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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam throwing things in anger. Krishna comes and gets hurt. He asks why did you come. She says to take you along. Yuvaan and Rags tell Suhani that they have sent Yuvani away, we will find Yuvraaj. Suhani says I don’t want children to get involved in this matter. Rags says I knew this, so I have sent Yuvani. Suhani thanks them. She says I don’t need Yuvaan’s help now. Baby hears them and thinks I thought they will discuss plan, but they did not say anything. Saiyyam asks Krishna to stay here as she blindly believes Suhani. Krishna argues and asks him not to take Soumya’s name. He shouts why. She says Soumya died because of your dad. He asks what about your so called devi aunty Suhani. She calls him selfish. He says you don’t know anything about me, get lost.

She says I want to know whatever Suhani said about my mum is true or not, did your dad kill your mum or not, give me answers, till then… He says I will not say or prove anything, Suhani is lying, I m leaving the house today. Sharad hears them and thinks if Saiyyam leaves, we can’t do anything. Saiyyam says you can come with me if you want. Krishna refuses to go with him. He says as you wish and leaves.

Sharad hides and messages Suhani that Saiyyam is leaving, we have to workout our plan right away. Its night, Saiyyam packs bags and asks Krishna is she really staying here. She says yes, I m not a coward like you to run away from truth. He gets angry and says I m not a coward, I don’t believe this nonsense. She says all cowards say the same. They get shocked seeing Sambhav at the door. Saiyyam says he is Sambhav, my Papa. Krishna gets scared. Sambhav leaves. Saiyyam runs after him. Krishna says Sambhav is my mum’s murderer.

Saiyyam looks for Sambhav. Sambhav asks him to pass newspaper. Saiyyam sees him and says you here…. you were in room just now. Sambhav says yes, I m here, pass the newspaper. Saiyyam gets newspaper. He sees Sambhav gone again. He looks for Saiyyam. Real Sambhav dressed as Kunjumaa and thinks why is Saiyyam acting mad. Saiyyam goes out seeing Fake Sambhav and asks why did you leave me alone.

Baby asks Sambhav who is there, if you are here. Real Sambhav says its their game, they are playing my game, its my face mask. He gets angry on Suhani and says she is very smart. Saiyyam asks why did you not come to meet me. Fake Sambhav says I don’t want to see your face. Saiyyam gets shocked. Fake Sambhav goes.

Suhani, Bhavna and Dadi meet fake Sambhav. Sharad removes Sambhav’s mask. Sharad says I have done this. Saiyyam is pulled by real Sambhav. Saiyyam asks who is here. Sambhav comes in front of him. Saiyyam gets shocked. Sambhav says I did not leave you, I took years to get fine as Suhani burnt me alive, I did not know I will have a son, when I came to take revenge from Suhani. I got to know about you, my son, I hate Suhani more now. Saiyyam asks him did you kill Krishna’s mum, are you a murderer….

Suhani says now its time to tell truth to Saiyyam. Dadi says yes, end your work and come, Saiyyam will help us in finding Yuvraaj, convince him. Sambhav asks did you threaten Suhani to marry Krishna, I could have stopped you, as I understood your reason, sometimes good person is made helpless to do bad, every crime has some reason, I understood this, I wish you could understand this. Saiyyam cries. Suhani and Sharad look for Saiyyam.

Sambhav says much bad happened with me. Suhani calls out Saiyyam. Saiyyam comes out and gets shocked seeing another Sambhav with Suhani. Suhani says this is your father Sambhav. Saiyyam gets thinking. Sharad removes mask and says are you shocking, Sambhav is roaming in this house as Yuvraaj and fooling all of us. Saiyyam asks did you make anyone else wear mask. Suhani says no one. Saiyyam asks who was it, who said he is my Papa. Suhani says it means Sambhav came here. Saiyyam asks why are you shocked, you think you can fool me. She says he is fooling me.

