Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani taking Yuvani out. She asks do you drink wine and wear such clothes, tell me, don’t lie, just say truth, if you are not ashamed then say it, you know you are doing wrong else you would have not hidden this. Everyone come and look on. Dadi says Yuvani had to hide from those who don’t understand this, you are one of those. Suhani says I will not understand, Yuvani always told me that she likes to sing bhajans and simple life living, why did she lie. Dadi says you never gave her chance to say, she talks to Rags and stays happy with her.

Yuvani stands with Rags. Suhani says Rags taught Yuvani to lie. Rags says no, you taught her by making her helpless to lie. Pratima asks Yuvaan not to talk in between. Suhani asks how shall I be quiet, Rags argues.

Suhani shouts on her and says you did not think before making a daughter away from her mother, what type of woman are you, you call yourself a mother, will you push her in hell, you gave her such bad upbringing. Yuvani shouts enough Suhani Birla and raises hand…. Everyone get shocked. Suhani cries. Bhavna and Sharad come there, and get shocked seeing this.

Pratima says you both here. Sharad says we came to give you a surprise. Pratima asks surprise….. Sharad and Bhavna move aside and show someone. Yuvraaj comes into the light. Everyone see him and get glad. Suhani smiles and walks to him. Pratima holds her hand and stops her. Yuvraaj sees this. He asks Yuvani what are you doing to raise hand on your mother. Yuvani asks who are you…. this is my house, I can take any way I like, okay. Sharad says don’t talk to elders like this. Yuvani says I will talk this way when anyone comes to my house and talks to me like this. Pratima shouts enough Yuvani. Yuvani asks what wrong did I say, why are you scolding me for this stranger, what is she doing in our house. Dadi says shut up Yuvani, keep quiet, go to your room. Yuvani goes. Yuvaan asks Suhani is she fine.

Suhani asks him to go to Yuvani. Yuvraaj sees Yuvaan and Krishna. He smiles seeing them. Before he could hug Suhani, Dadi stops him and hugs him, saying its good you came. She says I m very happy and kisses on his forehead. He says we will go to room. Dadi takes him. Rags says I will see Yuvani. Pratima stops Suhani from going to Yuvani.

Krishna and Yuvaan talk about Yuvani raising hand on Suhani. Yuvaan gets angry. Krishna says I felt its bad dream. Yuvaan says she is not a kid now, don’t know why she did this. All the elders talk. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to leave all this, I m glad seeing you. Yuvraaj says I wish i did not come back, I m feeling very bad to see this. Suhani says you don’t know how I have spent many years without you, thanks Sharad for getting Yuvraaj here.

Dadi says Yuvraaj, I know Yuvani did mistake, so I scolded her, I gave her freedom till now, sometimes such things happen, it does not mean I m not strict to her. Pratima says sorry, why did you not say anything when she raised hand on her mum. Dadi says why are you saying in between, I have sent her to room. Pratima says that you did when she misbehaved with Yuvraaj, his vanvaas ended today after many years and he is seeing his daughter raising hand on Suhani, why did you hide truth. Dadi says did i ask you anything when you got Krishna here, why do you feel bad when I love Yuvani. Pratima says Krishna has nothing to do in this matter. Dadi says Suhani loves Krishna more than her life and did not care for Yuvani, how dare she talks to Yuvani like this. Suhani leaves. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to let Suhani go. He asks Dadi how dare you…….

Yuvani throws the clothes of her cupboard and says I m not Desi bahenji, why shall I change, she is narrow minded, how dare she force her views on me. Yuvaan says mum did not do it. She asks him to shut up, I don’t want to be like Krishna, i m different, I m the best, I m not going to change. Yuvaan says yes, you are not like Krishna, you can’t become like her, I don’t care, go to hell, how dare you raise hand on mum. Yuvani says I did because…. Rags asks Yuvani not to argue and say sorry to Yuvaan. Yuvani says no, I won’t say sorry. Yuvaan says I won’t say sorry. Dadi says Yuvraaj you came after many years, leave all this. Yuvraaj asks why, did you like not this, Chandrakala Birla. Dadi gets shocked. Pratima, Bhavna and Sharad look on.

