Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani taking Yuvaan with her. She makes him sleep in the car. Yuvraaj comes there and asks what are you doing. He sees Yuvaan sleeping. He pushes Suhani on the ground. She cries. He holds her and says I was coming here to talk to you, you were running away to make me away from my son, I will make you away from Yuvaan now. She asks him to do it if he has courage, Yuvaan is my son, you like to threaten, make him away and show me, I will see how you make Yuvaan away from me, do anything you want, I m infront of you, world will see if anyone challenges to make a son away from a mother, what will be the result. Yuvaan gets up and comes out of the car. He asks what happened mumma, why did we come here. Yuvraaj calms down seeing him and smiles acting normal.

Soumya wakes

up and looks for Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gives a kerchief to Suhani and asks her to wipe her tears. He tells Yuvaan that Suhani made surprise plan to go farmhouse. She says yes, we will go tomorrow. Yuvaan says we will take Krishna, Yuvani and Goly, we will sleep early now. He holds Suhani and Yuvraaj’s house. Soumya looks on.

Yuvaan asks Suhani when will they leave for farmhouse. She says I will let you know. Menka makes a family tree. Rags and Soumya look on. Dadi says its time to tell truth to kids. Soumya says I don’t want to tell anything to Krishna. Dadi says when Yuvaan and Yuvani know, then Krishna will also get to know, what can we do in this. The kids come with Bhavna. Dadi asks them to come and sit. She tells Pratima that she has to talk to kids about their parents. Pratima gets shocked. Suhani comes and stops Dadi.

Suhani says they are our children, we will decide what to tell them. Dadi says shut up, I don’t need to ask you anything. Yuvraaj says Dadi, Suhani is saying right. Dadi asks why can’t I tell them. Krishna says what do you want to say. Suhani tells them that Menka is cheating in some game. Menka says but I know…. Yuvraaj stops Menka from saying and says you always cheat, so I m ending this game right now. He tears the family tree. He says Suhani and I started this game, we will end this. Suhani looks at him.

Rags asks Soumya are you fine. Soumya says yes, if Dadi told truth to kids, what about me. Rags asks her not to get scared, you should prepare yourself for that day, you have to make sure that Yuvraaj should stay with you by emotional blackmail, we all know Yuvraaj still loves Suhani, you know this well, you have to emotionally blackmail him, you genuinely love Yuvani, you should not let Suhani come back in his life.

Soumya goes to Yuvraaj and cries. She thanks him for stopping Dadi from saying truth to children. He says some day children will know truth. Sharad and Saurabh tell Bhavna that they have to unite Suhani and Yuvraaj. Bhavna says this is wrong, I can’t ruin Soumya’s life, she is like my sister too, when Suhani left everything, Soumya managed Yuvani and loved Yuvani and Krishna equally, now when Suhani is back, shall we snatch Yuvani from Suhani. Sharad says Yuvani is Suhani’s daughter, and Yuvraaj can financially help Soumya and Krishna. Bhavna asks if Amit’s family says same to you then, and if they take Golu. Sharad says how can they, I have raised Golu with love. She says even Soumya raised Yuvani with love. He says you are saying right. She asks them to plan Yuvraaj’s birthday. He agrees.

Yuvraaj tells Soumya that we elders can understand this, but this will affect children badly. She says Rags won’t tell the children, I promise. He says you have seen Rags and Menka with Dadi, do you really want Krishna to know truth this way. She asks will you tell Yuvani that Suhani is her mum, not me, then she will never regard me her mum. He says I know you love her a lot, the way Yuvaan has right to know who is his father, same way Yuvani has right to know who is her mother.

Rags catches Menka and says you had mangoes right. She says yes, I had 5 mangoes at night. Rags checks Menka’s son and says he has fever. Menka says he is fine, fever happens after vaccination. Rags asks her to show vaccination card. Menka hides the age column and shows Rags that fever can come after vaccination. She kicks Rags out of the room and says if Rags know that this baby is not my son, I will be gone.

