Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj giving food to Yuvaan, while Suhani gives blood to Yuvani. Dadi comes with Saurabh and Soumya and asks about Yuvani. The lady tells about Yuvaan. Dadi says Yuvani is a girl and scolds her. Nurse says come with me, Yuvani got a donor. Yuvraaj thanks Lord that Yuvaan is fine and wishes fast recovery. He says sorry and goes. Suhani talks to Yuvani and wishes she gets fine soon. Nurse informs her that her son is fine now. Doctor asks Yuvraaj not to worry, thanks for giving blood to Yuvaan and saving him, when you could give blood to Yuvani. Yuvraaj says its okay, I will thank that lady. He hears Dadi and Suhani passes by him. Suhani goes to Yuvaan and feels weak. Nurse says you just gave blood, sit for some time.

Yuvani gets conscious and meets her family.

She says I m fine. Dadi says I don’t like this room, we will shift Yuvani to big hospital, call doctor. Yuvani says I got better seeing you all. Doctor checks her. Dadi asks will her wound marks stay. He says no, it will go. Dadi asks did Yuvraan give her blood. Doctor says no. Yuvraaj says she got donor before I came here. Dadi says you should have given blood, don’t know whose blood she got. Doctor says Yuvani’s friend’s mum gave blood. Yuvraaj says he means Yuvaan’s mumma. Soumya says I want to meet that lady. Doctor asks her to come along. Yuvraaj says I gave blood to Yuvaan, I can do this for them. Yuvani says my dad is superhero. He says yes, I m.

Sambhav greets superwoman Suhani. He talks to Yuvaan. Doctor tells Soumya that Yuvaan and his mum are in that room, you can take Yuvani home today. Soumya thanks him. She gets shocked seeing Suhani. Suhani says I was really scared. Sambhav says its all fine now, smile now. Suhani talks to Sharad on phone and Sambhav takes her pics. Suhani smiles and asks him to stop it. Soumya gets shocked and thinking about Suhani and Sambhav.

Rags takes care of Menka’s son. Meena says he stays with you more than Menka. Rags says yes, he is my fav. Menka comes there with keys and tells Rags that she is head of the house. She insults Rags infront of maid. Rags sends the maid. She asks Menka will you argue infront of maid, go and keep keys back, if Dadi sees this, she will not leave you. Menka says I will become head after Dadi dies, give me my son. She takes her son and gets annoyed seeing him vomit. She leaves her son. Rags manages the boy.

Soumya calls out Suhani. Suhani stops….and turns to see Soumya. Soumya and Suhani hug and cry. Suhani apologizes to her. Soumya says a good person married me and gave father’s love to my daughter. Suhani asks who is he. Soumya says promise me you will never meet him. Suhani says I promise, who is he. Soumya says Yuvraaj….. Soumya cries and asks Suhani to leave. She says Dadi will not accept my daughter, you have life partner and have a son too, don’t come back in our lives please. Nurse asks Soumya are you fine. Soumya sees Suhani with Yuvaan and thinks she imagined telling truth to Suhani. She goes. Suhani thinks who was at the door. Soumya goes back to Yuvani and Krishna. She thinks all this belongs to my Krishna, no one here. Yuvraaj asks did you thank Yuvani’s mum. Soumya says yes, we shall go home now, Yuvani is fine now. Dadi agrees. Soumya says we all will take care of Yuvani. Yuvraaj asks them to pack bags, and he will pay bill.

Soumya stops him and says that way is wrong, I mean billing is that way. He leaves. Suhani thanks Sambhav. Sambhav asks her to give a party. She agrees. Suhani sends Sambhav with money to pay bills and make discharge papers, till then she will thank Yuvani’s mumma. Soumya hurries and says we will go home, I don’t like this hospital. Krishna says I m so happy Yuvani is coming with us to home. Suhani asks Yuvani to promise that he won’t fight with anyone. She goes to meet Yuvani and asks nurse. Nurse says she left.

Sambhav tells Yuvraaj that his boss returned the contract, so congrats. Yuvraaj hears Sambhav is Yuvaan’s father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. eagerly waiting for the next. I think that Yuvraj will misunderstood that Suhani has married Yuvraj

  2. This is my favorite show but sometimes it becames stupid, there is always a blood donation syapa started of the time of Rohan and this dadi I can’t tolerate her at all please punish her fast and clear all the confusion I like samvab and yuvan. ..I hope the writers could show interesting plot. .

    1. N how people.are forgetting sambhav….

  3. The episode starts with yuvraj giving blood to yuvaan. ………it’s not “food “.

  4. Nw,,,Soumya’s selfish part came out…also her acting ws nt good today…means that imagination sequence wer she was crying,,,she z turning more negative day by day…and Menka is disgusting,,Rags z better than her now

  5. u r r8 sushma

  6. For how long will this continue? Please end this soon and reunite yuvraj and Suhani. How many more misunderstandings will the writer create? How long will yuvraj be kept in the dark and soumya hide it that she has seen Suhani from all?

