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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani asking Yuvraaj which music he teaches. He says western. Yuvaan asks is Bhavna learning western music. Yuvraaj says I mean Bollywood. Suhani says Bhavna is always learning this and that. Servant tells Krishna that one chinese lantern is missing. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj. Sharad asks Pratima did Yuvaan see them. Pratima says no. He says I got Yuvraaj home to give happiness, but all this is happening. She says you did this by good intention, its good Yuvraaj came back. He gifts her a saree for Diwali and asks her to wear it on Laxmi puja. He says he is her son and has right to gift her. She agrees to wear saree on puja and hugs him. She says I m worried for Yuvani, she lied to us. He says I thought Rags stopped her cheap things, but I was wrong. She says even Dadi

is wrong. He says yes, but its more of Rags’ mistake, she hates Suhani and worked hard to spoil Yuvani. She asks him to talk slowly, Rags can hear it and make issue, I m afraid that Rags can say Yuvraaj’s truth to kids.

Yuvaan asks Krishna why will anyone steal lantern. Krishna says maybe Saiyyam did this cheap this. Suhani asks her not to blame anyone without knowing. Krishna says sorry, I got this for everyone to light it and fly like in childhood. Yuvraaj recalls and smiles. He says one lantern is enough to make memories. Yuvani says I m not interested in doing this. Yuvaan asks her not to become Dadi Amma. Yuvani asks Suhani to let her go out for imp work. Yuvraaj signs to Suhani. Yuvani sees them. Suhani asks Yuvani to go. Yuvani says its okay, I don’t want to go now. Suhani thanks her. Yuvani says its okay, I can’t go out on Diwali.

Yuvani asks Krishna to finish her Rangoli. She asks Yuvraaj to sign a song, she is also a singer and can learn from him. Yuvaan asks them to sing duet. Bhavna tries to stop them. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj his name. Bhavna says he is Kumar. She asks Yuvraaj are kids troubling him. Yuvaan gets a guitar and gives to Yuvraaj asking him to play music. Yuvraaj, Suhani and Bhavna worry. Yuvraaj plays guitar and gets his finger cut by the string. Bhavna says Kumar ji, you got hurt. She asks him to come. She asks Suhani to help her. They leave. Krishna asks Yuvani why did you force him. Yuvani says what did I do, he is music teacher and I asked him to sing. Yuvaan defends Krishna.

Yuvraaj says nothing happened to me. Bhavna goes to get first aid. Suhani asks why did you not refuse. Suhani does the aid and cries. She asks him why is she crying. She says I m not crying. She sees the mark on her nose and recalls Sambhav. Yuvraaj holds her. She pushes him and says don’t come close, get away. Yuvraaj says Suhani…… She says get away….. She gets scared. Saiyyam comes and pushes Yuvraaj away, saying back off, don’t go close to her, she is my….. Suhani asks Saiyyam to get out. Saiyyam says I was just helping you. She says I m not related to you, go. He leaves. She apologizes to Yuvraaj.

He makes her sit and asks does she get bad dreams even today. She nods and says leave it. He asks her to answer. She says you have come, now everything will get fine. Krishna and Saiyyam fall down. He taunts her for always falling. She says I stepped on CD and slipped. He calls her fool. She says I m not fool, and calls him devil. He goes.

Sharad calls for a car to take Yuvraaj to doctor. Saiyyam hears this and says how dare she defend a strange man, I m her son, she does not care for me, she cares for that man as if he is Lord, I have no value. He damages the car and says I did such thing that the man will not come back home now, I failed the brakes. Suhani asks Yuvraaj can she come along. Yuvani asks her to go, I m getting late. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to drop them to idol shop. Yuvraaj asks them to come. Saiyyam sees three of them leaving and worries.

Yuvraaj signs Suhani. Suhani asks Yuvani does she know which idol are they going to buy. Yuvani talks badly. Suhani asks her not to talk inauspicious. Saiyyam says this can’t happen, what did I do, I have to do something. He sees Krishna leaving in her car and rushes to her. He sits in the car and asks her to shift fast. He drives and they leave. Yuvraaj plays radio. Yuvani says I have head ache, please off the radio. He switches it off. Suhani asks what is this way to talk to elders. Yuvani asks why, if he has any problem, he can go and stay somewhere else, why do you take this side, he will say if he has problem. Suhani and Yuvraaj see Yuvani’s anger. Suhani tries to make her happy. She asks Yuvani to talk to elders with respect. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj to please on radio or sing song, as she does not want to hear lecture. Saiyyam is on the way. Yuvraaj realizes brakes are not working.

