Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi talking to Rags and Menka. Dadi says Suhani is coming close to Yuvraaj and become everyone’s habit, we have to do something big. She sees Rohan coming and says its good thing if Yuvraaj settles with Suhani, I will be glad. Menka asks what. Rohan hears them. Dadi says Yuvraaj is agreeing to Suhani, I think he is in love with her. Rags asks what is she saying. Dadi holds her hand and signs her. Rags sees Rohan. Rohan goes. Dadi sees him going and smiles. Menka says Dadi confuses her always. Rags says Dadi said this to make Rohan hear, so that he takes any step. Menka says he will leave tomorrow. Dadi says he won’t go, as I have laid a good trap for him. She says he will think of losing Suhani and take big step, then we will help him.

Suhani tells Soumya about

the contest and asks her to take part. Soumya says she wishes to, but Krishna… don’t know he will agree or not. Suhani asks her to try. Krishna comes and Soumya says she will call her later, and ends the call. Sharad teases Yuvraaj about romancing Suhani. Rohan talks to Suhani about the case. Sharad says snoopi can see which others can’t see, and asks snoopi to say does he feel Yuvraaj loves Suhani. Suhani asks Rohan to make couple sit and talk about the reason of marriage and love. Rohan says great idea, I have to do opposite of this, I have to say they are different and not made for each other, that they did mistake by marriage, the credit of this idea goes to us, reverse psychology, if we stop someone then that person runs after it. He asks her help.

Sharad asks Snoopi to think. Yuvraaj looks on and asks Sharad to shut up. He starts leaving and snoopi makes her fall on the sofa, and cuddles. Sharad laughs and says I said you are in love with Suhani. Radhe asks Rakhi to take part in Mrs. Allahabad contest and Lalita thinks he is saying to her. She smiles and gets to know he is saying about Rakhi. Krishna and Soumya laugh. Krishna encourages Lalita and makes her happy. He says so its decided Rakhi and Soumya will take part in this contest.

Rags sees a spot on her face and applies cream, saying no one can stop her from winning the contest. She thinks where is Menka. Menka brings samosas and kachoris, and keeps it on the table, that Suhani comes and eats it, being unable to control and get a pimple by eating the snacks. Rohan gets the couple and asks Ramesh to send Suhani soon. Menka waits for Rags and thinks to record Rags eating snacks to show Dadi. Dadi calls Rags and she goes. Rohan asks the couple to take divorce and applies reverse psychology.

Suhani comes and asks Rohan to note the reason, else they can fall in love again and forget the reason. She says I can leave samosas for Yuvraaj. The man says she left sweets for me. Suhani tries to make them value each other. Yuvraaj brings dresses for Rags, Menka and Suhani. Rags thanks him and says she will give dress to Menka. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to give dress to Suhani, she is in garden. Dadi and Rags go to see there as Rohan and Suhani are also there. Menka thinks she has to eat the cake now, as Rags did not eat it.

Suhani says Yuvraaj is very good, he takes care of me. Suhani says I m sure you both are not caring and asks them. Suhani says no need to be with someone who makes you cry, sign on the form soon, how is this relation where a wife has to bear a dog in the bed because of her husband, you sign it soon. Yuvraaj comes and hears her. Rohan sees Yuvraaj. Dadi smiles. Suhani says why to be in bad relation, end it and live freely. Rohan asks what would she do being in her place. Suhani says I would have signed, divorce is good thing to end a heartless relation. Yuvraaj is shocked.

Yuvraaj thinks to talk to Suhani after contest, to know whats going on in her mind. Rohan says we will know it tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is wrong with this serial always dragging and yuvraj why r u jealous u didn’t love ❤ suhani know …..

  2. Yuvraj what concerns u abuout suhani,, u dnt lyk her so y being jealous

  3. I like suhani

    1. arshi ki true fan

      I agree a lot..☺☺☺

  4. Off course yuvraaj loves suhani, its just that he didnt realise it till now
    And he is afraid to accept that he can love her

  5. Oh wow yuvaj in love! Super finally its happened.

  6. Yes suhani sign the divorce paper n let go of yuvraaj he don’t loves u n keep ill treating u just get out of all them way n see. How much they will miss u

  7. Is yuvraj realy love suhani so y u take time to confess..
    plz tell

  8. Rohan become antagonist or not???
    he had knew suhanis love for yuvraj so y u do this??? All for dadi???
    if u do damn all are hate like dadi..

  9. Today epis was boring

  10. I think Rohan is actually getting yuvraaj to admit his feelings! It’s so obvious that he knows dadi is wrong so is playing game with her too!! It’s just taking too long!!

  11. the truth of rohan is like cat on the wall. the writer can twist it in any direction as and when he wishes. rohan can be shown as a villain trying to separate yuvraj and suhani .or…. as a friend who was trying to bring them together and expose the truth of dadi. all depends on the mood of the writer and director

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