  7. All dat really matters is dat in d end Yuvraj n Suhani will end up together so I hav 2 mind all dis friggin drama for nw

  8. Dis show is one of the good show but sometimes wriiters r creating stupid episodes and now yuvraaj misunderstands suhani and writers will take dis upto a month and after that they will take at least 4 to 6 mnths to reunite yuvraaj and suhani

    1. Due you really think dey unite..

    2. But dear….I have questions if Krishna n somu is dere reunion is not possible….n.I don’t think dis time dey will unite..
      Yuvi is hppy with somu….he is not taking step.n now I think suhani is also move on her life with sambhav

    3. True …..maybe a year …….too dragging

  9. Spoilers alert

    Yuvraj aka Sahil Mehta gonna marry on 1st May so he will take 15 to 20 days break
    N in show they will tell Yuvraj will go to America for some business perpose so still it will take time for them to meet

  10. Truth is I want yuvraj should bring suhani back in birla house without her agreement, something like blackmailing suhani that yuvraj will take away yuvaan in some custody battle if she don’t agree to come back to birla house
    N there suhani will show her office strikness n rudeness to all birla family members n explain that “see 2day I m one of u guys but do u like my rudeness” because according to u guys only looks matter
    N yuvraj will struggle to bring back his innocent n kind hearted suhani back
    So what do u guys think about my oppinion

    1. But dear…..why she came…..n wht about Krishna n somu….I think misunderstanding….between dem not clear…n yuvI move on his life…..

  11. I am feeling so frustrated that Yuvraaj and Suhani has not met. I am only sensing that perhaps they will not meet.

    Really sad to see a best friend behave like that = Souyma is selfish and only has her best interest at heart. She always envied Suhani, it is such a shame. If only Soumya could have maintained the contact with Suhani, her life might have been happier.

    1. The reunion is only possible if somu character die….

  12. Sowmya is too selfish coz she is not a confident girl, whereas suhani though not beautiful according to the story, is more talented that she is able to give abetter living to her son on her own . Why shud sowmya be dependent on yuvraj for her daughters future?

    1. Due you really think dey will unite… dis not possible dey never meet n suhani soon move on her life with sambhav….n.yuvi too
      Whn de misunderstanding clear it’s too late dey both move on dere life…

  13. Why does Rags get upset when Menka mistreats her child? Is rags hiding something? I really hope somehow yuvraj meets Suhani – writers are dragging too much.

    1. Who.wants ie yuvi strted liking somu…

  14. How can Saumya think that Suhani has married again? Suhani doesn’t wear mangalsutra and sindoor! And doesn’t she know that Yuvaan and Yuvaani have the same age?
    This story is becoming to complicated, they are putting too much misunderstanding and illogicals thinks

  15. Dear Anusha why do u feel yuvraj & suhani will not unite? Didn’t u realise the depth of luv shown in past few episodes? They still luv each other, it’s yuvrajs anger &suhani’s stubbornness &guilt which is creating problem once they confront each other most of the misunderstandings will be cleared. &as of soumya &yuvraj I can only feel the friendship bonding in them .u never know may be this track is fr exposing dadi,in the past tracks dadi was the mastermind fr all the evil things done but the puppets were menka, rags,radhe, Krishna, Soumya, guari, doctors, Rohan. ……but in this track she is the one who said the other child was dead &created a rift btw yuvani .v hv to wait until suhani knows about yuvani &yuvraj about yuvan.

    1. No.I m.just asking…..because until somu is dere no chance of reunion….

    2. Actually dere is new entry…n now somu.too became selfish…hope..soon as soon

    3. Dear sushma… history repeat…first yuvi loves somu but she ditch him n left alone..den he married to suhani but not love her slowly he forget somya..n accept suhani…

      Here same thing goes with somu reverse the situation….

  16. whatever going on its… but the writters pls atleast they meet at each other … pls yuvani loves suhani to more and more …
    when yuvani knws about her mothr was suhani .. defintly she hates all of birlas family even the devil dadi too

    1. But if today’s yuvi think dat…yuvan is daughter of subhav…den

    2. I m Getting scared if yuvi think.that yuvan is son of suhani and subhav…den he moves on with somu……

  17. yuvi must think and decide to marry somu.

    1. Ya…..n dis gng to.shit

  18. I think rags is like what we thought suhani was, you know, cannot be a mother..

  19. ….sort of

  20. What is this nonsense…Dadi has created this drift..and she needs to be exposed.Soumya is no friend..firstly she wanted Yuvraj for herself and now she wants him for her dtr..any best friends do this? and Yuvraj would he accept if Suhani lived with his best friend..NO..again selfish.
    Soumya you are young so why don’t you go out and get a job and look after your dtr instead of stealing your best friends husband..writers you are giving out wrong message..Yuvraj why you not looking for Suhani?? what still angry???if you love her go get her..Pratima how can you allow Suhani to be away this long..selfish woman..says i will be there for Krishna??what crap..where was you when Suhani went..She has done more for you than any other selfish Birla and Soumya…
    Suhani this is no time to get emotional..why did you give back contract???please fight your corner and show Birlas your worth..Please dont tarnish the image you have created otherwise what was the need to become succesful in business..The idea is to show Birlas their place and expose Dadi and ALL her deeds.and show your so called friend Soumya that you don’t need a friend like her.Sharad and Bhavna are a true family and friend.

    1. I really.want the truth should came out before suhani move on I m.gng to quit dis show useless

    2. But uaha I both have dne the mistake by trusting Dadi…yuvani n yuvan hve right to live with dere parents….yuvani should be unite…..otherwise show should end ….no one interested in somraj

  21. Anusha yuvraj never luved soumya it was just an infatuation which he realised later. In the blindfold game inspite of soumya falling into his arms he couldn’t recognise it’s soumya whereas when yuvraj &suhani just touched the shoulders he sensed suhani’s presence this itself shows his luv towards suhani. Ultimatum should be yuvani only but it will take time since sahil is on leave.

    1. Sushma u.know dis one month track might chnge de situation…may he strt liking her whn he leaves alone
      N how u forget about sambhav…acc to.article…love track is strted between suhani and Sambhav

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