Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying my son will not go anywhere. Kids come there. Dadi says I have to talk to kids. Yuvani says we have surprise for you all. Pratima says this is not time to tell them, we will listen to kids first. Yuvaan gets Golu there. Bhavna walks in. Sharad smiles. Rags and Soumya get worried. Pratima hugs Bhavna and says its good you came. Bhavna says how would I not come by your call. Golu hugs Sharad. Sharad says you did not tell me about your coming. Golu says I wanted to surprise you. Rags greets Bhavna.

Bhavna asks how are they all. Rags says we are good. Bhavna greets Dadi. Menka thinks one more person to share property and gets dizzy. Dadi asks Bhavna to meet Suhani later. She asks Bhavna and Golu to stay here from today. She takes Bhavna and says we will

do her aarti. Dadi stops and asks Suhani won’t she come for aarti. Suhani nods.

Menka asks Dadi what is Bhavna doing here, she should stay in outhouse. Dadi makes Menka do the aarti. Dadi tells Rags that I called Bhavna here so that Suhani realizes she is left alone and this house has no place for her. She asks Menka to give shagun to Golu, he is also my grandson. Menka gives the shagun.

Yuvaan introduces everyone to Golu. Pratima says I did not wish to call you like this. Menka is worried. Rags tells her that they have to do something, else they won’t get anything. Suhani hugs Yuvaan and cries. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words. Soumya comes there and sends Yuvaan. Soumya apologizes to Suhani and says I had no idea that Yuvraaj is thinking this. Suhani says I should have not come here, I m getting punished. Soumya says maybe you are saying right, no one can understand him, he takes decisions suddenly, I m afraid that he can do wrong in anger, Yuvaan loves you more, he can’t stay without you, you are very strong, if this happened with me, I would have run away from here. She tries to influence Suhani and make her leave.

Yuvraaj breaks a vase in anger. Shard comes there and says I can see whats happening. Yuvraaj asks her to explain Suhani, she can’t keep my son away from me, now Yuvaan will be with me. Sharad smiles. Yuvraaj asks is this a joke. Sharad says no, I understand well, that you want to stop Suhani here, not Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says stop it now Sharad. Sharad says Suhani was away for 6 years, you don’t her to leave. Yuvraaj says stop it. Sharad says I m not blind, I know you love Yuvaan, but you love Suhani more, you can’t deny this. Yuvraaj angrily slaps Sharad. Sharad falls on the ground. Sharad smiles and says you proved I said right.

Rags sees Menka’s son crying and takes him. Menka comes there. Rags asks where were you, your son was crying. Menka says I know, doctor said he will cry for some time after vaccination, if you are feeling bad, why did you not come along. Rags says the vaccine was for 15 months baby. Menka denies it. She asks Rags not to worry. Rags says don’t leave him alone and goes.

Suhani waits for Yuvaan. Bhavna says so sorry Suhani, I could not talk to you, Yuvaan is having food. Dadi says I will say stories to kids. Suhani says its late, Yuvaan sleeps early. Dadi says so what, holidays are going on. Pratima says I will drop Yuvaan to outhouse, till then Bhavna you be with Suhani. Suhani thanks Pratima. Bhavna asks Suhani to relax, Yuvaan will come.

Later, Suhani wakes up by door bell ring. She goes to check. Dadi comes with police. Suhani asks why did you get police. Yuvaan comes there. Suhani hugs him and asks him to go to room. Dadi says see inspector, he is my grandson, this woman is not letting us meet him. Suhani asks Dadi why is she lying. Dadi says Suhani wants to take Yuvaan, she has caged him. Suhani says you have no right to take Yuvaan. Yuvraaj comes and says we have right, because I m Yuvaan’s dad. Inspector takes Yuvaan. Suhani asks Dadi to leave Yuvaan. Dadi pushes Suhani. Suhani cries. She wakes up from the bad dream and sees Yuvaan sleeping.

Pratima goes to Yuvraaj. She asks what happened, Yuvaan went to Suhani, are you feeling bad. Suhani cries and recalls Soumya’s words. Pratima says Suhani did not know you wanted to meet Yuvaan, but she has to go some day, Yuvaan will go with her, you can’t threaten her, you have all family members, she has Yuvaan, you can’t make Yuvaan away from Suhani. He says don’t know whats happening. She says this can be made better, go to Suhani and assure her that you won’t do anything, she got scared.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue. Suhani says Yuvaan is my son, world will see if anyone challenges to separate a son from a mother, what will be the consequences.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its too bad, dadi should be thrown out of birla house, If someone allow me to enter into the serial, I will hold her hair & put her into jail for cheating others

    1. Really.. When the dream sequence was going on, I felt like giving a tight slap to dadi and yuvi..

      1. Same here I got soo worried! Thank God it was a dream!
        And Yuv does love Suhani… Thank God… He is just too embarrassed to show it

    2. If u feel embarrassed to show ur love, its not love!!

  2. Why does the clipping have to be the same???
    I thought dadi actually brought the police before they showed Suhani had a bad dream!!!
    Want Suhani and yuvraj to re-unite!!
    Love the cast of SSEL!

