderstand Krishna. Plz….. Writers

    1. Esther

      Exactly,,,,,,!!! not among brothers…………they should bring someone else

      1. Arshi123

        Thanks for support 🙂 🙂

    2. Laavanya

      Even I hate love triangles b/w brothers n sisters. I want to watch some Yuvaan n Saiyyam bonding not this crap.
      And not only Saiyyam but Krishna also mu Saiyyam that he doesn’t reciprocate his love for her.

      1. Arshi123

        Yaah, they should have showed SaiVan brother bond instead.
        N also, any other way of dragging would be better than this triangle.

    3. Mystery

      The one thing m worried is that now Saiyyam will think that Krishna loves yuvaan …oh god

      1. Arshi123

        Yes, I’m also feared that Sayyam don’t think of sacrificing Krishna thinking Krishna loves Yuvaan.

      2. Aarti32

        Dats worst imagination even for us..So think abt Saiyyam!! How he’ll feel!!

  5. Arshi123

    I just hate it ???

    Getting angry on Krishna, why is careless while proposing???

    1. Swetha7

      Hi Aarti and all my friends.i don’t think baby’s chapter is not going to end soon.but the news of krishna confesses her love to sayyam made my will not reach to sayyam as she actually confesses yuvaan thinking it is sayyam.but at least she openly admits that she loves sayyam.but i won’t be able to tolerate’sayyam will not fight for krishna as he is already guilty minded on his and krishna’s forceful marriage.He will let krishna’s to go to yuvaan thinking she still loves it’s krishna’s turn to make him realize that she only loves sayyam.i think that’s why cvs makes krishna to confess sayyam.

      1. Arshi123

        Hi ,yes Baby will surely do same evil plans

      2. Aarti32

        Baby will nvr stop..Wat does she want yaar!!??

    2. Shaani

      Thank u for the link…. Yeah…my loving Krishna u better be careful next time.. I really want to see sayyam propose Krishna… I don’t care if it is sayyam’s dream or krishna’s dream…i want to see that scene soon…but I won’t happen na…soo sad..

      1. Swetha7

        shaani i think amid the misunderstanding sayyam will propose krishna in front of everyone like in your ff. wow…blushing….. blushing….

      2. Shaani

        Swetha7 I really want that to happen yaar… I’m eagerly waiting for that day…

      3. Swetha7

        shaani before that a huge misunderstanding will take place..i think sayyam will give that Valentine card given by yuvaan to krishna and krishna will misunderstand that the card is given by sayyam confessing his love and krishna will be very happy.but sayyam seeing her happiness misunderstand that she is overwhelm by yuvaan love and feels very bad.then dragging,,,,,,,,,dragging …..dragging……………kriyam confession

  6. R u sure this will happend in this serial

  7. only kriyam scene nice

  8. farina hossain

    TOI spoiler seems suhani si ladki will end soon. why propose track are so rushing?I thing probably it will wrap up end in February or middile in the march. What do you think guys?

    1. Esther

      Don’t trust any spoilers,,,,they can be fake,,,,,,they’ll post it officially if it’s gonna end

    2. kriyam rocks

      I agree, they’re starting to rush the story if you compare to how slow they used to go for the sambhav track and all…I guess because the trp is falling extremely low…they might end early…I dont want Kriyam to be dragged or to be rushed too fast either…

      1. no they shuld ot end…this is the only serial whch is interesting

  9. i agree with you arshi

    1. Arshi123

      THANKS frnd, but I’m getting upset bcoz of this spoilers??

  10. aane bala week pura misunderstanding se barah hua hain kriyam ke liye i am very sad for kriyam

  11. hi Aarti and Arshi what says ssel india forum toi it is to rong for kriyam pura valentine day misundurstanding se bar diya

  12. Esther

    Hallo all SSEL sweethearts…….My classes+project started…so I won’t be able to cmnt regularly…..I’m watching 2/3 epis together nowadays…..
    That messaging part was cute….Sayyam thought about Krishna even in that situation……
    to Baby: If Yuvan is useless,what should we call U…..u are the worst….
    she was so happy abt Bhavna-Yuvi mrg…..stupid…..she should be soon thrown out of the house…..atfirst I thought that Yuvan will always be a ‘jhoru ka ghulaam’ and will throw others out of the house for her… glad that he proved my thinking wrong……
    Sayyam-Yuvan worked together….was happy to see the brthrs together

    today’s epi’s last part also good….Krishna needed someone’s help to realize Sayyam’s love….he won’t express it soon……well maybe he’ll….can’t say anything abt Sayyam,,,,,maybe he” just blurt out about his love

    and Yuvi is right…..Suhani got the best chance to take revenge from Dadi….and she took the right decision to act strong as amma maai today….
    from the written update it is not clear what happened during the fight……anyways I understood that Sayyam was supporting Krishna,,,,, 😀

  13. Swetha7

    No i think they rush for the confession to increase TRP.they know most of us watch SSEK to see kriyam moments.

