Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Rags to go in the function. Rags and Bhavna dance on vaari javan…. Song. Everyone is happy as Suhani’s godh bharai function is going on. Suhani smiles seeing Lata, elders, Rags, Saurabh, Bhavna and Sharad dancing. Everyone dance around Suhani and is very happy.

Suhani says I m missing Soumya a lot. Lata says doctor asked Soumya not to go outdoors. Soumya comes there and hugs Suhani. Suhani tells Lata that we did everything together, studies, marriage and children, if we get boy and girl then we will get them married. They laugh. Rags says if both get girls, and taunts them. Saurabh asks Rags not to say in everything. Dadi asks Rags to go to kitchen, this is your punishment. Rags goes.

Dadi asks Suhani to take the godh bharai gift, Suhaagi’s

house and farmhouse papers. Suhani says your blessings are enough for me. Saurabh gifts and says I will do all shopping once the baby comes. Suhani thanks him and says Yuvraaj’s worry got less now.

Rags sends Ramesh to serve juice and takes the sweets plate from Sajan. Pratima gifts Suhani and Soumya. Yuvraaj jokes on Suhani. Rags and Dadi sign each other. Rags gets gulab jamun sweets and Suhani says I like it a lot. Rags taunts Suhani. Yuvraaj sees flies on the sweets and stops Suhani from eating it. Suhani says I will have it. he says I will get fresh gulab jamuns for you, eat tomorrow. Rags looks at Dadi.

Its night, Suhani cries. Yuvraaj wakes up and switches on lights. He asks what happened, are you fine, I will call ambulance. She says no, I have seen a bad dream. He says it won’t matter, relax. She cries like a kid. The man who ate the gulab jamuns lies on the ground near the dustbin. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that Suhani is not listening, she is crying. Suhani says I don’t remember the dream, I was scared, I don’t want anything wrong to happen. Pratima says don’t worry, you will get responsibility of two children, this happens, I won’t go anywhere, sleep now, I will sing lullaby. Yuvraaj asks why are you sharing this with Suhani. Pratima says when there are two children, things have to be shared, you and Suhani are having children now and fighting for my love. Pratima sings lullaby and makes Suhani and Yuvraaj sleep. She leaves after they sleep.

Rags works on computer and checks something. She calls someone and says I placed an order online, I want delivery urgently. She thinks Suhani can’t take these rights from me like this, if Yuvraaj gifts you this house then….

Pratima comes that way. Rags sees her and goes. Pratima sees Sajan and asks what are you doing. Sajan says Suhani’s feet got swelling, so I m making lep. She asks him to go and sleep now, make lep in morning. Rags hides and gets relieved.

Its morning, Suhani looks for laddoos and asks Ramesh. Yuvraaj stops Suhani from having sweets and oily things. They sweetly argue. She gets annoyed and he smiles. She says please let me eat laddoos, ghee is good for baby. He says fine, eat ghee, but you won’t get laddoo. She makes an upset face. He leaves.

Soumya tells Lalita that she is going for checkup. Lalita asks servant to see if driver is there or not. Soumya says Krishna always wanted his family to be happy. Lalita says yes, he wants best for his baby, he is making new house for baby. Soumya smiles and says I did this to give good upbringing to my baby. Lalita and Rakhi eat fruits. Suhani calls Soumya and says who asked you to get pregnant at same time, I m missing you and can’t meet you. Soumya asks why did you copy me, we can’t change this. Suhani says I want besan laddoos, Yuvraaj is not allowing me. Soumya laughs and says don’t worry, I will send laddoos for you. Suhani gets glad. Suhani says fine, don’t tell Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come for checkup. Suhani ends call with Soumya and smiles. Pratima gives raksha thread for Suhani. Bhavna says fine, I will give her when she comes back. Rags is waiting for order and argues with Sajan. Rags gets the parcel. Pratima asks whats this. Rags says I ordered story books for Suhani, it affects good on baby. Pratima says yes, how do you know. Rags says I read on internet. Pratima says I will give Suhani, I have to talk to Suhani, she is not getting good sleep. Rags worries.

Bhavna gives Suhani the book and says Rags has sent this for you. Rags sends Bhavna out and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is rags and dadi upto now?

  2. Nice epi

  3. So now the plan is to forget the past and harm a pregnant daughter and sister inlaw? How low can these idiots go?

  4. Their plans will flop and guess what? They will be forgiven! That’s the trend

  5. Tell me about it. :-[

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Dadi and rags kabhi nhi sudhar sakte… barbie ke tym bus suhani ki acchai ka fayda utta rehe the taki rupees karch na ho…. isse accha to barbie inko thik kr rehi thi….

  7. That girl Suhani need to stop eating, every time She get greedy, problems come her way

  8. Is suhani face abortion

  9. what was the point of helping get rid of Barbie? why don’t yuvraaj find out the truth about Dadi and take Suhan and his mom away from that house. Let the witches live together. I think that would be a much better storyline than this constant BS…seriously, I know they want to prolong their show but when its based on stupidity, no one wants to watch it. SHEESHHHHHHHHHH

  10. suhani loves eating thats how she is lol and ragini is a mean cow and dadi also comes up with a promblem everyday.

  11. I hope nothing happens to suhani’s baby. Why is dadi plotting now, she’s getting what she wanted. Snoopy please help Suhani and make dadi and rags’ plan fail.

  12. I think rags want the farmhouse n will do anything to get it

  13. I love the show very much please don’t let dadi win…

  14. Gng on gud track….pls writers don’t spoil ths …..nothing should happen to suhaani n baby…..if it happens then am gng to stop ths serial ….got fedup with negative things…

  15. Adutha plan aarambichacha intha Dadiyum Raginiyum thirunthave maattaangala yuvraj yeppa thaan Dadiya paththi therinjukka poraangalo yenna plan ah irunthaalu sari Baby affect panna koodaathu pls

  16. Wow such loser directors first the copied ye hai mohabbatein with sarogesy then sathiya with pratimas kidnapping and now there going to copy diya aur bati hum somya is going to havdm a miscarrige and the suhani will give one of her babies to somya

    1. When was this mentioned or are you assuming.

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