  3. It is pathetic
    Yuvraaj wants to separate Yuvaan from Suhani
    It almost feels like he is punishing her and wants to demoralize Suhani’s spirit of living by taking Yuvaan
    Birla family has no integrity
    How can they further humiliate Suhani

    1. Absolutely, this is disgusting, that what happened when you are in love with a man like Yuvraj. You became a weak, because he well make sure you become weak. The writers want all woman to be abused, like Suhani, I bet they are abusers themselves.

  4. Please make suhani and yuvraj re unite.

  5. tokalo precap enni years ki istharu???????
    kindly show vere di.

  6. That was an emotional epi…..loved Suhani’s acting…hope some big twist will come soo ,,,
    and anuj’s new show ‘Ishqbaaz’s promo looks promising…waiting to see him as lead…

  7. very emotional episode waiting patiently for yuv and suhani to be reunited. Dadi should get arrested for kidnapping yuvani so sick of her.

  8. Luv you suhani

  9. Ketna bakwas tha episode.
    Bechari suhani.

  10. What bakwas…why is NO ONE PUNISHING DADI…WHERE ARE YOU DUMRAJ..CAN YOU MOT SEE WHAT DADI AND SOUMYA RAGS ARE DOING..BLIND DUMRAJ.Suhani why you keep saying sorry to soumya..she has stolen your love and place..wake up she is not your friend.Yuvraj and Pratima stop this emotional blackmail.Dumraj what about the dtr yuvani. hasn’t suhani any right over her ???You selfish dumraj. open your stupid eyes and use your brains or all the world will not trust a man like you…

    1. Hi did you thought of the name DUMBRAJ, if so Thank You.

  11. why is Suhani weak for the sake of children..thought a mother can go hell and back..but stop getting emotional…dumraj is not worth the fight..he is dumbrain fjll of shit..speak rubbish .he is self centred and selfish.Hope Sharad and Bhavna speak up and put soumya and dumraj in his place.Ssurabh what you doing as and elder brother..kick Dadi Rags and soumya out..can you not use your brains …

  12. They are dragging it too much. I want patch up between suhani and yuvraj. Also I want to see some scenes between sambhav and suhani which will make yuvraj jealous . Throughout this serial soumya has been a number one opportunist.

  13. Does anybody know what will happen next?? Did u get it on any site? I searched a lot, but got no news about upcoming story.. Except that sambhav will be back soon..

  14. I love the way Suhani is expressing her emotions. Last episode in which she talks to Pratima was very touchy. Suhasini is superb! Even Yuvraj falls below her standard. Hope Suhani will be the ultimate winner in the end.

  15. I read in a site that yuvan and yuvani will hear about their real parents….dono bachcho ko dadi and badi dadi ki bato se pata chalega then will reunite them….
    Iss beech Sambhav and Suhani ke shadi ka track chalega….

    Suhani yuvan ko dad dene ke liye shadi ke liye maan jayegi.

    1. Omg!!
      I’m excited.. 🙂

  16. What happened to the dreams which Suhani was having about the fire?…

    Writers please stop favouring the Birlas..they need to face consequences for some of the actions they have made…I haven’t seen Dadi..Rags…Manka regretting their actions…you must teach the society the need of changed behaviour for the better…
    It’s looks like the Birlas are the only ones with feelings…why are you writers busy trying to please them?…it’s not good to wait till the end to see things transformed..please do something about this…

    Now about this so called Yuvraj what kind of love he had for Suhani..he looks like Dadi’s son and not Pratima’s…boring now days

  17. Rekha vaghela

    Boring…. Bragging…. Nothing new…. Stopped watching since more than a year…

  18. Barbie should be back and marry Dumraj this way all Birla house members will be punished…specially Dadi

  19. boring, and what da hell does soumya think of yuvaan. she thinks yuvaan is like her who will be easy instigated against his mom. i like yuvaan he is so cute. yuvani and suhani also have a good relationship the same wid yuvraj and yuvaan.

    yuvraj – dad
    suhani – mom
    yuvaan – son
    yuvai – daughter
    such a cute happy family.

  20. vesee yoshji, dumraj nehihee, voh yuvraj hee. is serial me koibi dumraj nahi kelta. kya dumhari madlab tee yuvraj.

  21. i think Yuvraj should tell Somya (here is the deal my wife is back and we will try to work things out we have two children involve here so we will try our utmost to see if there is any chance in the meantime cut me some slack) i know she is also his wife but a wife like that its better if a man does not have a wife she is only concern about herself she is only dragging Krishna in all this mess and saying she is doing all this for Krishna but readers we know who she wants and what she really wants YUVRAJ and she will not cease doing all these nasty stuff until she gets what she wants no more nice girl Suhani she is not your friend she wants your husband smell the coffee girl

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