  14. Arshi123

    1) Now, CVS will use dragging of Kriyam track for trp.It’ll take a long time for sure.
    2)Yuvaan falls for anyone who gives positive response, first for Baby now for Krishna .Does he have any feeling of his own??
    3) Firstly, Yuvaans proposal for Baby was mistaken, same for Krishna. Things have messed up
    4)Sayyam may misunderstand Krishna after getting the card.

    1. Shaani

      Yeah…I also think the same..sayyam will misunderstand Krishna…but I wish not to happen that…

    2. Swetha7

      yes Aarshi after krishna mistaken love confession and valentine card incident misunderstanding takes place and this track will be dragged for long time till sayyam krishna real love confession. after reveling sayyam as suhani’s son it took very long time to reveal sambav’s truth to sayyam and turn sayyam to a better person.likewise the misunderstanding track will be dragged

    3. Aarti32

      Bas pray kro ki usko yuvasni na pasand as jaye???? I hate such guys who fall for each n every girl..For such boys, we (me n my frnds) hv a spcl tagline.. jise dekha dein pada??

      1. Aarti32


      2. Aarti32

        *aa jaye

  15. they shuld have put mere agne me there…stupid serial to 4.30 time slot

  16. Oh no now here comes the love triangle?

  17. kriyam rocks

    God…Suhani finally gave it back to dadi…and baby is getting treated the way she should be…
    LOVED Kriyam today…Sayyam definitely already loves Krishna and just needs to realize it…Krishna is starting to fall in love with sayyam (while he already obviously likes her) and will probably realize first…the girls always realize first even though the boy falls in love first…

    Yuvaan’s starting to dislike baby and get irritated with her…he’s constantly thinking about Krishna and her relationship with Sayyam…

    For this next week, I’m excited about:
    1. The fight between Sayyam and Yuvaan and how Krishna will try to help Sayyam (yuvaan attack sayyam in Sayyam’s room when he SLEEPING …. bonus points for Kriyam)
    2. Krishna confessing her feelings for Sayyam (even though she says it to yuvaan…i want to see how she confesses)
    3. Sayyam’s guilt for treating Krishna badly…and maybe wanting to leave her for happiness…

    i like Suhani’s starting to form the link between Sayyam and krishna… loving Suhani’s character development kinda

    I hope Sayyam’s sad backstory keeps coming out in small details…like today…

  18. Shaani

    Yuvan insults Baby hoping to get Krishna’s attention. He uses a card on Valentine’s day to express his love for her but the card reaches Saiyyam instead
    ??? coming up love triangle…… soo excited for it…stupid yuvaan…sayyam?

    1. Arshi123

      Yuvaan don’t have any personality at all.First he left Krishna for marrying Baby,now he is sending card !!!
      Krishna must know Yuvaan’s proposal was for Baby and make things clear with Yuvaan.
      I just want ,Sayyam don’t misunderstand Krishna

  19. Laavanya

    I m not happy with TOI spoiler, y they r rushing with Kriyam track. I know trp is decreased drastically but it is too soon for Krishna to propose. Coming to the wrong proposal, if u all guys remember in one of marriage function, Yuvaan mistakenly propose Krishna instead of Baby. So, it is old trick of SSEL, proposal going wrong. 🙁

  20. farina hossain

    guys I am very much affraid kahi uvaan Sambhab ki tara possesive lover na ho. uski tara koi kand na kar bethe krishna se

    1. Arshi123

      True, I’m also afraid of this fact. I wish Sayyam gives the card to Krishna and Krishna should then make it clear to Yuvaan and taunt him for giving the card.

      1. Swetha7

        i think sayyam will give that card to krishna and krishna will misunderstand that the card is given by sayyam confessing his love and krishna will be very happy.but sayyam seeing her happiness misunderstand that she is overwhelm by yuvaan love and feels very bad.i feel this will happen

  21. I don’t want love triangles….becuz I hate them….Plzz cvs we don’t want the luv triangle…We only want kriyyam….. :!

  22. Jessica Agarwal

    Guys the trp calculation is how many viewers in India whach SSEL. International viewers doesn’t count. That shit

    1. What that’s messed up

  23. Mystery

    Amena u write it wrong saiyyam shout on BABY N not Krishna….u give me heart attack…..oh god…it haughty that saiyyam call Krishna a maid…then my mom tell me that its baby

  24. lavanya same as yuvraj proposed suhani instead of soumya

  25. Jessica Agarwal

    Hi guys, can you please everyone rate the SSEL on this website:

    Mabye this can help us and SSEL doesn´t go off air.

    Please evrday just rate PLEASE GUYS PLEASE.


  26. I’m super excited about the upcoming track… I can’t wait for krishna, sayyam and yuvaan love track …?????

  27. I am lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve IT!

  28. Syedul

    I’m sooo excited I can’t wait . And really want more kriyam

  29. What is this yuvani and kriyam nonsense.Watch JNDSD Ravidha pair.That is pair.And not like this chuha pair.

  30. Gud mrng dears

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