Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Dadi how did she feel when he called her by her name. Dadi says she is elder and she is his Dadi, she can expect respect from him. He says don’t know, when Yuvani raised hand on Suhani and called her by name, you called it her freedom, so this is my freedom. He goes to Suhani. Suhani thinks of Yuvani’s behavior and gets sad. Yuvraaj cheers up Suhani. She cries and hugs him. She shares her pain. She says you gave me this responsibility, I could not manage it, sorry, I lost. He says its okay. She says its because of you, you left me alone, there was no one to taunt me. He says yes, I run away to jail by getting fed up of you, atleasy I could get peace there. She beats him. He asks her to stop this drama now.

She says you have seen everything

Yuvani drinks wine, how can Rags hate me so much that she spoiled Yuvani to take revenge from us. He says its all over, you won’t get all answers today. She says yes, I want to tell you about a guy Saiyyam, don’t know what revenge is he taking, he is staying here in this house with us. Rags asks Dadi did Yuvraaj say this. Dadi says yes, Yuvraaj should have not got in this matter. Yuvani says sorry, you are upset with me. Daid says yes, you did wrong. Yuvani says Suhani was talking to Rags angrily, so I reacted. Dadi asks why did you drink wine. Rags says children these days drink wine, and Yuvani occasionally drinks. Dadi says she ashamed me today. Yuvani says sorry, make everything fine. Dadi says nothing can happen now.

Yuvraaj says I have come, I m with you, we will make everything fine. Suhani says I got courage, Yuvani’s behavior has hurt me a lot, I felt she is changing, I was wrong, why did she not tell us her truth, maybe I did wrong. He says no, its not your mistake, its Dadi’s mistake, she could say Yuvani’s truth, but she cheated you, you had many responsibilities of children, you had to start new life, Dadi increased burden more, I m proud of you, if we don’t have anything to do, we will get bored. Pratima says yes, I m sure you both will manage.

Bhavna and Sharad too encourage them. Pratima says I have to tell truth to children, come. Yuvraaj says no, we can’t tell them truth now, you have seen what Yuvani did today, she is not in her senses, we don’t know how Rags and Dadi spoiled her. Pratima says when she knows her Papa has come back, and her mum and dad will unite….. Suhani asks what will we tell Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says yes, we told kids that I died, today when they know truth, they will feel we cheated them, let things get normal. Pratima says no, I don’t think waiting will be fine, they will feel more bad later on knowing truth, don’t worry for kids, Dadi will explain Yuvani, I will manage Krishna and Yuvaan. Suhani says Yuvraaj is right. Bhavna asks what will you tell kids if they ask about Yuvraaj. Suhani says we will lie, Yuvaan is already worried by Saiyyam, I can’t tell him now. Yuvraaj asks her not to be upset.

Its morning, Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she will get his fav food made. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to get fruit salad for him. She goes. Yuvaan comes and greets them. Bhavna asks Yuvaan what will he have. Servant says Yuvaan just eats carrots and drinks beetroot juice. Yuvraaj smiles. Dadi says he went on his dad. Yuvaan asks Bhavna how is Golu. Bhavna says he is irritated hearing Golu, call him Anant, his friends used to tease him by Golu’s name. Suhani comes and gives salad to Yuvraaj. Yuvaan looks at them.

Sharad says I forgot to say, he is my new music teacher. Krishna comes and joins them. Pratima says I will go and get Yuvani. Yuvani joins them too. Yuvraaj gets up to leave. Yuvani apologizes to Suhani and asks her to slap her. She says I m big idiot, I should have not lied and drink. She says I saw Saiyyam drinking and thought to try, I swear I never drink. Suhani says singing bhajan and short clothes, what was that. Yuvani says I did not wish to upset you. Suhani forgives her and hugs. Yuvani thanks her. Yuvani promises everyone that this won’t happen again. Yuvaan says good, we will tell you why it is bad idea to follow Saiyyam.

Yuvani apologizes to Yuvraaj too. She asks him to have breakfast with them. Saiyyam comes and sees their happy family. Yuvaan asks Krishna why did she force him to accept Yuvani’s sorry. Yuvani thanks Rags and Dadi. Dadi asks her not to touch wine, we will live with peace. Dadi goes. Yuvani asks Rags why did Dadi ask me to say sorry to Suhani, i m annoyed, Suhani can’t talk to you like this. Rags asks her to ignore and forget. Yuvani says I read your speech. Rags asks her to hide things. Yuvani agrees.

Krishna says Yuvani changed. Yuvaan says she is same, stop finding goodness in everything. She asks him to stop finding bad in everything. He says fine, I will not talk normal with her. She asks why, if you dont support her, who will support her then.

Yuvraaj says this is my locket. Saiyyam asks him to fight to get his thing. Yuvraaj smiles. Dadi says stop this nonsense, your father….. Saiyyam shouts don’t get my father in this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow!!! watched a full epi of SSEL after a looong tym …..I knw the twist was illogical and they confused evrything by introducing stupid plot,,,,stilll the best the thing is Yuv-Ani is together now,,,,This was my fav show once and Yuv-Ani was my fav couple ,,,then cvs separated Yuv-Ani and brought stupid twists again and again which made me quit watching the show,,,,bt today I was soo happy to see them together,,,,

  2. And these Birlas,,,aren’ they fed up of lies,,,,they are repeating the history again and again,,,,Prathima’s dialogue “Abhi bacho ko sach bathaana he” reminded me SSEL b4 leap where Yuv-Ani was trying to say truth abt their parents to little Yuvan and Yuvani,,,,,nw the same thing,,,,,,why they lied Yuv’s dead,,they could hv said anythng else,,,,,,,

  3. Kids wer 7years wen yuvraj was with kids..even a 4yrs kid can rembr his father well..and how can 7yrs kid vl foget his father s rediculous..