Suhani asks what happened. Yuvraaj gets worried. Krishna asks Saiyyam to leave her car. Saiyyam asks her to shut up. She asks him to drive slow, stop the car. She bites his hand. He asks her to sit quiet. He stops the car and makes her leave. She falls on toe road. He says sorry Krishna, I have to save many lives, I was going to kill the man who took the reason of my life. Krishna gets hurt.

Yuvraaj says I m managing. Suhani asks what, brakes failed. He tries to stop. Saiyyam reaches their car and sees Suhani. Yuvraaj sees Saiyyam in the car beside. Saiyyam races ahead and gets his car infront of Yuvraaj’s car.
Rags gets a call and gets shocked by the news. Bhavna asks what happened. Rags says it was call from hospital……

Yuvaan asks how did you get hurt. Krishna says Saiyyam…… Yuvaan ruins Saiyyam’s room. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani where is her mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Yuvani is cheap… Xerox copy of rags… Always taunting others…. Stupid suhani always recalling bad memories… Saiyyam acting is good…. I think yuvan will find sambhav pic in saiyyam room…. N where is stupid suhani…. Yuvraj master music sikh lekta… Jail mai kya kiya…???

    1. Yuvraj tho sach mein useless hai yaar…as u said he could have learned music….sab kuch hone ke baad entry maartha hain…apni biwi ko protect karne ki strength hi nahi hain…kam se kam music tho seekhletha..

      1. Really… waste… sharad is far better than him…. bhavana ko protect karta hai

  3. I’m loving sayyam as he is very good at heart and I’m sure in future dadi may use saiyyam to create rift between yuvani

    1. I am really feeling sorry for sayyam. He wants his mother love.
      I don’t understand why the writers made Suhani this way. If she didn’t want sayyam, then way give birth to him. Haven’t she heard of abortion.
      There are abortion pills.
      Don’t get me started on Yuvraj, Dadi so innocent now she is. It all Rags fault, first it was all Suhani, now it Rags.
      Rags wasn’t the one who told his family that his sister was dead. It was not Rags ideas to separate the children.

      Yuvraj is DUMB to love Dadi, suhani stupid to love a man like yuvraj. A man who blame another to save Dadi.
      After all that he did to her, she still love him. It is a shame that yuvraj don’t love her. Shameless woman!
      This is why I hate Yuvraj for, yes Rags cause problems, but it is more Dadi then her. Yuvraj knows this, if he wants Dadi to stay out of trouble. Then yuvraj and Dadi should move out together.
      But NOOO!
      Yuvraj care for the rest of the family or his own kids. What make anyone think he well care for sayyam.
      As for Suhani Because of him she gave up her baby. Suhani character was suppose to be innocent, kind and wise. She doesn’t have any of THAT. Suhani have lost herself respect. By loving Yuvraj she is damaging her kids.
      Both of them deserves what coming to them. It Time To end this shit show. I don’t hate the actor’s. It is the writers that I hate.

      1. What I meant to say Yuvraj DON’T care for his family or kids.
        I made a mistake while I was typing. Sorry

      2. You know what, I hope saiyyam tell some home truth to Yuvraj and that stupid Suhani.
        I hope he tells Yuvraj in front of everyone of cause. Because yuvraj love Dadi so much. He yuvraj alone damage his family.
        I hope that saiyyam tell that stupid mother of his suhani. Because she blindly love Yuvraj, she failed as a mother.
        It was Yuvraj who put Dadi in charge of yuvani.
        Suhani just blindly followed what yuvraj told her to do.
        also tell her, that after all that birla did to her. She well never get accepted or get yuvraj love. Because yuvraj love is Dadi.
        Then tell her by the way I am your son that you abandon.
        I hope he thanks suhani for abandoning him, and tell her that he thought that she scared him, but in reality she saved him, from the cursed birla family.
        I hope he also tell her to take a look a proper look at the two children she has with her and see the damage, that she caused. For loving Yuvraj birla.
        That how he should walk out of her life for good. With his head up. This is how you hold your self respect. I hope that the writers would do.

  4. Yuvraj and Suhani should tell kids the truth before someone else does. Suhani should also know the truth about saiyyam.

