Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya talking to Suhani about Yuvraaj. He stands behind and hears her. Soumya leaves. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why did she help Soumya. He asks why did he not scold Soumya. He says he scolds her to correct her. She says I know you did not scold her as you are acting, but Soumya wants my help, if I don’t help, she will doubt on me. He holds her hand and goes to clear the kajal. He says you are feeling bad for Soumya. She says not for Soumya, what she did for me it was….. She goes.

Rags is angry and tells Dadi how Soumya spoke to her. Soumya comes and scolds Rags. Rags says you stop it. Soumya says Dadi knows me, and she knows I was in stress. Soumya apologizes to her. Dadi says fine, next time there should not be such mistake. Menka laughs on Rags and Dadi hugs Soumya.

Ramesh talks to everyone and Yuvraaj asks him to call Soumya. Anuj and Saurabh are hungry and Suhani says Soumya will manage. Soumya comes and asks what happened. Yuvraaj says Sharad and I are going out, take Snoopi for a walk, Ramesh is busy in kitchen. She asks Saurabh or Anuj to take him. Saurabh and Anuj are also busy. Sharad asks Soumya to take him for Yuvraaj’s sake. Yuvraaj asks whats the problem. She says fine and takes him. Pratima asks Suhani to cook as everyone wants to have her hand made food.

Soumya could not control Snoopi and Anuj helps her, asking her to manage on her own. Anuj says Suhani manages snoopi well and asks her to take care of Snoopi. Menka sees them and worries that Soumya will steal her husband. He asks Anuj to come and he leaves. Menka thinks why was Soumya talking to Anuj, is she making option to trap him if Yuvraaj does not agree. Soumya takes Snoopi out. Suhani looks on. Suhani asks Saurabh what does he want. He says Khakra. She says its over. He asks her to make it, as it will save them. She says fine, I will make after cooking.

Rags comes and he asks how did she come there, did she forget the way to room. She says very funny. Rags asks Suhani is she troubling Soumya. Suhani says you don’t have any right to ask me, why should I tell you what will I do, you worry for yourself, if I write your doings, it will be more than book, I have to cook now, and asks her to help. Rags leaves.

Soumya takes Snoopi and she says they make me maid, which even Krishna did not make her. Other dogs come and bark. Snoopi barks and runs. She shouts. Sharad and Yuvraaj come and see Suhani in kitchen. Yuvraaj says he wants some healthy food, he did not eat anything in morning. She says Soumya will make pasta salad for him. Sharad smiles. Ramesh leaves saying he won’t work under Soumya. Sharad asks is Suhani jealous. Yuvraaj laughs. She says I know you both came for tadka. Sharad and Yuvraaj cough and leave.

Soumya comes back home. They see her and Sharad asks why is she so angry, where is snoopi, where did she leave him. Yuvraaj says I will ask. Rags tells Dadi that Suhani is planning something, she always helps everyone, why is she not helping Soumya. Menka says does anyone help Sautan. Dadi says she said right. Menka says thanks Dadi. Rags asks her to stand at door. Menka asks is she watchman. Rags says go. Soumya comes and tells Dadi that some dogs attacked her, and she saved herself. Rags asks where is snoopi. Soumya says he has run away.

Yuvraaj comes and says what….. She gets tensed. He asks is she mad, where is Snoopi, answer me. Saurabh, Anuj come and ask why is he angry. Sharad looks for Snoopi. Ramesh says snoopi is not at home. Suhani asks what happened. Sharad tells her about Soumya leaving Snoopi. She gets worried. Soumya says she was very scared. Saurabh calls her insensitive. Soumya argues and calls them insensitive to scold her for a dog. Yuvraaj says mind your language Soumya, and your tongue too.

He says Snoopi is our family member, I won’t leave you if you talk like this, just shut up. Sharad and Suhani look on. He says you did this second time, last time when the fish came and you put in drain. Saurabh asks how can he give snoopi to this irresponsible girl, its his mistake. Yuvraaj says yes, its my mistake to trust her, I won’t talk to her. She says talk to me with respect, I told you I won’t be able to do this work. He says you don’t do anything well. She says she is not maid to cook or take dogs out. He smiles and says you chose this life, and looks at Dadi. He says lets find snoopi and leaves. Soumya gets angry. Dadi looks at her.

Suhani gets snoopi back home. Yuvraaj and everyone get glad and Yuvraaj hugs Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. haha nice hapening wid soumya

  2. Rags need more insult than today.sowmya ll dominate u, and ur husband may come with new wife. then u’ll realise value of husband and wife’s relation. i am eagerly waiting for that scene rags.