He says you made Sharad wear my dad’s mask and lying to me, I don’t trust you, you felt I will trust you when you take Yuvraaj’s name. Sharad says yes, we wanted to prove Sambhav is wrong. Saiyyam calls Suhani a liar and says I m sure Yuvraaj went to jail and you are making his fake kidnapping story. She asks did anyone not teach you to differentiate between right and wrong, you are Sambhav’s son to ruin other’s life, you don’t know what type of person is your father, he is not just a murderer, he has… Sharad stops her. She says you will know it if you see in my eyes.
Sharad says leave it, come with me. They leave. Krishna sees Soumya’s pic and cries. Saiyyam comes to room and shouts being frustrated. He sees Krishna and says now even you will turn face away, you don’t know anything else, how will you feel what I m going through. She says you don’t know how does it feel when husband’s father is responsible for mum’s death. He recalls Sambhav and says he is not like that. She asks really, can any reason be right to kill anyone. He says I mean there will be some reason that Papa took extreme step. She asks him to think maybe Suhani had solid reason for trying to kill your Papa, else she would have not done that. He thinks.

Sharad says its no use to tell Saiyyam. Suhani says shall we wait for Saiyyam to know Sambhav’s truth. Saiyyam says I can meet even death to know my dad’s truth. Rags gives him a gun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Zai

    What’s going again mask drama… this is only making Saiyyam not to believe them.

    But love the kriyyam scene even if they are fighting. Saiyyam cares for Krishna and also Krishna to some point.
    If you see it well, Krishna has the right to be angry with Saiyyam, from some days some were saying Krishna did bad but think as her, for her she got married forcely, it will take some time for her to be normal with Saiyyam. I am sure once she sees that Saiyyam is nice, she will also love him immensely
    Love the end scene unknowingly Krishna made Saiyyam think about the reason now just hooping that Saiyyam gets to know the whole truth he will surely support Suhani

    1. People were angry at Krishna, because she still has,feeling for Yuvaan.
      But I say it well take time to get over yuvaan.

      I can see saiyyam has feelings for Krishna. What suhani doing I am finding it horrible.
      Every day now, I ask myself, that this character.

      I know some people say oh suhani was raped. Oh how would you feel.

      That does not mean that you should treat anyone or use anyone. Saiyyam is innocent of all this. Sometimes it is best not fight for love, that you are not going to get. Even if it is your right, as a child of that person.

      You well be not human, if you didn’t understand saiyyam pain.

      Saiyyam wants his parents love, that why he is finding it hard to believe Krishna or suhani. That sambhav is bad. Remember sambhav told him that he didn’t know about him.

      I can’t support suhani, look what she is doing as a mother.
      At the end of the day, suhani is saiyyam mother. A mother protect her children.
      Some people are saying, saiyyam should know the truth. Why ain’t anyone letting suhani tell him.

      I have a neighbour, that was raped by someone. Her husband took the boy as own. Every one in the neighbourhood knows, but to protect him. No one well tell him the truth. He doesn’t know.
      Suhani is more concerns for yuvraj, then what it well do to saiyyam if he found out that he is a rape child.

      Saiyyam would be very painfully upset, it well destroy him.

      Oh yes @ (r) it look like that you are going to win. Well done. 🙂

      1. Well I called it right, I am happy that finally I won, this round.

        I agree with both of you. Just like mo, I can’t support suhani.
        The problem with suhani, she had a choice. Just like dadi told her no one made you to have saiyyam.
        Suhani wants to be this goddesses. Little miss wonderful, that everyone should look up to.
        This is suhani character.
        When suhani can’t do it, she like to do, drama, like dadi say a lot.

        I am not hypocrite, like I said if it was me, it well be abortion. What would come to my mind. Would I able to cope, if the child has the same look, as it father. The answer to that is no.
        Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the woman that can, look past that, and love their children. For me are brave.
        You are right, if suhani has any concerns for saiyyam. She would try to protect him from the truth.

        Like you said about that family.
        I suppose suhani like to destroy her children.

      2. I can’t believe it, how can suhani used her son saiyyam to find yuvraj.

        What is suhani going to do after yuvraj come back.

        There is a say, you sacrifice yourself for your children. You don’t sacrifice your kids.

