Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj tying Suhani a friendship band. She says I also have to give you something, and makes him wear a kada, saying this always protected me and now this will protect you, this is our friendship band, I have always cursed you that I lost everything because of me, but you lost everything because of me. He says don’t know, I will make you pay for that till my revenge gets fulfilled. They laugh. Sambhav sees them and gets angry.

Suhani gives kheer to Dadi. Menka and Rags asks Suhani when is she going, they can’t believe it till Suhani goes. Dadi thanks Suhani for helping her. Yuvraaj says we should say sorry to you, you had to bear all this. Dadi says no, I did not bear like you all. Everyone eat kheer. Menka says its tasty kheer, its good Bhavna is not going.

Suhani jokes and all the kids laugh. Pratima makes Yuvraaj have kheer. Suhani eats kheer. Everyone get asleep after having the kheer. Suhani gets dizzy and is still conscious. She sees everyone tied to chairs and some flesh meat put infront of everyone. Everyone get conscious and finds themselves tied to chairs by rope. They all get shocked. Fake Dadi comes there and everyone see her.

Fake Dadi says there will be an incident in Birla family now, how was the kheer. Suhani says it means you added something in kheer. Fake Dadi says yes, you all will die infront of each other, when hungry wild dogs bite you and eat you, it will be fun. They all get shocked. Sambhav says no, you can’t do this. Dadi says you will fall so low to do this, I did not send you to jail as you are my sister. Fake Dadi says you are fool, I m not. The goons get wild dogs inside the house. Everyone get shocked and scared.

Fake Dadi says I will not kill you all like this, we will have fun first, we will rotate bottle, on whomever that bottle stops, he will die, I will kill Chandrakal after she sees her family dying. She rotates a bottle. Menka says kill Krishna, no one loves her. Suhani says you can’t cut our relations, its not easy. Yuvraaj uses Suhani’s kada which she made him wear. he cuts the rope by it. Soumya cries for Krishna. Fake Dadi says I will kill you first Suhani, lets see how much power your love has.

Everyone ask Fake Dadi to kill them. Fake Dadi says I will fulfill everyone’s wish. Suhani sees Yuvraaj cutting the rope with kada. Fake Dadi asks the man to leave the dogs. Suhani says its all because of Dadi’s wrong mentality, she says if face is bad, person is bad, because of this Dadi’s sister did this. Dadi says I did not do anything. Suhani signs Bhavna. Bhavna says yes, I did not show down Suhani as she is good, but fair people have bad heart. Sharad says Rags and Menka are fair, but hearts are black. Saurabh asks Sharad are you mad. Fake Dadi says even Chandrakala is just fair looking, but her heart is bad. Dadi and fake Dadi argue. Yuvraaj is still cutting the rope. Everyone make Fake Dadi busy in talk.

Bhavna says I did not hurt Suhani till now. Sharad says because your upbringing was good. Menka asks how dare you say our upbringing is wrong. Sharad says yes, your parents should have slapped you in childhood. Fake Dadi says my parents slapped Chandrakala, but she did not change, you did crimes. Dadi argues. Yuvraaj cuts the rope and calls police. He gets up and asks Fake Dadi to make the dogs away.

Suhani sees the call going to police. Fake Dadi says you all cheated me, I will not leave you all. She says Yuvraaj move back, else I will kill you all. He says I will throw this meat on you, they will run to you. Suhani says dogs are hungry and they just want food, you thought you will make us argue and break us, we all were fighting to divert you and you do not succeed. Pratima says you lost, you won’t win by killing us. Yuvraaj says I will not leave you if anything happens to my family.

Police comes there and asks goons and fake Dadi not to move. Fake Dadi and goons get arrested. Sambhav thinks she can tell my name also. Suhani frees everyone. Yuvraaj thanks inspector. Inspector says no need, its my duty. Fake Dadi runs away. Sambhav throws a flower vase at her and hits on her head. Fake Dadi falls down near the door. Everyone look on shocked. Sharad thanks Sambhav. Sambhav says its okay. Police leaves with Fake Dadi and goons. Yuvraaj tells Dadi that he signed Suhani to do this drama.

Dadi says Suhani saved us, what shall I say. Suhani says no, Yuvraaj called police on time, else I would have not done anything. Yuvraaj says no, you gave me this kada and I could cut the ropes by this, your friendship saved our family. They see each other and smile.

Suhani wakes up and sees Sambhav sleeping beside her. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupidity… Boring

  2. ?????????

  3. Hi guys it’s me khushi remember me??? Iam the one who wrote pehle narrative phir dosti aur pyar

  4. Writers have lost their way
    …..fake dadi ko jail nahi bheja? Why?? Strange….

  5. Aqsxxh

    I love how the writers are building up to YuvAni’s relationship

  6. It’s high tym now … sambhav truth is not coming out .. nor they are uniting yuvani … cv do you want viewers to stop seeing your show .. trp is already low , everyone is waiting for reunion as its 5 months now n we can’t bear more … please hear us

  7. Sambhav is pathetic

  8. I can’t wait for sambhav truth to come n kick his ass out the house n suhani n yuvraj reunite

  9. Please get rid of that evil Sambhav so suhani and yuvraj can re-unite. Sambhav is spoiling this show. Sambhav’s truth needs to come out now.

  10. I must say that isn’t it funny that the fake dadi has done wronge but tell me the real isn’t good either..why has everyone forgotten the evil and disgustings things she has done and it is true that this read dadi is very discriminating against dark and gair skinned why are the Birla still not punished her yet???.Please don’t tell me the its all wiped under the carpet.Why does Suhani feel she is the cause of the down fall of Birlas???comr Suhani it is the Dadi..fuelled by Rags and Menka and than came along so called sour faced soumya..come on writers..what you gona continue to make fool of us the Janta.
    At least show that people in Indian society are not dum and show them any crap story line..shame on you writers.

  11. No reunion vll happen. Fr nw real evil dadi vll turn gud, sambhav vil b main villain. Like dis real dadi vll escape. Plz don wait for reunion. Suhani and Yuvraj friendzoned nw, n only will give sad luks fr far. I’m tired of same expressions and fullto gloom n tnsion.

  12. It’s ture writers are making us fool . We are watching this serial because of good story,new subject and good acting of leading actors.but now ithas became headache……baar baar yahi soch kar dekte hai shayad pahle ki tarah masti ,good sequence,original story line dekhne ko mile but ……ye nahi sudhrenge…….. gandi real chandrkala ko punish karne ki bajay achha bana diya maana fake daadi villain thii but ye koun si achhi thii ….sari musibat ki jad ye hi hai aur ise maaf kar diya I can’t digest….i feel very very very bad…..soumya jisne hamesha dost bankar dost ka ghar barbaad kiya ,uska haq chhina, daadi ke sambhav ke sath milkar sazishe ki usee koi kaise maaf kar sakta hai …..bakwas………..

  13. I hv written in my earlier mail s that our entire family stopped watching this serial
    But I am reading written episodes whenever I am free
    There are no logic s or ethics in this serial
    Initially it was good with some message
    Now this serial is harmful to the society
    Why don’t the makers conclude and start fresh serial

  14. I also mean that….now it’s break or Patience….. …what’s the problem ? Why they don’t hear viewers???…….

  15. hadiza Ahmed

    Is high time sambhav truth comes out, if not for all at least suhani should have been suspicious by now, is taking long time.

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