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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi crying and seeing herself in mirror. She starts laughing and says now no one can know I m fake Dadi, thanks Sambhav, you informed me on time. Sambhav informed Dadi of Snoopi going to identify real Dadi. She says if Sambhav is my well wisher, I will be saved. Sharad asks Snoopi why did he not identify Dadi. Sambhav pays money to a man and thanks him for getting Snoopi’s lookalike. He gets real Snoopi and asks him to go any Dadi now, I really don’t care.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj how will we know who is real Dadi and who is fake. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, we will find truth by hook or by crook. Fake Dadi says everyone thinks they are smart, Yuvraaj and Suhani reached farmhouse to catch me, Chandarakala felt if she comes home, they will accept her, she forgot

this is my game. FB shows fake Dadi asking goons to leave real Dadi. She tells real Dadi that Suhani will not save you, I don’t lose. Real Dadi takes a stone and beats a goon. She pushes fake Dadi and runs away. Fake Dadi sends her goons to catch real Dadi. Sambhav calls her and says Suhani and Yuvraaj went towards farm house. She asks what, how do they know. He says she heard when you were talking to goons. Goon says Chandrakala has run away. Fake Dadi starts laughing and asks him to tie her here, Yuvraaj and Suhani are coming, they should feel I m their real Dadi. FB ends. Fake Dadi says both fools got me home.

Pratima, Saurabh, Bhavna and Sharad see the live video feeds. Pratima asks how can we know our real Maa ji by this. Sharad says we can know it. Sambhav sees them and thinks I can know fake Dadi well. Sambhav says I need to talk about Suhani, she has gone through big incident, she did not rest properly and now this matter. Bhavna asks what happened. He says I can’t wait for anything to happen, Suhani is in stress and will fall ill again. Sharad says we all are there to care for her. Saurabh says I think fake Dadi has hurt Suhani. Sambhav says I have no one in this world except Suhani. Pratima says I will talk to Suhani, nothing will happen to her. Saurabh asks Sambhav to relax. They all leave. Sambhav sees both the Dadi on camera feeds. She finds out fake Dadi and does some changes in the system.

Suhani and Yuvraaj note down and make lists. They try to find differences in both Dadis. She says Dadi staying with us was behaving good with me. Yuvraaj says yes, after accident, maybe Dadi was kidnapped at that time. Suhani says I m sure Dadi did not meet with an accident. He says you mean fake Dadi came in our home. She says yes, that’s why she was after our marriage. He thinks did fake Dadi did my kidnapping. He says we have many questions, we have to find out real and fake Dadi.

She says since fake Dadi came in our house, she did not do anything that we could doubt on her. He says right, she knows Dadi’s every detail, we can’t catch her. Pratima says its fine, Suhani will not get involved in this matter. Suhani asks why. Bhavna says you got fine by big incident, Yuvraaj let Suhani rest. Suhani asks how can I rest, the family has many fights since fake Dadi came. Pratima says yes, but you have to rest. Sambhav goes to meet fake Dadi.

He knocks the wrong door. Fake Dadi pulls him before real Dadi saw him. Fake Dadi asks him what were you doing fool. Bhavna says I m scared Suhani will get involved and something will happen to her. Yuvraaj says I m with Suhani. Pratima says fake Dadi can do anything. He says I will catch her before she does anything. Suhani says we lost to find her, we have to do big thing, real Dadi has right to stay here, fake Dadi will do anything to stay here, if we do delay in catching her, she may harm anyone. Pratima says fine, promise me you will take care. Suhani promises she will take care.

Sambhav talks to fake Dadi. She says I have got fine and my spinal cord is fine, Chandrakala does not know this. He asks will you just practice to become real Dadi. She taunts him. He asks her not to taunt her and do something. Menka dreams to beat fake Dadi and make her accept her truth. She wakes up and says if this dreams come true, then I will become hero and Dadi will be thankful to me.

Krishna talks to Yuvaan and Yuvani about the game. Yuvani says I can’t come in both teams. Suhani hears them and leaves. Fake Dadi calls someone. Menka says I will beat fake Dadi today and make her accept truth. The power goes. Menka says no one can stop me today. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says this light has to go now, its so dark. She calls out Yuvraaj.

She collides with Yuvraaj and they both fall down. She says sorry, I did not see you in darkness. He says I just had a bath and you spoiled me. She says we need this to catch fake Dadi, I have a nice plan, you have to take Maa’s permission for this. Menka says I m not finding fake Dadi’s room. She goes and beats Rags. Rags switches on light and shouts on Menka. Menka says you, I did mistake, I thought you are fake Dadi. Sambhav and fake Dadi go to real Dadi’s room.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that fake Dadi tried to kill her. Suhani says stop it, I will find the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The best character in this serial is Menka and her scenes. otherwise this serial is pathetic.

  2. last few minutes of todays epi i really enjoyed ecspecially menka and rags scenes is highlight in my point of view . i hope asap this track will get over and our yuvani reunion track will start eagerly waiting for it……………

  3. How he switch snoopy so fast n y is no one noticing Wat sambhav is doing

  4. Ab lag raha hai ki kisi bhi serial ya movie ki success mai director ka sabse bada haath kyo hota hai…

    Ssel ke director change ho gaye hai.. i guess isiliye serial itni worst hoti ja rahi hai..
    Sirf actors kuchh nahi karr sakte…

  5. Take this crap show off the air. how come Dadi gets double role? she is the real star of this show eh? lol

  6. In all this chakkar again soumya will be Scott free

  7. Even I could make out that Snoopy looked different! So strange that Yuraaj couldn’t make out his dog had been changed.
    And Yuvraaj-Suhani keep bumping into each other. Its very unnatural. I have never in my whole life banged into anyone and fallen like this.
    Can’t you atleast make the serial believable?

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