    2. Zai

      Right i agree with all of you, Suhani had choice and she decided to give birth to Saiyyam so she should have taken his responsibility.
      I know that rape is big issue but Suhani should think as a mother, even now when Saiyyam got to know the half truth, she is not with him. She is still busy making plan to save Yuvraj. She didn’t even once go to see Saiyyam. He was really hurt today knowing about Saumya murder.

      He wanted to leave but jist because Suhani wants to use him to bring back Yuvraj, she didn’t let him go.
      At least Krishna stopped him even if by fighting. She was with him when he was angry. If you see it well, then even Krishna wants to know the truth, so she also at some point is not believing Suhani. She wants to know the truth.

  2. just OUTSTANDING episode once again! loving these fake sambhav, fake yuvaraj… they made me confused in a second.. superb!!

    1. Yes I agree with you. It is outstanding to watch.

      1. thank you poppy

  3. Hey guys, could someone please tell me what the whole truth is??? I thought they told him everything???????

  4. I really liked mask idea…in that way they r trying make saiyyam understand the reality…i was expecting d same dialouge what krishna told saiyyam in d end…wanna see suhani saiyyam together fighting with sambhav…saiyyam acted very well..wanna see smiley suhani with all d 3 kids

    1. Aqsxxh

      Waiting for that day…

  5. Fantasticcc and awesome episode….

  6. cvs saiyam ko accha dikhane ke liye suhani ko kitna bigadege suhani ko kabhi kisi ki help ki jaroorat nhi wo self hi cheejo ko solve kar sakti h fir ye dikhane ki kosis kyu ki ja rhi h ki saiyam ke bina suhani yuvraj ko nhi search kar sakti h saiyam ko accha dikhane ke liye yuvaan ko bigaad diya yadi yuvaan bekaar hota to suru se hota pata nhi saiyam ko accha dikhane ke liye yuvaan yuvraj or suhani ko kitna bigadege sayad cvs ye bhool gaye h ki suhani main lead h side nhi or main lead ko itna bigaadna accha nhi h

    1. Ur absolutely right!!!…they totally forgot that suhani is mainlead from d molestation track itself…i mean where d story is going. .they gonna make sambhav son and soumya daughter next lead pair….it would have been nice if karan was yuvraj son…coming to suhani character everyone r bashing her to d core …its right to some extent but not completely…highlighting saiyyam is making suhani character questionable…new generation doesnt mean forgetting yuvaani d heart n soul of ssel…even now most of d ppl watch only for yuvaani

      1. I agree with @sselfan n @bhargavi…. For making saiyaam grt… Cvs r spoiling suhani character…. I agree with in starting yuvan was good… So much degrading the main lead I.e. Suhani n yuvraj n their kids…. Just coz of sambhav n saiyaam…

        Saiyaam is good actor but dat doesn’t mean to show any cheap things towards suhani, yuvraj, yuvan n yuvani…..

        Only 1 thing I like in sambhav track…. The family became one I.e. Rags n dadi r with suhani n also they want to help saiyaam to know his father….

        Yuvani fans…. There r people who is bashing daily with multiple topics like suhani to get worst mother award, selfish n all n same repeating topics…. In india forum… Of ssel… Pls check… So crazy to bash suhani character… Dat too repetitive….N in same topic suhani… Suhani…. So funny … Sry for long post

    2. Yes @somi…those ppl who r posting multiple posts on same topic….oh god what to say…fot their kind information this is a daily soap where lots of drama takes place in ultra dragging mode..therz no need to find fault in every dialogue of suhani…we r waiting for reunion since ages and these ppl cant wait few weeks for suhani to accept saiyyam….this massive credit goes to cvs afterall..sooner they gonna degrade saiyyam character also after everything gets sorted out

      1. Totally agree with u… Can’t they understand.. It the daily soap n not 2 hrs movie…. Instead of that they want suhani to b kind to saiyaam….

