Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking shall I not say Saiyyam the truth. Bhavna says he will not understand why you killed Sambhav. Suhani says but he should know it. Sharad says he will not believe. Bhavna says he will hate you more. Suhani says shall we wait for Saiyyam to know truth on his own. Dadi hears them. Rags says till when will we wait Dadi, Sambhav will not expose himself. Yuvraaj is hurt there. Dadi says we will save Yuvraaj, nothing will happen to him. Rags asks what will we do. Dadi says I know.

Its morning, Krishna recalls Sharad’s words. She prays to Lord to send Yuvraaj back and free from devil’s clutches. Saiyyam hears this and asks her not to tell anything against her dad. She asks will you kill me, as your Papa killed my mum. He gets a message from Rags, asking

him to meet near temple to know something imp about his dad.

Saiyyam goes and meets Rags. He asks why did you call me here. Rags says I m glad that you came here to meet me. He says I can meet even death to know about my Papa. She says excellent, you have to meet death now. He asks what do you mean. She gives him the gun. She asks him to keep it, as he will need it a lot.

Saiyyam gets drunk and comes home. He shouts to Suhani to come out. Suhani and everyone come out and see Saiyyam with a gun and wine bottle in hands. He drinks more. Suhani asks what’s this. He shouts shut up, don’t you dare call me your son, you lost that right when you killed my dad and threw me in orphanage.

He drinks more. He goes to Krishna and says it hurts a lot right, when parents die, you know how I feel, I m bearing this pain alone since many years, this mark on my face, illegitimate blame, people called me result of mistake. Sharad shouts Saiyyam… Saiyyam says don’t shout, did you think what I went through, I had hope to get love for which I was longing, Suhani wants to snatch it also, she called my Papa as murderer and devil. He cries and says if you had hatred with me, why did you give me birth. He throws wine bottle and shouts. Suhani cries seeing him.

Saiyyam keeps the gun at his forehead. Sambhav and Suhani get shocked. Everyone look on. Suhani asks Saiyyam to stop. He says no, its enough, I m tired, I can’t bear more, I can’t deal with this situation, I m hurt, I can’t bear anything bad now.

Everyone get worried. Saiyyam closes eyes and cries. He is about to shoot himself. Sambhav panics. Sambhav throws off his dupatta and runs to save Saiyyam. Saiyyam gets shocked seeing Sambhav. Everyone get shocked.

Sambhav hugs Saiyyam and asks what are you doing, are you fine. He hugs Saiyyam and gets relieved that Saiyyam is fine. Dadi and Rags smile. Rags recalls. FB shows Saiyyam asking why did she give gun. Rags says this is only way to bring Sambhav out, if he knows your life is in risk, he will come out to save you, what’s there to think, once Sambhav comes out, you can be with him, you can prove him innocent in front of the family. FB ends. Dadi says great, you did great to bring this devil’s face in front of us, see this is your father, will you listen to us now.

Suhani asks Saiyyam what’s all this. Dadi says Rags said right, Sambhav was staying between us and we did not know. She says your game is over Sambhav, tell the truth, where is Yuvraaj. Sambhav says you said right Dadi, I was playing a game and now its over. Dadi says see Saiyyam, I don’t care what you both do, tell me where is Yuvraaj else…. Sambhav asks what else, will you call police, will you torture me. He falls in Dadi’s feet and asks her to do anything, but not in front of my son.

Everyone get shocked. Rags says Saiyyam, don’t get in his eyes, he accepted he is playing games. Sambhav asks what would I do, if not playing games, you tell me, I did not get anything on which I had right, because of Suhani, I loved her, I love her and will always love her all my life, whatever Suhani does, my love will not change. Suhani asks him to stop acting. Sambhav asks what acting. Suhani gets back. Sambhav says you have stepped back from my love, do you want me to stop loving you, no this can’t happen, you married me and loved someone else…. you killed me and left my son to die, I have come back after many years, what did you give me, just hatred, even then I have love in my heart for you, beat me…. kill me…. end my life, there is no meaning of my life to stay without you. Saiyyam cries seeing all this.

Sambhav requests Suhani not to do all this in front of Saiyyam. Dadi pushes Sambhav and says stop this acting, its enough now. Saiyyam gets in between and asks them to stop acting, you all just care for Yuvraaj, why does no one think for both of us, why……. Sambhav gets glad.

Sambhav says I m glad my son is with me, you go from here, I will meet you later. Suhani says don’t believe him Saiyyam, you don’t know what he did.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG! Uuurrfff! That suhani, what a bad mother!
    Sometimes in life, it is best to be honest with yourself.

