Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone meeting Gauri. Dadi is angry on Suhani. Gauri says I will leave and meets everyone for the final time before leaving. Pratima cries. Suhani consoles her. Dadi asks why are you crying now, its all because of you, you supported Suhani and that’s why Gauri is going from here today.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that you kept your promise that you won’t come here till you prove Pankaj innocent, you did this and come back home now. Dadi says Suhani and Bhavna won’t stay here, they did all this. Suhani says I did not do anything, court ordered this. Dadi says you proved Gauri mad in court. Saurabh says that’s why she is going rehab, else she would have gone to jail. Dadi asks are they out of their minds to support Suhani, this girl got Bhavna here too, and

scolds Suhani.

She says you and your dad has not status to stand infront of us, even then we have bear this. Yuvraaj says Dadi… Dadi says you won’t stop me today. Pankaj says don’t stop her Yuvraaj.

Pankaj asks Dadi what did you say. Dadi says Gauri went today because of you. He says don’t put your deeds burden on my shoulder, Suhani no one will tell between us today, I have sent my daughter here by forcing you all, she is very bad bahu right. Pratima says no, they are really nice and they are like my daughters. He says even then you left bahus when you had to choose between bahus and daughter, you heard the blames on me by that lawyer, you did not hear the slap sound which Dadi did, infront of everyone. Lata asks him to calm down, else.. He asks what else. What will happen, when elders come home and apologize, it feels everything is over, but an apology can’t clear the stain on respect. Dadi has done everything to make Suhani leave this house, she did so much till now, she always insulted our family and will always do this. He says Yuvraaj, my daughters will not stay here now, I will take care of them, its not my worst days that I leave them here to hear taunts and insults. He asks Suhani and Bhavna to come, they can’t stay here. Everyone get shocked.

Yuvraaj stops Suhani from going. He says Pankaj ji, you can’t take Suhani from here. Pankaj says she is my daughter, who is most valuable to me, she is my family’s respect and my pride, if anyone insults her, I can’t bear this. Yuvraaj says I can’t bear you make my wife away without my permission, her identity is with this house too, she is my wife Suhani Birla, not your daughter Suhani Srivastav.

Pankaj says enough Yuvraaj, where was your support that day when Suhani was fighting for me and you gave statement against me. Yuvraaj says I did not blame you. Suhani says he did not blame you. Pankaj says no, they don’t know our pain. Pratima says we understand your pain, we got away from our daughter. He says its for your good, Gauri will get fine there, Suhani and Bhavna will come with me. Bhavna says Yuvraaj and Sharad supported us. Dadi says Pankaj, you should be thankful that your daughters got love and respect here. Pankaj says it was not a favor, it was their right, but I won’t let them be here where they are not getting their rights. Saurabh says no, they are like my sisters, my friends, I know they are not wrong and even it was not your mistake. Pankaj says then why was Suhani forced to leave this house. He says Yuvraaj you supported Suhani, but did she get insulted or not? Yuvraaj says that time was tough for us. Pankaj says every time is tough for them, they are blamed for everything, I want to end this. He asks Suhani to understand, how Lata and he feel bad seeing Suhani and Bhavna’s insult, there are questions raised on my upbringing, now its your in hand to decide.

Pratima requests Lata to explain Pankaj. Lata says I don’t know, Sharad and Yuvraaj supported Bhavna and Suhani, but they get humiliated and we get hurt. Pratima and Yuvraaj say everything will be fine. Yuvraaj asks Suhani and Bhavna to explain Pankaj well. Pankaj says Suhani, now decision is in your hand, do you want your dad’s respect or want to obey husband’s decision. Suhani cries. Pankaj says I know now nothing can be fine by talks. Suhani asks Pratima to say. Saurabh says I know there is problem in this house, but no need to go from here. Dadi says if she is going, who are we to stop them, they got all comforts, we accepted Bhavna’s child too. Pratima says nothing else Maa ji, Suhani you asked me for advice, go home with your Papa. Menka smiles. Pratima asks Bhavna to go as well. Sharad says Bhavna is my wife and Golu is my son. Pratima says Sharad, keeping your son here is favor by this house, its better if he stays in such house where people accept him by heart, not by helplessness. Suhani will go with Pankaj ji…. This is my final decision. Suhani. Bhavna, Lata and Pratima cry.