Dadi scolds Yuvani for drinking wine. Rags says I will make sure she does not touch wine again. Yuvani apologizes. Dadi says you did wrong, now nothing can happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvraj entry was superb….. but I can’t understand how they forgot their dad…. stupid writers

    1. Nithu


    2. Aqsxxh

      I think they thought Yuvraaj was dead as Suhani didn’t tell them he went to jail for her- remember when she was remembering him and began crying Yuvaan was like papa is looking at you from above

      1. Ya agree…. Thank God… Today no saiyyam…. Know I want positive in the show….

    3. Nithu

      N the best confusing part is yuvaan remember bhavana and sharad but not his own papa…

  2. What a stupid writer isnt it’s funny they all was grown up kids how can they forgot their father amazing

  3. I am very happy that yuvraj showed right place to dadi or else no one has guts to speak up to dadi except yuvraj not even suhani

  4. @somi I agree, have they been told he’s dead? As yuvaan once said to Suhani that as she’s missing papa he’s in the stars watching us. I really hope yuvraj puts dadi in her place and yuvani for her actions.

  5. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow its really super yuvraj talk with dadi… I enjoy lot today…… thodasa yuvraj suhani hota acha hua

  6. Seriously the writers really underestimate audience intelligence! According to serial 6yr old kids hardly temember their dad esp.Yuvaan who went thru so much trauma doesn’t remember a single thing, but child who was not even born Saiyam is ready to avenge his father’s death wow!

    1. Agree!
      I still remember at that age, if it was 3 or 4 maybe. but 5, 6 Or 7 you well remember. Why don’t they have photos of yuvraj any more.
      Yuvraj Standing up to Dadi. Well I am not impressed! 20 years to Late for my liking.

      1. The age of the children don’t match. If this is 15 years leaps, then why is yuvaan and Krishna in college? Why does saiyam looks 24 years old, why isn’t he @ least 14 years old?
        Shouldn’t Suhani children have jobs now?
        Every time that the writers make a leap in the beginning they show Suhani is strong. Then 2 week later she is weak again. To me it feel like if the Birla Family is a curse for her. There is no way she can help or fix Yuvani. Dadi did a good job with her. Anyway I won’t get too excited. Yuvraj always in the end forgive Dadi. This is one of his show again, of I am supporting you suhani, and in the end it come to nothing. I don’t watch this show any more. I just sometimes read the updates.

  7. wow yuvi is back…. ar aate hi dadi k sath bilkul sahi kiya usne chandrakala birla but is episode me mujhe yuvani pr bahut gussa aya ? usko manners hi n h badi se baat krne ka she is just like rags

  8. wow yuvi is back…. ar aate hi dadi k sath bilkul sahi kiya usne chandrakala birla but is episode me mujhe yuvani pr bahut gussa aya ? usko manners hi n h badi se baat krne ka she is just like rags ar finally sharad ar bhavna ki rentry ho hi gyi

  9. Kya entry maara hai yuvraaaj ne??…he ws just awesome….no one can beat our yuvani jodi…krishna n yuvaan cant replace them at allllllll…..nice as he took stand for suhani….dadi ?…hamesha ki tarah unke beech mein aati hain..HOW DARE U….THIS WAS AN EPIC!!!!…..shayad yuvraj ko ehsaas ho gaaya ki dadi hi unke gunegar hai….itne saal jail mein bait ke yahi socha hoga?

    1. Really funny about yuvraj thinking in jail???… shayad gussa par kaabu rakh tha toh yeh nobat nai aati…. Really for all this dadi is responsible fake dadi b dadi se revenge lena tha aur uska sambhav psyche …. dono yuvani KO peaceless kardiya

      1. Haha???…they showed lyk he returned from concert…ROCK STAR YUVI…lol?

      2. Really u r so funny…. he came as if abhi the rockstar…. from kkb…. now yuvani the popstar n his father yuvraj rockstar… suhani n yuvan…. just giving lec N yuvan mothers baby

    2. Nithu

      Really dear….how dare you…that was epic..and most wonderful part is whn yuvraj says kyu aap ko bura laga chandrakala birla…..