        After all, suhani is mother… She is kind to Saiyaam n dats the reason she doesn’t want to tell him that he is rape product…. Poor thing is that… She send the kriyam to theatre so dat they should not get the glimpse of sambhav… But crazy people in forum making suhani bad by posting same title… She is worst lead hate in sp… N all… Bla bla….
        They are pity on the saiyaam…. Saiyaam is not orphan… He was adopted… Suhani went for the rape product child… But she told that he is adopted…. She only hate saiyaam becoz some thing he did… Was reflecting Sambhav… But I know cvs will degrade saiyaam character also…. Lastly, one thing…
        It is show of suhani… She is not mahan

      2. ya i agree with u people, we fans are waiting for YUVANI reunion since 9 months bt these people cant even have patience for suhani to accept saiyyam frm 3 months. anyways they will surely going to show the whole truth to saiyyam n unite suhani n saiym. nw this seems to be the main plot so they must wait n immediately they cant show anythng. these cvs will show happiness to 1 charac by degrading other r viceversa. if they show everythng fine suddenly, then there comes the end to tis show.. n we will never get yuvani r kriyam moments. so nly along with these dramas we can able to c their scenes.. n jus keep on bashng suhani n yuvaraj will get u nothng..

  7. I agree ssel fans

  8. the whole truth is probably that Sambhav raped Suhani and he’s the result of that.

  9. saiyyam rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Too much of dragging
    At one stage sayyim can be told the truth
    And end it.
    If sayyim joins his father it bocomes boring.
    Sayyim can be shown taking his mother’s genes

  11. Aliya123

    yr…it is damn irrirated….i loved this show bt nw they r showing…just nonsense…why they r dragging it too much…seriously yr

  12. Mystery

    I like KRIYYAM scene… the end Krishna say something very very write…n when saiyyam say:- tum b mjse much pherlo …..oh my god….he really like her……n one thing more ….saiyyam Krishna ki bat mahi na kahi maanega hi….akhirkaar biwi Jo he….

  13. krishna ?Sayyam

    The kriyam scene is pretty cute lol

  14. Aqsxxh

    I miss YuvAni…
    I really do, but, all the family coming together is a new sight….
    I guess through the bad comes the good…

  15. I do’nt agree ssel fan and bhargavi suhani ki help saiyyam hi kar sakta hain naki yuvaan kyoki sambhav ko only saiyyam rok sakta hain aur saiyyam help karega bhi

    1. See..they want saiyyam suhani sambhav track…so they r making saiyyam help his mother…thats ok…but from d starting it ws not lyk dat everything suhani only sorted out…so someppl think that suhani is using her son to save its making suhani character questionable. ..but its not lyk dat…therz nothing wrong in taking help to save a person’s life….what im trying to say is show proper scenes for suhani n saiyyam with proper plots and dialogues without making suhani cheap

  16. Extremly Superb episode interesting precap and kriyam scene very very nice

  17. Blame ML for taking long long holiday. Cvs bhi kya karenge, kheech rahe hain. Agree wid Bhargavi and all who say simply degrading Suhani to promote Saiyyam. At first Saiyyam was total baddy, but phir bhi popular hua, toh second lead bana diya. Uske bure karmon ki wajah se Suhani ko bad impression ho gaya, aur uss par pata chala ki sambhav ka khoon hai. Koi hairani ki baat nahi hai ki Suhani feel Saiyyam Sambhav pe gaya hai.
    Jo lambe bhashan dete hai ki wat mother does like dis, zamana dekho. All mothers not same. Woh aurat bhi hoti hai, uske khud ke issues bhi hote hain. Aur jab mother-child bonding nahi hoti, birth ke baad, to woh mamta aasani se nahi jaagti.
    Waise, I also like Saiyyam, but not kriyam. Mujhe samajh me nhi aata ki Krishna kis tarah se Saiyyam ko match karti hai. I tink people ko romance ki itna aadat hai ki kisi bhi tarah jodi bana dete hai. But kriyam nothing like yuvani. Aur ab wo yuvani bhi kabhi nhi milenge.
    Final mein dekhna, jaise yuvani ko kabhi khul kar nhi diya, waise hi kriyam ko bigaar denge. Tho I don’t care about kriyam jodi, these cvs will never give proper story.