    There is no use of being godly, no human being can be God.
    Why didn’t she just had an abortion!

    1. @r do u hear yourself she wanted tell truth rags and dadi had plan and story changed again. Until suhani tell final truth saiyyam will be in samhbav corner

      1. @ Queen, No you have misunderstood me. The pain saiyyam, do you think that if saiyyam found out that he was a rape child, do you think that he would be happy.

        No Queen, it well destroy him!
        That is why I said, it is best to be honest with yourself.

        If rape happened to me, I pray that never happens to me or anyone.

        I won’t be able to give birth.
        It abortion I well choose.

        Suhani has no feeling for saiyyam. It is best to be honest. Abandonment is far more cruel.
        Think about it.

      2. The thing is Queen, what (r) was saying is, suhani did this to herself. No one made her.

        R said this yesterday.
        Dadi did tell Suhani to have an abortion. It was Suhani choice to have Saiyyam.

        The problem with suhani is that she perched too much.
        Suhani tells others, don’t do this and don’t do THAT.

        That is what r meant godly. When people try to be godly. They are never honest with themselves.

        Suhani wanted to show Dadi, that she is better then her.
        Because of her stupidly, saiyyam got punish.
        That is why we can’t support suhani.

      3. It is true suhani is a bad mother. Look at it, she using saiyyam to find her Dumbraj.
        Not once did she thought about saiyyam and what he is going thorough.

        At the end of the day, it was suhani choice to give birth to him.
        Suhani is a hypocrite! She like to be this little miss perfect. suhani like to tell others off. She goes on and on about it. She also put them, on the bad list. But when suhani does wrong, it is alright.

      4. On a good note, Happy New Year! Also have a good one.

    2. U guy’s r disgusting… u have no sense
      U r blaming suhani for that cause which she didn’t do… yes suhani didnt aborted sayyium becoz if she aborted saiyam then she can’t nurture yuvaan and Yuvani for 20 years without father.. she is releaved from jail just becoz of pregnancy matter..otherwise she is also accompany yuvraaj in jail… and u think she is bad mother.. becoz she didn’t reveal whole truth to can any sufferer from rape tell to its own children that she is raped by ur father because ur father is murderer + torcherer = criminal sambhav
      So that, children who from childhood prayed for his father mitigation…is a big criminal…then what will happen to saiyam he will be shattered from core… that’s why she didn’t reveal from beginning but now sambhav comeback creat big rift in her life again sumbhav kidnapped yuvraaj the only reason of suhani for life… now,suhani want to reveal truth but criminal minded sambhav puts a show in front of sayiam to bring him in his sight… guy’s u only watch ssel but never learn from this… main theme सीरत से बढ़कर सूरत कभी नहीं हो सकती। but u all are lost in sayiam handsomeness kriyyam beauty… huh..

  2. I was damn sure.. That sambhav will manipulate suhani…. Coz he is unaware of his dad evilness n his love for his dad is unconditional than the suhani..

    The only thing saiyaam does is respecting suhani by calling with her by name n i think slowly slowly saiyaam will know his father evilness.. Till then u njoy sahil….

    Hpy new year….

    1. *sambhav will manipulate saiyaam

    2. s somi. they will show like tis nly. if they show other way, then there wil b no drama. c, they again made suhani dumb by making her stand like a statue when her son kept gun at head.. these cvs will never leave a single way to torture us

  3. Oh god!!..never seen a villian like sambhav who is perfect and cant ever do a single mistake and if done covers it in a glimpse…cvs very well know to portray a perfect villian rather than perfect leads…all this happening coz of sahil’s never ending holidays…poor sayyam..he became a confused aatma…again they made suhani watch d suicide drama crying like a loser over there without properly reacting to stop..aur kitna degrade karenge ye log ..its like am watching sambhav psycho love story….within few days i forget yuvraj was d lead

    1. hahaha, s i too forgot tat did yuvaraj charac exist in the show? dont knw when wil sahil sir return, he s enjoyng bt we? ya, we hav to c sambhav psycho love. he will b actng in front of his son. dont knw how long we hav to c tis. the main truth will be shown nly next month(i think so).

    2. Really…. This is coz Sahil never ending holidays….. Now I wish sambhav kill the leads I.e. yuvraj n suhani… I.e. YuvAni .. n saiyaam kill sambhav….End this chapter…. Or either replace the suhani n yuvraj now we don’t want to see the writers to degrade the leads…..