      1. Ya… I too like the yuvraj dialogue

    3. Nithu

      After many months im happy roday watching ssel….whn yuvraj aand suhani sees each other lovingly omg i cant tell how happy i am…..

      1. Hmmm… really but we can’t expect more from the cvs

      2. Nithu

        Yes dear…thats the reason im happy with it..n not xpecting more…i really want to see YuvAni hug…

  10. But according 2 me… We all remember everything small things of the childhood…. Good or bad…. What ever but this stupid writer…. How the kids forgot yuvraj n at least they might recalled by his face

    1. I think the kids had some sort of hypnosis therapy to help them live a normal life. Somehow their memories were deliberately wiped off. Such as:
      1. Yuvaan not remembering any of his childhood memories when he looked at his old toys.
      2. Not remembering suhani pregnant
      3. Not remembering Sambhav
      4. None of them know how Somya died etc
      Who does not remember their dad’s face?
      That botox woman is responsible for it all.

      1. Stupid writers….. writers r responsible 4 all this nonsense

  11. Oh my… yuvraj is back..I’m so happy that he’s the show is going to be perfect.

  12. Are these writers on crack? They don’t remember their father, saiyam is the same age as the yuvan. no explanation on menka, anuj or rags husband

  13. ?????? really – a daughter was going to ?? a mother !!! And no one else battled an eye – does not surprise me

    Anyways Yuvraaj u are hot – if suhani didn’t want to hug and squeeze u I will ?

    I hope you give dadi a big slap – finally can someone please put her in her place along with Rags

    They both piss me off

  14. Yuvi ke saath saath kuch fans bhi vaapas aaya.

  15. Great Yuvraj is back but please don’t make him a puppet on a string for Dadi to use.Dadi and Rags are real trouble makers and they broke up the family with all their cunning actions towards Suhani.Dadi a big liar and her punishment is long overdue.Suhani has always stood by the Birlas but Dadi has always insulted her so why should Suhani put up with this crap???Yuvraj please fight for your love and slap that spoilt brat daughter of yours.
    I hope the writers have some sense and not let evil prevail any longer.We want to see strong characters using their brains and common sense rather than be led by an evil Dadi and ugly Rags.

  16. So many weird things in the serial, where do I start?
    1. As already pointed out, how in the world is Saiyyam almost the same age as Yuvan, Yuvani and Krishna?
    2. Why was Pratima stopping Suhani from hugging Yuvraj?
    3. Why did they hide the fact that Yuvraj was in jail? They could’ve atleast told the kids he’s on some foreign trip or something. What were the going to say after Yuvraj returned? Or were they hoping he wouldn’t return?
    4. If Suhani didn’t want Sambhav and her kid, they why did’nt she get an abortion instead of leaving him in an orphanage? I mean if she wasn’t going to be able to even look after him then why give birth to him?
    5. How come the kids don’t remember Yuvraj? I mean even after seeing him?
    6. If Dadi loved Yuvraj so much, why didn’t she visit him in jail? WTH are these writers showing?
    7. Wasn’t Yuvani supposed to be a little dusky in complexion? Now, she almost as pale as Rags.
    8. The biggest ques is, WHY IN THE DAMN WORLD DOES DADI HATE SUHANI?
    10. How and when did Yuvaan and Krishna become a pair? Did’nt they call each other brother and sister in childhood?
    11. How is it that Yuvani and Yuvaan put up a show about how they did’nt want to be separated ever, but as soon as Yuvraj is out of the picture they don’t want anything to do with each other? Weren’t they about to run away from home just so they could stay together?

    They destroyed a story that had potential. These days it’s painful to even read the updates and I used to watch this serial from day 1. I feel the writers should be replaced or they should’ve written only a fixed number of episodes instead of continuously dragging the story with senseless plots.

  17. i think yuvraj talked to his dadi such manner, to show her how a mother will feel when her own child call her by name…. .

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