Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Ramesh to clean Ankit’s room. She says Ankit is gone, he won’t come back now. She doubts on Ankir and Momita, and maybe Ankit is Bobby. Soumya says I have to tell mom about any reason to avoid Ankit, and she will not force me, my mum broke down today talking about dad, but I feel I have hurt her a lot. Rags and Menka ask her to do something. Soumya says I can’t refuse and hurt her. Suhani comes to Ankit’s room and tries to find any clue. She sneezes and says from where is this bad smell coming. She goes to washroom and sees a bottle. She finds its wine and is shocked.

Soumya says everyone has some weakness, we have to find it. Rags says he is your college friend, you might know. Soumya says no, he was perfect always, but I m sure he might

have changed now. Suhani keeps the bottle and goes out. She is shocked seeing Ankit there. Ankit asks what is she finding. Suhani says nothing, I was cleaning your room. He says he forgot his watch. She says I did not get it in room. He says maybe its in washroom. She says fine, see it. She says I will get tea. He asks will you not ask me about yesterday night. She says maybe you had work and went. Ankit says you got smart.

Suhani thinks to wait and see. Ankit gets the bottle and gets Momita’s call. Suhani thinks its no coincidence. She calls him Bobby and he says yes. Ankit says you called me Bobby and goes out. She goes and talks to some Bobby on phone, saying Yuvraaj is busy, talk to him later. Suhani leaves. Soumya, Rags and Menka see him leaving, and stop him. Soumya finds him hiding something. She gifts him a pen for saving her life and taking her on romantic dinner. He smiles and says its very good.

She asks him for dinner tonight. He says fine, but some for long drive with me after dinner. She says sure, see you. Ankit leaves. Ankit tells Momita that she is coming. Se says what if this is true. She gets Suhani’s friend request. Ankit buys a pregnancy test kit for Momita and says he got Soumya by much difficulty. Suhani chats with Momita. Soumya says I hope he does not see the pen, lets follow him. Rags says no, its risky, if we are caught, then it will be double problem.

Suhani meets Momita and comes to know Ankit is Bobby, her fiancée. Suhani pacifies her and she cries. She says we are fixing his marriage with Soumya, he was ruining her life. Suhani says I will go, if he sees me here, it will be big problem. She leaves and sees Ankit there. She hides from him. She sees he has disappeared. He meets Momita and asks her to relax. He asks her to go for test. Ankit does not see the pen which has voice recording. He fools Momita as she asks him about is behavior. Ankit says let her and baby go to hell, I will meet Soumya. Suhani calls Soumya to tell the truth.

Ankit brings Madhuri along and acts sweet. Soumya says its good you got mum. Rags says your hair dryer came, and need your sign to receive it. Soumya asks Ankit to give the pen. Ankit says Soumya gave this pen to me, I will soon propose to her. Suhani comes and asks what is he saying. Suhani says she wants to talk to Soumya. Soumya says she wants to show something to them, and says don’t thank Suhani for bringing me here, thanks Rags for being a good friend. She scolds Suhani for forcing her to marry Ankit. Soumya says this is spy pen and I gave you this to catch your lies. Suhani says I also found out and want to say. Yuvraaj comes and looks on.

Ankit talks ill about Soumya. Yuvraaj gets angry and slaps him, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow amena u r saviour..quick!!!

  2. Thanq @ Amena

  3. i don like the way its going ,why didn’t yuvraj hear what rags and soumya say to suhani

  4. what d bledy hell need does dat pig y,raj has??when he doesnt care 4 soumya let her go 2 hell…y did he slap dat ankit n gve hopes 2 dat *** soumya agaan???

    when he doesnt use his brain dn let it b lik dat only na…unnecessary drama agan

  5. cz dat dumbo y.raj doesnt have brain 2 undrsnt d things as they r..
    he alwayz undrstnds half n thinks in his very own way vch is nly shit..

  6. Yes shagun u r right this Yuvraj is double game fellow what the need 4 him 2 react in that way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. amena u r very superb …….. such a fast updates…….. thank you dear………
    however the show was good

  8. He slapped not bcoz he love somya… bt bcoz he is a nyc guy n cant hear such disgusting comments about a girl!

  9. Soon yuvraj vl slap sowmya took :p

  10. Amena u are a rocking girl I dnt knw hw u manage with this bullshit I hope they pay u good for doing our updates. f**ked up episode that snake face gave me a headache

  11. What a irritating precap yuvraj dnt u have any sense. Y do u supporting soumya n slap ankit pls listen to suhani also bullshit! N thanks for d update amena 😀

  12. God soumya u dump,bullshit and u ….*******I don’t want to spell that you god damit always creating any problems and suhani go the hell with u u are inviting problems in ur life and yuvraj u are such a yuck

  13. ankit is bad…

  14. Frnds i cant understand 1 thing if ankit is wrong then what the need to introduce his character……

  15. Yuvraj stil lik soumya or what???

  16. 2 hell wit soumya regs nd yuvraaj.All d best suhani

  17. I can’t be upset with the characters. Let’s be realistic they are getting paid while we all are getting frustrated. The staff and writers are really dumb. American writers do a better job than these Indian writers. A child can probably narrate a better story than these fools. Since you dragged us along so far in watching and created another problem pattern involving a kit and the crew…here’s a hint….let his character expose so u my a and yudraj secret. After all you have a full audience. Why the hell is yudraj slapping ankit in respect of soumya???? What do u guys think?

  18. If yuvaraj slapped ankit for betraying Soumya then he should also slap Soumya bcoz Soumya is not less paapi then ankit bcoz she is trying to ruin suhani’s life.yuvraj knows her truth.

  19. what the story today epi very bore

  20. rags uski pathi akal hone vale ka time agaya hai.suhani ki pathi ne akal karne vale ko prayathne bhahuth hai. Uska time agaya ha ha ha

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