Yuvraaj asks Sharad why will he them back. Dadi asks what. Yuvraaj says yes Dadi, you have to get Suhani and Bhavna back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super episode but I dont like yuvraj’s dialog now she is not Suhani shivasthav she is Suhani birla y should a girl change her name after marriage I won’t support this for every girl her family name is important then y should she change that ????

    1. I completely agree with you Meghna. I cannot understand why a woman has to change her name when she marries. She has her own identity before she got married. I never changed my name when I got married even though I was born and live in the UK where it is common practise for married women to change their surname when married.

      1. Thank u in this case u R my my inspiration as iam not married

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      I also agree with you both….
      I also don’t get one thing that why very customs and every rules are made for girls???

  2. Super episode….but dadi willn’t call them back pacca

  3. Super episode….but dadi willn’t call them back pacca and also pankaj is hero

  4. hope yuvraaj n sharad leave the house because dadi will not change

  5. Awesome episode. ……….pankaji rocked. ….
    Pratima took the right decision ???.

  6. well done pankaj !!
    well done pratima !!
    and yuvraj useless birla… -_-
    even today,when evil dadi was insulting suhani he didn’t say anything :/
    it’s good both the sisters have left that good for nothing birla house

  7. very good pratma and pankaj why should suhan and bhavna bear insult everyday .Everything has it end its good bhavna and suhan to leave birla house

  8. Nice episode. But I’m sure dadi won’t get them back, because of her suhani and bhavna are going. Pankaj was very good today waiting for tomorrow episode.

  9. suhani should’t come back to birla house …nd that stupid dadi dnt hve any shame…pankaj is rght .tdy episode is the best…

  10. Today episode is the best..

  11. Finally someone takes a stand for all the insult and bullying Suhani has had to tolerate since coming into Birla house. Well done Pankaj and pratima for accepting the truth and decision that suhani and bhavna should leave and go with their parents.

  12. Why did daadi say they accepted Bhavna’s child? I mean isn’t he sharad’s son?

  13. maja aa gaya well done pankaj

  14. god… Today’s episode was awsome…..pankaj rocked.what a perfomance. You know one thing pankaj…you should have done this a long time heartless monster old waste thing(dadi) from now onwards ur countdown begins.i like the precap. Well said yuvraaj.That old idiot should learn a lesson. There is no need to bear dadi monster’s humiliation. Pratima kook the right decision. Suhani and bhavna should leave birla house.pankaj is right

  15. Don’t give up pankaji…go ahead

  16. that ugly dadi should be kicked out,if i a dadi like that i would throw her in an old people home where she belongs,she should have gone with gauri ,she needs help.

  17. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally I am happy ki Partima and Pankaj ne suhani and bhavana k liye atleast kuch krne ki socha toh.. vrna hr serial me serial ki main lead actresses phele sbke liye galt hoti hai, unki bhut insult hoti hai, fir sach bahar aata hai, or main lead se sab maafi mangte hai and last me main lead sabko yeh kehti hai ki aap bade ho maafi mat manngo balki jo apne kiya vo koi bhi krta and all these type ko dialogue maar kr sbko maaf kr deti hai or main lead ke agr mayeke wale show ho rehe h to vo bus aashirwad dete hai or chale jaate hai…
    But today I liked ki Kam se Kam Partima and Pankaj ne accha faisala liya….

    And I liked the precap where Yuvraaj will be ordering dadi….

  18. What pankaj has done is right. Nice episode. Suhani should not go back to birla house. I hate dadi.

  19. Nice episode

  20. pankaji is so right he should have done this a long time ago by takin his daughters home n yuvraj needs 2 do somethin about that old hag of a dadi

  21. Pankaj ji did the right thing and Yuvraaj has to get rid of his possessive Dadi .
    Waiting for the next episode

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