  3. Jjnnhghhj

  4. Suhani Is an idiot- what the hell is wrong with this nonsense. These writers are twisted-

  5. true mohani

  6. Come to think of it, sourabh came home with a lipstick stain some week’s back,its high time another lady entered d scene to teach ragini a lesson! And den,she’ll know what it feels like to be wife number one while ur husband is settling with wife number 2.can’t wait for change of scripts

    1. which episode was that

  7. Today’s was very nice. Rags hubby should be with the girlfriend.then only she understand s d pain of suhani di

  8. Thanks amena

  9. ♥lovely♥

    Today Menka’s dilouge was very funny……”tum mera doggy se kyu bath kar rahi ho? Tum toh mera pati ko walk par le jarahi ho na….” lol…

  10. waiting for 2marrows episode.yuvraj macha you rock.i see the precap in youtube.what a fantactic seen macha.

  11. Ya its too funny

  12. suhani were very nice people itself. but very sad etc

  13. This SANSKARI bahu flapdoodle that these Prats pander to is DISGUSTING.

    Why are ‘vamps’ shown as women who ASPIRE are sly and know how to give it back? Good morning! Any inkling of women literacy rate in India?

    How on this f**king earth do you justify yuvraj STALKING saumya in the start of this serial? How can his sick ‘assumptions’ that saumya loves him back, without even so much talking to her about it, considered to be NORMAL?
    Then this dipshit has the gall to say he has been CHEATED?
    HELLO MARIYADA PUROSHOTAM, she had a life before you, she loved someone else. Wake the f**k up!

    ANDDD now that saumya did the same she is ‘characterless’. Awesome! Why because she is a woman?
    Do you twats have any idea how many cases of acid attack we have in our country, and just how similar there psychology is to your ‘cheated yuvraj’s’?

    Does the character of suhani, not make question the stereotypes? Does it not agitate your consciousness? Is being a SKIVVY the idea of SANSKARI SUSHIL BAHU?
    How can respecting others mean, mutilating your own SELF RESPECT? Are you AWARE of the ever pullulating cases of domestic violence?

    Sad! So blo*dy nauseatingly dad’s ╰_╯

    1. first ..people good at heart,..doesn’t think of VENGEANCE.

      second…as far as i remember he didn’t stalk her like crazy,…instead he like a very decent guy, went traditional and asked his mother go and talk to soumya’s family regarding marriage.

      and then he was under the impression that he is getting married to her, but when he found out that its not her but suhani he is about to get engaged to, he explained it to soumya that he is in love with her not suhani..which is when soumya consoled him that yes I LOVE YOU TOO,..and i’ll take care of everything,..

      and how she took care of it…by running away and leaving back a letter for suhani…
      thus he feels CHEATED,…

      and i have absolutely no idea how what soumya is doing is same as what yuvraj did,..!!!
      and how is he a psycho.., who relate to acid throwers ..???

      PS,.. let me remind you that soumya is allegedly a culprit for attempt to murder.

      1. Oh God!
        Jejune of epic proportion. It is not in you to decrypt HOW IT IS RELATED.

        So let me come to the crux of your GOOD HEART definition
        It is SUHANI. Ta daaaa! Drumrolls
        oh Yeah
        Who is treated as f**king slave and the dah-f**king-ling can’t even So much as spare a glance.
        Good heart is NEVER STAND FOR YOURSELF
        Good heart is a NINCOMPOOP
        Good heart is constantly smiling when your self respect is DISPARAGED
        Good heart is NO BRAIN BUT BIG HEART.
        Good heart is INCARCERATE yourself to kitchen.
        Good heart is however rude people be to you, with no turd of a reason, SMILE 🙂
        Afterall BHADRAMAHILA

        Oh that is how they gonna feed you stereotypes and you not even going to question it?

        P.s-Rags is a STRONG WOMAN not adhering to your PATI PATMESHWAR POLITICS.
        And it is, Oh So right, for saurabh to cheat.
        Should be taught a lesson?eh?

        Oh! Boohoo. Kalyug!

    2. if people start taking an eye for an eye…soon everyone will be blind..
      i really hope you could get it,..!!

  14. ya ya. soumya were not very nice people. i thinking wearing modern dress etc were not ganing very much famous

  15. guys even rags sauthan ll be cmg n suhani helps in settling their relationship n then rags gets good mind … ll be after 1month i think

  16. ya ya. they r nice peoples itself. i prays fast happen it n suhani help 4 rags n very nice happen

  17. Wow nic epi n menka part was vry funny egerly waiting 4 2mrw epi 🙂 lov u yuvaani 😉

  18. hai any one. hai suchi

  19. What d mean of sautan is enemy pls am not India person am from other country

  20. @ t , sautan means second wife of husband

  21. ambar thanks for u help/answer

  22. Indian peoples here only? i maded frnds n not here 1. where they r?

  23. i liked frnds mading site. u peoples r nice peoples. i also nice people.

  24. nice episode and nice precap good for soumya she deserve more than that she want be bahu and she don’t know nothing but the only thing she is good for is taking peoples husband away from them she is a man snatcher

  25. Somuya is so irresponsible is there any thing she can do she could not kept krishna happy
    IF there is one person responsible for her life being ruin or in a mess Its non other than Herself .krishna loves her life’s a b*t*h suck it up and move on

  26. sooooooo whats going on with krishna’s marriage?

  27. it will not happen

  28. is any one there?

  29. Is sowmya become mad

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