      End this YuvAni chapter… From 10 months waiting for reunion of yuvani but this writers r really crazy… Pls end their sambhav track…. I wish Rajshri get new show …

      1. Omg!!! …sambhav killing yuvani…thats so funny.?..wanna see karan n rajshri acting in another show

      2. Really… It is funny but wish… Rajshri get new show n sahil leave it, let him njoy with his wife…. This show become worst….. No words to describe…. N I wish in 2017 rajshri must put down her weight like divjot… Day by day she is increasing her weight

      3. @somi, it is not nice, when you are talking about someone weight.

        Don’t you think that there are enough people that are having weight problems.

        I am not being rude, I am just saying, think about it before you are commenting.

    3. Wish u a very happy newyear 2k17 to my dear frnds here❤

      1. Hpy new year

  4. Maine kahata saiyyam bachpan se akela raha hain suhani par yakin karne main thora samay lagega kyoki yadi koi baap bache ke samne notki kare to wo usi par yakin karega saiyyam suru se hi apne baap ko Acha samajta hain and. Happy new year all friends

    1. Really u r rite… Hpy new yr

  5. Superb episode! its a saiyyam~sambhav episode… amazing acting by both., so nw onwards its going to be abt them.. gud cvs, u made them one nw…

  6. Happy new year sab ko.


  8. End this shitty bakwaks

  9. Aqsxxh

    hated this episode, just let the truth out already.

    1. Aqsxxh

      why did Rags and Dadi had to plan separately for.

  10. Useless scene….?

  11. happy new year all ssel fans

  12. As usual, truth stays hidden and dadi and rag’s plan backfires. I thought they were in this together. Will anyone say anything to baby for hiding sambhav?

  13. krishna ?Sayyam

    Really ? No Krishna sayyam scene ?

  14. bechara saiyyam kesa papa hain uska bechare ko goli marni par rahi hain apne aap ko apne papa ko samne lane ke liye and kesi maa hain suhani saiyyam ko goli chala ne se rok nahi pai aur krishna bhi yadi sambhav nahi aata to saiyyam mar jata sambhav ka kiya barosa tha ki be ata wo hain to villlain hi naa suhani and krishna ko saiyyam ko rok na chaiye tha

  15. sahi baat hain friends yadi suhani ko saiyyam chaiye hi nahi tha to abortion kara lena chaiye tha kam se kam bechare ko in problem ka samna to nahi karna parta yadi usse itni naffrat thi suhani ko saiyyam aaj villain nahi banta yadi naffrat nahi thi to use apne paas rak kar palti to sayad wo apni maa ka saath deta ab beta beta karne ka kiya fayeda suhani using the saiyyam koi maa apne bache ka istemal kese kar sakti hain kesa bhi ho bacha bacha hota hain maa ke liye yadi use yuvaan yuvaani ki tara palti to saiyyam ko aaj itna pain nahi hota wo bhi ek achi jindagi ji tha lekin itna hone ke baad bhi saiyam suhani ki taraf hi hoga kyoki use pata chal jayega sambhav bhaut bura hain usne yuvraj ko chupa diya hain krishna ki maa ko mara hain aur krishna ko anath kiya hain wo suhani ki taraf ho jayega kyoki saiyyam krishnse pyaar karta hain

    1. U guy’s r disappointed me… have some common sense… if suhani aborted sayyium then how can she spend her 20 years to nurture yuvaan and Yuvani.. as she is releaved from jail because of pregnancy matter… otherwise she also accompany yuvraaj in jail.. thats why she give birth to saiyyam …

      1. I do understand and get your point, but suhani show gratitude towards saiyyam.
        If it wasn’t for saiyyam, suhani would have been in jail.
        Suhani like using saiyyam a lot for her own gains.

  16. i miss kriyam scene today episode is emotionable any think interesting precap

  17. Yeh serial hai aur sab bohat achy se acting kar rhy hain suhani and saiyyam acting is outstanding and mind blowing.

  18. I enjoying this serial so much

  19. I love suhani and her acting she is fabulous actress

  20. suhani to maine kab kaha hain ki wo achi acting nahi kar rahe maine to sirf so ko lekar apna point rakha hain

  21. Wrist watch bombs, face masks, no cops, koi bhi birla house mein ghusaktha hain, kids don’t remember their father, no age difference, a man whose burnt alive returns (lol…., with his skin intact), anyone can kidnap anyone at anytime (put him in his own house and nobody could find him…., Lol, woh ghar hain ki kya…..???) dumb lead characters (all talk no substance) forget about being intelligent they lack basic common sense, nobody works for a living (sab 24 ghante ghar pe hi)……., aren’t the writers/director/actors ashamed of their work……., god…, i miss those good old 90’s and early 2000’s…….

  22. So its writer fault not cast.

  23. you are right it is writer fault

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