Yuvaan and Yuvani play. Yuvraaj goes to them. He asks Yuvaan to go and meet Suhani. Yuvaan goes. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj what happened. He asks her to sit. He tells Yuvani that what he wants to say is complicated, but she has to know it. He gets Suhani’s message. She wishes him all the best. Suhani gives chocolate milkshake to Yuvaan. He thanks her and says I wanted to have this, how do you know. She says I m your mumma, that’s why. Suhani and Yuvraaj try telling truth to kids. Yuvraaj tells Yuvani that like Yashoda and Devki were two mothers of Krishna ji, same way someone here was two mothers. Yuvani asks who. Yuvaan asks Suhani to keep this gift, he will take all gifts from his dad. She asks if your dad comes right now then… Soumya interrupts and comes running asking Suhani to save her from snoopi. Rags interrupts Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj and Suhani argue for backing out. Suhani says Soumya came here running, as snoopi was after her, Yuvaan was glad that his dad is coming to meet him. He says you are jealous. She asks him not to talk like Yuvaan, did you tell Yuvani. Soumya thanks Rags and says we can’t distract them always. Rags says we want some permanent solution, its Yuvraaj’s birthday tomorrow, do something to get close to him, make him recall all your favors, we will get some time.

Suhani and Yuvraaj see each other and mock practice to tell Yuvaan and Yuvani about being their parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap was a practice??

  2. the precap was real or dream…. am confusing yar….

  3. Realy geting boring with the dragging

  4. practice ah..? oh noooooo…

  5. It will be a dream

  6. menka kidnapped a baby??!!

    1. No I think she paid for baby no one should be surprised bout menka

  7. High time to disclose the truth to the kids or else it’s getting bore by the parents arguments… Nothing new .. Everyday arguments. Damn boring.

  8. This is getting really interesting. Finally the serial is going ahead. I hope the kids get to know the truth soon? can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

    1. Don’t get ur hopes up cuz somaya and rags will do everything in there power to stop yuaraaj and suhani from telling there kids plus dadi is trying so hard to make suhani pay by hurting them kids

  9. Boring…

  10. I think menaka have her girl baby in ashram she took tis boy baby for property…at last tis baby wil go to ragss hand…

  11. OMG that cute little baby is not Menkas she has thrown all caution to the wind does,nt she realise what the outcome will be when the Birlas find out the truth that it is not her baby i want to cease watching this serial for a while cause its getting nowhere its one long drawn out nonsense and then again i really want to know whats going on in the future so i dont think i have much choice than to watch it na

  12. I think soumya n rags will try to stop them n i think it about time the kids no the truth

  13. Plse reunion of yuvani

  14. Well this is how Birla’s are..all shamless and brainless…Still no one has pubished Dadi..Why writers why? are you showing the elders of the society can do anything low annd disgusting within the family and get away cos no men of the house will have the gutts to say anything but ready to punish their wifes and look at Dumraj pushing Suhani to the floor…disgusting…thinks about his little self but not of the woman who bore 2 children and being insulted by his useless family…Yes you Dumraj…me me and me..shameless.

    1. Really.. I felt like slapping him tight when he pushed her..
      I like the way suhani replied when he forwarded his hand- no need to touch me, just stay away from me.. And then whatever she said.. Her acting is so real.. It has often made me laugh/cry..
      And I just love suhani- yuvaan scenes.. Their bonding is so cute.. :*

  15. The kids will find out themselves but that will take a while. .

  16. Shall we be lucky enough to get to see SUBHAV and yuvi’s jealousy and sleepless nights??????????
    Tired of waiting..
    They never show ssel spoiler..

    1. I know right!

  17. I cannot watch this to and fro with yuvraj and suhani. They need to grow up they both have kids and yuvraj needs to get real, he divorced his wife and can’t pick and choose. Suhani needs to put the interest of her child first living in the Birla house will only create drama everyday which is not healthy for a child look at how uuhani is turning out the best thing she can so is leave. Menaka and fake baby story line is interesting. will be fun to see how did she keep her birth a secret. How come nobody knows about her fake baby.

  18. Will something interesting happen on yuvi’s birthday?? Does anybody know what will happen?

  19. no side story hv good completion.. lik tat sharad phone cal, dadi barbie truth, rags plan to drop pot on suhani head, nw menka baby truth… writer dont expose thm.. only suhani s action will expose.. writers must gv sme importance to side characters.. al knw its a same repeated track of soumya.. but no characters changed.. change over of suhani also waste nd she is just lik our old suhani.. no new attitude shown n promo.. anyway yuvraj bday sequence ll b fulfil our expetation of yuvani scenes.. wat evr soumya plans to close to yuvraj plan must go wrong nd good fr suhani.. waiting fr tat..

  20. Will YuvAni celebrate yuvi’s birthday in the farmhouse????
    Awwwwwwwww…. I’m so excited.. 🙂

  21. jasmine kaur

    suhani goes to off air this month and replaced by new serial ishaqbaz

    1. Where did you get that info from?

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