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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying I have to talk to Suhani. Pratima says yes, you both talk, we will leave. Menka stares at bangles. Sharad asks Menka to come, before her eyes pop out. They all leave. Yuvraaj shuts the door. Suhani says sorry, I know you are annoyed, I did not tell you before, it happened so soon. He asks did you know this when you came to outhouse that day, that you can get pregnant. Suhani says yes, Soumya and I went for blood tests and our samples changed, I got to know I can conceive, when I came to outhouse, I got to know Barbie is not pregnant, her reports were fake, I wanted to tell you, but till then Maa was kidnapped and I could not tell you, sorry. He says I m annoyed with myself, that I could not understand your heart. She says how would you understand, I did

not express. He hugs her and says you proved that nothing is more than person’s nature, thanks for saving Maa and my family. She says it was my duty, even you would have done this being in my place, everything will be fine. They hug.

Its morning, Suhani talks to Yuvraaj on phone and says yes, I reached home, don’t worry, Bhavna is with me. Bhavna talks phone and tells Yuvraaj that I m taking care of Suhani, I m her sister. Yuvraaj says I know Bhavna. He asks Suhani to keep nurse. Suhani says fine, take care. Bhavna says I will talk to mummy and Papa, they are going Banaras. She goes. Menka comes and tells Suhani about kesar milk, the baby will be fair. Suhani jokes that I don’t want my baby to be like you. Menka asks what. Rags says she means no one wants dumbo baby like you. Suhani says baby’s looks do not matter to me, I m concerned for upbringing which kesar milk can’t give. She goes.

Yuvraaj gets Suhani on terrace to give her surprise. She says you are spoiling me, I can become like Rags and Menka. He says don’t give me their example. She looks around and asks where is my surprise. He laughs and says I wanted to see your surprised expression for seeing no surprise here. She smiles.

Rags and Menka talk to Dadi about Suhani, they all helped Suhani against Barbie, if Suhani becomes mother then she will get more importance, if the baby is like Suhani then.. Dadi says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Yuvraaj plays old song on record. Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahaani….. plays….. Yuvraaj dances with Suhani. They dance and smile seeing each other. He shows I love you made by glowing lights. She smiles and hugs him. They leave a Chinese lantern in air.

After few days, Sharad is making Golu walk by support and says my son has grown up, in which school will you go. Bhavna says he did not grow up, its still time. Sharad says I know I m just planning. Suhani comes there holding her stomach. A new servant Sajan stops Suhani from going down stairs, and says oil fell there by mistake, sorry.

Yuvraaj asks him to clean oil and work carefully. He asks Suhani to hire Sajan. She asks is there any other reason. Sharad sees Rags hearing them and asks Suhani its your godhbharai today, what is Dadi gifting you today, since you gave good news, Dadi gifts something daily, I think she will gift something big. Suhani says I don’t want anything. Sharad says if Dadi gifts you house. Rags scolds Sajan and goes. Sharad laughs and Bhavna tells Suhani that Rags was standing there, Sharad was teasing her and she went annoyed. They all laugh.

Rags fumes and says I won’t let Dadi give everything to Suhani in her godhbharai. She goes to Dadi and asks whats all this. Dadi says I want to gift necklaces to everyone today. Rags gets glad. Pratima and Bhavna ask Suhani to eat another roti. Dadi comes with necklaces and says I want to gift all my bahus. She gives necklace to Bhavna. Bhavna thanks Dadi and says its beautiful. Dadi gives the gold necklace to Rags. Rags says maybe you are giving me wrong necklace. Dadi says I m giving diamond necklace to Suhani. Rags says that’s not fair. Dadi says I told you I will give this necklace to the one who gives me heir, you refused. She asks Rags to give the ring to Suhani’s baby. She shows chain and pendant for Menka. Rags gives her ring to Suhani. Suhani says Dadi, you already gave me a lot, I don’t want anything now. Pratima says when elders give anything, it has their blessings, wear the ring.

Rags gets ready. Saurabh comes and shows the silver plate for Suhani’s godhbharai. Rags asks why did you not buy of gold. Saurabh says I wanted too, I will do shopping after baby comes. Rags gets angry. Bhavna makes Suhani ready and hugs her. Pratima and Dadi smile. Pratima says its special day. Pratima asks Dadi to give Suhaagi house and farmhouse for Suhani’s to be baby. Suhani asks what. Pratima says Suhani has got that back from Barbie, you got Gauri home, Gauri is recovering, you did so much for us, we can do this for you. Dadi says fine, I will go.

Rags hears this and asks Dadi about it. she says things are going out of hands now, you have to stop this, else…. Sajan keeps the juice. Suhani says I will drink later. He asks her to drink it soon. She says you take care of me so much, thanks. He goes. She stands up and stumbles. Yuvraaj comes to the room and holds her. He makes her sit and sees the juice fallen on the floor. He calls Sajan and asks whats this. Sajan says sorry, I will clean it. Yuvraaj sends him. He asks Suhani why do you bear him, he always makes things fall. She says its not intentional, he made it fall by mistake. He smiles.

Suhani tells Soumya that they did everything together in life, studies, marriage and now their baby will come in world on same time. Suhani says if we get a boy and a girl, then we will get them married. They laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nyc epi….loved yuvani scenes today…..<3 <3 <3

  2. So fast godhbharai!

  3. Finally happiness is restored in birla house

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…..
    But dadi and rags kabhi nhi suddhar skte… i hope baby’s did not exchange by dadi and rags….

  5. Don’t drag the show by baby exchange… Baby die.. Miscarriage etc etc

  6. Godhbharai apdina yenna

    1. karthika Muthusamy

      Baby shower

    2. Godhbarai na pregnancy oda 7th monthla pandra function

    3. Shalini G Nair

      Shreemantham or valakaapu

  7. Yes please don’t start another track of babies being exchanged like in DABH.

  8. Godbharai means Seemandham @ Ramya… U r a tamilian.. Where do u live?? Nyc to chat to a tamilian..

  9. Sab kuch kitni jaldi ho gaya sedha 7 month later but nice i hope ab sab aacha hi ho

  10. Prediction, new servant is someone’s lacky and will try to do something to Suhani. Dadi/Rags/Menka never seem to learn. Dadi especially, I don’t understand she seem so emotionless…maybe it’s all the botox but her facial expression remains the same in any situation…but then again, I don’t think she loves anyone except herself and Yuvraaj

  11. Again, dadi will start to plot! She never seem to learn. If she has to choose between Rags and Suhani to save her life, doesn’t she realise by now suhani is the most dependable person in that family? How can the writers portray an elder to be so narrow minded after several life altering experiences. Common, pick a different villan!

    1. I agree with you. Dadi will never change i hope yuvi will end this track. Suhani should tell them all the truth.

  12. So everything seem to be normal n who is sajan now

  13. lovely episode filled with love and happiness

  14. It seems baby’s would exchange…..soumya n suhaani both r pregnant in the same tym….so ths evil dadi can’t sit calm…she wil create a new drama asusual…why ths writer didn’t expose dadi????

  15. May be baby will get exchanged. Somu ll get girl and suhani ll get boy

  16. Thank you so much Neethu,Janani, shalini G Nair and Disha na Trichy neenga

    1. Naan Coimbatore..

  17. Same… Naanum Trichy……… Trichy la enga???

  18. I think soumya will get fair baby and suhani will get less complexion Dado will exchange inbetween….so writter start next 100 boring episode…..writer please kindly stop these soap opera…we bored with suhani and emotionless yuvraj…..Kindly give this time slot for another one

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