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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Allahabad contest beginning. Yuvraaj is announced the chief guest and main sponsor for the event. The ladies go the makeup and Suhani sits there watching them. Yuvraaj says the girl who justify a new meaning of beauty will get the tag. Rohan has some file with him. Soumya meets Suhani. The man announces the first round of ramp walk and introduction. Radhe whistles for Rakhi. Radhe says Rakhi and I will make hit Bhojpuri films. Rakhi stumbles and everyone worry. She balances her walk and they clap for her.

Menka comes and says she is cute and youngest bahu of Birla family, her dream is to become Dadi’s fav bahu. Soumya comes and looks stunning. She gives her intro well and says she has multiple roles of a wife, daughter and bahu, but she has one aim to make

her home beautiful and happy.

Rags gives her introduction, and is very confident with tons of attitude. Suhani comes on stage and everyone clap for her. She says she is Suhani, a housewife, she accepts every work with smile and does it with passoion, so she is here, she liked to watch Big b movies, she has come to win love and respect. She walks on the ramp and a man falls behind her, from the top. Everyone get shocked seeing it and stand up.

Soumya says someone help him. Suhani goes to help, while everyone is just looking. The guy is taken away. The man says he was stuntman, we asked him to fall to see who will help the man, it was part of first round, everyone get zero marks, and Soumya gets 5 points as she asked for help, and winner is Suhani, who went to help the guy. He says she gets 10 points. Yuvraaj claps for her and signs her smiling. Dadi says yes, he is right, 10 points from my side too, as she has saved someone’s life, while others were just seeing. Menka asks Dadi to give her points. Dadi says shut up Menka, go and prepare for second round.

The second round is to make kheer, without sugar. The second round begins. Rags copies Suhani. Rohan sees Yuvraaj not on his seat and goes to some room. Rags makes Suhani’s spoon fall down and takes honey. Soumya sees this. Suhani asks Rags what is she doing. Rags says honey usage was my idea, you stole my idea. Soumya says no use to argue, complain to judges. Suhani says it will waste more time. Menka replaces the kheer bowl with Rags. She smiles that she has stolen the kheer. Soumya asks Suhani can she give dates to her. Suhani says no, I will see.

Rohan thinks once Yuvraaj sees these papers…. The servant closes the door and Rohan gets stuck inside. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani. Suhani brings sugar cane pieces and extracts juice to add in the kheer. The man asks judges and chief guest to come on the stage and taste the kheer. Dadi says she won’t taste Rakhi’s handmade kheer, as it looks burnt. The man says Soumya made good kheer. Menka is also selected, and the man sees honey bottle at Rags’ table. Dadi tells Rags that the kheer is sugarless. Rags and Menka argue, and Menka tells about Rags stealing hone from Suhani. They both get disqualified. The judges like the kheer made by Suhani and praise her. Everyone clap for Suhani. Suhani is the winner of second round. Yuvraaj smiles seeing Suhani.

Yuvraaj gets divorce papers signed by Suhani and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vey good suhani u r really a achiever and I’m waiting for tomrw episode????

  2. Rohan is such a bad guy

  3. the writers are just stupid….suhani just signs on a page without noticing that her and Yuvraj’s name is written on that paper….chalo fine she did not see yuvraj’s name but….signing right below her name , can she not ask that why is her name printed on someone else’s divorce papers,…when the idea of her signing as a witness was spontaneous in lieu of any other witness…..i mean come on…

  4. Guys Rohan will propose suhani for marriage and there will be huge misunderstanding between yuvani and suhani leave the Birla house ? and her parents asks here to move on and she will accept Rohan proposal and will she going to marry Rohan or not or yuvani will come back again………..

  5. This Suhani is really dumb. Once she gave lecture that one should read content before signing. How come she didn’t do it. Won’t she clarify with Yuvi about his inconsisent behavior. They are supposed to be best friends sharing sukh & dukh na. Divorce within a few hrs? Ridiculous! This Rohan is really annoying and irritating. I want his track to end.
    This track is so stupid.

  6. Nice episode
    but precap is sad one..
    cming upsode realy were huge drama there isnt!!

  7. i dont understand why starplus soaps who have good protagonist who are in love or married or supposed to be married have a divorce track and separation drama….why cant they produce a decent one………we do know that its just a television soap….. why always so much of dragging…….disgusting…weird……now this seperation in ssel looks like it gets dragged for one whole year…..

    1. yaa i too hv d same dout…. with watever dey may start d show, ultimately dey cum to saas sarural drama… lyk badthameez dil.. strtd vd smthng else n shwng another now… i think starplus cant think beyond dat… poor starplus…

      1. starplus doesnt have a proper story writers and directors…we should really appreciate their efforts of hiring these people……..poor star plus……

  8. if rohan loves suhani from the heart means he has to forgive his love fir her happiness….but he is making lot of trobbles in her life

  9. I personally think that Saasu in India are Devils how can anyone think of doing that also the director is nonsense leave this Suhani to be with her husband for God sake show us some reality shows.Also why the other two women in the show are so stupid like Menka is asking Suhani what are you cooking are you going to eat all of this alone.In Canada I will say yes I am making for myself I am not your servant.Here she is portrayed as a servantMr director inthe begiining you portrayed Suhani as inteilligent person inthe Billa family,as she saved the Billa family from bankruptcy and now you are making Suhani as stupid as signed the documents from the dumb lawyer witout reading.Munira

    1. well said……….the way they are portraying the other female characters is awkward… director enough of it us some reality, you had showed suhani will wait whole of her life for yuvraj,, made her suffer like hell and now again another separation …….one thing is if suhani divorces yuvraj and marries rohan then this TV SOAP will loose its TRPS…..viewers are waiting for something good …..

  10. please……………………………………………stop this seriel instead of veera..

    Really this is bakwaas seriel……………….really dont no wat the writers doing.

    anytime suhani and yuvraj have misunderstandings nly.

    when will they united

  11. If you ppl don’t like this shit write a episode nd give those writers nd say them how to write a story or epi..

  12. please-stop this stupid show.

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