Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani eating kheer. Baby asks her to give kheer to Yuvraaj. Suhani goes. Baby eats the kheer without medicines. She goes. Yuvraaj asks kheer at this time. Baby comes to them. She asks is there time to eat kheer, I made Suhani make it and sent it by her so that you don’t refuse. He refuses. She says Suhani made by hardwork, have it. Baby talks to Yuvaan. Suhani gets emotional.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj to eat kheer. Yuvraaj asks Baby not to take Yuvaan’s name. Baby asks does this hurt Suhani. Suhani feeds the kheer to Yuvraaj. She asks shall I leave now. Baby says your wish. Suhani goes. Baby says see the result of fighting with me.

Later, Baby acts and shouts to Dadi asking her to come and see. Dadi, Pratima and Rags see Suhani and Yuvraaj sleeping together.

They get shocked. Baby starts her drama. Suhani wakes up and sees everyone. She gets up. Yuvraaj wakes up and sees everyone. He too gets up. Dadi gets angry. Suhani says I did not do anything. Yuvraaj says don’t know, how she came here. Baby says its clear that Suhani wants to snatch you from me. Suhani says I m saying truth, I did not do anything.

Baby smiles and recalls how she made Suhani sleep by medicines. She dropped her to Yuvraaj’s room and says now it will be real fun, when they wake up, everyone will see them. FB ends. Dadi says Suhani you did wrong. Pratima says enough, look at them, their eyes are heavy. Baby says you will blame me now. Pratima says you are wrong Baby, you want to blame Yuvraaj, how can Dadi think he can do such thing, Yuvraaj married his bahu after son’s death, as he was helpless in front of his values. Dadi says because Suhani killed his son. Pratima says its not true, even then he did this marriage to save Baby, today Baby is raising question on Suhani’s character, Dadi should ask why did Baby made such high demand, if you can’t ask, none has right to ask Suhani. She goes to Suhani and says Suhani can’t do this, I can’t believe even Lord if he says Suhani harmed Yuvaan.

Dadi says Baby is now Yuvraaj’s wife, I should get justice for her, Baby can punish Suhani if she wants. Baby smiles.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks her not to get affected by Baby’s words. Suhani says how can I tolerate this. He says she wants to break you, so that we don’t think how she did this, how did we come in same room. She says I made kheer. He says she forced us to have kheer, I will go, she can see us. He goes.

Rags asks why did you support Baby, do you think Suhani can do this. Dadi says Suhani can do this as she is such weak state. Rags says but Suhani is not so weak. Dadi says yes, but she is weaker than Baby. Rags says till Yuvraaj and Pratima are with her, she won’t lose. Dadi says they will move back after some point. Baby hears them and smiles. She acts helpless and says I m upset and want to go parlor for refreshing, will you two come along. Dadi agrees.

Yuvaan comes to Suhani. He says you always used to say good wins and evil loses, how did you lose today. She says evil can’t win forever, it will lose. He says I will wait for it. She smiles. Its morning, Baby gets ready. She gets a call and asks the man to mail her the posters. She checks posters. She smiles seeing Suhani’s cheap pic and plans to post it on cheap site.

Suhani gets call from a man talking cheap. She says wrong number and ends call. The men sees the posters on the walls. Baby says Pratima went temple, Saiyyam and Krishna are not at home, Yuvraaj went office, Rags and Dadi will go parlor with me, it will be fun. Suhani gets another man’s call and thinks what’s happening, why are such calls coming.

Dadi and Rags go to Baby. Baby acts unwell. Dadi says I will call doctor. Baby says no, I will get fine by rest. Rags says fine, we will go. They see Suhani coming there to take care of Baby, and leave. Baby says Suhani your punishment is waiting for you in room. She goes out and sees the men waiting for Suhani’s show. Baby says you will forget everything after seeing her.

Suhani says Baby wants me to wear these cheap clothes. Baby asks Suhani to come out. Suhani comes out wearing the cheap clothes. She gets shocked seeing the Mujra setup and drunkards around. Baby scolds her for eyeing other’s husband.

Yuvraaj asks Baby how would you feel if anyone did this with you. Baby says shut up, I m not here to hear lecture about right and wrong. Dadi scolds Baby to be in limits, you can’t talk to Yuvraaj Birla this way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    Finally!! Finally Dadi will shout on dat Baby..yayayayay *victorystep*

  2. after reading this wu ….i have one question…where did saiyyam n krishna go…?i mean baby said they r not at home…so my question is…did they go anywhere 2gether….

    cant take this baby crap more……fed up….wth this…

  3. Arshi123

    Saiyyam to confess his love soon guys ,Kj said so ??

    Btw,Sj on a leave of a week ,she is in Kerala .
    And someone died again ,all in white dress .Guess who can be it ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Can’t wait….?

    2. Mystery


      1. Arshi123

        Yes dear really ?????