    1. Oh ya [email protected]… U r absolutely rite..they will never ever give proper story to kriyam… Jaise yuvani ko khul kar nai diya.. Ur thinking is like me..

      1. Yeah!!!…excepting from ssel cvs is totally foolish thing…and we all r very well aware of that…

  18. Hey guys you see ssel but why ssel not top 10 shows i think sambhav track ke chalte because is boring track

  19. I do’nt agree ssel fan bhargavi aksu you are wrong saiyyam krishna hi kriyam banne ke layak hain and i repeat sambhav ko saiyyam hi rok sakta hain naki suhani barna wo help kyo magti saiyyam se. yuvaan ko sambhav maar sakta hain jese bachpan main yuvaan ko marne ki khoshis ki thi understand

  20. I agree mo and kushi

  21. kuch log kkahte h ki wo suhani ko support nhi karenge unke baare m main sirf yhi kahungi ki ya to wo girl nhi h ya saiyam ki bhut badi fan h jab saiyam ke pain ko feel kar sakti ho to suhani ke pain ko kyu nhi sabki apni soch h lekin aapke kahne se suhani galat nhi ho jati saiyam orphan nhi h use adopt kar liya tha wo orphan h to iska matlab ye nhi ki wo kisi ke v saath badtameezi karega use galat karne ka rite kisi ne nhi diya orphan orphan kahkar bhut sympathy gain kar li suhani yuvraj ke pyaar m mad h andhi h to yuvraj deserve karta h agar yuvraj ke itna karne par v suhani yuvraj ke liye na soche to šach m suhani ko selfish kahna sahi hoga ye mera openion h

  22. kriyam fan aap agree karo ya na karo fact is fact ki saiyam ko accha dikhane ke liye suhani yuvraj yuvaan ke character ko bigaad rhe h maine ye nhi kaha ki yuvaan súhani ki help kare main sirf ye kah rhi hu ki suhani ko kabhi kisi ki help jaroorat nhi padi to ab cvs kyu ye dikha rhe h ki suhani saiyam ke bina yuvraj ko search nhi kar sakti h agar sach janane ke baad v suhani ki help na kare to saiyam ke liye doobe ke marně wali baat h agar saiyam bina sach jaane suhani ki help kare to maanoo sach pata chalne par to koi v help kar sakta h

  23. Hope saiyyam gets to know the truth and sambhav gets the punishment for what he did??

  24. kriyam fan suhani saiyam se help maag rhi h bcs cvs saiyam ko birla house ka permanent member banana chahate h kriyam fan aap maano ya na maano cvs sirf saiyam ki mistakes ko cover karne ke liye yuvraj ko search karne m suhani ki help karwa rhe h isse saiyam accha or suhani fir se galat hi lagegi or ye to sach h ki yuvaan ko bigaad diya h post leap saiyam neg tha but kuch time baad saiyam ko positive or yuvaap ko neg bana diya h agar yuvaan bekaar hota to start se hota yuvaani ki tarah na ki beech m

  25. ssel fan you are right but mera yeh matlav nahi tha main yeh kahna chati hoo ki suhani saiyyam ki help isliye le rahi hain kyoki yadi saiyyam sambhav ki taraf ho gaya to dono ko rok pana mushkil hoga suhani ke liye kam se kam saiyyam suhani ki taraf hoga to use ek ka hi samna karna hoga aur yuvraj ko doodna aasan hoga suhani ke liye ek aur baat krishna ke mare bhi suhani saiyam se help mag rahi hain yadi saiyyam sambhav ki taraf ho gaya to krishna mushkil main fas jayegi and saiyyam pehle se thora suddar gaya hain wo suhani ki help jaror karega

  26. thank u kriyam fan meri baat samjhane ke liye

  27. saiyyam suru se hi akele raha hain isliye saiyyam aisa hain use bachpan se yuvaan yuvaani ki tara maa ka pyaar nahi mila hain agar use bhi maa ka pyaar milta to bho bhi acha hota rahi sambhav ki tataf hone ki to wo apne papa ko acha samaj ta hain jab tak usko koi use batayega nahii wo yakin nahi karega

  28. allright ssel fans

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