  5. I guess tomorrow suhani will give blood to saiyyam….but karan’s acting is marvellous…eagerly waiting for d truth to come out…..btw i lyked d way suhani pushed yuvraj?…

    1. Nowadays, suhani s acting very much irritating…. yuvani super irritating n yuvraj kyu anshan mai beita hai…. ek chammat apni beti ko laga kar dega toh uski akal tikne mai aa jayegi…. yuvan ka is show mai kya use muje samaj nai aata… I like krishna n saiyyam conversion…. cvs toh hamme bipasha karan jodi dena wala…. krishan is elder than saiyyam …?? Then too they r always showing their scenes…saiyaam is good from heart…. I don’t know but kal kisi ek toh1 malum padh jayega…. yuvani got alert abt yuvraj n suhani from their sign…m shayad yuvan ko sam ka pic mila toh uski memory b wapas aa jaye…

      1. Yaa..even i feel d same..coz they r dragging too much…if truth comes out then it will b interesting too watch…..i thought cvs will show yuvani n krishna loving same guy…but they r showing love triangle between saiyuvkrish….next promo will b suhani kis bete ko support karegi???…

    2. Really yahi hoga… yuvankrishnasaiyyam ki love triangle bahut baari padegi.. suhani ko … in this way she will become enemy of dadi n yuvraj will also feel weird…. becoz acc 2 him n dadi, yuvan ko choose karna hoga…par aage dekhte bakwaas serial mai kya kya twist laate

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yuvani start doubt suhani and insult yuvraj nd suhani… thn only CVS reveal about yuvraj how much insult karogisuhaniko

  7. This is going good bt nt again separating suhani frm yuvaraj by dadi or saiyyam

  8. this is going good but nt again separating suhani from yuvaraj by dadi or sayyam

  9. Siniha

    Really feeling very bad for Saiyyam. He is whole heartedly good in nature. But the rejection of him childhood makes him to do so.. Karan u r doing a great job…. U r d one who grasped all attention. .

    1. Plz clarify me
      Did suhani really abandon the child but as far as I remembered she just told pratima to take him away bit again I’m confused she went to orphanage
      And bcz of that I’m hating suhani so much

      1. Abandonment!

  10. Love this Saiyyam guy! seems better than the Yuvani and Yuvaan … he just needs love and recognition…he is good at heart…Karan portrayal of the character is good too…. i mean looks genuine! hope he stays and get the love from both Suhani and Yuvraj…

    Yuvani will suspect Suhani and Yuvraj and insult them… Pratima will then spill the beans about Yuvraj being his father! That evil dadi why is she hiding Saiyyam’s truth from Suhani…. what is her gain in it??? as such Yuvani does not love Suhani… and Yuvaan and Yuvraj will support Suhani irrespective of who Saiyyam is….why is she depriving Saiyyam of his parents love…. not that he is going to ask for Birla name or property… but again Saiyyam’s motive is unclear…what does he want? Who is the person he speaks to in the dark room????

    Feel sorry for Yuvraj and Suhani – the way Yuvani treats them! Krishna scenes with Saiyyam are cute .. .reminds me of old Yuvraj and Suhani… but not body can beat Yuvraj-Suhani chemistry!!!

  11. I think saiyyam is behind the car brakes n yuvani knows where suhani is n she is going to hide her from them

  12. Can any one tell me who is saiyyam and how can he be suhanis son

    1. Aqsxxh

      He is SuBhav’s son- unfortunately- when Suhani got molested she conceived Saiyyam- but he doesn’t look 15 which is quite annoying.

      1. Yes it true, maybe CVS don’t know how to do their mathematics.

    2. Saiyyam is suhani and sambahv son, suhani was rape by sambahv.

      Suhani decided to have the baby, when saiyyam was born, she didn’t want him anymore.

      So she decided to abandon him, without naming, at the orphanage.

  13. I too think yuvani is doubting Suhani and yuvraj and think the truth will come out by her doing this as a spoiler said saiyyam too wants to expose yuvraj. If saiyyam is injured tomorrow maybe Suhani will find out the truth. Don’t know what saiyyams motive is and who is behind him.

  14. I usually dont see this serial but what the hell is this….how come she didnt aborted….n on what basis yuvraj is hiding his truth that he is their father….no logic at all….i know serials are just writers imagination but still they can imagine some happy moments as well

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