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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi taking Anant and leaving. Yuvraaj and Sharad are on the way and think to find some proof against Rishi. They reach the temple. Rishi stops seeing Suhani and sees Yuvraaj and Sharad coming. He goes other way. Yuvraaj calls out Suhani before she could see Anant. Suhani goes to Sharad and Yuvraaj. Sharad says I came to know everything, I m with you. Rishi keeps Anant behind the idol and asks him to cry there, else his mum will give away all property to him. He takes the fruits from Suhani and stands praying. Anant starts crying. The pandit asks them to take aarti. Suhani sees the pram empty and asks where is Golu. They all get shocked.


and Bhavna’s marriage to bring many twists in Birla family…

Sudha asks why did Suhani leave Golu alone. Bhavna asks how can she be irresponsible. Suhani says Rishi has sent me to get fruits. Bhavna asks everyone to find Golu. Pankaj and everyone try to find Anant. Sudha scolds Suhani. Rags and Menka have a talk. Menka says we will go there and see the drama, please. Yuvraaj and everyone try looking for the baby. A lady asks Suhani what happened. Suhani tells about Golu going missing. The lady misguides Suhani and Rishi gives her money.

Bhavna asks Sudha did she do this, she is marrying Rishi, its not her mistake. Sudha says you had to keep Golu, I lost him because of you. Rishi stands near the idol and worries. Suhani prays for some way to find the idol. Rishi holds Bhavna and says he wanted to take Anant from Suhani. Sudha scolds Bhavna. Rishi asks Bhavna not to worry, he will find Anant. Yuvraaj holds Rishi’s away from Bhavna. Yuvraaj says Rishi is right and sends Bhavna. He asks Sudha not to worry.

Sharad tells Suhani that they did not get Golu, now they should take police help. Bhavna worries. Sharad says I will handle Bhavna, you go Suhani. Sharad asks Bhavna to drink water. She says if Amit was alive. Golu would have been with me. Yuvraaj confronts Rishi and asks about Golu. Rishi says why will I kidnap Golu. Yuvraaj says I know, the day I get proof against you, I will not leave you. Suhani asks pandit about Yuvraaj, and prays to get Golu. A lady comes and the threads bundles fall. Suhani says sorry, I will pick it and goes behind the idol. The lady says is she the one who lost the baby and prays for her. Suhani gets Golu under the idol stage. She smiles and cries happily.

Soumya is worried that Krishna is not taking the call. Rakhi says Krishna got very busy and sidelined Soumya. Lalita says he became hero. Soumya says he can talk atleast once. Rakhi laughs and says now Krishna has beautiful girls along with them, why will he see you now. Bhavna hugs Golu. Rishi shows fake concern. Sudha takes Golu from her and hugs her. Lata says forget what happened, it was not anyone’s mistake. Bhavna apologizes to Sudha. Suhani asks Sudha what was she doing when Golu was lost. Sharad says right. Yuvraaj says even Rishi was here. Suhani asks how did the baby got missing. Sudha says someone was irresponsible. Yuvraaj says we should find who did this cheap thing and looks at Rishi.

Suhani asks about yellow thread of Golu’s hand. Rishi recalls he has pulled it off and goes to get from pandit. Yuvraaj sees the yellow thread stuck to Rishi’s watch and gets shocked. The pandit says its all fine now, have Prasad. Bhavna apologizes to Suhani. Suhani sees the yellow thread in Rishi’s hand and thinks did he kidnap Golu…..

Rishi goes to Anant at night, and kicks the pram. Suhani shouts Golu….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very nyc episode…..hope suhani stop this rishi’s and bhavna’s marriage

  2. Sharath is to marry bhavana

  3. ssssssssssssssss


  4. i know sharad is behind amits accidentp.but why he don’t tell anyone about thos?he is such a nice man.

  5. Did sharad kill Amit to marry bhavna I don’t think so I think fish I did also I hope suhani see him while he trying to take the baby or yuuvraaj

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