    3. My gaauuud FINALLY!!!
      But I want more REALLY intense scenes before the confession…and it should be a special confession…not a simple boring one…but you can’t trust these cv’s too much…

  4. Arshi123

    But I personally wanted a proper steady KriYam track .I don’t want want to see their love story going on as being a sideline. But I think makers will never give a full track on them .Always within other tracks ,its progressing that I don’t like .
    And is anyone really dying or death drama ??Or Sharad now died as he was in coma ??
    Confused and I still wish of a proper KriYam track though I think this will always remain as a dream

    1. i think krishnas fake death will b shown…i think every1 will believe she died….n mayb saiyyam wont blieve..this wen he will realise his love….mayb wen she will b in danger…n then he will confess…im sure 4 a person like saiyyam 2 confess his love…sumthing big shud happen…..there shud b a situation where he is abt to loose her.,,,or sumthing like tht….n srishti is on a 1 week holiday in kerala..

      1. Arshi123

        Yeah it is possible ??

    2. Swetha7

      i think something will happen to krishna and all will presume krishna is this time sayyam will understand his love for krishna.then they will find krishna is not dead and sayyam will confess.i guess this is how cvs cover up sristi’s absence for a week..i think this track is not bad but let’s see what will make sayyam confess.

      1. Swetha7

        and i don’t thinks it’s sharad.if cvs wanted to kill him they would have done that earlier….

      2. Arshi123

        Thats also a point ,they would have showed Sharad dead earlier then. let’s see what happens ??

  5. Ye kya yuvan marne ke bad bhi usku show se exist nahi huyi

  6. What utter rubbish are they showing. The parents are just not bothered to know the truth what exactly happened to their son, how he died and who is behind it. And baby – wow! she is really something. One person and making everyone dance. Suhani and yuvraj are just concerned to take her out from birla house but do not seem concerned with getting her punished for killing yuvaan. I really didn’t know it was so easy to get away with murder.

  7. New-KriyamFan

    I really hope they stop this show. I am tired of watching baby and no Kriyam scenes.

  8. This serial has become beyond ridiculous !!!

  9. Sayyam is going to confess his love for Krishna

  10. sj, is in kerala?

  11. Yesa real me bhi hota hai

  12. Ek ladki ne hum sabki life hell bana kar rakh di hai

  13. what abt pm report of yuvan? it must had revealed tht death happend when n hw? its a police case none bothering abt it? n most imp y yuvan sit in washing machine? is he 4 yr old boy playing hidenseek? n abt baby hw she cn do with suhani? n suhani bearing it why? she is same 1 who tried to kill sambhav?

  14. What utter rubbish! Where is kriyyam!
    What a boring episodes today was.
    These dialogs are rubbish as well.

    What pratima should have said, since yuvraj has the right to marry his dead son wife! Then yuvraj has the right to sleep with suhani! Done!

    I don’t know why the writers don’t make suhani and the rest of the family out of the BH.
    it would be a better story line, also funny as well, to see Dadi and Rags at baby mercury.

  15. Pretty princess

    Hiii guys i was a silent reader but seeing u all i want to join kriyam family….
    Can i??

    1. Of course!!! 😉 Welcome 🙂 …but you arrived at the wrong time…until we don’t get a proper Kriyam scene…we’re gonna be ranting about how dumb the cv’s are and how illogical the plot is :'(

  16. This week Krishna ki death dikhanewale hai kya plz tell me kj wapas as gaye kya holiday se shoot per any news up coming track ka plz tell me

    1. Sayyam is going to confess his love

  17. Dadi Mar kyu nahi jati…kitana worst serial hogaya che…please drama band karo please.. galat karnevalonko hamesha saza kam hi hota hai…che

  18. Why are karan and srishti the only ones taking holidays. I think pauolmi das needs a holiday too, infact a long one. why is’nt anyone sending her on a holiday.

    1. Swetha7

      well said.we all need her to take a holiday.a very long one and SSEL baby free zone….

  19. I am lost for words – typical Indians – you have made this drama so cheap – unrealistic – totally gone away from the original plot line — this is no longer (SSEL)
    But should be titled Suhani’s Typical Indian Nonsense Kooky (STINK)

    For those that don’t know what Kooky means please look it up

  20. OMG is all I can say about this show now. Baby is pure evil….even if it’s acting, they got the right person to portray it. She has a black heart. i thought after the show mala episode, Yuvaan was going to do some unnatural things to scare the sh*t out of baby but no such thing is happening…if they can’t come up with a good story apart from these cheap display of Suhani then that’s the way to go but the writers are just idiots and nothing more, so why expect anything great from this show…

  21. Quazi yeasha

    I know I am quite late, but I agree with Arshi. We all want proper kriyam track… someone tell the director and writter 🙁

    1. Arshi123

      Thanx for support ?? And I’ve said it many times to the writers and result u all can see ,unfortunate .And so sorry to say but I don’t think they will ever give a proper focus on them ???

  22. All the Birla including DILs get lost. 1st Oldhag, 2nd Baby at least she gets even unlike others, 3rd Yuv, 4th Suha but mostly Dadi, gutless Prat n Suha. Anyways this is a shit

  23. Factz y is krishna Sayyam the only one on holiday Polo Das needs a long holiday

  24. It was my one n only series but plz guys..y always bby wins thats that’s not right let her expose n let dis series and with yuvraj n suhani

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