Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking everyone to do the honey tasting ritual for the baby. Sharad takes her of baby well. Bhavna jokes that he will get a nice girl. Rishi comes and says just like my brother got. Bhavna gets shocked seeing Rishi. Rishi greets Pankaj and Lata. Yuvraaj gets angry seeing him. Rishi goes to touch Bhavna’s feet and says he missed her a lot. Yuvraaj comes in between and says even I missed you a lot. He hugs Rishi and asks him not to do anything, else this time he will break his face. He asks him to be careful.

He asks Rishi to meet baby. Bhavna thanks Yuvraaj for coming on time when she was falling. Sharad says Suhani and Yuvraaj will do ritual together. Suhani and Yuvraaj do the ritual. Sharad and Soumya get glad seeing them. Rohan gets angry. Everyone

clap after the ritual is done.

Sharad teases Rohan. Soumya says don’t tease him, he is already worried. Rohan says I m just tired. Sharad says he has got all these things before. An old couple comes there and Suhani asks them to have sweets. She says baby brought much happiness. The old man asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to dance as Radha Krishna like last time in janmashtami function. Rohan says sure uncle, Suhani and I will perform, oh I m so sorry, I m Suhani’s fiancé, its our marriage after 4 days. They all get look on.

Lata says we were coming to invite you. Rohan says baby got a chance for me to dance with Suhani. Yuvraaj talks to Bhavna and the baby. He asks her not to say thanks to him. she says fine, I won’t. He asks her to go and rest. They see Rohan coming with the divorce papers. Rohan says I want to thank you from Shrivastav family, you did favor on us by helping Bhavna, as you are not part of this family, your time is ending tomorrow and then I m the son in law of this house. He thanks her.

Yuvraaj looks at Suhani and says its my last day in this house, till I m here, its my right and name on Suhani’s mangalsutra. Lata says your game will be over after sunset tomorrow. Yuvraaj says this is not any game, it’s a promise, I have come here for some reason, if its not fulfilled, I will sign on papers and go away from you all. Rohan says he feels Yuvraaj will not sign on papers. Lata says he will sign, and asks Pankaj to take Yuvraaj’s sign. She says she will not be quiet now and not let anyone come in between Suhani’s happiness. She gives the papers to Pankaj. Yuvraaj talks to Sharad and says just any miracle can save me today.

He turns and sees Suhani behind him. He ends the call. She brings coffee for him. She keeps coffee and leaves. She stops and asks him to sleep, miracles don’t happen in these times. He asks why, you want me to lose. She says no, I want you to go back and move on in your life, there is nothing here. He says no, I will fight till I can. She asks why. He says you have changed me, thank God you scolded me, else I would have not been here, till I get solution of this problem, I won’t go. He says I know its taking much time as you are not with me.

Its morning, Lata and Pankaj make the arrangements. The lady asks about Suhani. Lata says she is getting ready and goes with the lady. Yuvraaj asks Pankaj to wait, he will go and see Suhani. Suhani gets ready and wears bangles. Yuvraaj comes and sees her struggling to wear the locked bangle/kada. He opens the kada and makes her wear it. He says if things are done with calmness, its better done. He says my friend said hope should not be left. Lata comes there and sees him holding Suhani’s hand. She asks whats happening here.

Suhani says Yuvraaj was helping me in getting ready. Lata breaks apart them, and says she does not need Yuvraaj’s help. She calls Rohan and Pankaj there. She asks Pankaj to give divorce papers. Lata asks Yuvraaj to sign it now, as day and night time does not matter to her. He looks on.

Suhani says she will sign on papers, no need for Yuvraaj to sign. Yuvraaj gets stunned and thinks of seeing her sign in the papers before.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wtng for tmrw..
    excited wtch tmrw

  2. Nice episode…..
    Ihate lata…..

  3. Lata is getting so irritating, is it after 1 week suhani will marry again and someone close to Dadi. Suhani doesn’t even want to marry, she blackmailed her. All yuuvraj needs to do is bring the other divorce paper and then confess his love to suhani

    1. I agree she wants things her way. It is very annoying. Yuvani are great bit not with Rohan in between

  4. hi…

    oh yuvraaj pls open the truth in front for everyone…and hold suhani’s hand.

  5. i like this serial. but nowadyz they are dragging toooooo much…but anyhow i dont miss this serial atleast to read updates…i like yuvani. we want more yuvani scenes

  6. luv u yuvi & suhani…. yuvi kuch bi karna hai toh jalthi karo. aur realize karo Ki yeh sab dadi ka plan hai. it’s gud dat dadi rags aur menka ka shakkal nahi dekha. hate u to d core Rohan…. yuvaani ko jalthi ek saath karo pls…………

  7. Suhani never sign the divorce paper so think about it yuvraaj it was all Rohan doing n u should stop her from singing

  8. Plz yuvani ko ek saath kat do!!

  9. Suhani is soo stupid

  10. Will someone update me if suhani married Rohan

  11. Come on Rohan you are forcing them why

  12. I don’t understand what is wrong with this Lata character. First when the guy says he don’t want to marry their daughter and is in love with someone else they force him to marry their daughter and when he falls in love with her and wants to move forward, they want their daughter to marry someone else.

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