  4. I just loved Yuvi’s new look,,,,I thought Sahil quit the show and they will show someone else as Yuvi,,,,bt glad he z back,,,,Suhani and Yuvraj looked great together,,,,and loved the part where Yuvraj supported Suhani against Dadi

  5. And soo happy to see sharad and Bhavna back,,,,I knw they all were shown in yesterday’s epi…,bt I just saw them in today’s epi

    1. Aqsxxh

      Same Roz! I missed all the crew and menka is also coming back!

    2. Nithu

      Roz i also saw the full epi ssel.after 3 months….it was gud..i loved yuVani scenes…yuvani bcame a spoil brat like rags and krishna is as sweet as suhani…yuvaan is like his…

  6. Yaar… todays episode was very boring…. YuvAni dialogue were 50 50 but this yuvaj n suhani y they r hiding the truth from kids… oops grown up kids….full of nonsense…. N this saiyaam…. as father like a son…. his father donkey n he too donkey

  7. Saiyam suhani n sambhav ka son h ky??

    1. That’s what the spoilers say!

  8. Guys, have u noticed…. yuvraj is looking somewhat fat… after the leap….. N suhani ko saree do yaar… she looks pretty in saree…. itna bade bade dupatta…. half she is cleaning the floor…..

    1. Lol???…i guess suhani is helping d nation by doing swach bharat with her dupatta…but i rally feel bad for rajshri…she is too gorgeous man…but these cvs show her ugly….even in that makeup she looks cute …no proper dress for lead?

      1. Yaa agree… suhani ko puri tarah se budi bana diya…. everytym golden blouse n different color saree…. they can’t afford good clothes to the lead…. N rags menka were given attractive clothes than suhani…. suhani starting mai bahut patli thi…. but 2 saal usne b weight put on kiya…. yuvraj should not give samoso 2 eat…. nai toh aur moti hogi n this saiyaam is irritating…. yuvraj birla is looking cute than yuvan yuvani… N suhani yaar itna pack pack kapada pehan padhta hai… puri pack sirf face dikh tha… dat is good… but I don’t like the dressing of suhani….rags clothes r far better than her

  9. As always forgive Dadi and Rags. every thing is back to normal.
    Boring, Suhani is weak again. She can’t see what the birla family is doing to her son. Suhani can’t see that Yuvani is a lost cause. I am so happy that I didn’t see this show. It is far more better to read the updates. Yuvraj is doing his old tricks again. I am here suhani, but in the end Yuvraj loves dadi more. Which is empty promises.

    1. You are right Yuvraj loves dadi more. That why he wants her to tell Yuvani that he is not dead. I remember that you said that the Birla family is a curse on Suhani. I believe that you are right. Look how he makes Suhani feel stupid, I am here now suhani and I well fix everything. Suhani has bad taste in men.

    2. I agree with what you both have said, this all an act from Yuvraj. Remember he only tell Dadi off if she gets caught and she got caught. Does it change anything. NO!
      You all well see it is going back to oh suhani it is all your fault. You must try harder suhani. Stupid Suhani well say yes Yuvraj, you are right Yuvraj. Boring!
      He only went to jail, not because he love Suhani. Yuvraj went to jail because he knew that it was his fault. Yuvraj knows that Dadi is the cause of problems. He knows that because of him Suhani life as well as soumay life was ruined because of him.
      YUVRAJ went to jail because he knew WAS GUILTY.

      1. This SHOW IS garbage. It is going to drag on. The story line is badly written. If the writers wanted sambav gone. Then they should have kept him good. Suhani and sambhav have a happy marriage life. Then suddenly something bad happened he dies. The writers has made to many more mistakes. They should have said 20 years leap not 15. Because the age of the children.
        To me it feel like, the show is going around in circle. I don’t understand where the story line is going. If the tv program don’t get the viewer’s number that they wanted are they going to do another leap? For me the show should end.
        Like you Mo, I am not watching, just reading update. For tv show this is BAD.

  10. So kids think their dad died. Don’t think it’s a good idea to hide the truth, when it’s out, it’ll be more harder.

  11. Yuvaan remember bhavana, golu and sharad.. But he doesn’t remember yuvraj???

  12. Saiyyam is in search of the man(he thinks it’s Yuvraaj) who killed his dad. May be to create “that twist/more drama ” the director is hiding Yuvraaj’s identity !

    Today’s episode was an ok-ok kind of. Nothing new, same old story.

  13. When the truth comes out, god knows what’s going to happen, maybe it’ll be saiyyam who brings it out. @ somi I agree Suhani looks better in sari’s. She’s the lead and rags sometimes looks better dressed or even yuvani.

  14. Wat the hell always rag n dadi n living in denial n I hope they tell the kids the truth about yuvraj now

  15. love you, yuvraj.its gud to c both of u togethr

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